Thursday, 15 January 2009


The Mrs is still going for her hormones injections twice a week and during the last one which was on Tuesday, she was “warned” that she should stop walking so much these days because the twins are ready for delivery anytime now.

One of the nurses in Dr N’s clinic happens to be a midwife as well and all she had to do was observed the stomach and placed her hand on it and she predicted that the Mrs can go into labour anytime already.

Few days prior to going to the clinic, the Mrs was already commenting that her stomach has lowered. She felt that the baby boy is engaging himself into position. Guess we forgot to inform him that he is coming out through another opening instead.

Although the advice was for the Mrs to walk less but with Chinese New Year around the corner she finds it very hard to stay at home. She is busy ordering and picking up the New Year goodies as well as the decorations. She was also shopping for new clothes, went with me to my tailor and at the same time busy organizing a family photo shoot with her family which consists of sub families for each of her brothers.

The photo shoot is taking place this Sunday so that we can have the pictures in time for the Chinese New Year. The Mrs started this family tradition that each year she will put up new pictures at her parents’ place. Last year it was pictures of all the grandchildren and this year it is family portraits for all the families. Each year there will easily be 40 – 50 people visiting my MIL’s place so it is very important for the Mrs that she keeps up with this tradition of adding new pictures.

At the rate that she is going I warned her last night that she might just end up spending her New Year in the Mt E delivery ward with no visitors since most people prefer not to go to a hospital during New Year right? It will really be ironic for her to prepare so much only to miss out on it all.

Instead of running around I asked her to stay at home and start planning the babies’ arrival and pack the bag to bring to the hospital for delivery. Compared to Isaac’s delivery we are so relaxed this time round. Nothing was really done or prepared. I am seriously not sure if this is due to our previous experience or simply our plain laziness.

The most urgent task on hand right now is actually to come up with an English name for the baby boy. We are such bad parents because whenever we have to refer to the twins, we are always saying “Oh, Hayley and the boy this” and “Hayley and the boy that”

Even in this blog you will see that I am still referring to him as the baby boy?!?!?! He does not have his own identity yet which is normally fine because we didn’t name Isaac till he was born but ever since we named Hayley we owe it to him to find him a name.

I know we have been down this road many times now but for some reason the Mrs and I simply cannot seem to agree on a name. The only thing that we could agree on was to follow a reader’s advice and that is to have his name begin with the letter 'L'. Fatih’s (the reader) reasoning was once she knew that we picked Hayley for the girl she automatically saw IHL which stands for In His Love. Since we already have the ‘I’ and the ‘H’ we are only missing the ‘L’. Thanks Faith for your suggestions.

Since time is the essence here I am appealing to you readers for your kind assistance once again. We need your suggestions on boys’ names starting with the letter 'L'. We will shortlist a few and then I will set up a poll for you all to vote. In theory the one with the highest votes will be picked but I cannot guarantee because I believe the Mrs may still want to have the final say. With her current condition would I dare go against her wishes?!

Let the naming exercise begin…………yet again!!


Merryn said...

Liam ..

WaveSurfer said...

Whoa I thought there is still nearly another 2 months till expected delivery date? Looks like your twins can't wait to celebrate CNY together. ^^

As for suggestions, here are two nice names I can think of:
- Lucas
- Luke (christian-like)

Anonymous said...

1. Lavey
2. Lennox
3. Leo, Leon, Leonard
4. Leroy
5. Lewis
6. Lloyd
7. Lionel
8. Louis
9. Lowell
10. Lucas
The name Lucas comes from the English origin. In English The meaning of the name Lucas is: Form of Luke: light; illumination.
11. Lydon
12. Luther
13. Liam
The name Liam comes from the Gaelic origin. In Gaelic The meaning of the name Liam is: Helmeted.
14. Logan
The name Logan comes from the Gaelic origin. In Gaelic The meaning of the name Logan is: From the hollow.

-passer by (back again)
p.s. there are only a few nice baby boy 'L' names...

Nicole said...


I came across this name when I read some historic romance book back then. This guy(who had this name) was a big time super hero. Haha

Aces Family said...

hi Dylan, there another Astee or you mistaken the other person comment as mine.

Well,at least it's a start somewhere L ...haha.

Good Luck to the exercise.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,
Name competition again :)

Laurence /Lawrence

Better tell MRS to take it easy hor… not fun to be in hospital delivering during CNY le…
Also REMEMBER the present from the babies to Isaac and vice versa!

Keep us posted :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Merryn,

Thanks for your suggestion. This is actually one of those that we're considering. Will most probably include it in the poll.


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi WaveSurfer,

If this is a Singleton then you would have been right. We still have another 2 months.

