Tuesday, 28 April 2009


I remembered a couple of months ago when I had dim sum with my bro, Mike and our wives, a waitress asked if Kaitlin (their daughter) is a boy or a girl. While they politely told her that she is in fact a girl, Mike was a little "upset" once she walked away. He asked why is it that people can't tell especially when Kaitlin is dressed in pink from head to toe and sitting in a pink pram.

I laughed it off then and told him that it is normal because with some babies you really can't tell especially when they are younger. I related to him the many occasions that we were asked if Isaac is a boy or a girl when he was younger even though he was dressed in shorts with polo shirts or shirts.

There is a Chinese saying that you wont know the pain until you have pricked by the needle yourself. Well I guessed I was pricked by the needle and I should apologise to my bro for dismissing it as a small deal when in fact it is anything but!!

About 2 weeks ago while we were out having high tea with Mike and our wives, a waitress looked at the twins in their stroller and asked are they both boys. While the Mrs clarifies with her politely, I was thinking can it be anymore obvious? I mean one of them is in blue while the other in pink so you should be able to tell right away right?

What do you think? Does she still look like a boy in all pink? You be the judge.

Speaking of pink, the Mrs is going on a rampage buying anything that is nice and in pink. She has caught on the online shopping craze and the mothers at SMH is not helping also. I have to admit many of the stuffs that they put up for sale are very nice indeed. Most importantly they are very cheap too! Now before you go on and accuse us of showing favouritism towards Hayley, you should know that she buys things for Luke as well.

I think the twins may be taller than Isaac because they are in this in-between stage now where Isaac's old rompers and pajamas at the same stage are a little small for them while those at the next stage are too big. As a result we went out and bought about 6 to 8 new pajamas from Gap for them. We felt their growth should not be restricted by the length of the clothes they wear. Luckily there was a 30% discount so the damage was under control.

Not sure about the height but there are surely distinctive differences between all 3 of them. Hayley has the nicest and longest eye lashes and did I mention it curled upwards? Isaac's eyelashes are nice and long for a boy as well whereas Luke doesn't seem to have any. They are just too short.

Luke is round like Isaac was at about the same stage and he weighs in at about 5kg now. Not bad right considering he is about a month premature and he has not even hit 3 months yet. Hayley on the other hand is still lagging behind but we're not exactly complaining yet until our next visit to their PD.

When it comes to drinking habits (not referring to beer here in case you AA members are mistaken) the 3 of them are rather unique in their own way as well. Isaac was the best as he did not give us any problem and he drinks very fast. Even now he finishes 270ml of milk in under 5 minutes. He likes to drink plain water as well. Luke on the other hand was a messy drinker when younger. He will occasionally squirt out milk from the corner of his mouth. Milk will also flow out from both corners of his mouth. However he has since learnt his manners and is much neater and cleaner now. His speed while not as fast as Isaac but he has shown a glimpse of the same potential as his big brother. Hayley is a typical girly girl. She will take her time with her meals and do not like to be disturbed. When you are feeding her she will really much prefer if you give her your full concentration and not talk to anyone. Otherwise she will let you know exactly how she feels. It could be due her speed because she is extremely clean. If we were to tug a piece of tissue under her neck it will come out completely dry after her feed.

The only other thing we can compare is probably their sleeping habit. I do not think we can attain a fair comparison because Isaac may appear to be the easier one but then again he did not have a sibling making noise and waking him up all the time. Luke is probably the clear winner in this category because he simply loves to sleep. He goes to sleep very easily after each feed and up until recently he will wake up like clockwork every 3 hours demanding to be fed again. Hayley on the other hand takes a lot of swaying and carrying before she will doze off but the good thing here is her sleep usually lasts much longer. Some of you may have noticed from my Facebook message that Hayley managed to sleep throughout when she turned 2 months old. While this is not 100% of the time but it is at least a good 80%.

For the past few days Luke is showing signs of joining Hayley in the STC - Sleep Throughout Club. The night before he slept after his feed at about 10 ish and only woke up around 6 the next morning. Last night both of them slept from about 11 plus and woke up this morning at about 6 ish for their milk. It certainly looks like they might just join Isaac who became a member of the STC on a permanent basis from when he was 3 months old.

