Monday, 23 July 2007


The Mrs and I went for a HypnoBirthing “taster” recently. It was very strange because a couple of weeks ago, we were just commenting that we were not comfortable going for this method. Personally it seemed a little too “Hocus Pocus” to me. We had decided to only go for the usual Antenatal classes to prepare ourselves better on what to expect and do during and after labour but how that one and half hour changed things. Although I am sure it has not changed our perspective a hundred percent but after learning more about it we are comfortable enough to want to give it a try.

What I got from the “taster” was HypnoBirthing is mainly trying to change one’s perspective on child labour. Like millions of people out there my image of child labouring is a hot and sweaty mum whose face is all red and cringed up and all the while trying her hardest to push the baby out of her system. Maybe some vulgarities will be hurled here and there, now and then. Meanwhile the husband not knowing what else to do is trying to act and stay as calm as possible and saying encouraging words to the poor woman.

You know, I have always felt that a woman’s ultimate way of showing her love for a guy is to agree to give birth for him. This image will give you a rough idea what she has to go through hence enforcing my view.

Well, it seems it doesn't have to be this way anymore. Apparently mothers can get into her own comfortable position be it squatting, sitting or even standing when she is trying to “breathe” her baby out. So much for showing her ultimate love huh?!

I believe the first and most important part about HypnoBirthing is to change your way of looking at child birth. Once you truly believe that it can be done with minimum or almost no pain and shortened labour then half the battle is worn and the rest of it is to apply what you have learned and put into practice. A little easier said then done right? We’ll let you know months later.

Anyway it seems a lot of work has to be put into practicing on one’s breathing and relaxing during the prenatal stage. The mums have to learn to ride the waves of “Surges” aka contractions. The theory of HypnoBirthing is actually not all “Hocus Pocus” but rather scientific. A relax mum will naturally be able to relax all her muscles including those essential for labour and generate better blood flow hence reducing pain and shorten labour.

We also watched some videos of babies being born and that sort of freaked the Mrs out. One of the video showed the baby’s head coming out all purple (blue to me) and the Gynae slowing guiding and turning it when all the while the mum was breathing calmly. Within a couple of minutes the rest of the baby was out too and then the mum was shown to be giggling and laughing. Nope, no screaming and cursing were heard.

I have to say that some of the positions that the mums were in seemed a little unorthodox to me. I told the Mrs that her mum will surely freaked out if she sees her kneeling down on the floor during the early stages of labour.

Power has certainly been shifted back to the mothers when it comes to giving birth. No more going with the flow and simply obeying what the Gynae and nurses dictate. With knowledge mothers are better prepared to decide for themselves what kind of birth they want including how and when they want it. I’m sure this will prove to provide headaches for some Gynaes and hospitals that are a little less experimental and more conservative.

The Mrs is worried that it will all be a waste of money if she fails at the last hurdle and ask for Epidural. I told her that it will not happen because I will be there and I will tell the nurses that she is well trained in HypnoBirthing so she can manage. She is just panicking. No, seriously if she has to use drugs then so be it. I’m sure she is not the first and neither will she be the last. She’ll just have to put the breathing and relaxation technique to use in her daily life in the future.

Right now just know that I cannot make her meow like a cat or quack like a duck when she is "Hypnotised".


Lionel n Rachel said...

its me yvonne. i dun know abt u but i am against epidural. It can cause some side effects which affects u for a life time, such as terrible backches, terrible headaches & vomting. It might be mild for some but horrible for others.

As much as possible, try to avoid any forms of pain relief. Once you really feel intense pain, u know the bb has arrive. just nid some final pushes & he/she will be in ur arms. All pain is worth. :)

Just my 2cts worth. ;)

Anonymous said...

I was hoping for a drug-free birth, but having failed once, I think one needs to have a supportive gynae, who doesn't perform unnecessary procedures that make the pain harder to bear.

For one, pelvic exams can really screw up one's attempts to manage pain, as can being strapped to a fetal monitoring machine the whole time, which means you only have a few reclining positions to choose from.

If I were to do this again, I'd choose a drug-free birth friendly gynae, like Paul Tseng of TMC, who also doesn't do routine episiotomies. And yeah, I would probably sign up for hypnobirthing classes too.

But what I like, is your attitude towards the classes: That no matter what happens, it won't be a waste of money and the skills can always be put to use in other situations. I think that's healthy.

Mine was an unplanned pregnancy, and I never got into the whole baby hype, although I'm crazy about my little girl. What surprised me was how certain things like going drug free and breastfeeding became symbols of success or failure on the part of the mother. I try not to take anything too seriously these days; I'm not the best mom in the world, but I do what I can. :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Yvonne,

So I take it that you did not use any drugs for both your labour? Well done!

I was not aware about the side effects from using these drugs.

Anyway once we start the HypnoBirthing class we will know better if the Mrs can pull it off.