For Twins I learned that they are considered full term from 36 weeks and it is not uncommon for them to be delivered starting from 34th week.

As much as they want to celebrate CNY with us, it is our hope that they stay in there for as long as they could. We really need them to beef up and at least pass the 2kg mark. Otherwise they will be in the incubator.

We can't use Lucas because the son of a good friend is named Lucas already. Luke is one of my 1st choice actually so it will definitely be in the poll.


A Husband's Voice said...

Hello Passerby,

I remember you although you have not dropped by often enough! ;p

Thanks for your long list of recommendations. I can already see a few of them in the poll.

It will be interesting for you to pick just 1 out of the whole lot.

See you around!

Lastly I do agree that there are not enough nice boys' names starting with 'L'.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for your suggestion but I can't seem to find Lyon as a person's name. It is a city in France. I know because I watch football! Hee hee

In any case I don't really like Leon so will have to pass.

Keep your suggestions coming ya?!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Astee,

Oops!! I did get the person mixed up. Thanks to your honesty I amended it right away!

It is a start isn't it, to identify 'L'. Hahahaha

No suggestions from you unless it starts with 'A'?

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cecilia,

Don't look at it as a competition. It is more like a naming exercise and we do require all your help.

For those who did not suggest now at least vote when the poll is up.

Linus is also one of those that I picked!

We have not forgotten about buying gifts for the twins on Isaac's behalf but I did not realise that we need to buy Isaac something on behalf of the twins too. Maybe an overlook at my end.

With time running I better go and buy these gifts soon.

Must I exchange the gifts only after the twins are born?

Will continue to nag the Mrs to slow down!

Anonymous said...

i really like 'Luke'.

Last time, i had a fren in uni called 'Luke' who cant speak mandarin, and whenver asked of his name, he will say '1,2,3,4,5 (in chinese)...6!' haha why am i saying all these.... just find it really funnie maybe.

Anonymous said...

or Lincoln?

hey, i thot in your previous post u mentioned u r not religious?? So wat's this " In His Love" about?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,
what i did was i brought the present to the hospital with me... then when my Tricia came to visit me i told her the present is from Kaelyn... and then passed Tricia the other present for her to hand it to Kaelyn herself.

It works for Tricia…she still remember the specific toy is from Kaelyn….

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bebe,

I like Luke very much too and thanks to your story I am more determine to use it because I now know that my parents and in-laws will be able to pronounce it effortlessly.

Hey you spotted the non religious bit! It is true that I am not religious and truth be told I am not even a Christian but somehow I like the idea of In His Love! Plus they could turn Christian when they grow up right?! Then it will make a lot of sense.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cecilia,

Thanks for sharing. At least now I know what to do although I don't think Isaac will understand and will definitely not remember it was his siblings who bought him the present.

What should we buy for all of them? Hmmm......

no man's land said...

The twins are coming! This is so exciting! How do you guys feel?

I like the names Lawrence/Lawrance/Laurence for boys.

Lawrance Tan?
Luke Tan?
Linus Tan?

Lawrance and Hayley?
Luke and Hayley?
Linus and Hayley?

Isaac, Lawrance and Hayley?
Isaac, Luke and Hayley?
Isaac, Linus and Hayley?

Just try them out to see how they sound together? I would prefer a 2 syllable name...but that's me lah!

Have fun choosing! And good luck to you guys! Rest well while you have the chance now.

Anonymous said...

I can't help very much!!!

But so excited for you, 2 more babies on the way...:)


there's a list of L names from this webby

Mrs Chew

Irene said...

Lucas & Hayley from One Tree Hill !!!! hehehehe... lucas is a nice name :)

Nicole said...

Ya, Luke is a nice name. Forgot to put that in. It sounds kinda 'stylo' and cool...

The reason why ppl ask the parents to buy a gift for the new member in the family is because Isaac will feel very welcome and doesn't feel as competitive, jealous. I've actually read it in a book about this before and it's a ang moh book somemore, so it's not just those old wives tales.

BUT what I read was, from the twins to Isaac and not Isaac to the twins. Back then, we also got Claire a gift and said it's from Cleo. It works. She always remember that her little sister got her a gift. :)

nomadic notions said...

This is so exciting! I keep thinking that the twins might be born before you write the next post.

I second Merryn's suggestion for Liam. A powerful starting tone that ends on a gentle and soft sound. =)

Have fun choosing!


Michelle Ng said...

Can't wait for the post of you announcing the arrival of the twins. Me too have not come up with a name for my didi yet. I just called him didi as of now. haha... Smooth delivery to the Mrs ya. :)

Why Not said...

