Monday, 23 June 2008


I entitled this post 'R' because this is one post that is full of stuffs that are rated 'R', hence the disclaimer below. Do not skip the disclaimer before proceeding.

Disclaimer: The below posted videos contain nudity, scenes that most will find disgusting as well as languages that most will not be accustomed to. They are definitely not for the weak stomach so view at your own discretion. I will not be held liable for any adverse effects that you may suffer from viewing. You have been warned!


This video was taken at the shop selling the neck float at HarbourFront. Isaac was allowed sometime in the specially designed tub to test out how he likes the float. He loved the first 5 minutes of it but soon turned cranky. Have not had the chance to test the neck float out at a proper pool yet but will keep you posted once this has been achieved.


This was taken at home by the Mrs. There was a time when Isaac will not stop with his spitting habit and there is absolutely nothing we can do to discourage or prevent him from doing it. After having put us through this ordeal I think the Mrs wanted to document this disgusting habit to blackmail him in the future into doing chores when he is old enough to bring girlfriends home. Oh...... ok; ok, it is my idea to blackmail.


Isaac seems to be a talkative boy. We are not experienced parents but according to some, we do not have to worry about him being slow in learning how to talk because they believe he will start talking very soon at the rate that he is going. The footage you see here is on a typical journey in my car and out of the blue he will start this ranting and sometimes he will gradually get more agitated. But there were also times like during dinner last night when he will go on and on and louder and louder without getting agitated. But without control he can go pretty loud to the extend that the Caucasian family eating at the next table had to turn around and play with him. Maybe he was trying to get their attention or simply want to join in their conversation or perhaps he was merely looking for some compliments because they did say that he is a beautiful boy.


This footage is to reward you for having sat through the above 3 videos. This shows that you are indeed Isaac's fans or maybe you're just taking a break from your work in the office or simply bored with nothing much to do. Whatever the reason I believe you deserved to have some laughter in your life.

In case you're wondering Dino was in no way harmed or abused by us during the filming of this footage. He merely found us strange since he wasn't doing anything and yet we kept on calling his name. I believed he was justly rewarded too for his effort on that day.


Anonymous said...


I imagine myself with that neck contraption, isn't it a bit annoying?!?!??!!? I mean it's like a bit in the way right, I imagine getting all claustrophobic with that..

He should be fined for spitting!!...


lastly, he's so so sooo sooooo cute. Can't wait for one of our own too...hehe... You guys are so lucky!

p/s and i think it's a good idea to blackmail 'em babies count 10 years from now. I think I would follow suit, throw in all of the cutesy stuff and threaten him/her to show his/her friends. HA HA HA...

Mrs Chew

missmoon said...

this is really funny. my niece is just discovering the pleasure of spitting, and in the process finds it amusing. brings back memories for me, watching Isaac doing it.

hahaah, his laughter is also very infectious, can't help but chuckle.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jolin,

You may be right about the neck float. That could be the reason why he is only good for 5 mins. After that he gets claustrophobic. Anyway the verdict is still out on this one. Will try in proper pool with me in it then let you know the outcome.

Fined for spitting and being disgusting! Hahahaha

Thanks, we know we're lucky. I'm sure you'll have your own too when the time is right.

I have the full intention to blackmail but not 10 years from now. Maybe 18 years from now when he has girlfriends then he will really be worried. *evil grin* Muahahahahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cynthia,

Perhaps you can show the video to your niece's parents (sorry ah, don't know whether its your bro or sis) and see if there is any resemblance in the way they spit. Hahahaha

His laughter is infectious isn't it? This is why we never grow tired of filming him laugh.

We will continue to capture and I will continue to post them so long as you readers continue to enjoy seeing him laugh.

Nyeshia's mummy said...

Oh Issac is so cute.
I enjoyed the last video.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Eve,

I know most will enjoy the last video hence it was placed at the end. And it is also a reward for going through the others.

If I'm not wrong you have also seen the earlier post with similar video of him laughing right?

Anonymous said...

Ya, imagine someone dangling you by your neck? lol, anyway watched the videos properly when I got home yest.. yah, his laughter reminds me of my baby nephew when he was a baby too!

very very infectious and cute.. haha, bet he can go on and on...

*psst bored at work..LOL*

Mrs Chew

Nicole said...

Hi Dylan,
I don't know how you feel about it, but seriously speaking, I find that Isaac and Cleo are rather similar. Only the gender is different. Their laughers, their smiles, their size and basically, almost everything.