One concern that we have is Luke generally likes to sleep on his tummy. The past few nights of him sleeping throughout, he was on his tummy. Earlier we were worried so he was put on his tummy only for short spells and under regulation supervisions but recently he has grown so much stronger that he can lift his head up and turn it from left to right so we feel a little safer. He likes to crawl forward while sleeping too so we are sacrificing our pillows to pad the surroundings. If this is anything to go by he will be crawling in no time.


happyhour said...

hi Dylan
trust me.. when i dress my girls in ALL pink i expect them to know they are GIRLS... who in the right frame of mind would dress a BOY in ALL pink???? I am sure you wouldnt dress your boys in PINK right?

Once Kaelyn was dressed in ALL PINK.. with the word GIRL across chest... and still ppl ask BOY or GIRL huh??? It's not as if it's a BIG word like "PRINCESS"... but just a normal word "GIRL" and still ppl cannot read ah?

oh and one more thing that irritates me is that people will say Tricia looks like me and Kaelyn looks like daddy. Means wat? Kaelyn not pretty ah like boy ah??? faint :)

JS said...

Hi Dylan,

It's been quite a while! And hey, where's the pics of your children? I reckon like me, many readers are also waiting for them ;).

It does make a great diff that the children are able to sleep thru the nite ya. Both my boys did when they were abt 4months old. Any time before that were pure endurance, sweat, tears and numerous pulling of hairs! But the fruits tasted especially sweet too after they joined the club, haha!

As for Luke sleeping on tummy, it rang a bell for my No.2 too. He showed a clear preference for that as young as 1month?! Initially we were quite concerned (worried of SID!), but he seemed to be doing just great. As the Lactation Consultant assured me then, all her kids did so when young, and all turned out fine. The only thing we have to be careful thou, is to ensure you do not leave any objects that may be too heavy &/or easy to slip under, make sure too that the mattress is firm and any loose ends are tucked in properly. Many SIDs happened in the western countries as these babies tend to sleep on beds with fluffy quilts, esp during winter time, etc. But it never hurt to be more watchful ;).

And well, interestingly, it's still my No. 2 preferred sleeping pattern now that he's 20mo!

shysta said...

my husband and i have also been pretty annoyed when that happens to us. one particular flabbergasting incident happened abt 3 weeks ago.

I had dressed Misha up in a princess satin dress with a full body skirt. It was white with intricate floral embroidery.

While waiting for Mirza to drive out of the carpark, an auntie walked passed me and said... aiyoh so Q...BOI ah?? Go gai gai ah boboi? Byebaiii. And she carried on walking.

I could only stare at her in disbelief.

After that we came to the conclusion that some ppl are just blind. heh.

I think online shopping is heavenly for moms with baby girls. (i'm just as guilty!!!) The range of pretty clothes and shoes and accessories is so damaging to my hubby's pockets.

Nicole said...

That title enough is very much to my liking. Haha.

Well, for me, I don't have such problems I guess, cause since young, claire and Cleo have alot of hair and very girlish features. Even though I do have family members, like my mum and sisters, saying that Cleo looks like a boy when she simply perspire too much and I tuck all her hair behind her ears and comb her fringe sideway. It's literally transformed from ' wanjun' biaomei to 'jaiming' biaoge. You can roger?? Haha...

Oh yes, like I've predicted, your mrs will definitely go gaga buying all the pretty little pinky stuffs for hayley. All mothers do.:)

There's once my sister told me, she went out with her PIL(parents in law) and they saw a toddler, and said to my niece' come, korkor can play with you'. Then to their horror, the ah ma of the 'korkor' actually said' wah lau eh, so big ribbon, you cannot see it's a girl meh!'(the big ribbon she referred to, is on the SHOES!". Hahahahaha...it's very funny. I guess sometimes, babies/toddlers' faces are really too netural for others to tell the gender.

So your mrs going back to work soon? How will the arrangement be by then? :)

olivia said...

I took my twins out for a walk a few days ago. They were both dressed in blue. An old man thought the younger twin was a boy. He's smaller in size and has more hair on his head, longer and curlier eyelashes and bigger eyes.
I think it's hard for people to tell if babies are boys or girls irregardless of what colour they're wearing.
Some people might think that the clothes are hand-me-downs; hence a boy could wear pink and a girl could blue. :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cecilia,

Actually I will let Isaac wear pink but only when he is about his current age now where there should be no mistaking his gender but I get what you're saying.

