Wednesday, 8 April 2009


I told myself I must try to make it a point to blog at least once a week and so far I was able to stick to it but that was until last week! Not sure if any of you noticed but there was no update from me.

Oh before I go into this week’s topic I need to clarify one thing. A few of your readers expressed your concerns after seeing the picture from my last post featuring Ani carrying all 3 babies. I believe it is in my best interest to clear the air before Ministry of Manpower comes knocking on my door.

The only reason Ani was carrying all 3 babies was because she requested to take a picture with all of them so she can show her family back home. She was the one who wanted to take a picture with her carrying all of them. Under no other circumstances will she be asked to repeat that stunt especially in a normal working environment. When the picture was taken it was in a controlled environment and extreme care and preventive measures were taken to ensure the safety of not only the babies but Ani too. Please do not try this at home and definitely not when you have to borrow someone else's kids for the stunt.

I remembered some tourists were giving us a funny look when we were handing all 3 babies to Ani. One even offered to take the picture for us probably thinking that he is saving Ani.

Anyway since the last outing to Carousel and Isetan Scotts we have gotten a little more used to the attention. I am happy to say that we are still going out on a weekly basis with all the kids in tow and the twin stroller of course.

We actually went to Gymboree last weekend for Isaac to have some fun climbing and crawling around and learn to interact with other children. We went for a trial lesson once but decided that he is not ready to be following the group in their activities. Most of the time he just sat there and observed what the older kids were doing with the facilitator. He only managed to warm up his engine after about half an hour before he started to crawl around chased after the balls. He had such a good time that he did not want to leave when the hour was up. Since they do offer playtime where kids can just go into the gym and do their own things we decided Isaac is probably happier that way hence we headed back there last Saturday. Ani, the Mrs and I took turn rotating between playing with Isaac and standing outside handling the twins, stares and questions from the other parents, grandparents and maids there.

Speaking of last Saturday we set a record for the longest number of hours out with the entire family minus Dino. We were out for a total of just under 8 hours and only returned home after 9pm. The best part was we were not even bothered with the fact that we had to lug along this huge diaper bag that contains milk, water, diapers, snacks, toys and change of clothes for all 3 babies and the twin stroller. Although the twins were cranky at times demanding to be fed but we were mostly unfazed. We just went about our business as if we were the only ones at the mall not paying much attention to all the stares and smiles.

We were even bold enough to take on a steamboat buffet dinner in the evening. Although the spread and food was nothing to rave about but we still managed to enjoy ourselves and dinner lasted for close to 2 hours. During dinner we had to stop and feed the twins and pacify Isaac as well.

After dinner we still had energy to carry on shopping at Gap for a bit more where we managed to buy some clothes for Isaac and another bag for the Mrs which she felt is good for another diaper bag. I found something I like too but that is for another day.

Overall I am very pleased with the whole experience although I had to miss my Spurs playing live on TV. They lost 2 - 1 incidentally if anyone is interested. This little experience will hopefully go a long way to reinforce into the Mrs's mind that even though we have 3 babies now but with a little bit of planning we can still enjoy our weekend outside as a family. Who says we have to stay cooped up at home now that we are parents of 3 babies?


Merryn said...

Do not try this at home especially if you have to borrow someone else' baby? hahahhahaha.. dat is a good one!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Merryn,

I figured there are not too many household with 3 kids these days hence that statement.

I'm glad you share my humour!

Michelle Ng said...

Wow, going for a steamboat dinner is a challenge to us(me, my hub n helper) with only my Xandren. Cannot imagine with 3 kids... Kudos to you, Mrs n Ani. I wonder when is the next time i got the courage to step into a steamboat buffet restaurant again. haha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Michelle,

Frankly the twins are easy since they are so young. They are asleep for most of the time.

It is Isaac that is a handful. These days usually we will have to take turns to take care of him while the other two eat.

Once the twins are older then we may have to eat at home all the time liao. Hee hee

PositiveSpunky/ Mrs T said...

Ways to go, Dylan & Mrs!

Sometimes, we wonder why we are easily exhausted, having to only handle 1 toddler! While some parents with 3 - 4 toddlers, still look calm and enjoying their outings. =p

F A I T H said...

