Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Isaac got his 6-in-1 jab last Friday and it was a family affair. The Mrs and I took our first ever child care leave and my parents came along too.

Actually he was scheduled to have the jab when he turned 3 months old but according to Dr B, it is alright to leave it to slightly later. Her reasoning was, this way he will be a happier and stronger baby too.

So we decided to bring him in when at 3 and half months and we did it on a Friday so that in case he does not feel well for the next day or 2 at least it was the weekend and we can care for him ourselves.

Throughout the morning I have been preparing him for the jab, telling him he must be a brave boy and will use my index finger to poke him in the arm as if he was getting a jab. This goes to show that I was in fact an inexperience dad because it was only in the consultation room that I learned he will be jabbed in his thigh and not his arm. So much for preparing him huh?!?!

While waiting he got hungry but we decided to hold off his feeding because according to the nurses there were babies who got distracted by the feeding and it helped a great deal when they were jabbed. So we decided to wait till he was about to be jabbed before we fed him.

Isaac was oblivious to the children around him and was pretty cranky as his turn drew nearer but do not mistaken as it was due to his hunger rather than the anxiousness for the jab.

Finally it was his turn and the first thing Dr B said when she saw him was "Wa! Chubby eh?!" The Mrs and I were like "Huh?! Chubby?! Really?!" I think she saw other expressions because she went on to explain that he is on the chubbier side but he's not like fat or anything.

You must be wondering Isaac's weight right? Well, let me tell you, he weighed in at an impressive .................. 6.25kg only!! Actually this is pretty normal for a 3.5 month old baby right?

So while the nurse was preparing the concoction I started to feed him. Oh I forgot to mention that the Mrs had already ruled herself out of holding him during the jab. It was the same with the blood test for the jaundice months ago. Soon the nurses came in with the syringe and needle.

What happened next I believe will remain very vivid for many many moons to come! One moment he was all innocent and drinking his milk happily and when the needle went in, I swear I could feel his muscle contract, his face went all red, his mouth opened really wide to release the milk bottle and the loudest wail came next. I could have sworn the patients in Gleneagles heard it (we're at Mt E by the way). Think I have to take part of the blame for preparing him wrongly. Maybe he was really expecting the needle to hit him in the arm and was caught offguard.

For one who did not want to hold him during the jab, the Mrs strangely enough had the courage to want to film the process. Unfortunately for her Dr B was so quick that the whole injection was done in seconds and all that the Mrs managed to capture was his wailing.

So being a forgiving baby that he is, it took him only a few minutes to calm down and to forgive his "betraying" parents and went back to his milk.

On the subject of milk and chubbiness, Isaac is on 4 feeds a day and each time is 7 ounces or 210ml. That works out to be 840ml per day. Is that too much by your standard?

Since a picture says a thousand words, I will leave you with a few picture of our Chubs here:

You can compare this with the earlier picture under the post, Milk so see his weight gained.

Can still see a bit of a chin hence not classified as fat yet!

As if not enough milk already?!

This was thrown in to show you the uglier side of him. Check out the double chin.

My Superman impersonation, only upside down.

Hmmmmm..... I wonder........

Finally, the Mrs - revealed! Our family portrait!

For some strange reason unknown even to me, this is my favourite picture!


Nicole said...

Hi Dylan,
Isaac looks really chubby! Like Cleo, he's chubby but not on the fat side. However, I'm wondering if Cleo is considered fat...Hmm...given that the first impression that many first saw her usually are, WAH ALOT OF HAIR HOR? Then, they'll go, VERY ROUND HOR! VERY CUTE LEI!' I know I should feel happy but as auntie as I am, must they said it in front of her? *faint*

Isaac's weight is catching up I think and he's drinking even more than Cleo! But Cleo is slightly heavier now. Around 6.6kg as taken last week. I think Isaac will catch up really fast. Haha

Yes, I like that family potrait of you and your mrs kissing your beloved son. It looks really loving and heartwarming. :)

noshidoshi said...

I love the expression on Isaac's face when both of you are kissing him! Like a teenager trying to squiggle away! Hahah.

Isaac is chubby! My baby is around the same "age" as Isaac, but everyone commented that he has muscular cheeks instead of chubby cheeks. hahaha. because his cheeks do not flop like most babies, they stay high up instead (?!)

My baby drinks 5ounces or 150ml every 4 hours. Poos every 2 days. Um, how often does Isaac poo, if it's not too personal? Hehehe.

What milk does Isaac drink btw? My baby's drinking Mamex.. Trying to make him drink Similac as I heard it's the best formula, but he doesn't like it. I didn't know babies can be so fussy about taste of MILK!!

noshidoshi said...

oh btw, where did u get Isaac's tshirt in the first pic, if you don't mind sharing info? It's SO cute.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

Hahahaha, Isaac hasn't gotten the "very round hor!" comment yet. But I bet he will be soon.

I have a feeling Isaac is drinking quite a bit of milk. Each feed he will almost always finish all 210ml. Dr B said let him be and he will tell us when to cut down himself. (I sure hope so)

On my favourite picture, there are others who didn't like it too much because they claimed Isaac's face is contorted hence no nice. But I feel otherwise. If anything it goes to show how much I love him since I kissed him so hard. ;)

Anonymous said...

great job the 4 of you!!

Mrs Chew

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Shida,

Like I was telling Nicole in the above comment, there are people who did not like the picture because of Isaac's contorted face. Haha

Any secret to having the cheeks stay up? Maybe some form of facial exercise? Hee Hee

Your baby drinks 5 ounces every 4 hours but how many feeds a day? Isaac's timing is pretty standard now, thank goodness! He will drink between 6.30 to 7.30 in the morning before we go to work, followed by 11ish then about 5pm and last feed at about 8.45pm before he sleeps at 9.30pm. This routine works out quite well for the Mrs and I.

