Wednesday, 23 May 2007


We went pram shopping for our Baby recently. I know, I know, it is extremely early to start shopping for baby stuffs considering that we have not even passed the first trimester. But our logic was while she is still agile and comfortable now we might as well have a look around first plus I say shop not buy.

I agree it will be crazy to buy now especially we do not even know how many babies are we expecting. Secretly we are hoping that by some divine intervention we are blessed with 2 babies but that is another story.

Pram shopping to me is like shopping for the right car for the baby. Should we go for continental ones like Maclaren? Although they are more expensive but hey they are European cars ..... er I mean Pram. They are also definitely more sturdy and they can be used to till the age of 5 in most cases. What about the Japanese make like Aprica and Combi since they are really light. Aprica is actually rather pricy but extremely light. The Mrs and I feel that it is a little too flimsy.

Besides make and model, there is also the look. Should we go for Sports Car type, read 3 wheels pram or the normal four wheels type? Even the size of the wheels has to be considered. Big wheels while looking nicer are indeed a lot heavier.

Based on what we've seen, I think Baby here will most probably end up with a Korean make instead just like the Daddy is driving a Korean car.
We liked the Capella S-228 with a touch of orange. The features are:

Reversible Handle - I like this feature cause I like to have the option to watch Baby while we are out for a stroll

Height Adjustable Handle - Guess this is useful since we are all of different height

Full Reclining Seat - So that Baby can lie flat and sleep

Detachable Front Bumper - For easy placing of Baby into the pram

Double Compact Fold - This is rather cool mechanism in action. One simple move and the pram is folded for easy storage

Swivel Front and Rear Wheel - This is my favourite feature. 4-wheel drive!! Can go sideways some more!!!

Washable Seat Pad - Standard feature for hygiene

Sleeper Canopy - Shield Baby from sunlight when sleeping

Carry Strap - Like carrying a golf bag

Saturday, 19 May 2007


I swear I have never considered myself to be a superstitious person, not even when losing at a game of mahjong and we all know how gamblers are. However being a father has changed all that.

I'm sure all of you have heard about the Do's and the Don'ts when one is pregnant and I always brush it away and laugh it off as old wife's tales. Hey, I mean we are all brought up educated and have a firm belief in science right?

Wrong! Believe me, after succeeding only after 3 years of trying you really dare not risk any of the old wife's tales! What if my mum-in-law is right? Can I risk my baby's well being just to prove her wrong?

The first superstition that I found myself not willing to challenge is announcing to the whole wide world that we are pregnant. Even the nurses advise us to keep it to ourselves and only reveal to immediate families until the first trimester is over. Now this has caused me some dilemma. On one hand I would really like to tell everyone I know as well as those that I don't that I am a father now but on the other hand according to these tales, babies are petty so they may be 'dropped'!?!?!?!

Now faced with the possibility of my baby being 'dropped' how can I risk announcing the good news right? So all I can do is contain my joy for now.

For a scientific guy, I have a strong feeling this is only the beginning of many more superstitions to come.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007


Although blogging is not new to me but this is my very first blog. It is actually dedicated to the fact that my wife and I are pregnant. I would like to document the progress of our baby or Project B as we refer to the whole experience.

Yes!!!! After 3 years of trying we are finally there. Well, it is still at an early stage now because we had only tested positive last week. So fingers crossed for us ya?!

I noticed that wives have many forums for them to discuss all kinds of matters including pregnancy so I figured Husbands do require an outlet as well right? Hence this blog! Plus I do not think a bunch of guys sitting down and discussing pregnancies are the manliest thing to do.

Through the 9 months of pregnancy I hope to give an insight into the world of pregnancy for all fathers-to-be.