Tuesday, 27 May 2008


I am finding it harder and harder to find something interesting enough to blog about these days. Not that fatherhood is boring. If anything it is rather exciting and challenging.

The reason there is nothing much to update you is because of mainly 3 things. One, I am pretty tied up. I don’t know about you but to do up a new post will usually take me anywhere between 2 to 3 hours of writing and rewriting (and yet this blog is littered with numerous grammatical and spelling mistakes). I also try and stick to an average word count of about 800 with the exception of a few posts.

Two, when I started out with this blog I have set myself certain guidelines and I would like to stick to it as much as possible. I rather not have it as a blog totally on Isaac but more of my experience as a dad. Personally I thought it will be a better read since most of you readers are ladies and the blogs out there are mainly by you ladies too. I thought you may find it more interesting to see things from the other side (in case you’re new to this blog I am not referring to the eerie kind of other side ya?!).

Lastly and most importantly our daily lives have been a little more off colour as we are trying to set a routine for Isaac. To give you a glimpse without boring you with details, we start the day bright and early and Isaac would be at my parents’ place by 7.40 and he will have his 210ml of milk. Once he has settled down and started on his breakfast we will head off to work, reluctantly I must add.

The next time we see him again will be almost 11 hours later at about 7pm. We will go over to my parents’ place for dinner and will normally spend about an hour there before heading home. The only real play time we have with him is from the moment we finished our dinner till when we try and put him to sleep at about 9.30 which equates to about 2 hours during which we will have to shower and feed him his supper also. To me our real bonding time is when we shower him. We actually enjoy this time with him so much that we have to share and alternate the days between us. He really enjoys the water splashing down on him and to see that smiley face after a day’s work is really gratifying and soothing at the same time. We can usually sense his anticipation once we removed his clothes in the bathroom. He will be smiling and kicking his legs eagerly.

Sometime he fusses about when we put him to sleep but the maximum time taken is about an hour by which time I will feel like strangling him. See how fast the emotion changes from showering to putting him to sleep time?

Once he is asleep that is when we can have a little of our own ‘Me’ or ‘Us’ time. The Mrs will usually hit the SMH forum and also read up on Isaac’s development. I’ll usually be watching some TV but lately I am hooked on this new Jeffrey Archer’s book, A Prisoner of Birth. It is really quite good and I am almost done.

Usually we have some ‘Me’ time before the ‘Us’ time and as I have mentioned before we follow the latest TVB Cantonese drama serials, we will be watching it till around midnight before we turn in for the night.

The next morning the same routine continues.

I have heard of people saying that it is important to set a routine for your baby but it never quite occurred to me that the parents will also have a routine to follow indirectly too.

Isaac wise, I like to think that we did a good job with his routine. Feeding is at around 7.45am; 12 noon; 5pm and 9pm. Showers are at 10am and 8.45pm. We are still working on his nap time but I suspect even this has been sorted out. Will have to check with my mum and maid.

Speaking of ‘Me’ time and routine, I am having trouble slotting in some ‘Me’ time for my Xbox 360 games. Imagine I bought the game, Army of Two for almost 2 months now but I have not touched it. Maybe I am subconsciously waiting for Isaac to grow up and then we play it together. Having said that I am still able to squeeze out some time to play the notoriously fun and very politically incorrect game, Grand Theft Auto IV but this is usually limited to Sat or Sun mornings if I can wake up earlier or when the Mrs is at work (Sat). A couple of times Isaac sat behind me and watched me play and I felt bad and wondered if he will pick up the undesireable language and not to mention the scenes when I (er I mean my character) had to visit the strip joints.

Guess this routine will have to do for now until the second child come along and then who knows I may have to sell my game console.


Unknown said...

i can totally understand ur feelings. mister n i r trying to adhere to a routing with family, me & us time. there's still alot of ironing out to do but i'm sure we can work something out. :P for nw, 1 babe is good enuff. :)

Nicole said...

Hi Dylan,
Ok, so I'm not alone in the i- so- feel- like- strangling- my- baby syndrome when she refused to sleep. At least I know that you also feel like doing that. That probably makes me feel better. Haha! And Isaac is kind on you, fussing for only an hour or so. Imagine, Cleo, she can do that for hours. My goodness!

Nevertheless, you've set up a very GOOD routine for Isaac already! I've yet to accomplish that. Should I console myself that cause I still have Claire to take care of and I don't have to work, so waking up late and sleeping late isn't all that 'bad'? *wondering*

Aces Family said...