Wah with the GIRL word and still people ask? Then comparing with your experience mine is nothing. Hahahaha

I get what you mean but girls that resemble their dads can also be good looking so don't be irritated.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Joyce,

Yes it has been quite a while. How have you been?

I have to admit, with the twins' arrival we are getting a little lazy in taking pictures of all the kids. This is definitely something that we have to work on.

Ya, we are so looking forward to them joining the STC. As it is we are pretty happy already. They only wake up once in the night for feed.

Thanks for your assurance and tips to prevent SID. I will always make it a point to check on him. Sometimes when I cannot tell if his body is moving when he breathes I will poke him a little to get a reaction. Then I will pray he does not wake up crying. Hahahaha

Do come back more frequently ya?!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Shysta,

From your description of the dress I can't imagine anyone still mistaking Misha for a boy. Guess the lady is just oblivious or too engrossed with Misha's eyes hence she missed out everything else.

Compare to your incident I guess mine is not that bad after all.

Thank goodness the stuffs sold online are usually rather cheap hence the damage is under control.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

I thought you would like the title. Hahaha

Yes Cleo does have very nice, thick and curly hair. Wish Hayley has half as much hair.

I literally laughed out loud when I read your sis's incident. Big ribbon!! Hahahahaha

The Mrs is now back at work already actually. The kids and Ani are being dropped off at my parents' place each morning. So far so good but we are still observing in case we need to make another arrangement.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Olivia,

You are right in that people will always make this mistake. This will happen again and to everyone.

I never quite thought about the hand-me-down part actually. I also believe parents generally tend to avoid dressing baby boys in pink and baby girls in blue.

I'm happy to dress Isaac in pink, red, orange & yellow etc but only when he is slightly older like now where mistaking him for a girl is nearly impossible.

KoLe said...

hi dylan,
you are not alone.
ple mistook my girl for a boy right up to when she can toddle around! pink hairband, pink dress, pink shoes and ple will ask me 'boy har'?
blame it on her poor follicle growth.

and i resort to dressing her in rompers that literally screamed.

and its great that your kids can sleep through!
i never had the luxury till she was 3yrs old.

cant wait to see the twins photos!

Nicole said...

Yes, indeed very funny on the big riboon. I guess the ah ma of the 'boy' is truly fed up that all keep on mistaking her granddaughter as a boy! Hee

So have Mr. Isaac begin to tell you 'no' nowadays??

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi KoLe,

Judging from all your experiences it looks like mine is a little trivia. Considering Hayley was barely 2 months plus when they asked if she is a boy.

Well if what happyhour (Cecilia) went through is anything to go by, dressing her in rompers that scream female might not necessary work.

We are lucky in that Isaac slept through when he turned 3 months and the twins are almost there now that they are 3 months also.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

Isaac is very slow when compared to Cleo. He has only started walking last week but I must add he has stabilised a lot within a week. Now he can walk really fast.

As for words, he can really just call Papa and Mama which sounds like mum mum (food) or vice versa.

Speech wise he still has a long way to go.

Cleo is really cute in all the videos that you have posted. It also gives us some idea what is to come from Isaac. Hahahaha

Nicole said...

Oh haha...so you have seen the videos. As no one commented, so I have no idea whether you guys can understand and figure out what cleo is talking about... Can you understand or not?? haha.....

I think boys will not be that chatty bah?? Imagine if Isaac talk non-stop like cleo? Faint!

The Bimbo said...

MmM I find those people a little odd really. I find it hard to tell babies' gender so I tend to guess from the colour of their clothing. So pink = girls to me and blue = boy. MmM I really wonder what goes in their heads....

happyhour said...

ya la if the boy big liao wear pink ok lah.. not those GIRLY pink top right? its BOY's cut PINK top so can tell mah.
if girl wear those girly cut pink top still think is boy ah i oso dun know wat to say..
looking at the pics... can see she girl wat...PINK lor.. mayb i traditional.. to me Pink means girl unless like i said its a BOY cut or something.

but can really see that Hayley is smaller size than Luke... guess girls will b girls..petite lor :)

Mrs back at work.. wow must b super duper tiring now..

