Friday, 13 July 2007


Usually the Mrs is the one who does all the research and planning for the two of us. Yes, I know, I’m spoilt. Take for example when we go for a holiday she will check out which hotel to stay, the flight details and she even packs for the both of us. I will take out all my stuffs and she will fold and tug them neatly in the suitcase.

However since her pregnancy she is running really low on energy or maybe I should say that she is running on reserve energy after a long day at work. Weekend is spent mostly on sleeping for her.

Previously all her time and energy was spent on researching on how to increase our chances of getting pregnant and now that we have succeeded, we are a little lost when it comes to the preparation for Baby’s coming.

I know she would have preferred to do the research herself since she knows she can’t really trust me as I am usually rather careless when it comes to details. I am more of the chauffeur and the “pick one between the two” type of helper.

With some reluctance she has asked me to take care of the research and planning this time round!?!?! She wants to know where can we go for prenatal classes, what type of classes and when should we start. She also wants to buy those cute baby posters for the bedroom. Now this I am not sure if it is really necessary since I don’t need Baby to look like those Caucasian babies unless you ladies know where I can get the Chinese ones. However since she is Queen now, what she wants she gets.

I am also tasked to look into what furniture should go into the Nursery and also the safety measures needed. Problem is there are different schools of thoughts for something as simple as where should Baby sleep. I personally like the cot, a white one at that although some people may suggest the mattress or even the sarong.

Hmmm…. what else should go in the nursery bearing in mind we may have to hire a live-in maid, an issue that I will touch on very soon.

I am seriously at a lost and I don’t even know where to begin searching for this info. If the homework is on which Xbox 360 games, movies or latest digital camera to buy then no sweat. But baby stuffs and pre-natal classes?!?!

Thankfully I started this blog so I have you ladies (and a few guys) to turn to. So I am appealing to all of you for help. Please assist this clueless father-to-be on where to get what. You are welcome to add on to what I had mentioned above because knowing me, I could have overlooked 10 things by now already.

So let’s open the floodgate for suggestions and ideas. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.


Trina said...

hmm.. we didnt really plan for a baby's room.. in fact, our boy's room remained a storeroom till he was abt 8m old! he slept in a cot with us for the 1st 5 months. afterthat, we cleared his room and moved his cot there where he slept alone since. on hindsight, we were glad that we did not buy more furniture for his room cos now at 2, he's sleeping on the adult bed, with a passion of opening drawers and cupboards. bcos the bedroom was kept bare, he goes to sleep quite quickly and there's little danger of him getting hurt. his clothes n toiletories are kept in the master bedroom.

missmoon said...

I like that. Queen now, what she wants she gets! Woman power...Mother-to-be POWER :) :) Reading your posts really brought back fond memories for me during my pregger days. How i miss them!

Pre-natal classes? I was quite ON, wanted so very much to attend and did my research...only to be told by gynae i can forget about it because of placenta previa...i couldn't even go for pre-natal yoga. better to get gynae's clearance? anyway, here are some suggestions: TMC - Mrs Wong's class (heard good reviews abt her and her classes), Four Trimesters? These were the 2 that i was considering before gynae told me NO WAY.

Furniture? I think the most important piece would be the cot. If you already have a room to decorate, you can keep it to the minimum, and start planning when baby is 6 mos? For a start, it's the little little items that make up bulk of headache. bath tub... diapers or nappies? (if diapers, wat brand) car seat...stroller...come to think of it, baby shower and wish list should be in the works :)

Anonymous said...

personally i think if u have hand me down cots would be great... cos once bb start to turn, the cot will be a little too small... my dd slept in the cot for only 4 months then progressed to playpen... i know we can put those cot protector thing.. but its not that.. its the cot that is TOO small for her!... she slept on the play pen till she was almost 1 when she knows how to stand up TALL... then the danger was that she may one day perform some wonderful stun to jump out of the playpen... so she progress to just a mattress on the floor.. safest and bestest! now she is 2 and she is still sleeping on the mattress. we got her a SUPER SINGLE mattress but seems like its still not enough for her to perform her acrobatic stuns!!
have fun with the room decor...

