Wednesday, 9 July 2008


I realised sometime back, when a reader checked with me on my maid situation, that I had not updated you all on the new maid in my household. Those of you who followed my blog will probably remember that I had sent the last one packing because she went MIA on us one day when we were out.

Ani, the new maid has been with us for slightly over 2 months now and I wouldn’t go to the extend to say that she is a God sent but I have to give her credit because she has done a damn good job so far.

She worked 5 years in Hong Kong before she came into our lives and naturally she speaks relatively good Cantonese. She worked 4 years straight with her first employer there before opting to change to another employer where she had to look after an elderly. However this elderly passed away and Ani had to go on home.

Well, someone else’s lost is our gain.

To me her most important attribute is her attitude. She has initiative, hardworking and polite.

I am so relieved now because with the previous one, the Mrs would rather stay at home than to go out with her during the weekends. More often than not I was the one who dealt with her. This time round it’s different. Not only does the Mrs not mind going out with Ani in tow, she actually bought her stuffs on a few occasions. This is a stark contrast when compared with the previous one.

I guess this goes to show how much we appreciate her and her work in our family.

She has never shied from work even though we’re at someone’s home. Whenever we’re at Godma or my In-Law’s home and when the Mrs and I are taking of Isaac, she will automatically walk into the kitchen and assist the resident maid with her work such as preparing the meal or washing the dishes. If help is not required in the kitchen she will care for the other babies or standing in one corner and be ever ready should we require her help with Isaac.

She is not without her shortcomings too because according to my Dad and the Mrs, she is not as clean or as thorough as the previous maid but we are all willing to overlook that for all the other “rights” that she has been doing. Anyway she has only been with us for 2 months so we have plenty of time to “train" to clean to our standard. With her good attitude I do not think this will be a problem at all.

Her main chore is really to help look after Isaac and so far she has been doing a good job. Instructions that we had left for her, she will carry them out to the T. Sad to say this but her memory is actually better than mine so there are times I rely on her to remind me things especially when it is related to Isaac.

In our family we do not discriminate maids and you can tell from how we have dinner. She eats at the same table, has the same food and at the same time as us.

However when we are eating with people that prefer for the maids to eat at a different table or order different food for them she will also know her place and eat quietly with the other maids. After dinner, the Mrs and I will always make it a point to check with her if her dinner was sufficient and if we need to buy her anything else.

To our friends who had had dinner with us including Ani, I would like to thank you for not discriminating against her and allowing her to join us. I know how some people prefer not to eat at the same table but these friends actually enjoyed a good meal of steamboat with us. Although I have to add that during steamboat the Mrs will be the one scooping up the cooked food and piling the plate for Ani.

Ani also proves to be a good conversation piece too whenever we’re out because most people cannot believe what they’re hearing. “Cantonese?!?! Is that Cantonese that she is speaking?” they will ask. Most people are amused once they hear our conversations.

So with Ani and Isaac around, we are always making heads turn.


Unknown said...

congrats! ur new maid sounds like God-sent to me. :-D i hope i can find some1 like her when i do consider hiring a maid to help with the chores. :P

no man's land said...

Ani sounds cool. And it is great to see you guys treating her as one of the family, so to say. Well done!

Mother to Aidan Monster said...

Honestly, you are the first I read about - having your maid Ani eat at the same table. Our maid, Liza has been of immense help to us in taking care of Aidan. She is leading such a good life that she gained a whopping 9kg since she started work with us in Nov07! I sent the first maid packing back to the agency too.

Anonymous said...

*grin* I would kinda like to hear about an employer who sits at the "maids' table" to have dinner with them to illustrate the point that we're all equal. Actually, come to think of it, that person might be my mum-in-law! Trust me, she's the other extreme, which brings about a whole new set of problems. :)

noshidoshi said...

hey you have a really good maid! really lucky and im very happy to read about how you guys treat her too.

we once had a maid who REFUSES to eat together with us, and then behind our backs, would tell everyone that we dont allow her to eat AT ALL. and instead of cleaning the hse etc, she would sleep UNDER THE BED (to hide??)

So yeah. Ani sounds great :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi JJ,

Like I said, it is still too early to tell if she is God sent but so far all things seem to point that way.

It may take a few tries but important thing to note is that they are not all half bad. Give them a chance because there are really some very good ones out there.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Roanne,

Thanks. A large part of it is actually down to her. She earned our trust. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things will continue to work out for the remaining 20 months or so.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Aidan Mummy (name?),

Honestly I do not think it is very uncommon to dine at the same table with one's maid. I am certain there are many out there that do it too.

Initially she refused too but after insisting she appreciated the idea.

She is gaining weight too but has not reached 9kg yet although I will not rule it out after a few more months. Hahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Evelyn,

Er..... my parent's place is only big enough to have 1 dining table. Hahahaha

Seriously, I know what you mean. I know you're a strong advocate on treating one's maid nice and like an employee not a slave.

