Monday, 28 January 2008


Wow!! How time flies!!! Isaac has celebrated his 1st month and I am back in the office working full time now!

Many things have happened during this last month but I was so busy that I did not have the time to gather my thoughts and do a proper posting. All I did was to make mental notes to blog about this and that but just could quite get down to doing it!

First thing on my mind to blog about was naturally my experience and feeling as a 1st time dad!

I like to take pride in the fact that I am a hands-on dad. Meaning I would like to have bragging rights for bathing, cleaning my Baby as well as changing the diapers. This was also the reason why I was very enthusiastic about signing up for and attending the ante-natal classes. The only “regret” was I could not feed him since he was breastfed by the Mrs.

Anyway I took the refresher course when we were still in the hospital on how to bath Baby. Since my maid was not going to be able to come in time, this job landed on my lap. Not that I am complaining but I had to admit I was a little afraid at first but after about 3 days I would like to say I have mastered the art of bathing baby. During these few days of hands-on learning I believed I had experienced all there is to experience. For example, Isaac urinated at (I stress it’s ‘AT’ not ‘ON’) me (ah……, the joy of having a boy!!) while he was lying down on the changing table just when I was removing his diapers before bathing him. I also had Isaac pooped in the tub when I was bathing him. There were cases where I was not quick enough with the diaper after his bath and he soiled the blanket under him.

I have to say that when you see him in the water with his security blanket (Mrs Wong’s students will know what I’m referring to) and not crying, there is this sense of joy and achievement! Woo hoo!! The temperature is just right and maybe, just maybe he is comfortable and confident of my grip!!!

I was also the designated diaper changer as soon as we got home and I swear to you all that after 2 days of changing diapers, I was smelling his poop everywhere and almost every minute. I thought the constant exposure to the poop has permanently altered my sense of smell. I will lay in bed with the Mrs and out of the blue I will ask if she can smell Isaac’s poop. However I now learn that the constant exposure to his poop actually had the reverse effect on my nose. Instead of smelling it always and forever, I am now immune to it. I am no longer that sensitive to it. I can only truly smell it when I open up the diaper. Workman compensation from the Mrs perhaps?

Usually I am the one tasked with burping Baby after each feed with the exception of the graveyard shift. The Mrs is usually kind and nice enough to let me sleep through unless she is really tired or when Isaac is exceptionally cranky. So now I am able to tell from Isaac’s face whenever he is mediating to go for his number 2. I affectionately refer to it is as his “Pan Sai” (Hokkien) look. He looks as if he is concentrating really hard at trying to separate this particular air molecule from the millions in the air.

I think so far the largest joy that I can derive from caring Baby is when he falls asleep in my arms on my chest. Baby is usually most cranky between around midnight to about 3am. Since the Mrs had to wake up to feed him at least two more times in the early morning, I will normal ask her to turn in after the late night feed and I will try and coax him to sleep. For some reason he just will not sleep after the night feed and after having his diaper changed. The best part is he does not like me to sit down either when carrying him. I don’t have to walk about or sway or dance. Standing alone will do the trick but just when you thought that he is asleep you decided to sit on the bed, he will turn cranky again.

After about 2 weeks, I believed I have mastered the art of sitting down without him knowing. It’s either that or he must have figured he had had enough fun with his own man! Then came the problem of putting him down also. Whenever I transferred him to the cot or put him down on our bed, he will wake up cranky within 10 minutes too. So I had to literally hold him for a few hours. Since the TV programs in these early hours are usually repeats or not interesting, I got myself the perfect solution to keep me from falling asleep. You might want to share this with your husbands. It’s called Football Manager 2008 and the cost, a mere S$61.90. I installed in on my laptop and now I can hold him in one arm while the other can click away to try and dominate the virtual football world. Probably the best S$62 I will ever spend.

Anyway back to him sleeping on my chest. There are times when the Mrs is simply too tired so she will hand Isaac to me after the early morning feed and I will burp him and then coax him to sleep. Usually I am half gone too so as soon as he allows me to sit on my bed, I will slowly put him on my chest and see him bobbing up and down on my chest as I breathe. And very soon both of us will fall asleep till the time for the next feed.

See him there, defenseless and without a care in the world I can feel this urge building within me to protect him against whatever there is to come in the future. Maybe I have truly entered fatherhood after all.


