Friday, 31 August 2007


The Mrs was actually getting a little anxious because we were nearing our 20th week and she had not felt Baby's kick or movement yet. It does not help when some of you Mothers-to-be felt your babies kicked as early as the 14th or 15th week. We were beginning to wonder if everything was alright.

However all that changed as of 25th August at 6.35pm. The Mrs felt Baby's kick for the first time and it went on for a few more times.

Prior to that we were only able to tell roughly where Baby was. Certain part of the Mrs’s tummy will be harder indicating Baby’s position. Sometimes we cannot feel the hardness at all and on that faithful evening while lying in bed, we were just commenting that Baby doesn’t seemed to be “around” and before we know it, the Mrs felt Baby’s kick.

Since that day Baby has been updating the Mrs’s on his / her well being by the occasional kick here and there, now and then. It seems that the Mrs can only feel it when she is lying down so she usually feels Baby’s kick only at night when she has settled down in bed.

I have never experienced it. Sometimes the Mrs will place my hand on the tummy but I did not feel anything. Nope, nothing, nah dah. Another point to back up my earlier “complaint” that we dads-to-be cannot feel as excited since we are experiencing everything from a 3rd party’s perspective (see Essentials).

Anyway due the Mrs and I have rather extreme body temperatures she does not allow me to place my hands on her tummy for too long. Even in an air-conditioned room my temperature is still too high for her. When I place my palm on any part of her body I can feel that she is very much cooler. When trying to conceive, we were seeing a Yi Shi (Chinese Sensei) and she confirmed that I am of hot element while she is cold.

The Mrs wasn’t too sure if what she felt was actually Baby’s movement or the effects of the water and air in her. She was really excited but a little lost and confuse at the same time. It would be really silly for the two of us to get all excited and celebrated the gas movement in the Mrs. That would be worth popping the champagne!

Anyway we clarified with Dr Chang today that Baby’s movement should feel like bubbly movement. So there you have it fellow first time Preggers. Now you know how it should feel like, bubbly and not what I imagined it to be all along, Bruce Lee…….. Hai Ya!!!


Anonymous said...

This is pretty common. :) Some people felt it earlier than others. Some later. I felt my baby's movements much earlier, think 14th or 15th week? Isn't it amazing? Your MRS will be even more amazed when she reaches her 6th to 7th month. The kicks will get stronger and more obvious. Sometimes she will even see her tummy move! Mine likes to do "Kallang wave". Ha! When she is nearing her end of 2nd trim, I bet she will be complaining to you that she can't sleep well at nights due to the frequent late night kick boxing sessions. :)

Dads-to-be usually can't relate to the experiences of the mums-to-be as they are not going through the pregnancy themselves. But it is important to get involved, which I can see for your case, you do. That is very good. My hubby tries talking to his son every other nights and even makes it a point to kiss my tummy (which he think he is kissing his son) good night. Sometimes he will put his ear to my tummy and listen. Think he is trying to figure out what his little one is doing inside. Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

yes yes! baby's first kick feels like bubbly movement! i experienced my first when i was 18 week, it happened when i sneezed and i think that startled baby a little and i felt the bubbling effect. its amazing!

you and Mrs will be able to feel the Bruce Lee and Jet Li kungfu kicks when she nears her 3 tri and i'm telling you, its no joke! the kicks can be painful at times and you will be able to see the somersault that baby does inside the tummy.

i got my hubby to sing to baby every night and amazingly, when my boy was born, he reacted to the same lullabies that hubby sang to him, he would calmed down and stop crying.

so do talk and sing to your baby every night, its helps to strengthen the bond between you and baby.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Ladies,

Thanks for your guidance.

Actually the Mrs is already having difficulty sleeping at night due to the movement of Baby. Sometimes it is also due to weight. Every time she turns, its a struggle.

Can't imagine what it will be like for her when Baby practices Brue Lee's kick in her.

The Mrs is already complaining that I do not talk enough to Baby. Better do something about it but what do I say to Baby?


Aces Family said...


Try reading stories to yr baby..those short one. My DH did that when i was expecting No.1

U will be surprise that Baby may like it..actually more of getting the voice recognition. : )


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Astee,

That is a brilliant suggestion. Reading short stories are surely better than talking to Baby about...... Nothing!

Must it be children's stories or can I read the latest Michael Crichton's latest novel, Next?

Should be okay right? After all Baby only needs to recognise my voice.

Anonymous said...

hey,i would say children stories so that baby would recognise them (?) when you read them to him/her later on after they have grown up a bit. :)

Anonymous said...

Also, i'm almost 19 wks and i just started feeling baby's movements 2 days ago. it started in my exam hall and i was so startled that i reacted with an audible "CRAP"...and then there was another major movement (tumble i think) to which i laughed. Then, thankfully, baby let me write my exams in peace. I still get startled when baby moves because its my first and i am not used to something moving in that part of my body :) Baby also reacts to very loud music.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi there Anonymous,

First of all, Congratulations on you being a mum-to-be!!

Secondly, many thanks for reading and commenting on my humble blog.

I hope you will check back here for my reply. Unfortunately the Blogspot email notification is not working 100% so I had no idea you had left a comment here. Otherwise I would have replied you long ago.

Frankly, I'm not too big on talking to the Mrs's tummy hence I did not really talk or read to Baby then. However the Mrs will talk to him constantly, at work or at home.

"CRAP!"?!?!?! That is classic man! Maybe that was your baby's way of showing you support and wishing you luck! Unfortunately I'm not a mum but from the Mrs I learned that she gets very excited too whenever Isaac moved in her.

React to loud music huh?! Do we perhaps have a rocker in the making?!

Anyway do leave a name in future so I know its you.

Good luck with everything and take great care!