Tuesday, 31 July 2007


I think I will be very well prepared when it comes to coaxing Baby to swallow any pill in the future because the Mrs is giving me enough practices now.

It all started about 2 months back when both of us were all excited that we are pregnant so we went around looking for things that we might need such as vitamins.

The sales staff at one of these shops advised that the Mrs could actually start on the multi-vitamins as well as DHA. So we happily bought 1 bottle each and if I remembered correctly the cost is probably around S$60 / S$70.

Unfortunately the multi-vitamins pills are rather large, a little larger than the Panadol extra and the Mrs had problem swallowing it. She tried taking it the morning after we bought it but just could not wash it down with a glass of water and after much struggle she finally did.

So the next morning we thought of breaking, actually more like chopping which resulted in scratches on my kitchen table top, it into two. Since it was smaller so naturally it would be easier to swallow right? Wrong! We chopped it into halves right down the middle but the edges were rough so the Mrs complained that it was just as difficult to swallow them.

I was thinking of breaking it into even smaller pieces but she protested that the smaller pieces will have even more rough edges so we gave up.

Then there is also the story about the DHA. I never quite get why should pills have flavour because one is not expected to suck on it but merely swallow it within a few seconds of placing it in the mouth. Anyway the Mrs chose the Strawberry flavoured ones but due to the traumatic experience from swallowing the multi-vitamins, even Strawberry flavour could not help. In fact she complained that the Strawberry tasted awful. Arghhhh.......!

To be fair to her, she was having all day sickness then so all the throwing up did not help matter and made things easier for her as well. So in the end both bottles of vitamins minus 2 pills each are still sitting in my kitchen gathering dust. I was waiting for the Mrs to feel better and hopefully change her mind about taking them again but it has been 2 months.

So we were at Dr N's office before the weekend and he asked if she is taking her vitamins and not wanting to let this window of opportunity slipped by, I happily volunteered that she refuses to take them. Looking back now, I seemed quite evil right? Selling out the Mrs. Mua ha ha ha!!!!

Please don't misunderstand for I will have no problem with the Mrs not taking any vitamin pills if not for her low blood pressure. Now that she is pregnant, she gets occasional dizzy spells and one of the way to improve things could be to increase her calcium intake so Dr N prescribed some calcium tablets for her along with other vitamins. Since it will be beneficiary for both Baby and her to have these vitamins and supplements, I feel she has to try and take her pills.

Over the weekend I had forgotten to remind her to take her vitamins and she happily and conveniently "forgot" about it too when they were in her bag all along. But yesterday I remembered and since I am on long term medication myself (actually wrote about this and will post it very shortly) I decided to put her medication right next to mine. There is no chance of me forgetting now since I am very disciplined when it comes to taking my own medications.

Last night was interesting. When the Mrs was getting ready to sleep, she saw me coming out from the shower and went straight to the kitchen to take my medication. In her heart she must have known that I will return with hers as well and true enough I reappeared with a glass of water and even though she could not see her "gigantic" pill she knew immediately there was no escaping this time. She cringed and gave me the resentful look for remembering and worst of all for enforcing that she must take it.

She kept insisting that she will vomit after taking the pill so I made her a deal. If she could not swallow the pill successfully with the glass of water, I will throw away the entire bottle. I had to remind her that she could swallow 2 of the round Panadols at one go in the past so this should be easy. I had to take those Panadols one at a time. Well all the drama led to nothing cause she used about half a glass of water to down the pill and after that she complained that it was stuck in her chest. At that point I can really see Baby telling me the same thing in the future: "but Daddy, its stuck here! Really! It’s stuck! I can't get it down!"

She has to take another pill in the morning and you should see her resentment all over again when she saw me preparing it. I thought after last night, it will be easier but maybe apparently she still needs coaxing and reassuring. As we do not have warm water in the morning she promised she will take it in her office. I called her around noon to remind her and she took it obediently about 10 minutes later and smsed me with the news proudly. Of course there has to be complaints. This time the pill was black and bitter!

Well as long as she takes her pills, I can handle all her "pill being stuck" and "pill is bitter" complaints.

Hmmm.... maybe we can start her back on her DHA soon.


Lionel n Rachel said...

halo, morning it me yvonne. hmmm..sounds like ur mrs really resents the intake of pills. same for me too. my gynae prescribe some vitamins, calcium tablets & even obimin. i dun like the taste & finds that drinking down with water will not help. The pill seems to stay in ur mouth & will nt go down.

tis little trick might work. Instead of washing down with warm water,

1) drink some juice first. not cold ones though. the taste of the juice will linger in ur mouth for awhile
2) imeditely pop the pills into ur mouth. wash it down with another mouth of juice.
3)the pills shd easily "slide down" ur throat & the taste of the pills will be covered by the taste of the juice.

Hope the above trick works for u. Good luck. For the sake of ur bb, u hv to take those pills. Good for ur health & also good for the bb's growth & development. Cheers! :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Yvonne,

Great thinking on using Juices. I especially like the "slide down" bit. Ha Ha

The Mrs like juices so hopefully will make it much easier to take her pills. I shall go buy some after work today.

She is still having phobia so will not take the multi-vitamins yet. If Juice works for the current vitamins and calcium then I will encourage her to try taking the multi-vitamins.

Fingers crossed!

Chew Family said...

hi...i've been following your blog and there I've also faced the difficulties in swallowing all the pills...Really hate it when its pills time but no choice as we have to think of our bb...Your Mrs will also think it this way...No worries...she will succumb to the swallowing of pills eventually as she will also think like every PG woman.....have to take them its for own and our bb good.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi SL & DC,

Spoken like a true mother. I know the Mrs will eventually succumb to taking the pills too.

Thanks for your support.


Trina said...

what my dad used to do for my panadols when young was to crush the pills into powder, add a bit of water, and i'll drink it down instead. doesn't get rid of the bitter taste, but it goes down n i get rewarded with ribena.. :) or perhaps can get the kids' version of e supplements?

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Trina,

I suggested that idea of pounding the pill and then mixing it with water the last time but was shot down immediately because she was afraid that it will be even bitterer.

Anyway the Mrs has been very obedient lately and she is taking the pills religiously.

Still waiting for her to pluck up her courage to start the multi-vitamins.

Once again, thanks for your concerns.

Unknown said...

i personally dislike the MV v much. thks to my morning sickness n prone to heatiness, i've only took the MV during my 3rd & 4th mth abt 2-3 pills a wk. DHA was still bearable. juz wash down with lots of water can liao.

do try ur best to get ur MRS to tk the supplements. it wld b worse if she has to tk more food like liver n etc to supplement iron stores. :-P

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi JJ,

I am pleased to announce that the Mrs has been very obedient lately.

She takes her pills regularly and her trick is Meiji Chocolate milk. She loves it so I will try getting her to get back on the MV soon.