It is so exciting to be expecting the arrival of not just 1, but 2 babies! I wish your wife a very smooth delivery and 2 healthy and fat babies. :-) I had lots of problems finding a name for my boy too, and sorry, have nothing to contribute coz' I am so bad at it! haha.. but Luke sounds good. Good luck! :-)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Roanne,

To be honest with you we are feeling anxious and a little worried at the same time.

We are most concerned about the logistic issues. Will Ani and the Mrs be able to handle the twins and Isaac during the confinement?

Thanks for your suggestions but since we already have friends named Lawrence so I guess we will have to pass.

The Mrs prefers 2 syllables too but that is only because of Isaac and Hayley.

Should be putting up the poll soon. Do vote ya!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jolin,

Yes it is exciting to have 2 babies together but at the same time worrying!

We hope we can cope with 3 crying babies?!?!?!

Thanks for the website. We have been using it since before Isaac was born already.

It's okay not to have suggestions now but must vote when the poll is up ya!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Irene,

I'm afraid I did not follow One Tree Hill.

In any case Lucas is the name of a good friend's son so it is taken.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

The name Luke is warming up to the Mrs now. Hee Hee

We're definitely buying the kids presents and telling them that they are given by their siblings but the only problem is what to buy. Hmmmm.......

Also I am not sure if Isaac will understand or remember that whatever we got him is from the twins.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jes,

By now you'll probably notice that I try and blog once a week so I do not think that I will surprise you all with an announcement post like that. Then again we never know now will we?

Let's hope I can post about other things for at least another 2 weeks before the announcement. It is best to keep them in there for that bit longer.

I kind of like Liam too but worried that people who can't pronounce it properly will make a mess of it.

I find it unique too because personally I have not come across anyone with that name under that the actor but that's just me.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Michelle,

I can sense that many of you are waiting anxiously for the arrival of the twins but we on the other hand prefer for them to wait a tad longer.

Don't think I can help you with your naming cause the names you want I believe are very unique.

Although Didi will do for now but you better start working on his name liao.

Keep me posted on your conditions through your blog too ya? You too will have a smooth delivery.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jayne,

I think it is more exciting coming from outsiders. With us there are many more things to be concerned with so it takes away half the fun.

There should still be time for all the well wishes, I hope. Hee Hee

It is ok not to suggest any name now but do vote when the poll is up ok?

Anonymous said...

Dear Dylan

Personally, my vote goes to Luke.

What about Lucus, Leroy, Lionel and Lyndon?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

By the way, Landon means "from the grassy hill", and Hayley means "from the hay meadow". So they match well for twins! :) Take care and God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

Personally I like Luke. That was one of the shortlisted name in the event Cate is a boy. :p Having said that, one syllable name with our surname sounds a bit odd. Not as nice as 2-syllables. Luke Tan just does not sound as nice to me as Isaac Tan leh. I like Lincoln too 'cos the Chinese translation is easy and it just sounds intelligent! Ke ke ke ke

Had an ex colleague who is named Liam so that sounds quite OK to me too. But of course, he is ang mo lah. But Liam Tan does sound better to me that Luke Tan

Anonymous said...

Lucas Tan
Lionel Tan
Lewis (Louis) Tan
Larry Tan
Lucifer Tan


Anonymous said...

O, hope Mrs have a smooth delivery too. -d

F A I T H said...

Hi Dylan

I can imagine the excitment (or rather mixed emotion) why gynae says "Anytime now". Gosh! Praying that the twins will stay "indoor" longer. Afterall, its FREE, sterile and the best incubator available. Hee...

Oh, how about "Ludwig" for the boy? Its still my absolute favourite. Kekeke...

God bless!

Anonymous said...

Pls dun call your son Lucifer . . . it's Satan's name ... in Christian belief.

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry. The website I went to says it means "Bringer of Light". Please ignore the suggestion. My apologies. -d

KoLe said...

from the spouse of a starwars fan..


Happy Lunar New Year

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,

How's the chk up on Mon?
Thot of Luke but I think Liam and Ludwig are quite unique too....

Lucas Mummy....

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Charissa,

So you like Luke more huh?! Well, don't forget to vote for it then.

Thanks for your other suggestions also.


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Snowychloe,

Thanks for dropping by and leaving your suggestion.

I do like Landon for its uniqueness and also for matching Hayley quite well.

However the Mrs said it is like lantern?!?!?! Hahahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Sis,

Personally I do not find single syllable name sounds odd with Tan.

Strange as this may sound but Lincoln sounds a little too "ang moh" to me if there is ever such a thing. But due the President it does give an impression of intelligence.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Anonymous (name if possible),

Thanks for your suggestions and don't worry about suggesting Lucifer.

I was a little surprise when I saw the meaning of the name in probably the same baby names website. To the Christian it is the name the fallen angel amongst the many others that he has.