Watching the video on Isaac reminds me of Cleo. She loves to play with her saliva too and will also 'talk' alot. Sometimes, she'll get so 'angry' that she starts to cry. She also loves to laugh/chuckle the way Isaac does.

Isn't all these photos/videos just priceless?

Basically, they're priceless. :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jolin,

I know what you're saying and I know I will not be comfortable with the neck float myself. However since this is the only product that I know of that will allow him to "swim" guess we'll just have to try. Hopefully he doesn't mind it.

Bored at work?! I see that you posted your comment just before 10am and already bored?! LOL Time to move on girl or is this a new job? Hahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

I do agree that Isaac and Cleo are very much alike except for the hair. She has such nice and thick hair whereas Isaac is botak.

If this blogging thingy continues who knows they might just become good friends in the future.

The videos are priceless I agree. The Mrs bought a new camera just for the purpose of taking pictures and videos. So there will be many to come.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,

Isaac is ever sooooo cute & charming! BTW, did u notice, his chubs make him look quite 'neckless'? maybe that's why the neck float is not so comfortable for him? hehe... =P

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nana,

Both the Mrs and I had a good laugh when we read your comment. I think you may be spot on about him being uncomfortable due to neckless. Hahaha

Nevertheless we will still be proceeding to the pool this week to try it out. Hopefully he will learn to like it. Will keep you all posted.

Meantime take very good care of yourself ya. ;)

no man's land said...

are you tired of hearing this yet? but i am going to say it anyway...little isaac is so cute! so chubby! my little girl just discovered her tongue and the fun of drooling. she hasn't progressed to spitting and bubbling her saliva yet. i suspect that is the next 'milestone' in line. =P

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Roanne,

Truth be told, being the proud Dad that I am, I'll never be tired of hearing compliments for Isaac. Then again, I'm sure this applies to all parents.

I know you are looking forward to the next milestone and all but this is really not a pleasant one. Be prepared to be wet and embarrassed when strangers hold her and she choose to spit then. Hahaha

BTW is it a deliberate secret to keep her name hidden? Cause I'm still trying to figure out her name.

no man's land said...

Alamak Dylan, you're not observant enough lah. Ask your Mrs to take a look at my blog. I'm sure she'll notice it right away. =P It's a girl thing you know? *haha*

Hint: The answer is right there. At the eye level! =P

A Husband's Voice said...

Alamak, Roanne. Not only am I not observant I am also forgetful.

I was wondering the other time and then I actually noticed the name the other day but when I reply to your comment I actually forgot that I saw it already.

Sigh..... old age liao! Hahaha

No English name? Or did I miss that too?

no man's land said...

oh dear. but it's okay. parents are busy people. they are entitled to bouts of forgetfulness from time to time.

there's no official, registered 'english' name, but we call and introduce her as 'yuki' sometimes. japanese. it sounds somewhat similar to her hanyu pinyin one. =)

A Husband's Voice said...

Thanks Roanne for providing me with a good excuse for my forgetfulness.

I do like the name 'Yuki' ever since I watched this HK serial and the leading girl's name is Yuki.

It does sound like her hanyu pinyin name.

The Bimbo said...

he's so darn cute!!!! I'm adding you to my list ok? :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hey Bimbo,

Thanks! Ya, sure! Add the link to your blog. I don't mean to be a pain but my blog is really called A Husband's Voice as opposed to A Husband. Hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm very amused by ur cute little boy :) mine is nearly a month old, can anticipate him doing similar stuff.

Noticed ur helper was carrying him during the car journey, not sure if u do use carseat...just to share with u...

I've always been a strong advocate of carseats & especially so after this incident/accident.

My husband prides himself on his accident-free record & nearly 2 decades of driving but nothing could prevent an idiot from banging into the back of his car.

We were thankful our boy wasn't in the car at that time & that we have an infant carseat. When an accident happens, no matter how strong an adult is, nothing & no one can predict our reaction with a baby/kid in our arms.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi there anonymous (name in future?),

Thanks for visiting this blog and leaving your comment.

As much as we like to think otherwise but I'm sure we all know what Isaac is doing is nothing extraordinary so I'm certain your baby will be doing the same in no time. Have the camera ready always.

Guilty as charged!! Isaac is seldom in the infant seat simply because we also take it for granted that the distance is not too far. But I totally agree with you that he should be in one. We have always wanted to start but never quite got around to doing it.

Any recommendations on which car seat to buy? He can still fit in the infant seat but we will need to upgrade to a proper car seat very soon.

Do visit again.