TO MRS: rest more while u can ok.. since Dylan say he no need to sleep much u "throw" the kids to him to take care n u sleep more :) hahaa

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

Of course we have seen the videos. The Mrs is a big fan of Ms Cleo. She doesn't usually leave her comments while I have been extremely busy so please forgive me. But rest assured that we are definitely following the progress of your two princesses.

We have a little idea how it will be like with Isaac's constant "talking". Sometimes he will go on talking gibberish for quite a while.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bobo,

Like you I am generally not good at telling the babies' genders but one can usually tell from the dressing and colour.

Guess this people just ask out of convenience instead of making their own observation.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cecilia,

First of all can you please repost your comment minus the final bit? Otherwise I will be forced to delete it before the Mrs sees it.

I now believe these people are just not seeing with their eyes. They prefer to ask out of convenience.

Pink = Girls and Blue = Boys concept must have been around for quite a while now but still.....

Anyway Hayley does not look too girl in the picture but in person she is soooooooo girl with her long and curly eye lashes!

And oh ya, I find it tiring too leh since I have not stopped working since Isaac was born.

Nicole said...

Hayley definitely looks more girlish than Luke. But maybe cause her girl not that much, that's why people mistook her for a boy. As you know, babies got very neutral look. Pardon me for pointing out the lack of hair, wait you and your mrs got offended...Hee...

I only noticed the very big armani logos on their jumpers! It sure looks ex and really not practical cause they will outgrow, say...1 month or so?? Or Isaac's godma bought for them? I don't know about you guys but ever since I have my girls, I totally don't buy branded for them, cause they outgrow so fast, I don't know why I bother. The saddest part also gotta be, I also didn't buy for myself anymore. I rather use the money to buy milk and toys for them. Hee

Btw, I keep on wanting to tell you but keep on forgetting, that is, if you're still letting Isaac and co(his siblings) drink Similac. For similac stage 2 onwards, for every 9/10 tins, you'll be able to accumulate the receipt and redeem yourself a free tin of 400g of formula milk from abbott. This is small money as compared but based on the amount of milk intake of your two little darlings, I'm sure it will help...a tiny little bit...Haha!

Happyhour said...

Wah Dylan threaten your loyal reader ah… but u posted that in one of your post previously mah that you no need much sleep… so leave it for the MRS to catch up with her beauty sleep lor :) keke

Hi Nicole: I NOTICE the BIG (ok not so big considering the jumper is small piece) Eagle LOGO oso lor… don’t dare to comment wait kenna blacklisted by the author ah :)

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers here :0)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

Hayley actually looks very girly in person but you are right she has too little hair. Wish she has more but it is hard considering both the Mrs and I have fine and thin hair.

Hey you know us well! The Armani clothes were gift from Isaac’s Godma for their 1st month. Like you we do not spend excessively on their clothes too. We normally buy them clothes from Gap and Zara so nothing too expensive.

Actually I think you mentioned this promotion before but we can’t enjoy as the Mrs is already enjoying it at a discount from ordering directly from the supplier. She is in the medical line so this is some perk. When NTUC had the Similac promotion, we bought almost $1k worth of milk powder for all 3 kids. According to the Mrs that should last us about 6 months?!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cecilia,

Threaten?! No lah. That was just me asking nicely!

I did say I can function with 4 to 5 hours of sleep but that doesn’t mean I can do it on a daily basis too. You could have opened a whole can of worms with your suggestion.

As I explained to Nicole the clothes were gifts from Isaac’s Godma to the twins for their 1st month celebration so we did not pay for it.

Lastly I dare not blacklist you since the loyal readers here are getting few and far between. Heh heh

Happy Mother’s Day to you all!!

happyhour said...

Haha we also very kaisu.. when Gain IQ having promotion, we go DIFFERENT NTUC to "sweep" up the tins le... can really stock up for 6 months kind lor. but it's really good deal when they have those bundle sales.

like u.. i oso get my supply from my Godma in the medical line... buy 6 get 1 free hor ;)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cecilia,

Instead of Kiasu I like to see us as being smart. If there is a promotion for things that we are definitely going to buy and consume then why not enjoy the discounts right?

Same promotion. Buy 6 and get 1 free. However it is harder for us cause they are usually a little strict when they receive orders for infant milk powder.