Friday, 8 January 2010

'Motherly' Father

This week I have seen the Mrs sniggered and roll her eyes at me countless times. Looking back now it is also possibly the one week that I feel most maternal. I was so stressed up by Isaac going to school that there wasn’t a day that went by where I didn’t check, double and triple check with the Mrs on the things that we need to prepare.

There were times that I deliberately added in some stuff just to get on her nerve for rolling her eyes at me.

Me: Oh! Have we washed his uniform?

Mrs: (gave me the ‘here-we-go-again’ smile) Don’t know.

Me: Oh! We have to prepare the fruit too.

Mrs: (didn’t even bother to reply. Just continued with her ‘smile’)

Me: What about his tumbler? We need to replace this one since he can’t open or close on his own.

Mrs: (again no response. Not even a smile now. Just continued reading her magazine)

Me: (a little irritated by now) Hey! We have not even prepared his pencil case and stationery.

Mrs: (very irritated by now. Rolled her eyes) Ai yo! He doesn’t need pencil and stationery yet!

Me: (with a smug look) I know!

I can’t really blame her but at the same time it is also not really my fault. I was merely thinking out loud while driving. Plus the fact is we really have not gotten some of the stuff ready till today.

We actually got him a new tumbler some months back but we learned later that he is not able to open and close the catch on his own for it is very tight. Guess we’ll have to bring him along this weekend to pick another one.

The school requires him to bring an uncut fruit everyday and we hadn’t gotten that yet but in her defense it is probably better to buy them nearer Monday.

Besides the above there are other issues as well.

Me: How do you think they are going to manage bringing the kids up and down the stairs? Isaac will have problem because he needs to hold on to the side railings.

Mrs: (a little annoyed) I’m sure the school knows what to do.

Me: (picturing him and his classmates struggling at the stairs) Oh I know! I’m sure they will use the lift. They have to use the lift right since I’m sure many of the N1 kids will not be so good at climbing up and down the stairs yet.

Mrs: (shook her head)

The below happened last night on our way home from my parents’ place.

Me: Ani, have you washed Isaac’s uniform?

Mrs: (the same ‘smile’ again)

Ani: Yes. They’re washed.

Me: What is that smile for?

Mrs: (really trying hard not to laugh) No, I was playing with Luke that’s all.

Me: Eh?! I think he has not gotten the school socks yet right? It was out of stock right?

Ani: Yup. We do not have his socks yet.

Me: Then how?! (picturing him in his white shoes without socks)

Mrs: (irritated) Ai ya! We let him wear normal white socks for the first day lah!

Me: Oh ya, right! (silly smile)

Actually I may have inherited this behaviour from my mum or maybe I was the one who influenced her.

She knew I was trying to get Isaac accustomed to his bag by pinning the Mickey Mouse button and name tag. One day while she was showing Isaac his bag with the Mickey Mouse and trying to reinforce the idea into him, she went up to my dad as well and told to remember to pick up the right bag.

According to Ani the conversation went something like this.

Mum: Eh, you make sure you remember to pick up the right bag ya? The one with the Mickey Mouse button and name tag.

Dad: (finding it funny and annoying at the same time) Ya lah! I’m already in my 60’s so I’m sure I’ll know which bag is his ok?! Sheez.

The Mrs complained that it is only his Nursery 1 and I am behaving like this she can’t imagine what I will do when he attends Primary 1. However I have the feeling that I may not be so anxious because this is after all his very first day in a school. By the time he attends Primary 1 he would have four years or training in a school environment so I should be able to fare better.

Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. We’ll have to see what both Isaac and I are made of first come Monday. After that I have the twins’ first day of school to handle. Will it be double the anxiousness for me?


Aces Family said...


Honestly once you are a parent, there is no end to worrying. Unless you are like some, eg: my hubby who don't bother...hehe.

Guess now you shoud be shortlisting Primary schools for Issac, Luke & Haley...haha. : P

Have a great weekends.


Lobang Mummy said...

Fat's dad, as perverse as it sounds, I am actually v proud of u. Ha ha. I think u r one of the new age men who do get involved actively in parenthood which is a great thing.

Mum and dad's conversation is funny. Ha ha. Am glad u left out that the most drama and anxious one in the family is me. Ha ha. I think it is v fortunate for Fat to have u as a dad.

On a different note, parents bought red and green beans for Fat to sort. U guys can consider growing tau gay for Fat to play with and see for himself how these things grow and when ge next eats / sees them, he would remember. Just a thought la. U know me and my bright ideas. U can also get them to sort M&Ms too and count them as u go along

Lobang Mummy said...

Oh, it's D Day today! Let us know how it went!

Nicole said...

Oh hahaha...I'm sure if derrick is anywhere near you, I'll roll my eyes all the way back! But like what your sis said, it's really a nice change that daddy is nervous about his boy's first day at school.. Derrick is also very hands-on but I don't remember him being that nervous and stress up when claire first attended school. He brought his camera along and took photos and insisted on staying the first full day with her. In the end, we got chased out of the school! Haha...

Oh, sorting green and red beans? That's really interesting. Fat boy can do it?? I think if it's cleo, she's either throw it at you or try to eat it. I don't even dare to suggest or try that.. Haha

Charlene said...

Haaaa! Relax!!!!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Astee,

I agree with you that the worrying doesn't end but I guess I am only at the tip of the iceberg. More for me to worry as they grow older.

We are looking at the primary schools for the boys as Hayley is going to the Mr's old school. A lot of headache on that one.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Sis,

Actually I think there are may new age dads these days. Just that not many have a blog so we don't know about them. The number of dads at the enrichment schools these days should be an indication.

Have to leave you out for yours will require an entire blog (not post). Hahahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

I’m sure you are not alone. Many wives will roll their eyes at me for sure.

I think part of the reason why I got so nervous was because we chose not to be in there with him on the 1st day. I really did not know what to expect from him.

Isaac can sort out the beans, pegs and other coloured stuff but problem is his attention span is still short so he will throw everything away after a while. So now we learn it is not a good idea with the beans and peas. We’ll stick to bigger items for now.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Charlene,

By now I am more relaxed liao. Guess I will have to wait till it is the twins' turn to be this nervous and anxious again.

Lobang Mummy said...

so bad. =( made it to Fri already, he should be doing ok. i dunno how it will be when my turn comes man. hmmm...

olivia said...

It's natural for a little kid to have short attention span. My older twin won't even sit when I try to read to them. He'd be all over the place. I guess they will grow out of it eventually. :)
Isaac looks like a big boy now. Any more photos of the babies?

Juls said...

Hi, was just wondering how was Isaac's 1st day and 1st week of school went. Hope everything went well.


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Olivia,

I understand that the kids will normally have short attention span. I’m happy so long as they are happy so I am not too fussed up about this.

Isaac is indeed a big boy now and I wish he will remain at this stage or at least grow up slower.

I will post more pictures of the twins soon especially with their birthday celebration coming up.


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Juls,

I was supposed to post an update by last Wed but guess I was too busy again.

Please be patient for I am definitely posting the update soon.