Tuesday, 14 August 2007


We went to Dr N two weeks ago to have our check up and before he even start, I had to advise him that we would like to keep Baby’s gender a secret. He doesn’t seem surprised so I guess it is still pretty common and normal for parents to opt for that.

The nurse had to write “Does not want to know gender” at the top of the Mrs’s medical file so that they will remember but to be sure I have to remind myself to remind them during each visit.

I jokingly tell them that I am thinking of making a plaque so that I can wear it on my chest each time we go for check up so that they will be reminded. Come to think of it maybe it will be better for the Mrs to wear since she is the "subject". What do you think Honey?

The Mrs read that many mothers-to-be spoke to their babies to be good and show them if they are boys or girls the night before they went for their scans so I did the same thing the night before except that I told Baby the opposite. I told baby to sit cross legged if need to.

I have a feeling that because Dr N respected our wish we did not get to see too much of baby. He only zoomed in to take the measurement of Baby’s head and abdominal. But we did manage to see Baby moving his / her legs and arm. It looked like either Baby was scratching his / her back or simply waving at us. The Mrs was so happy seeing Baby kicked and waved that she started to giggle and we can see Baby bouncing up and down on the screen.

The pictures that we got weren’t very nice but it was supposed to be Baby sucking his / her thumb. Use a little bit of your imagination and you will see it too. The other picture actually shows Baby's formed bones.

We were told to visit TMC a month later for another scan but this time to check Baby’s features. It is rather exciting as I wonder what will be revealed during the scan.

The coming scan got us thinking what features will Baby take after from me and the Mrs. She likes Baby to have my eyes, not because mine are nice and bright and lively. It’s just that she feels hers are not as nice although I would beg to differ.

Besides my eyes the Mrs prefers Baby to have my ears because hers are really small without much of a loop.

The one thing she knows she does not want Baby to have is my nose. According to her mine is too fleshy. Don’t understand why it is such a bad thing. Don’t be mistaken, it is not ‘Jackie Chan’ fleshy and if you ask me I feel they are normal. But having her nose is a problem too cause she does not have much of a bridge so it will have include my bridge.

Besides features, we are also wondering if Baby will be skinny or chubby. Since the Mrs has not gained any weight after 4 months of pregnancy, I suspect that Baby will be skinny.

What about skin colour? Will Baby be fair or dark? Hmm…….

The Mrs is complaining that Baby is too much like me when it comes to food. As mentioned in my earlier post, Food, I am the ‘eat-to-live’ sort of person and what usually happens during lunch is I will ask my colleagues to decide what and where they want to go for lunch and I will then select my lunch from there. The Mrs is the exact opposite. She will think of what she wants for lunch and then go straight to that place.

Currently we have a little problem because in the past Mrs will decide what she wants for dinner and as usual I will go there and pick out something from there. These days, the Mrs (we suspect due to the influence of Baby) has got no cravings whatsoever. So I will look at her and her at me and we have no idea where to go. She is afraid Baby will be like me, “lack character” as she likes to put it.

Speaking of character, we are guessing will Baby be as stubborn as me or worse still as stubborn as the Mrs. Ha Ha

Most importantly what about health genes? I used to have sinus and asthma, both of which are controlled by daily medication. I have been on these medications for a little over a year now and amazingly I do not have running nose and I do not even remember when my last asthma attack was.

Besides these minor “defects” I guess the Mrs and I are considered rather healthy.

p.s. If any of you or your spouses are suffering from asthma and not doing anything about it, you should. It is neither painful nor troublesome. My daily medications consist of a nasal spray, an inhaler (not the usual Ventolin which one takes during an attack) and a tablet. Before you know it, you can run the marathon or try out for the triathlon.

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