Anonymous said...

We began our early parenting days with a very simple nursery:
- a playpen
- an old IKEA square table that we use as a diaper changing station. what's on the diaper table? wet wipes (Johnson&Johnson) -- a life-saver, we hated struggling with wet cotton balls, diapers, diaper rash cream (Desitin), baby bath/shampoo solution (we use organic products), balm for skin rashes/insect bites, a nail clipper, a baby-safe pair of scissors, and plastic bags for used diapers. we don't use baby powder.
- two stools -- one to sit and feed baby with, another to put her milk bottle, cloth/bib
- a standing fan (plastic blades)

Prenatal classes: I attended one prenatal stretch and tone class, found it useful, signed up for a package, and couldn't muster up the energy to return -- almost $200 went to waste. My husband and I also attended the breastfeeding workshops by BMSG at Waterloo Street (very informative, good speakers, but you would probably have more success with a lactation consultant on standby after delivery) and a workshop on labour by ParentLink (nice ambience, expat crowd, but the take-home value was less than what we expected for the price we paid). I was interested in Four Trimester's Hypnobirthing courses because I wanted a drug-free birth, but couldn't afford it at the time.

Anonymous said...

You can buy those baby posters at Raffles Clifford Center, there is a shop that sells babies to children's stuffs. The posters range from Asian to caucasians.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi All,

Thank you so much for your advise and suggestions.

The Mrs and I will look into them.


Anonymous said...

I bought a Stokke Sleepi for our cot because of its design and the fact that our baby will be able to use it till he's 4 or so.

As for posters to decorate the nursery, I just bought 2 from (Peek-a-Boo V, Mouse & Peek-a-Boo I, Rabbit). Not the saccharine-sweet type of posters with cute babies but something colourful and nursery-appropriate. If u do a search for "nursery", u'll find a list of categories on the left panel with practically 1000s of choices.

If u want to know which baby carseat we bought after an extensive research on safety, pls pm me in

As for pre-natal classes, sorry, can't help u there because I'm living in Finland :)

Unknown said...


u shld chk out TMC's prenatal classes. they r v popular. 've signed up for 1 myself but wont start them till sept. also, depending on where ur MRs will be delivering, the delivery location will also have pre-natal classes at a discounted rate too. :)

furniture wise, we r oso looking ard. i think the basics wld be:
1) cot
2) changing station
3) chest of drawers for bb's clothes n misc stuff
my MR n i are clueless as well as we r 1st time parents but am checking out local forums to help us in decision making. :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't attend any antenatal class as i figured i won't have the time to do so. However, i pretty much regretted my decision as soon as i delivered coz i was in a fluster as how to handle the baby. So its really a good idea that your Mrs had initiated to attend one. Which hospital is Mrs going to deliver at? Usually the hospital does provide antenatal classes.

As for furniture, i would encourage to get both the cot and playpen if you have the means. Get those cot that can be converted into junior bed where the kid can sleep till about 4years old. the playpen is more for day use as the baby can sleep in and at the same time, you can leave the baby in to play without having to worry. PLS DO NOT START YOUR BABY ON SARONG IF POSSIBLE! coz once you start you baby on one, the baby is gonna need it to sleep and there will be endless rocking session for the adults.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Ladies,

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions. You really came through for me this time.

The Mrs is very pleased and would like to thank you all for helping her clueless husband.

During the course of my research I came across some interesting websites that may be useful for all first timers like myself.

Katgrrl, we really liked the Stokke stuffs. If the price is right we should be going with them.

Tentatively it looks like we will be going for the antenatal classes at TMC. The Mrs likes the course outline the most plus it is also rather reasonably priced.

Thanks again and keep reading.

Anonymous said...

i found this site
the beds are really nice.. and i saw the product during the motherhood exhibition.. this bed can really last till 7yrs old plus... you may want to take a look and consider

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi happyhour,

Thanks for your feedback. We are actually aware of the Mishka and Maven shop. A colleague of mine also handed me one of their flyers.

We will surely check it out before confirming on anything.


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Lucy,

Thanks for coming to my blog and leaving such kind words.

I look forward to hearing from you in the future.