Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Took Isaac to Godma's house to swim with her girls last Sunday and this time it was a success. Isaac was in the pool for almost an hour although he had his mood swings, from afraid and crying in the beginning to curious and later enjoy and relax towards the end.

It took us a few tries but we finally got the formula. First of all it had to be in the middle of the day when the water is not cold. Secondly I had to go in with him by holding him close to me and lastly it had to be done slowly by introducing him to the water little by little.

I have the below pictures and videos for your viewing pleasure.

This is before he swims but wanted to show you all his 'big' arms.

He has lost a little weight due to him growing taller. What do you think?

"It sure is a tight fit!"

"You want me to do what Coach?!?!?"

"Phew! I thought you said double somersaults!"

"Mummy, where is my pebble?"

"Yummy! They sure make float tasty these days!"

No more B-Cup right?

"Let's go home mummy."


The Bimbo said...

AHHHH Incredibly Adorable!! But that float thing did look uncomfortable in the first pic. haha

Was it scary bringing him? His first time right? My friends are talking about bringing their babies to swim too but they are a little afraid.

:) So cute. And... Your missus sure has strong arms. :)

From: Bobo

JChin said...

Ur little summo is such a cutie! So bak bak. Feel like pinching his cheeks!! But i swear I will not do that cos I hate it when others pinch my baby boy..hahah..

Bringing Jarrett for his 1st swim this thurs! Can't wait! U reckon morning swim is ok?

no man's land said...

*haha* That photo of him with all the face in the float is priceless. He's so super cute! And yah, he's more like an A cup now. The 'meat' has transferred to his arms. =P

Anonymous said...

Haiyah!!! Sooooooo Cuuuuuuute.. as you can see, words cannot express it...

Nicole said...

Hi Dylan,
I shown Isaac's photos to my sister and she went ' wah, fei zai(fat boy)'! HAHAHAH

Then when I told her that you said your boy had slim down, she gave me a kinda look and said, 'nowadays, babies very good life. Eat well and sleep well'. She's referring to your Isaac and my Cleo! HAHAHAHA

But Isaac does look 'longer' now. Cleo look very big too now. Very long and big. WOW!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bobo,

Actually the neck float only looks uncomfortable. It is pretty well designed and it keeps the water out of his mouth. It is just air in there and if not blown to the max is still soft so Isaac is fine with it (I think). Hahaha

This is his 3 attempt already. The pictures and videos from the 2nd attempt did not turn out too good hence only posted it this time.

Tell you friends to bring their babies to swim. It’s really ok but as I had suggested one of the parent must be prepared to be in the water too. Personally I prefer to bring Isaac to the private pool as compared to the public pool since he is still young.

In regards to the Mrs's strong arms, truth be told she can only hold on to Isaac that way for a short while. He is getting heavier by the day so it is hard carrying him for long.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jarrett's mum (don't think I got your name right?)

You think he is still a little sumo? He doesn't look that bak bak already since he has grown taller. The Mrs and Godma is getting a little worried actually. They like for him to keep the fat at least for another few years. Hahaha

It's a natural thing to do when one sees a cute baby isn't it, to pinch the cheek. Ani and my mum are very protective of Isaac's cheeks whenever they're out.

The morning water is too cold for Isaac so we have shifted our swimming to 3pm when the water is a lot warmer. Not sure if Jarrett minds the cold water though.

Have fun and take videos and pictures too ya?

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Roanne,

The Mrs really like the photo with only the face and the neck float too. It does look uncomfortable huh?!?!

It is a good thing that he lost his B-Cups. It is one thing to be called little sumo but a totally different thing to be referred to as the boy with B-Cups. Hahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nora,

Yes I agree that no matter how hard I try I can never describe what you saw from those pictures.

If you realise this is probably my first post with so many pictures and so few words.


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

We all call him 肥仔 at home anyway. My Sis calls him Ah Fat or Fat Fat sometimes.

Ya, Isaac only eat and sleep so naturally good life and put on weight. Cleo is also chubby and has a very nice smile. I wish for Isaac to have more hair though.

They're both long and big now and it is a challenge to carry them for long. Isaac likes to kick so much also when you hold him standing on your lap.

missmoon said...

hahaha, dylan, no more cup but his tummy sure sure rounded!

cute float there too. ha. he's grown some, huh!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cynthia,

Yeah he is building a tummy huh?! Just like his daddy. Hahaha

Float is courtesy of his Godma.

Anonymous said...

omg.. the neck contraption.. but he really look like he's enjoying it..haha..

Cuteness.. he's sooo cute.. next time he'll be so proud he has so many aunties like me, crooning about him lol..

Mrs Chew

ourlittleone said...

Yeah he is really cute. oh can i ask where you buy the swimwear for him? is it thermal? I was thinking to get one for my girl cos she caught a cold when i brought her for her first swim. And we only in the water for about 10mins only.. :(

JChin said...


Josephine here =)
Yes..Isaac's still a little summo. Look at his chubby cheeks! so cute. my boy has lost some weight too, but maybe it's becos he's taller now, so look less bak. just like Isacc.
U see if Isaac's weight has dropped, if not it's normal to loose some "bakness" around now, according to my GP. The weight shld remain constant till he reaches abt 10mths. then growth rate will pick up again.

Anonymous said...

Your boy is veri cute!...hehe
Pass by from Nyeshia's mummy. :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jolin,

It does look tight around the neck right but you're right because he was enjoying himself in the water. He did not show any discomfort wearing the neck float.

He is indeed blessed to have so many people loving him.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi ourlittleone (name please),

We actually got the swimwear from this lady that is also selling those sling thingy that mummies use to carry their babies.

In fact we went over to Seng Kang (I think) at 9 plus at night during the Mr's 1st month of un-confinement to pick both items up. We have been waiting eagerly for Isaac to grow into it. Hahaha

The Mrs is trying to find the website and if you can email me then I can provide you with the link once it is found.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Josephine,

We have not been taking Isaac's weight everyday now but the last time he weighed in at about 8.5kg. I think we're more concerned with our own weight monitoring. LOL

The Mrs and Godma are trying their best to retain the "bakness". Any tips?

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Hazel's mummy (name please?),

Thanks for dropping by and praising Isaac.

Do come by more and I will also be frequenting your blog from now on.

Take care and keep reading ya?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,

Looks like Isaac enjoy the swim very much... & looks like the neck float is quita a gd innovation ya? =)

BTW, it's a norm for babies to lose his/her chubs gradually... i wished i cld retain my kids' 'bakness' too, but i couldn't find any way leh.... let me now if u discover the way, then I'll use it on my #3... hehe...

Anonymous said...

Alright, I concede... Ah Fat is B-cup no more but A-cup instead! Wahahahahaahahaahahhaaa... and those arms!!! Michelin is still his middle name! Ai yoh, Fat Fat so cute lah!!! Eh, how come no pics of him in my shoes or the cute tops I bought him?!?

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nana,

Yes he loves it once he is passed the initial frightened stage. He can be almost fuss free for an entire hour just floating around or 'eating' his float.

As for the 'bakness' think the only thing we can do is to beef him up more to build up the reserve. You will be able to see for yourself if our method works in a few months’ time.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Sis,

Actually he has not reached the Michelin stage yet lah. Don't think he will also. I have seen some baby Michelin and Isaac is still some way from them.

The shoes you bought cannot wear liao and the latest Polo is still too large. Will surely take him in it once it fits. He looks smart in Polo doesn't he?