Monday, 28 June 2010


How time flies for Ani has recently finished her contract with us and has signed another 2 year deal with a pay increment. We are happy that she has decided to stay for she certainly didn’t sign up to take care of 3 babies in the beginning. When she arrived we only had Isaac but along the way you can say that her workload has increased by 3 folds. So deep down the Mrs and I were a little concerned that she may want to see her contract out and look for something perhaps a little less hectic.

So she will be heading home for her well deserved 2 weeks break and unlike her we are certainly not looking forward to it at all. Over the 2 years we are spoilt by her for we need not have to worry about preparing the kids and packing the necessary stuffs whenever we plan to go out. All we had to do was inform her of our plans and give her about half an hour and we will be good to go.

Changing the kids is the easy part hence we do it ourselves. It is the huge bags that we bring out that are very challenging. You cannot imagine the different kinds of stuffs that she packs in there in anticipation of the kids (well mainly Isaac’s) demand. Some examples besides the necessities such as milk powder, diapers, change of clothes, hot water etc; are sweets like the gummy bears, biscuits, packets Milo as well as this yogurt drink and some other stuffs that I cannot think of now. All I know is whenever Isaac demanded for something more often than not she will have it in those big bags. When the twins get really cranky in the car she will also have the right snacks to pacify them.

Now with her gone for 2 weeks, I believe we will be at a lost to a certain degree and won’t be surprised that we will miss out on an item or two.

There are other issues as well. Since we learned that the Mrs was pregnant with the twins Isaac has been sleeping with Ani for obvious reason. Now we are taking turns to put him to sleep each night. The really good thing here is he doesn’t have to be put to bed by Ani which means we can do it but we need to know his bedtime habits too.

Originally the Mrs wanted to take a 2 week break from work so the both of us can try and take care of them ourselves but her boss wasn’t too thrilled with the idea. Then the alternative was to look for a part-time babysitter to help out at my parents’ place every day until our return after work. The Mrs went to the various forums to search for recommended nannies and agencies. We actually interviewed a couple of them even. The cost for this arrangement will maybe set us back by about one grand easy. Not too many nannies are too keen to take up the position as well once they learned that we have 3 kids even though we promised them that my parents and to a certain extend I will be there to help out. We assured them that they will not be the only one to take care of all 3 of them at any one time but they are still worried and I can also understand why. One agency was even crazy (or stupid) enough to propose charging us 3 times the cost for having 3 babies to which we responded wouldn’t it make more sense then for us to hire 3 nannies?!?! For the company’s sake I seriously hope she is not the owner.

In the end after much thinking, planning and discussion with my parents we have decided against hiring outside help. One thing is my parents are not too crazy about the idea of having a stranger over at their place and more importantly the kids may not take to her at all.

So here’s the plan. I will send Isaac and the Mrs to school and work every morning and I will then head back to my parents’ place to bath and feed the twins. My parents and I will take care of them until the Mrs come home from work around 2pm. Her boss has compromised with her taking half day everyday for the 2 weeks. In between I will also be going to pick Isaac from school. Since I am working from home and my work allows me certain flexibility I will arrange for my appointments and meetings to the late afternoon when the Mrs can take over from me.

On paper it certainly looked very doable but I know we (the Mrs and I) will probably be in for some shock when the time comes. I truly believe that this little experience will make us appreciate more what Ani and my parents have to do on a daily basis.

It will certainly be a very tiring 2 weeks for we have to wake up much earlier to get Isaac changed, fed and dressed for school. We will also have to feed the twins before leaving the house. Putting them to sleep will not be so easy as well for currently we take one kid each at night but this will not be possible then.

Planning on what to do and where to bring them during the weekends will also not be easy. We definitely cannot stay at home the entire weekend with the kids for we, the parents will probably go mad. However to bring them out will require much work, planning and execution. To care for all 3 kids who are now running (Isaac), walking briskly (Luke) and unsteadily (Hayley) will be tough. The twins are at the stage where they do not want to be carried or be left sitting in the stroller. They will be repeating “walk walk” non-stop and struggling.

If you would like to volunteer your time in helping or have any suggestions at all you know how to reach me.


The Bimbo said...

*Good luck!!!* You guys can do it!!!

The Bimbo runs away....

olivia said...

All I can say is "one day at a time." You've already planned ahead and so just do the best you can.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bobo,

Thanks for the encouragement! Yes we can (more like have to) do it!

The Tan family running after The Bimbo.....

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Olivia,

Yup we will have to take it a day at a time but in reality I am already fast forwarding (dreaming) to 2 weeks later when Ani is back and everything is back to status quo.

david said...

hi, you always sound like you know what to do. i'm sure you'll get through it :)

me and my wife also looking for a nanny, but more for the longer term. she's coming back to sg to work soon, and we can't bear to leave our baby back in msia.

tried a few agencies, but wish there're more choices. which agencies/nannies did you go through? hoping for some good leads. thanks!

A Husband's Voice said...


Here’s a secret, I may sound like I know what I’m doing but really I don’t. We’re making up the rules and methods as we go along.

I totally agree that you should bring your baby back with you to Singapore. It may be a little more taxing on the money front but I think it is all worth it to have the whole family intact.

As for the agencies I believe those that we spoke to (certainly the one that wanted to charge me 3 times the cost) are not suitable for they are mainly nannies for short term period only. I’ll ask the Mrs to see if she knows of any other agencies that are more suitable and will email you.

Anonymous said...

when will ani be back? when does she leave?

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Anonymous,

May I ask for an alias or name?

Ani will be leaving next Wed and coming back on 21st.

Sounds like you would like to volunteer your time / service to me. Hee hee

Happyhour said...

Hey Dylan,
wow you are half way there... how is it going so far?

Hope everything's fine! :)

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