Friday, 17 August 2007


I had to go away to Bangkok for my company’s annual sales meeting and conference sometime back in June and the Mrs wanted to tag along pretty badly. Unfortunately, according to Dr N, the Mrs had better wait till after the 1st trimester before she sets foot on any aircraft. So I promised her that we will have a short getaway after her 1st trimester and not long after I saw a promotion booklet from UOB which featured a nice villa with private pool in Phuket.

Since our trip to Bali middle of last year where I had my first taste of private villa with pool, I had always been looking forward to another trip for the same experience again. So this was just perfect, or so I thought.

Overall this was a rather uneventful trip since it was meant mainly for the Mrs to rest and relax. A lot of time was spent on eating and resting in the villa. We were prepared to “nuah” (veg out in Hokkien) in the villa so I even brought along our notebook and 3 seasons of “Sex and the City”. I got the complete 6 season’s box set from London for the Mrs last year.

The only reason the trip was not perfect was the “private” pool. Anyone who sees the picture below will imagine a nice little pool that is enclosed for our own use right? Imagine my disappointment when I saw that it was actually open concept meaning passersby can see what we were doing in the pool. Needless to say my skinny dipping and moonbathing under the stars idea vapourised under the hot Phuket sun. Sigh ……

Let this be a lesson to you all. Check and double check with the resort before placing your booking.

This could very well be the second last if not the last vacation that we will be taking on our own for a long time. The Mrs is very keen to go to Hong Kong for her favourite curry “Yu Tan” (fishball). If everything goes according to plan then we may just indulge her by popping by sometime in September or October for a few days.

During this short getaway I can see that the Mrs’s appetite had indeed improved tremendously. Besides the morning buffet, lunch and dinner, she also snacked in between meals and sometimes had supper.

I actually put on 2kg from joining her in her eating during this trip. Imagine my horror when I weighed myself immediately upon our return. And guess what? The Mrs gained a …… mere 300g?!?!?! I am still trying to shed this excess weight and it has been 4 days!!

Besides her improved appetite, the Mrs’s taste buds have also changed. She used to have this extremely sweet tooth but lately she doesn’t like them too sweet. Things that I find normal she finds them extremely sweet when in the past she will complain it is not sweet enough.

I believe the Mrs really enjoyed this trip because this is the first time that she actually did not want to come home. In the past no matter how much we enjoyed ourselves when it was time to return we will be okay. This was true even during our Europe trip end of last year. This time however, she really didn’t feel like coming back.

Speaking of coming back, the trip would have been closer to perfect (I have already concluded it is not perfect from the pool issue) if not for one of the cabin crew onboard the flight home. The Mrs had enjoyed herself thoroughly; completely rested; got to eat, sleep and do nothing. That was until the flight home. We were seated at the emergency exit which has very nice and big leg room and this lady cabin crew asked if the Mrs was pregnant. Imagine lightning and thunder happening in the Mrs’s head for dramatic effect!

She was lost for words so I replied that she was. We were then told that she was not allowed to sit at the emergency exit so she would have to be moved during landing. I’m sure you can guess that the Mrs was rather bothered by it. “How can she tell?” “My stomach that big meh?” “Guess I’m no wearing this top anymore!” I must add that she was wearing a normal t-shirt, not the over sized ones and a pair of shorts.

I told the Mrs we should have answered no and see how embarrassed the cabin crew gets. After all she had “accused” a young lady of being pregnant just because there was a bulge at her tummy. I know I would be speechless if I were in her shoes because to me that was worse than calling a woman fat. Fat is at least an all rounder thingy but pregnant is “look girl you have a HUGE tummy issue”. I imagine her apologising profusely and us kicking up a big fuss and demanding to have a bottle of champagne complimentary of SilkAir no less.

Nah, we are nice people.

In the end I guess I’m lucky that our getaway was to Phuket where the flight home was only about 105 minutes so the Mrs did not have to be bothered by it for too long. Imagine we were coming back from the States or Canada ……….

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