Monday, 9 July 2007


One of the main things that I have learnt and I feel I should impart to all fathers-to-be who are reading this blog is "never order 2 portions of food when you are with your Missus during the initial stage of pregnancy".

I sort of learned this the hard way but thankfully I realised it early so the damaged was minimum and under control.

The Mrs is rather ambitious at times when it comes to food which is a good sign considering that it was barely a month ago when she had no appetite and could skip all meals. Initially when we ordered 2 portions of food for the both of us she will only eat about a third of hers before giving up and no points for guessing who will end up finishing them. It is not her fault entirely since she did not insist that I finished her share, er....................... come to think of it, actually not entirely true because although she did not insist she will ask me to try and not waste food. I will then agree to 'help' her with 2 or 3 spoons full but she usually scoped an extra 2 or 3 more before removing her plate from the table so I cannot reject her 'nice gesture'.

The above usually happens during dinner and soon I began to realise that this cannot go on if I were to have any hope of maintaining my waistline, let alone reducing it. For your information, we have a weighing scale at home and we weigh ourselves twice a day. Every morning when we wake up and every night after we reached home.

Nowadays I will order my own meal with finishing part of hers in mind. This is the safest bet because even if by some miracle she manages to finish her own share, I can always order an extra something to complete my meal. But if we were to eat something that the Mrs truly love such as steaks, the Japanese Yakitori and any kind of vegetables, she can actually finished them provided she is given the time to slowly go through her meal.

The Mrs has always have the habit of snacking but these days she likes to buy these muffins, cakes and other sweet snacks only to be thrown away about 2 days later. Whenever we pass by any place that sells some kind of sweet snacks or tidbits, more often than not she will not be able to resist the temptation to buy them. To be fair to her these were always bought with the intention to be consumed.

Although the Mrs has not started having any major cravings yet, 9pm seems to have this effect on her appetite. She will usually start to have these minor cravings about this time. The problem is her cravings are almost never constant. They vary from Lor Mee to Curry Puff to Porridge to Cheeseburgers and most recently Subway's Turkey Wrap. She had that for 3 nights in a row. She did not mind eating that because it was relatively healthy since it is turkey breast and lots of vegetables. We bought them in advance, after dinner and on the way home anticipating that she might want it later on.

Oh and fathers-to-be, I also don't think is a good idea to watch all the variety shows on TV that recommend good, nice and cheap food with your Missus unless you are prepared to drive out every night to buy them. Although it did made the Mrs crave for the food she did not make me drive out to buy but it could happen to you.

You have been warned!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I happen to see your blog and realise you and your MRS are alike situation like me and my MR... :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi there,

I'm glad you are able to relate what we are going through. You are welcome to add whatever comment that you have and we can all learn from one another.

Take care and keep reading.

Do leave a name.


Pretend Blogger said...

I really agree with you on the food issue. We have been going through this food issue for the last 4 weeks and it's only now that I've learnt my lesson. I have been the food vacuum for too long, with a rapidly expanding waistline to prove it.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hey nice to have another father-to-be share his view and experience here.

Hope it is not too late to control the waistline expansion. Ha Ha Ha

It seems this is a global (maybe exaggerate a little) phenomenon. All fathers-to-be are required to increase their waistline together with their Mrs. This is to keep other women away from us. Ha Ha

You take great care or your Mrs and baby. Good Luck!