Saturday, 19 May 2007


I swear I have never considered myself to be a superstitious person, not even when losing at a game of mahjong and we all know how gamblers are. However being a father has changed all that.

I'm sure all of you have heard about the Do's and the Don'ts when one is pregnant and I always brush it away and laugh it off as old wife's tales. Hey, I mean we are all brought up educated and have a firm belief in science right?

Wrong! Believe me, after succeeding only after 3 years of trying you really dare not risk any of the old wife's tales! What if my mum-in-law is right? Can I risk my baby's well being just to prove her wrong?

The first superstition that I found myself not willing to challenge is announcing to the whole wide world that we are pregnant. Even the nurses advise us to keep it to ourselves and only reveal to immediate families until the first trimester is over. Now this has caused me some dilemma. On one hand I would really like to tell everyone I know as well as those that I don't that I am a father now but on the other hand according to these tales, babies are petty so they may be 'dropped'!?!?!?!

Now faced with the possibility of my baby being 'dropped' how can I risk announcing the good news right? So all I can do is contain my joy for now.

For a scientific guy, I have a strong feeling this is only the beginning of many more superstitions to come.


Anonymous said...

Really gotta suppress the urge to not announce to the whole wide world about the pregnancy right? Hmm.. Wish I can tell everyone too.. hehe.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Eunice, so you are within your 1st trimester as well? So when will you be due?
Honestly it is a little hard to suppress the excitement. Besides families, we have actually told a few close friends already. The Mrs has to inform her colleagues because she need their understanding and help to move heavy loads and do all the climbing.
Good Luck and do take Great Care. ;)

Anonymous said...

yes yes! i believe its best to keep the good news amongst the immediate family till at least the 1st tri is over. i know its hard to contain the excitement but before you know it, the 12 weeks is over and you can announce to the whole world!

Anonymous said...

Really love reading your blog! Interesting insight from the dad to be's perspective.

Sometimes, it's better to play safe than to be sorry later on!

But when I knew I am expecting which was about 6 weeks, I told my bosses and fellow colleagues the news in order to seek their understanding should I be unable to perform my job duties. As I am in sales, customer visits are part and parcel of the job. My mgr and some colleagues were thoughtful and sweet to pass me the appointments which are accessible and preferably in town or near town. Some even swopped appts with me so that I do not have to endure the long taxi journey. :)

And one good pt, colleagues are extremely nice to pregnant mummies. (My office culture is pretty family friendly). They will help to buy lunch back if you do not want to step out. Help is readily rendered when u need them. Lastly, you see food appearing on your desk every now and then, from sour plums to soya bean milk and snacks. :D

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi reishi,

Thanks for your compliment.

I just had lunch with friends (a couple) who are also expecting and learned from them that they actually had a miscarriage last year.

It seems they were so happy with the fact that they are pregnant that they told the whole world but unfortunately it happened on the seventh week.

Anyway, I agree that colleagues and bosses can be very sweet, nice and considerate. The Mrs was blessed in this area too.

You take great care and keep reading ya!