Hi Dylan,

Good that you still have ME time..enjoy it while you still can. When Issac get older, more attention will be needed on him plus as No.2 come along..hee : )



Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,

It's good that you still hv some "me" & "us" time. Enjoy it while you still can... For me, such terms seems very distant since we hv the 1st kid. Probably bcos I still hv to deal with some housework + all the pumping during the 1st year of their lives.. =)

As for the blogging portion, it sounds 'stressful' to hv such guidelines..... It's not difficult to guess that you are in "sales & marketing" line cos u 'make policies' based on the needs of your target audience... keke... (For me, blogging is a "free & easy" thing... i juz write whenever & whatever i feel like writing...) so ur secret of attracting so many readers to ur blog lies in the "policy making"? kekeke...

Anonymous said...

AIYAH.. dun need to be so meticulous lah, grammar mistake then nevermind lah.. hahaha..

YAWN, too early to think *Brain shut down*

Mrs Chew

Anonymous said...


Let the pictures do the talking then, and dont be to strict on yourself. :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi JJ,

Actually we did not really plan any 'Me' and 'Us' time. We were more concerned with setting an early sleeping time for Isaac and naturally once he is asleep, we have whatever remaining time to do our own stuffs.

Good thing is after Isaac is asleep, we can switch on the lights to do some reading and he is okay with it.

You sure 1 baby is good enough?

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

I'm sure we are not the only ones who felt like strangling our babies at one time or other.

Yes Isaac has been nice to us and has generally given us little to no headache. (er... quick touchwood) Hahahaha

Truth be told Isaac has a large part to play in determining his daily routine. He basically decided on his own feeding time and each day it only varies very little. The only 1 thing that was 'forced' by us was his sleeping time at night.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Astee,

Please don't scare me!?!?! I am clinging on very tightly to whatever 'Me' and 'Us' time as it is. Hate to lose that completely.

Having said that it will not deter me from having a number 2 or even 3. Hee Hee

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nana,

You another one! Stop scarring me leh?!?! Hahahaha I may be ignorant here but at this moment I feel that it is very important for us to have our 'Me' and 'Us' time so will try best not to lose that as Isaac grows older or number 2 & 3 come along.

I won't deny it. Having a maid helps plus my parents have been very kind and will forever be ready to help take care of Isaac whenever we want to meet our friends for dinner.

Heh, it’s not stressful lah. In fact I quite enjoy blogging (more than I imagine actually). Usually during day to day conversation I will get ideas or topics to blog on so it is not too bad lah.

Interesting insight on the making policies for my targeted audience bit, never quite thought of it that way. I don’t really think there are that many readers to this blog lah so don't think there is any secret behind it.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jolin,

Cannot lah. I'm a little OCD (sounds familiar) in that sense. Knowing that something is incorrect or out of place, I have to 'right' it.

Not sure if I will regret saying this but since I started blogging I find that my English has improved. So I guess the next step for me is to blog in Chinese! Hahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bebe,

Cannot leh. I am trying to keep this blog to be about my thoughts not entirely an Isaac blog so can only post so many picture of him.

Plus I don't really like to have my pictures taken hence even fewer photos. Now you know why my blog is so wordy. The Mrs pointed that out many posts ago.

missmoon said...

haha, perfectionist lah. most of us are ;p

mostly, i get rather exasperated when my little one misbehaves (he really does test my patience) but having said that, i miss him bad when i'm at work. it gets worse when i have to work till wee hours and don't get to see him for 2 days straight!!

weekends are mostly reserved for him, so he'll be wherever we go, be it whatever errands we need to run.

lack of zzzzzzzzzzzzz!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cynthia,

Actually I wonder sometimes if the line is really fine between being a Perfectionist and suffering from OCD.

We all miss him whenever we think about him at work but thank goodness I have never had to work till wee hours in the morning or not see him for 2 days straight! Must be tough.

We bring him to almost everywhere we go during the weekends too. I think it is a very natural thing to do. My parents will tell us to leave him with them and we go and do our things. They also cannot get enough of him. Hahaha

Unknown said...

ya, 1 bb is gd enuff for now. haha. :P

Anonymous said...

You may not have to wait that long to play your games in peace; my lil' girl has been bugging me to play Guitar Hero of late, and she's not even two yet.

Best thing is, she is content to sit and watch while I play! It's just too good to be true... Will see how long this lasts

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Evelyn,

She really did sit back and just watch you play?!?!

Wow!! If only Isaac can do it now. No problem though I will wait for that faithful day. Only problem is the games I play may not be so suitable for a toddler. Think Grand Theft Auto 4 and Ninja Gaiden 2! Hahahahaha