Nicole said...

This is an interesting post to share about your experience as a new daddy and how much you enjoy your fatherhood!

I guess Issac and Cleo have this annoying habit of not wanting to sleep at night. Either they've indeed confused day and night or that they simply loves to torture people(which is, their parents).

Actually, since your mrs is breastfeeding, the need to burp the baby won't be as needed for babies who are drinking from milk bottle. For Cleo, I'll express the breastmilk out to feed her and therefore have to burp her, but this girl is rather' nice' in that sense,she'll 'self-burp' herself most of the time. *smiles*

I tired myself out from the 1st month celebration yesterday but it was nice, I reckon yours are just the same. I've yet to put up photos of the event and I reckon you're too busy to do that too. But hope to be able to see it soon.

In fact, I've just only updated one of Cleo's photo. Taken when she's 10 days old. At least there's something for those who have yet to see Cleo to view. *giggles*

Anonymous said...

hi! it's great to see another post from you! am glad to know that you are enjoying fatherhood. i count myself a little more fortunate than you and nicole since my little girl sleeps through the night mostly. *haha* she gets her last feed at around 12+/1, and next wakes up at 6+/7 to break her fast. yes, i know i am lucky. =P hope to see more stories from you soon. =)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi nicole,

I suspect they want to torture their parents! Ha Ha Ha

We know that with breastfeeding there is really not much need to burp the baby but we though we might as well do it since Isaac seems to enjoy it. In any case it is good practice for when we switch to formula milk when it will become very necessary.

Actually for us the exhaustion was not so much from the actual day but more from the preparation. I will blog about it soon.

Yeah, I saw Ms Cleo's picture. She is cute with lots of hair. Waiting for you to post more.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi roanne,

I know I was very late with my last post. ;p

So what is the secret with making your girl sleep through the night? God knows I do require some help here. Ha Ha

Isaac's longest in-between feed was about 5 hours but that was during the day. Never at night!

Now that I am back at work full time I have a little more time to post so you shouldn't have to wait for too long. Strange isn't it?!?! Hmmm.....

Anonymous said...

actually i have no idea how it happened or what we did right too. think the baby self decided on such a schedule. *haha* because mine was a premature baby at 36 weeks (she was only 1.766 kg when born), i was told to feed her once every 3-hourly. initially i would wake her to feed her, but she would get very cranky and refuse to eat. i gave up after two nights of trying and realised that she could actually sleep through the night. also, because i am supplementing breast milk with formula milk, her last feed will usually be formula milk. it is less easily digested and she stays full throughout the night. at least this is what i think lah. experienced mummies and daddies, do let me know if i am doing something wrong. =P

Anonymous said...

Think our two boys can be good frenz...the night owls....:P

Some of my frenz said b4 he goes to bed for the night, give him a warm bath and a full feed. An hour before he sleeps, try to settle him down by turning down the lights and play soft music. I have not tried it yet. Maybe I should do it tonite :D

Anonymous said...

roanne, that is true...formula milk can last longer and they dun get so hungry so fast. For breastmilk, you need to feed every 1.5 to 3 hours...ave 2 hourly cos it is very easily digested. If you observe carefully, breastmilk is more diluted than formula.

nana said...


This is an interesting account of early fatherhood.

Thumbs up for you, for actively participating in caring for the baby. These are in fact bonding moments with the little one. Well done!

(If i ever hv #3, i shall get my hubby to read this post. =))

Nicole said...


Lend your comment column to sorta give my two cents worth to roanne cause I saw her enquiry on the feeding for premature baby.

Hi roanne,
Claire is also a preemie born at 35+ weeks and she weight 2.410kg back then. Alot said it's a very good weight. Now I understand why they said that, cause your baby whose born slightly later than Claire only weight less than 2kg. I was told by the PD(who is a preemie specialist) that preemie tend to sleep even more than normal newborns so you have to wake them up and feed them more often. Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi, first of all, congratulations! Though I don't know you, i have been following your blog. My daughter is now 17 months old and her last feed is at 7pm. She then sleeps through the night and wakes up at 7:30am for her next feed! Yes, more than 12 hours....
No secret to it.... she just did it on her own accord starting at 6 weeks, and has not turned back since!
Good luck!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi roanne,

Well, looks like you're getting some help from the readers.

