Thursday, 5 July 2007


No, Oscar is not the name the Mrs and I have picked for Baby. It is actually the name of the test that the Mrs went through last week. During the Oscar Test the Mrs had to go through an abdominal scan as well as have her blood drawn.

I was kind of worried that during the scan we will be able to tell if Baby is a boy or a girl. A little premature I know, but I was worried my surprise will be ruined none the less. Thankfully we were not able to tell yet.

So, according to Dr Cheng what we should look out for are the nasal bone and the nuchal translucency. To be able to see the nasal bone at this stage is a good thing as it indicates the low risk of Down's syndrome. As for the nuchal translucency you want it to be thin. He then proceeded to measure Baby's head and abdominal circumference.

From the scanes Baby looked good and normal but in order to know for sure we had to wait for the blood test result to be out. By entering all the measurements of Baby, results from blood test and the Mrs's age into a program, Dr Cheng will be able to calculate the risk of Baby having Down's syndrome.

The report was mailed to us and according to the nurses at Dr N's clinic Baby is cleared. The report is very technical and with no one explaining it to us I can only assume from the figures there which states: Adjusted risk - 1:10060 for Trisomy 21 and 1:17519 for Trisomy 13/18. I do not need an expert to tell me that those odds look pretty good.

There were a couple of graphs as well and Baby's result is right there in the middle for all of them.

The Mrs was saying that we are lucky in the sense that Baby has been very cooperative so far when it comes to taking pictures. We have been able to take pretty good shots of Baby so far. Let's hope the Mrs will still find Baby cooperative once Baby starts moving and kicking around.


Danny said...

These pics are precious after the baby is born. Our Gynae also taped it for us in video. It didn't record the 'comments' he made while doing the measurements, but it did recorded her heart beat.... amazing!!

If you don't want to spoil the surprise of knowing the sex of your child at child birth, ask your gynae not to tell you, then he/she will keep that news from you.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Danny,

Thanks for your comment. I believe I am having far too few dads visiting this blog let alone leave a comment.

We have an appointment with Dr N next week so I will tell him that I do not want to know the gender till delivery.

You take care of your family and keep reading.


Nicole said...

Hi,came across your blog, it's interesting for a hubby to post his thoughts via a blog! And, the best part, I'm now expecting my second child and my EDD is only a few days away from your wife! In future, you can do a blog like what I did for my girl. Maybe you can check it out at

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

Happy Belated Birthday.

Went to your blog and my wife agreed that your daughter is very pretty.

Thanks for your recommendation but I think I will probably stick to this format for now.

Even though in a few months time Baby will be born, I will continue to publish my thoughts here, still from a Husband and father's point of view.


Pretend Blogger said...

One more father-to-be here reading your blog. My Mrs found out about your blog on SingaporeMother's forum I think. You have even inspired me to start my own... I hope to persist with it though.

We had our Oscar last week, waiting for the results now with a little bit of anxiety. The normal incidence of Down's Syndrome is 1 in 800 to 1,000 births so your odds look very good and is likely to be intepreted as "normal".


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi another-father-to-be,

I've been to your blog already. Keep at it!!

Nice to know we have a Doctor reading and commenting. Now we can get some professional advice FOC!!


Pretend Blogger said...

Hello, I will be happy to contribute in whichever way from the medical aspect. What I don't know, medical school has thought us how/where to find!

It seems that your pregnancy due date widget (from baby-gaga) is not working (broken link on your front page). Mine too!