Friday, 16 October 2009


Isaac has just completed his first term of his weekly enrichment class. I am proud to say that within the few weeks of attending he is already mimicking the Zoo-phonics action. He is able to do or at least attempt to do about 98% of the action. The only one he has not really caught on is for Umber Umbrella Bird. He even finishes with the “and we all wake up” action after Zeke Zebra.

We are reciting this with him on a daily basis not because we want him to top the class but because he truly enjoys it. He will always smile when doing the action.

These days he has even improved further by making the sounds for Catina Cat, Kayo Kangaroo and Pee Wee Penguin.

Since he is enjoying himself so much hence we thought of getting the actual Zoo-phonics material so he can try and do the matching watch the CD as well. Now comes the frustrating part.

I’m sure most of you readers know that one cannot get the Zoo-phonics training material unless you enroll your kids with the Zoo-phonics school or Growing Up Gifted. I wasn’t convinced for it does not make sense not to sell a product that you have so I called up and the answer I got was ambiguous. First the lady asked if Isaac is attending any of the 2 schools and when I said no she told me they only sell to those students who are. Then she went on to say that I may have to buy the Deluxe set but she is unable to tell me the difference in these 2 sets and also the price. All she wanted me to do was email her director and wait for him to reply. It was been weeks now and nothing.

The Mrs knows I do not take such poor service kindly so she volunteered to call and follow up instead. This time it seems they’re more apologetic and said someone will definitely call her after 2 days but it has been a further 2 days and yet still nothing.

This led me to write an email to feedback to the main Zoo-phonics office in the States. Besides expressing my frustration I am also looking if I can buy the material from either their office or anywhere else that is close to Singapore.

There are 2 things that I do not agree with here. Firstly, why should a company that developed a good and proven training material limit its use to only students of certain schools? I would think as an Educator they should look at the broader picture. I am not asking them to give it away free or sell it cheaper or even the same price. A better business model would be for us to buy it at a higher price if our kids are not enrolled in their school.

The second thing that I have issue with is who on earth runs a business and do not respond to their prospective clients’ emails, enquires and feedback? I am not sure if this Singapore office is a franchise or a distributor for the main one from the States but whichever it is I am definitely not impressed. Perhaps from my email they know that I only wanted to buy the material hence they ignore me. Maybe if I write to the same person but this time expressing my interest in enrolling my 3 kids as well as my niece in their school he might reply within a heart beat.

This whole “not selling to children who are not our students” thing is silly because in case Mr Businessman does not realize I can always borrow the flash cards from friends and family to photocopy and laminate them. I believe I can also burn a copy of the CD for Isaac. I am trying to do the proper thing here by buying original when almost the entire basic set can be duplicated and yet these people are making it so much harder. In all honesty it is really much easier and cheaper to duplicate it on my own.

Alternatively I can get my friends who are sending their kids to the “preferred” school to help me buy a set. This way it is perfectly legal and it is very simple to carry out too. Surely they can’t be this anal and refuse to sell a second set to one of their student right?

I am not sure if the email to the head office will yield any result but it is certainly a good way to vent my frustration. I will surely keep you posted on the outcome. In the meantime please buy original.

On a lighter note, below is the video of Isaac mimicking a rhyme that was taught in class. He has only did it twice and at weeks apart but it has left enough an impression. Enjoy!


missmoon said...

i can understand the frustration. i once made a call to the centre to enquire about a trial class. not only were they the least bit helpful, the lady who handled my request was rude and impatient. yes, so the centre is popular amongst parents, but that is no way to deal with another interested party, right? anyway, after that one encounter, i didn't bother again. you did good by writing direct to the main company. better luck there, I hope!

i must say, issac is so thoroughly enjoying himself! heh.

my upcoming trip, i've been furiously downloading free apps to my iphone, in the hope they will at least keep the little one entertained while learning something...

sock peng said...


issac has slim down alot a lot...
he must have been an active kid

glad that he is enjoying himself and learning a lot more new stuffs..

Lobang Mummy said...

hahahahahaaa... u must be really frustrated in order to blog about this. Did you manage to get the set with the help of Roger?

Lobang Mummy said...

Which reminds me, I emailed to these jokers about 2 months ago and till now, there is no reply too! LOL

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cynthia,

I really can't stand service staff who are rude and impatient. They forget their job sometimes.

As for better luck with the main office, all I can say is tough luck! Maybe it is their company's philosophy cause no one has responded to me.

Let me know the applications / games that you have downloaded which are fun and suitable for kids. Isaac is always going for our iPhones too.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Sock Peng,

Isaac has indeed lost a lot of his baby fats. He is running around and perspiring a lot.

I too am pleased that he seems to be enjoying his class and having fun with us with the material that we learned together during class.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Sis,

I was indeed very frustrated and upset hence the post. It has been a week and nothing heard from even the main office. Funny enough I am not the least bit bothered now.

I'm getting Roger to help me get it tomorrow. Hopefully he'll have better luck there.