Not that I can give any advice anyway.

Good Luck!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi reishi,

You try it and let me know if it works.

Last night Isaac was very co-operative. After his feed at about 10.30, he went to sleep about an hour later and was not cranky.

He of course woke up 3 hours later for his supper but that I cannot complain.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hey nana,

Like I said, I take pride in that I am a hands-on dad!

Oh, when you show your husband this post, do remember to highlight the Football Manager bit to him. By then it will probably be 2009 edition but it will still work. Ha Ha Ha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi nicole,

Knock yourself out.

This is what I am hoping this blog will achieve. A medium for us to learn from one another.


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks a bunch!!

Do leave a name so I know if this other anonymous is you too.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for following this blog and also for your well wishes!

Don't worry about not knowing me because none of the readers here know me personally. If you leave a name like them then it will be a little more personal and more importantly I will know it's you the next time you leave another comment.

Wow! Well done to your daughter! Started from 6 weeks huh?! We are into our 5th week now and Isaac is not showing any sign that he will be that co-operative. Nevertheless our fingers are crossed!

viv said...

have been following your blog and really very interesting, always make me wonder how my hubby felt actually haha...

my gal is almost 3 months old now and she still needs a feed every 3 hr (she is only full FM) envy that some babies can sleep through the nights!!

Anonymous said...

hi a husband's voice, paiseh...tom-pang your comments system to reply nicole and reishi. =P

reishi, thanks! yep, i think i read somewhere that formula milk is more filling, hence the decision to feed formula at night so that she'll feel fuller. =) but at the same time, i can't help but feel a little guilty, coz' breast milk is supposed to be the best milk mah. but this mummy is a little lazy. and she can't express fast enough to feed the little baby. =P (the gynae wants to know how much she is i can't really feed at the breast.)

nicole, i read in your blog that claire is a premature baby...but 2.4 kg is really quite good loh. i am very envious eh. *hahaha* in fact, i see everybodys' babies are all quite 'big', and i go a little green with envy. *hahaha* mine is a tiny little handful, but thankfully she's putting on some weight. at the last check at the PD's, she's now 2.28 kg. the PD was okay that she sleeps through the night also. oh well...mine's a very small baby, coz' i had pre-eclampsia, and her growth in the womb was affected. *sigh*

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi viv,

Welcome and thanks for following this blog.

Maybe you can read together with your husband and he can tell you exactly how he feels. I have a feeling he is going to want to know who am I and then kill me!! Ha Ha Ha

Tell me about it. I hope and prey that Isaac will sleep through the night and I have never stopped hoping and trying.

Every night after his last feed and when I coax him to sleep, I will always whisper to him that we'll be seeing him at 6am tomorrow and then kiss him goodnight. Unfortunately he is not taking instructions pretty well yet. Hee Hee!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi roanne,

Hey, like I said to nicole, knock yourselves out!! Go crazy!!

I'm happy to find that you ladies are corresponding and learning from one another.

Just remember that you learned it (whatever it is that you've learnt) here first!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Hi

I went to try all methods recently. Nothing works for me. He still wakes up every 3 hours for his feed. Haha! I guess I have to endure another few more weeks of waking up for his late night/early morning feeds.

Very happy to know that you enjoy your fatherhood and did so many things for your son. Well done! Honestly, my hb shld read this and learn from you. Wish all fathers-to -be are like you. He only knows how to play with him, change diaper, feed and burp him. That's all. No way he will clean his poo poo and bath the baby.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi reishi,

Really?!?! Nothing works?!?! I was pinning all my hopes on your experiment! LOL

Looks like more nights with less sleep for us all.

Frankly speaking, I honestly thought I will have problem changing his diapers and bathing him too.

Then I realised that compared to Dino's poo poo, Isaac's is nothing. If I can clean up after Dino then I can surely change diapers. These days it’s easier since I am immune to the smell already. Ha Ha Ha

As for bathing him, the very first time was a little challenging but with the Mrs by my side assisting, I went through it without making too many mistakes. By the third day I dare say I am able to handle the bathing part alone. It is really not that difficult. In fact it is actually quite fun to see his facial expressions at the various stages of the whole process.