Hi Dylan!

Glad to know you and your family had a great time out there. Yes, I think time passes much faster when you have the kids out of the house. Staying at home can drive one nuts. I think you'll agree with me. Hee!

God bless!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Mrs T,

I can't speak for others but in our case it is more like "when push comes to shove" kind of thing.

When we had Isaac only we also complained that we were tired handling and running after him.

I am still wondering how will we cope when the twins are all about 1.

Ed and Family said...

Hi Dylan,

Glad to hear that Mrs and babies are doing well.

You are so lucky that Ani is really a super helper...

We are so busy recently...
Will drop by more often...
So pls up-date more pics...

Ermm.. can add you in our facebook??

Take care pal...

Ed and Family - Shirley

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Faith,

Ya, we need to get out of the house sometimes. Staying cooped up with 3 crying babies will really dry us nuts!! I'm 100% with you on that!

However we still get some comments from strangers that the twins are too young to be out. Oh well. "shrugs"

A Husband's Voice said...

Hey Shirley (I think),

Thanks for your concerns!! We are all doing well. Losing some sleep but otherwise no problem.

We are indeed grateful that Ani is a good helper too!

Hey I know how having a child will make a day seems much shorter. Just drop by whenever you can.

Of course you can add me in Facebook.

See you around!

Aces Family said...

Hi F3,

Can start his nick for you now that you are Father of 3...haha.

Heard that Spurs may be in town u can include this in your family outing schedule.

Yeah, family outing is always a joy. It's the companionship that really matters.

Only thing is IHL are still very young, if the outing is too long and exposure is too much, chances are they may get overly excited and when nites come, they will become very grouchy and interrupted sleeps.


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi M2,

I prefer F1 as it is way cooler than F3. Sounds like the 3rd division for Formula 1 racing.

As for Spurs they will not be coming after all. Had to cancel due to the international commitments of the players. I watched them when they were here many years ago.

Thanks for the tip! Luckily for us they were sleeping most of the time so they did not give us much problem at night. Will take note of what you say though!

Nicole said...

Not too long ago, happiefamilee also went for steamboat buffet. The spread wasn't that fantasic but derrick and I were very pleased that our girls can join us for the steamboat without much fussing. Especially for Cleo, as long as you keep her occupied and stuffed with food, she's on her best behaviour. So we never really did have any problem while going out.

Now that you mention, I think actually Cleo wasn't half as bad as before, she's alot more manageable and good. *phew!*

It's really cool to be able to go out with the whole family and get to enjoy right?

Isaac walking yet? Very long never see you update about him, kinda miss him. Do update on his developments ya. :)

Charlene said...

yes, i was thinking what happened cos no updates about the family. glad to know that you guys had a great time!cheers!

F A I T H said...

Hi Dylan

To me, these people will always remain strangers - an awfully "strange" group of people. Kekeke...

The Bimbo said...

Hahha I can imagine all the dirty looks people were giving you guys as you overload Ani with the babies!! haha I'll probably be one of those people too if I didn't stay to observe that it was just a photo opportunity. MY! I would probably take a photograph of you guys doing it!!! :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

We did the same whenever we're out with Isaac, stuff him with food but it will only last for a while. If this is a normal 1 course meal then it should do the trick but if we are talking about buffet then he will get restless before we can finish our meal.

I agree with you. It is nice to be going out as a family. If only they can all walk now then it will be better? Sometimes there are just too many things to bring.

Isaac is still very lazy and is not walking yet. He climbs up and down a lot and can hold on to the furniture and walk around it but not unassisted.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Charlene,

Thanks for checking back occasionally. I was really busy past few weeks mainly with work hence missed one week.

Things should improve from now on so should be able to keep it to once a week.

See you around ya?!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Faith,

Because they are strangers so I ignore them most of the time unless they come up to my face then I will defend myself.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bobo,

Ya that's it! The 'Dirty' look. No, seriously they were that bad. More like the 'curious-and-let’s-wait-and-see-what's-happening' kind of look.

Ya! Take a picture of us 'abusing' Ani and then post it on your blog for all to condemn right?! Hahahaha