Thursday, 28 January 2010

From PM to AM

I mentioned in an earlier post that this year will bring many changes for Isaac but I wasn’t counting on two things. Firstly Isaac had to re-experience another learning environment so soon after starting school and secondly, I had to wake up before 7 each morning from now on.

This week is like another new school term for Isaac because we had switched him to a morning class. We were all along hoping to get into the morning session but at the time of application for this school we were already on the waitlist so there was no need to even discuss which session we preferred. When they called us to tell us that they were opening new classes we happy to be have Isaac enrolled even if he was assigned to the afternoon session.

Then came the call last Thursday. I was offered the chance to move Isaac to the morning session. I told the lady I need to discuss this with the Mrs, Ani and my parents before getting back to them. After all it involves a number of people when it comes to sending and picking him up from school.

Surprisingly everyone agreed that it is a good move although my mum was a little reluctant. Like me she was concerned about Isaac having to readapt to another class and teachers. He has just gotten used to the original class as well as the teachers, he would even say goodbye to my dad when entering the classroom, and we have to move him now.

He being in the morning session is good for everyone because this way the Mrs and I get to drop him off at the school each morning while my dad only has to pick him up at 11am. This compared to when he was in the afternoon session and my dad had to send and pick him. I believe deep down we all know this is a better arrangement even though we know Isaac might have to “suffer” a little during the first week or so. Better now then when he is really comfortable months later right?

This Monday was a little trying for all of us. We used to be able to sleep till about 7.30 each morning but we have to wake up like latest by 7 each morning. In order not to be late we will have to organize our own things each night.

As expected Isaac was not too happy when he was introduced to his new classroom and teachers. He actually turned cranky and cried a little when we handed him over to the new form teacher.

Oh I forgot to add that because most of the students in this new class are rather settled down, the teacher has decided to allow the kids to stay for the entire 3 hours. Parents who are concerned can choose to still pick up their kids half way. When I was given the option last week I had already decided to let him stay for the full 3 hours. I had an agreement with the teacher though, I will be on standby somewhere and if she finds that Isaac cannot last the 3 hours she is to call me and I will pick him up. Hence I was on childcare leave on Monday.

Besides getting a little cranky for the first 2 mornings when we led him to his class Isaac actually did quite well. He lasted the 3 hours and was seen having fun in class. The next two days he fared even better for he isn’t as cranky. There is however still this little issue that we have to sort out. He doesn’t like us to put on the socks and shoes for him. This has been the case since day 2 of the term. Each time someone puts on the socks and shoes for him he will refuse and cry.

Initially we thought that perhaps the shoes were tight so he was uncomfortable so the Mrs and I went out one evening to buy him bigger size shoes. Isaac is wearing size 6 now so we wanted to get size 7 but with a little silver on the side. They only had size 8 for that so I told the Mrs to buy it and pick another one in size 7. My rationale is he will be wearing it eventually anyway. At least this saves me the trouble of having to search in the future.

His current size 6

His new size 7 shoes on standby.

His size 8 shoes for the future!

Can you tell the difference?

The best part is we realized after we got home that actually his size 6 shoes are still alright. It might be another few more weeks before he needs to change them. So now we are back at where we started. Why doesn’t he like us to put the socks and shoes on? Some might say it could be psychological as in he doesn’t want to go to school but if that is the case then he should have cried each morning when Ani puts on the uniform for him. Any suggestions or advice from you experience parents will be appreciated.

Speaking of socks, something happened many months ago and I thought I should share with you for I find it quite funny.

I bought myself a few pairs of socks to wear with my snickers and when the Mrs saw it for the first time she remarked:

Notice the 'L' on the sock?

Mrs (a little proud and a little mockingly at the same time): Wah someone has to wear size “L” socks now ah?

Me (a little worried and walking hurriedly over): Sure or not? Can’t be right? Thought they are all free size?

Mrs (teasingly): You see. (Pointing the L on my sock)

Notice the 'R'?

Me (relieved and proudly): Aiya no lah! Hello! “L” is for left! See! (Picking up the other sock)

Mrs: hahahahaha (I could have sworn I could almost sense the disappointment in her)


Lobang Mummy said...

u lao ya lah! they had this L and R thing for years!

heard that he started doing craft work? put them up lah so that we can see... am glad that he is settling down well.

Trina said...

hmm, for his reluctance to wear the shoes... could it be that he's just uncomfortable in them? the soles look pretty thick n stiff. (though for your sake i hope that's not the case, since you've already got 3 pairs of the similar design!)

Jassy said...


I had same issue with my boy and guess that I brought him out to allow him to choose the shoe design that he preferred and since then he happily put them on himself everyday now. Try that..

Lionel n Rachel said...

L & R = Lionel & Rachel? Far fetch joke. i know :P

my niece (2 yrs old) also had the same problem, nt with socks but rather with the uniform. whenever she sees it, she will howl loudly. so the solution is to put on home clothes for her & point it out to her that everybody wears sch uniform.

for issac, can suggest to the sch to let him wear the socks with sandals first, then slowly change into shoes, pointing out to him at the same time that everyone wears the same?

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Sis,

It has been that many years since I last bought a pair of white socks. You should know I didn't wear socks with my sneakers in the past.

He just did a sunflower last week. I'll try and post it sometime in the future along with other craft works.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Trina,

We have tried other shoes and socks even but he will just say no. I'm more convinced now that it is because he doesn't want to go to school.

Funny thing is he will be fine and walk into the classroom himself once he is there.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jassy,

Thanks for your suggestion. If after CNY and he is still behaving like this then I will try it out.


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Yvonne,

I guess only a mother will see the connection of the letters with their kids' names.

Thanks for your suggestion although I do not think it will work because we tried letting him wear his everyday shoes (Crocs) and he still refuses.

I believe only time will get him accustomed to having to wear the uniform and shoes and go to school.

bebe said...

hi, Amanda manifested her relunctance to go to school in other ways too .. .frequent nightmares and waking up in the middle of the nights, throwing tantrum ... but she's ok when i change her into her uniform and bring her into the class most of the times too, although she always tell me that she is "pa pa" (scared). But I'm still hanging on despite some pple telling me maybe she's not ready and I should pull her out. Hope I'm doing the right thing.

The Bimbo said...

Hey Dylan!

mm At first I thought that it could be that the shoes are uncomfortable but since you tried others then it might really be just school.

Time will help.. and the fact that you and the Mrs are determined to carry out what needs to be done will drive the msg home.. hopefully he will just get used to it. :) Even adults get cranky in the morning sometimes... I change like 8 sets of clothing before I decide on the 1st one. :P

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bebe,

I’m glad Isaac has not manifested his reluctance to go to school into nightmares. He does have the occasional nightmares but I don’t think they are school related.

Isaac is much better now with the socks and shoes although he still has mild separation anxiety. He doesn’t kick up a fuss when the Mrs puts on his socks and shoes but will be teary eyed and may sometimes cry when we drop him off in class.

It is not easy but I know we are all doing the right thing for them so hang in there. It can only get better!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bobo,

Actually till this day I am still not sure what is the cause but I am just thankful that he doesn’t kick up a fuss these days anymore.

I know time will help and we just have to bite the bullet and carry on. I believe it is only a matter of time before he gets used to it and start enjoying class.

8 sets of clothes?!?! Maybe they should introduce uniform for your line of work too. Will save you a load of money and time. Hahahaha