Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Wow! Time really fly by when you have a kid and with so much going on in my life such as the new maid, new business idea, balancing my jobs and trying to publish a book, I am finding it a little tough keeping this blog up to date recently.

Interestingly enough the weekends are no longer our own. I do a bit of work over the weekends but I am not referring to this. These days Isaac will get “kidnapped” during the weekends. The “culprits” are none other than his grandparents and godma.

The Mrs works on occasional Saturdays so I will drive her to work with Isaac in tow. I will normally wait in town for my mum to finish her work at about 9am before we all head for breakfast and then home. Since the birth of Isaac till date, there is only one day that my parents did not get to see Isaac at all for the entire day and that was last Friday. Not bad huh, considering Isaac is 4 months old already. The Mrs and I will try our very best to let them play with their only grandchild at least once a day even though it may be for only an hour or two.

Now, what happens is on the way back to their place after breakfast my mum will ask about my plans. No matter what they are, she will be able to always find an excuse (I mean reason) to somehow link sending Isaac to her place until much later in the afternoon. I know that they just want to spend time with him so I always obliged. Actually come to think of it, this is not all bad as it allows me a little time to play my Xbox. I have games that were bought 2 months ago and they are still sitting there gathering dust. I remembered the first time this happened I called the Mrs after dropping them off and told her that Isaac was “kidnapped”. Since we are neither rich nor powerful people you’ll understand why the Mrs was not worried or scared. She merely asked me calmly “What happened? By whom?”

2 weeks ago, the same thing happened at Isaac’s godma’s place. Since the very beginning she had already made a “deal” with us that she must see Isaac every week to monitor his progress. Actually I finally understood that she is just afraid that if she does not see Isaac often enough he will not be familiar with her and the last thing she wants is for Isaac to not follow her around when he is older. She does not want him to treat her like a stranger. I understand how she feels because deep down we are worried that Isaac may be more familiar with our maid than us since she spends the most part of the day with him. Hence we always insist on doing everything ourselves when it comes to Isaac in the evenings and all day during the weekends. These are to be our bonding times.

Side tracked a little here, since last week I showered together with Isaac in the bathroom instead of the usual tub of water that we were trained to do when he was an infant. I must say it is a joy showering him because he loves the water. I will bring in this chair sit on it and then Isaac on my lap. He is always smiling when it is shower time. To me this is the best bonding time besides playing games with him when he is older. You’ll understand for the lack of pictures to elaborate right?

Anyway, so we were at godma’s place one Sunday and after about 2 hours we said we had to go and meet other friends in town and she conveniently suggested that we leave Isaac behind and come back for him when we’re done.

Frankly speaking, we preferred not to because weekend is really the only time we can spend with Isaac. During the weekdays we will only be at my parents’ place by 7pm and by the time we’re done with dinner and arrive home it is usually around 8.30 and we are trying to put him to sleep by about 9.30 so in actual fact we have only about 3 hours max with him each night. However we relented still because we knew she genuinely wanted to spend more time with him. So from an initial planned visit of about 2 hours Isaac ended up spending about 5 hours at her place.

Looking at the hindsight, this is a good problem to have because this shows that Isaac has so many people who love him and can’t get enough of him and I have not even touched on my in-laws because they too felt that they are not seeing enough of Isaac.

Hence these days, weekends feel like Chinese New Year visiting for us.

Below are a few pictures that we took of Isaac during last Sunday’s visit to godma’s place.

I won?!?! The "cutest baby in your heart" award?!?!? Thanks!!!

Isaac with his God-Sisters and cousin.

The Mrs dipping Isaac into the water.

It was a happy outing for all.

What do you think? Send him to Japan for Sumo Wrestling training?


Nicole said...

Hi Dylan,
Isaac have got BREASTS! Haha, So cute!

He's 100% round now. Very cute. I would love to pinch him. Haha!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

So bad! I hope Isaac's feeling is not hurt. Ha Ha Ha

He is cute isn't he? I see him everyday and I feel like squeezing him each time so I can imagine how you feel.

Btw, Cleo has a very nice smile as well. The Mrs like her pictures so much too.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is WOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Ai yohhhhhhhhh.... I still smile when I see the sumo wrestler pic lah! Gor, seriously, his middle name should be Michelin! LOL!!!! AND I SO LOVE HIS MOOBS!

Anonymous said...

*hahahaha* nicole is right. isaac has breasts!! even my little girl also don't have. =) he is growing very well. so chubby and cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,

Isaac is soooooo irresistably cute!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nora,

Nice of you to drop by and leave another comment although it is only 1 word.

So to your comment, all I can say is Thanks! I think?!?!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Sis,

First of all he has not reached the michelin stage and secondly he does not have moobs.

So bad! Don't think he will appreciate his Gu Gu laughing at him.

A Husband's Voice said...

Thanks Roanne,

Now I know Isaac will surely not forgive me for putting up this picture.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nana,

Thanks for your comment and also for not bringing up any 'B' and 'M' word.

It must be hard, I know.

missmoon said...

my goodness, Dylan, Isaac has boobies and milk tummy! he is sooo handsome too. haha, he's such a babe! so huggable! heh

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cynthia,

You, another one! What boobies?!?!?!

Isaac will really hate me for this! Hahaha

Anonymous said...


You are seriously in denial! Of course he has MOOBS! Just check out those mammaries! BTW, this is what my colleague commented "wah, so young B-Cup ah?"

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,
Cant help to leave my first post here after seeing ur cutie son's photos, especially the last one! (FYI, Have been followed ur blog for quite sometime liao) Hoho....U can call up nippon paint to self-recommend Isaac as their next commercial ad star! Hee....Ur son real cute!


A Husband's Voice said...


You are officially off Isaac's favourite Gu Gu list. I'll make sure he knows that.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Soleil

Thanks for following my humble blog and also for leaving your comment here.

Honestly what you said about the Nippon bit really cracked me up!!

It is really quite a good idea. This way Isaac can earn his own keeps too! Never too young to do that. Muahahahahaha

Aces Family said...

Hi Dylan,

You guys are very lucky to have such strong logistics support. It comes in handy esp when Issac starts on solids.

No worries on not spending enough time with time, important thing is QUALITY Time : )

Remember to sign him up for Baby Contests.. : P


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Astee,

We are indeed fortunate to have so many people eagerly waiting to help care for Isaac.

As for quality time, we do what we can but seriously on weekdays we only have about 2 - 3 hours with him. Hence the most enjoyable and truly bonding time is when we bath him. He simply loves the shower.

Frankly I am not too big on baby contest. I do not even know what the contest available. However I had just signed him up for the Harvey Norman baby photo contest but that was because we were going to print photos anyway.

Unknown said...

indeed, "distribution" amongst the grandparents are the worst issues. tat's alot of headache/trouble already. :S

p.s. i love the pics of isaac. he's really cute!! i wish my babe wld put on more weight. :P

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi JJ,

I hope I did not make it sound like it is such a bad thing because it really is not.

Good thing is my in-laws have already got 3 grandsons (2 of them are same age as Isaac actually) so they really only want to see Isaac regularly but not like every week.

My parents are naturally not getting enough of him because he is after all the only grandchild in the family.

Perhaps I should consider sending out the picture of Isaac to you all with his foot or hand print on the back. Hmmm......