We're all sure you didn't mean to be funny or mean so don't worry about it ya?!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Faith,

We including the Gynae agree that it is best for the twins to stay 'indoor' for as long as they can but more about that in my next post.

I came across the Ludwig before probably from a book but never knew a person with that name. Frankly I have problem with its pronunciation and I imagine it will be hard for many others too.

Will run it by the Mrs also.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Anonymous (name if possible),

Thanks for your input. I know the Devil bears the name Lucifer but it is also true that the meaning of that name is the bringer of light in a certain baby name website. Ironic isn't it.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi KoLe,

Thanks for your suggestions. Don't forget to vote ok?


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Joanne,

The check up went ok but more about that in my next post.

Meantime you must be happy that so many people like the name Lucas. ;p

Thanks for your suggestions and don't forget to vote ya?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan, of course you 'know' somebody named Ludwig. He's Beethoven...the pianist! *kaka*

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,

Chosen Luke cos it sounds nice n also easier to pronounce...hahaha.
Wow....excited though ...babies on their way...But I hope babies can stay abit longer inside....cos better for them right?

Wish U, Mrs & 3 babies - Happy "Niu" Year! May Mrs has a smooth delivery!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Roanne,

Of course Beethoven is Ludwig but I could have sworn I was thinking of someone else with that name.

A comic character? Hmmmm.....

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Linda,

By chosen I hope you meant you have voted. ;0)

It is easy to pronounce isn't it? Like Bebe said, it is basically six in Mandarin so definitely no problem for my parents and in-laws. Hahahaha

As for the twins, we are all keeping our fingers crossed that they can stay till at least the 1st week of February.

You have a Happy Chinese New Year as well!

Anonymous said...

hey i like landon.. but maybe spelt lyndon????

landon and hayley match leh...

mrs chew

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jolin,

Personally I do like Landon too hence I included it in the poll.

I like the fact that the meaning matches Hayley's.

As for Lyndon, I think the pronunciation will be different from Landon right? But both names are from the hills! Hahahaha

afroken said...


Corrine / Claire

Alvin / Marcus

My recommendations. (:

Happy Niu Year in advance


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for your suggestions but we are trying to stick to names starting with 'L'.

There is a poll going on now in case you have not voted.

BTW you definitely do not fit my reader's profile, not that I am complaining. I'm just curious to know how on earth you came to my blog.

Anonymous said...

eh, but your wife is right lah.. landon does sound like lantern.. when i thought it was nice and rhymed with hayley, i didn't read your earlier reply yet...

yea, so landon does sound like lantern.. you wouldn't wan his classmates calling him lantern right?lol

when i was young, my classmates made fun of my surname "ho" very funny meh? ho ho ho horlicks! and ho ho ho merry xmas...



afroken said...

I was blog surfing and came onto your site. Love your stories on family issues and the arrival of a baby. And just preparing myself mentally for the future!


If you must choose out of the 4 names, I vote for Landon.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jolin,

Honestly I think kids are cruel so no matter what I name my kids they will eventually be made fun of anyway.

Actually I did not find Ho funny in anyway but after seeing your last comment I can help but to smile.

I can imagine Christmas time must be hard for you with them chasing you around with "Ho Ho Ho Merry Xmas!" Hahahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Dennis,

I am glad you popped by and I do hope to see you again but honestly it is a little too early to prepare yourself mentally on the coming of a baby.

Seeya around!

Anonymous said...

Lucius : also means light.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Luke is ahead by a landslide! Personally it's not one of my favorites... sorry but I just can't help thinking it rhymes with "puke"! It also makes me think of "lukewarm", which is a wishy-washy personality trait that Jesus chastises in the Bible. Not trying to be a wet blanket... that's just what occurred to me when I was pondering baby names when I was pregnant!

Ultimately, if kids want to be mean and tease, they'll find something to pick at no matter how nice or meaningful a name is. So go with your favorite, not the one that seems "safest".

That said, Landon (even if it sounds like "lantern" to some) still gets my vote! Liam would be my second choice... it sounds nice and flows better with your surname than Luke. Also, a two-syllable name will match Isaac and Hayley's names perfectly.

Good luck, and happy chinese new year! :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for your suggestion but I think we will stick to these four for now.

Time is running out so cannot be fickle anymore.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi SnowyChloe,

Thanks for placing puke in my mind ya?! It never occurred to me. Hahahaha

I totally agree that kids are cruel and make fun of anything or anyone. Guess we're trying to remove the obvious ones first.

Thanks for your input.

Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family too!!

Anonymous said...

luke is a really nice name.short and sweet!:)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for your vote! It certain looks good now and unless there are any surprises from the Mrs, Luke should be it!

Stay tuned ya!