As for his pooing, he usually does it everyday with the occasional once in 2 days. Oh don't worry about asking questions. I would like for us to exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Isaac has been on Similac since day one hence maybe the chubby cheeks. Hahaha

The stripe polo t-shirt that you see in the first picture is from Armani (Club 21). Isaac's Godma has spoilt him rotten with all the designer and branded clothes. She is buying him on an almost weekly basis even though we have been asking her to stop. These days when we bring him out, his clothes are more expensive than his old man's. Hahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jolin,

Great job?!?! You think?!?!


no man's land said...

Hi, Isaac has put on quite a bit of weight! He has pinchable cheeks now! *hehe* About the 6-in-1 injections, I am getting more and more puzzled. Seems like there isn't a fixed schedule for them to get vaccinated hor? I am going to bring my little girl for her 2nd 6-in-1 jab tomorrow, and she's almost 10 days younger than Isaac.

nana said...

Hi Dylan,

Finally - we get to see your Mrs! She's sooo pretty, u shldn't hv kept her 'hidden' for so long .... =)

Isaac is sooooooo chubby & cute, do u find it hard to resist pinching him? Errr... I wished i cld do that thru my computer screen tho...

BTW, he sure has good appetite & is growing very well. Even tho his weight is considered 'normal' as you mentioned, but i can understand how you feel - a mixture of pride & joy + sense of achievement... & more!

Rejoicing with you & your family. =)

Anonymous said...


me also getting confused over the jabs ... i thot it's 5-in-1?? im bringing my daughter for that when she turns 3 mth old next mth. And r u giving Issac Rotavirus and Prevanar now?? Im giving her Rotarvirus, but still considering Prevanar. Is The Mrs still expressing breastmilk for Issac? Im back to work and hope i can continue to persevere in expressing milk in the office.

Salute to working mummies who can breastfeed their babies for 6 mths, 10mths and even up to 1 year!! My goal is just 6 mth :P

Missy & Jav said...

yes! Issac is chubby! chubby but not fat. very cute! he has certainly put on a significant amt of weight as compared to his birth weight. and i think Issac is looking more like mummy now :)

missmoon said...

haah, finally, the relevation!

Issac is such a happy baby! nice family shots too, btw :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Roanne,

Isaac does have very pinchable cheeks doesn't he? I do pinch and nibble on them on a daily basis.

Talked about puzzled, I have no idea at all on the jabs. I merely go with the flow. If I am not wrong he is due for another jab in a month's time. The Mrs is keeping tabs on such things.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hey Nana,

Thank you very much for your compliments on Isaac and the Mrs.

Yeah, like I said to Roanne, I can't resist pinching and nibbling on his cheeks every evening after I picked him up from my parents' place. I'll make sure to pinch him one more time on your behalf. Hahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi bebe,

I'm super confused by all the jabs and medicine too. Like I said to Roanne earlier, I'm merely going with the flow.

However this much I know. There is a 5-in-1 and also a 6-in-1 jab. What I do not know is which medicine is missing from the 5-in-1 concoction.

I think we did administer the medicine for the Rotavirus. It was something that he had to take orally.

As for breastfeeding, the Mrs is only feeding him once a day. That is usually his last feed at night. We will still follow up with formula. Somehow the body is smart and has automatically adjusted that she will only feel engorged at night.

The Mrs is just trying to let him have some breast milk for as long as possible no matter how little.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jerene,

Thanks for your reassurance that Isaac is not fat! Hahaha

Interestingly enough, you're the only person to comment that Isaac looks like the Mrs. Everyone says he looks like me.

I actually have my baby pictures and he does look like me when I was a baby. Maybe I will post them in the future.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cynthia,

Isaac is indeed a happy baby. These days he is cooing a lot more and sometimes to himself and pretty loudly too.

He smiles whenever you make the eye contact and you start talking and smiling at him. I'm trying to make him laugh more. I've been trying different methods to make him laugh but there isn't a one sure way. What worked today make not work tomorrow. I guess it is also down to his mood.

Aces Family said...

Hi Dylan,

Very nice family potrait and both you and yr Mrs has 夫妻相.

Issac is a cutie..!!

Yeah, for BB injections, you will need to follow the flow for the first 2 years..hee : )


A Husband said...

Hi Astee,

Thanks for your compliment. Actually I really don’t know if we have 夫妻相.

I'm happy to see that you are alright after the minor accident you had. I once had a similar experience. I believed I was too tired that day. I could have sworn that I checked my rear view and side mirror but still I hit the pillar. I drive and park there everyday some more.

At least that time it was my own fault. Recently I parked my car to go and deposit some money at the machine and when I cam back there was this big dent on the side of my car. No idea who did it and naturally the driver left without so much as leaving a note to apologise. I still have not fixed it yet. sigh......

Trina said...

just to let u know, some PDs put a numbing cream prior to injection. They'll still feel some sensation when the needle goes thru, but it's muted a fair bit. and if they're distracted with a toy, e.g. they dont even cry! my boy didn't cry for all his jab except for the pneumoccol one, cos we made the mistake of not distracting him n he saw the needle.. :p

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Trina,

Hmmm..... I do not believe I saw any cream being applied on Isaac prior to the jab. But the entire procedure was so quick I may have missed it because I was busy feeding his milk.

We were hoping that the milk will distract him but nope!! It did not work.

I am already dredging the thought of having to bring him for his next jab cause I think he will be jabbed twice?!?!