Fingers crossed!

Hi Evelyn,

Good point on the Gynae. We are actually seeing him this Friday so we will run it by him. From what I heard, he should be alright cause Dr N is a really sweet and nice guy even the HypnoBirthing trainer said so.

I do not agree that a mother should be judged on whether or not she went drug free and if she breastfeeds.

I am sure you are a great mum for your little girl. We are all learning here.

Gerrard and Gerrain said...

Well, just briefly read thru your blog. Seems to me that in the midst of you preparation. Alot of focus have been on the daddy part. Maybe as daddy, we should start focusing on what mummy want instead.

Oh, silly me, forgot to intro myself. I am a daddy too, with a 1 year old son and a daughter that will be due somewhere near 19 Nov. Would like to just share with you some of my perspective.

This is really the 1st time I heard about hynobirthing. I still really do not have any much idea what it is all about. But I guess I can share with you how my wife give birth the natural way.

Somewhere into the 2nd trimester, my wife went for prenatal massage, pregnancy yoga as well as do brisk walking on the trackmill once a week.I guess all these help in her delivery process. All these activites carried on till the 3rd trimester itself. However, pls do bear in mind that during the 3rd trimester, their enegry level would be extremely low. This is where we come into play, instead of just allowing them to lay on the bed whole day, suggest to go for a short walk in the park, do some window shopping for baby items.

When my 1st kid was due, the whole delivery process took less than half an hour without any epidural or even "laughing gas".

Well, there is 1001 things that I can share with you on what are the neccesites that you should prepare, what type of pram or stroller you should be looking at. But I guess that would really take up the whole page. But I will slowly share with you in time to come.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Baby Gerrard,

Thanks for leaving your concerns and comments. Will take the Mrs out for more shopping and walking.

As the title of my blog suggests, this is a blog for me to express how I feel towards this pregnancy and preparation totally from a guy's / husband's point of view. As a result you may feel that it is all about the daddy.

I can assure you that I am learning all I can from all you dads and mums to assist and support the Mrs throughout this pregnancy. I believed I made a remark in one of my earlier post that the Mrs is Queen and what she wants she gets. So don't worry. The Mrs's wants and needs are being looked after.

I will definitely appreciate any suggestions and tips that you can pass over in due course. Although we have already decided on which pram to buy.

Well wishes to your family and good luck with the baby.


Gerrard and Gerrain said...

Ok, since we are on pram here. Hope I am not too late on sharing you some of what I have gone thru. Since I have 2 pram and a stroller.

Ask yourself a few questions 1st. Is this ur 1st and last kid? Do you or will you need another pram or stroller? What are the things you are looking out for? That should lead you to closer to the pram or stroller you are looking for.

Quinny Zapp ( )-
Pros: light, compact and foldable. Can even put on the front passenger leg space. You can get a Maxi Cosi baby car seat to fit onto it. This would allow you to transfer your baby from the stroller to the car without having to carry the baby from the pram to the seat.

Cons: Price is expensive. The stroller itselt will cost about $300+, Maxi Cosi car seat should set u back another $300+, depending on the model. Only in seating position. Wheels slightly protuding out on the left n right, small narrow escalator will have problem.

Combi ( ) -
Pros: Light weight, able to recline fully.

Cons: Take out easily half the boot space.

Well, for me, I still prefer the Quinny with the car seat. Which allow me to use from 1-6~8 mths. Which he will then outgrow the car seat. Zapp can be use up to the age of about 4~5 years old. The only draw back is that when he sleep, it is abit uncomfortable.

My wife and MIL find the pram better as the baby can sleep flat as the seat can be fully recline. I find this a bit contridicting as the leg would always be down which might result in cramps and poor blood circulation.

Anyway, it will come to a bit from 8 mths onwards which the baby will refuse to lie down and want to be sitting upright looking around.

Oh, almost forgot. Felixible back or front facing. Good or bad. Well, pls check that all four ways are rotatable if you really want one that can switch the pram to front or back facing. Most of the pram the front wheel is fixed, the rear is free, rotatable. But when you switch to front facing, your wheel at the back is now fix and your front is rotatable. It is so difficult to push the pram around when it is such case. So pls, check and push the pram around, when the handle is front and back before you buy.

Hope all this help.

PS: By the way, my son blog is at

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi baby gerrard,

I like the Quinny too but both of us find it rather bulky and the Mrs find it heavy. The main negative thing about it is the Mrs does not like the fact that she has to bend down to fold it.

We have decided to go for the Capella S-228 (Red - my decision) because it is rather light but admittedly not as light as the Combi. All 4 wheels are rotatable and that is extremely important to me. It has adjustable front and back facing because I prefer to watch Baby. Lastly the price is really cheap too at S$219 so even when I have to buy a stroller months later, I can still go for the Quinny.