My parents are probably like your mum so much so that they got taken advantage of by my previous maid.

Once my mum prepared birds nest soup for the Mrs and my sis who is also pregnant and this maid actually asked my dad for a share too. When my dad hesitated she told him her previous employer also gave her so my dad gave her a bowl.

We only learned of this after she left. The thought of it still makes the Mrs's blood boils. Hee hee

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Shida,

I know we're lucky to have found a good maid after all the horror stories that we heard.

I believe that in this employer and employee relationship it actually works both ways. I hope that by treating well she will reciprocate and take better care of Isaac.

Having said that it is still early days so I am still keeping my fingers crossed. After all it is my son in her care everyday. One can never be too careful.

Anonymous said...

Haha! My mum in law has been asking me time and again to hire a maid, so I can return to full-time work and she can supervise. The answer is a firm "no" from me, because I know instead of supervising, my mum-in-law will become the maid's maid instead, running errands, lending money, and god knows what else.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Evelyn,

Looks like my parents and your mum are alike. I totally understand what you’re saying.

We were worried that they will not allocate work to the maid in the beginning and instead do it themselves. This was actually the case. They kept asking the maid to take a nap while Isaac was sleeping. They will also insist on cooking and doing their own dishes.

My mum even wanted to lend money to the previous maid.

I'm glad they are now getting used to the fact that there is a maid around so they can play with Isaac more and leave the preparation of dinner and dishes to Ani.

Aces Family said...

Hi Dylan,

Your maid reminded me so much of our dearest Siti. Only diff was ours was a FRESH Maid and definitely Godsend too.. : )

Yeah, appreciate Ani like a family member and she will treat Issac like her own.

This extra hand will definitely comes in useful.


Mother to Aidan Monster said...

Hi Dylan!

I'm Agnes *shakes hand*. Hah! Let me know once Ani hits the +9kg and I will fill you with tips on weight-loss programme.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,

Nice to hear that you've a good helper now. =)

We're oso planning to get 1 later this year, hope we hv such luck too!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Astee,

So how is life after Siti went back?

I certainly hope that Ani will keep up her good work. After all we heard stories that good maids turn bad after months of working here.

We are appreciating the fact that we have Ani around to help out. Personally I am getting that bit lazier. Hahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Agnes,

Nice to "meet" you.

I don't think she will allow herself to gain 9kg. We have a weighing machine at home so I know she is monitoring.

My BIL's maid gained 10kg after working for them for about a year.

Maybe she will need your tips. Care to share?

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nana,

If you want I can recommend the agency to you. They're not cheap but so far the record is good.

Isaac's Godma, her relative, and my BIL use them and so far the maids have been rather good. In fact Godma has been using this agency for 13 years already.

Mother to Aidan Monster said...

Dylan, I got my maid Liza to buy her own new jeans. She gained so much weight that her old jeans could no longer fit (the buttons even popped out!). She will then learn how to control her weight in order not to waste money in buying new clothes I guess.

F A I T H said...

Congrats! Ani's good attitude is a blessing. I'm sure she will prove herself worthy of your trust in the months to come. My maid is also not all perfect but she is God-sent in our eyes. Good attitude, love the kids, cheerful, honest and not calculative. These "virtues" far outweigh her shortcomings. She's been with us for 18 months now and I hope we can have her with us for at least the next 4-6 years.

Oh, yes! She put on weight ever since she stepped into my house. Me too! Hahaha... And we're both trying to lose weight together now. Kekeke...

The Bimbo said...

Wow it's nice to see someone complimenting their maid for a change. With all the maid-abuse news we're getting in the paper it's nice to know there are still people who treat their maids the way they should be treated (like humans). :) She does sound good though...

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,

We're contemplating 'taking over' the maid of my PIL's neighbour. Nevertheless, I'll be happy to hv ur recommendation as a backup. Can either email me or msg me via facebook? Thanks alot! =)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Agnes,

Wah! Her buttons popped out!! That is serious man.

We'll see if Ani gains that much weight but I doubt it cause she does not eat that much.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Faith (I think I got your name correct right?)

You must really like your maid to want her to stay for another 4 - 6 years.

Ani has only been with us for 2.5 months so the verdict is still out but so far she is good.

I'm happy that there are employers out there coming forward to express what a good job their maid has done. This way those people who are considering hiring a maid at least know that there are definitely good ones around.

Losing weight together?!!? That is interesting. Hahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi bimbo (name? feels weird calling you bimbo)

Yeah, I'm happy to learn that other people are also stepping forward and praising their maid.

I would like to encourage those that do require a helper that there are good maids around. It is not all terrible like what they are exposed to usually.

BTW I will try and rent P.S. I Love You one of these days since it is highly recommended by you.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nana,

Will send you a message via FaceBook later.

Have a word with her and check it out.

Good luck with your search.