Friday, 27 March 2009


Last Sunday we took Ani out for a high-tea buffet to celebrate her birthday. Since she really like salmon sashimi and the Mrs has always like the spread at Carousel, we decided to buy her lunch there.

The original plan was to leave Isaac at my dad's place in order to allow Ani time and space to enjoy her birthday treat. With Isaac around he will surely be a handful and we felt that Ani may not be able to enjoy as much. However Ani was a little sad when she learned of our plan so we decided to bring Isaac along.

Is this cone too hard or I do not have enough teeth?

On that day it was also the first time that we used the twin stroller that my SIL had bought us all the way from Canada. She is a citizen there and when she learned that we were having twins she immediately told us that she will get a twin stroller for us as a gift. She had to lug it all the way from Canada as well when she came over to visit during the Chinese New Year.

She would be pleased to know that the stroller was a breeze to handle and it is also not that heavy. Like most twin strollers it is rather bulky and would have problem fitting into our old car. But with this new 7 seater we had no such problem although we had to give up the last row of seats. From our trip that day we also concluded that in fact there are a number of escalators that will not be able to take our stroller.

Overall lunch was good and we all enjoyed ourselves even though Isaac was a little cranky. He was not feeling well as he had probably caught the virus from his cousin. He was always demanding to be carried or fed so as usual the 3 of us had to take turn to carry and pacify him. Before we knew it almost 2 hours had passed and we had to leave as the restaurant prepared itself for the dinner buffet.

She just can't bear to celebrate without Isaac

Who says caring for 3 kids is easy?!?!!?

The Mrs and Ani caring for 3 of them like how they do on a daily basis.

Now those of you who had followed this blog since day one will probably remember that I had for the longest time chosen not to reveal our identities because the Mrs has always been afraid of unwanted attentions. Imagine her shock and uneasiness when we wheeled out the twins in their new stroller for the first time. People were staring at us and for the most part smiling. She was so uncomfortable from the short walk between Shaw House where we parked our car to the Royal Plaza on Scotts. I could tell that she was evading eye contact with the strangers who were walking in our direction.

As all the 3 babies needed to have their diapers changed we decided to head towards Isetan Scotts since they have one of the better nursery around.

On the way back to Shaw House the Mrs again felt very awkward and had to always engage me in conversation in order to avoid making eye contact with oncoming strangers. I also suggested for her to wear her shades the next time we bring the twins out in their stroller.

The observations we made was rather interesting because this is not the first time we brought all the 3 babies out but we have always had the Mrs and Ani sling the twins while I carry Isaac. Although there were stares but they were never quite like what we had experienced with the stroller. Immediately upon crossing Claymore Hill road we were stopped by 2 Chinese ladies. They asked if they were twins and requested to take a picture of them. While I was replying them the Mrs had already walked on.

I should have read that as a sign that she will not be of any help from what is to come next!

There were no further incidents and we reached the nursery at Isetan Scotts rather quickly using the lift of course. Even though the very long escalator looked like it could handle the stroller I was not confident I could manage getting the stroller on and off the escalator. I told Ani I will have a trial run another day without the twins actually in there of course.

Nothing much happened in the nursery except for some pleasant exchange with another 2 ladies there who were feeding this little boy.

Once we were done they Mrs and Ani wanted to pick some stuffs up for the babies department and since the stroller is too big to be manoeuvred between the aisle and rows of products I decided to park myself with the twins right next to where they display the prams and strollers.

Our twin stroller!!

What happened next was something that even I had difficulty handling. The twins in their stroller literally stopped traffic. Everyone that walked down that aisle would stopped and check if they were twins and their genders and age before proceeding to guess which is the boy and which is the girl. Those who were with their family and chanced upon us first will guessed and then once their family members caught up they will made them guess the gender as well. If only I get a dollar with each guess..........

Most people are excited to learn that they are of different genders.

The Isetan employees and promoters also left their post just to come and sneak a peek. Some even got their colleagues from another section to come and look and again guess the gender.

There was this Caucasian man who became a father himself 5 days back showed me the pictures of his daughter in his phone and asked to take pictures of the twins at the same time. Basically I spoke with men and women of different colour, age, shape and size.

Can you tell who is Luke and who is Hayley?

All this while the Mrs and Ani along with Isaac were at a distance away watching and sniggering away. I could tell from the look on the Mrs's face that she was REALLY glad she was not the one who had to wait with the twins. Think she will probably dig a hole and bury her head in.

After what seemed like an eternity these people finally moved on and before more came down this aisle I quickly moved away with the twins and join up with the Mrs.

If I didn't know any better I would have thought mine are the last children on earth, think Children of Men. The way these people reacted was nice but a tad too overwhelming. While I am fine with strangers staring and smiling away and asking the odd question or two, this experience with the crowd was a little too weird.

Although this little experience did nothing to deter me from bringing the stroller out again I know for a fact that it will take a lot more now for the Mrs to agree to handle the stroller alone with the twins in it.


The Bimbo said...

Luke is the one on the right with the yellower blanket! And Hayley's the darling on the left!

MmM the stroller does look big on the front and it probably attracts more attention. It could help if you keep the top down when they are asleep? but if they's awake then probably not.. mm

It'll get harder when they are a little bigger... mm

love said...

Hmmm ... I realised that happens whenever I use the twin stroller and it does get us some stares and curious looks so I avoided using that after my twins turned 18mths+. You and Mrs will have to get used to it. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, we'll be travelling with our 4 year-old and twins end of this year. I wonder what's going to happen.
Our twin stroller is rather bulky. But looking at yours, it looks rather compact and light. Maybe it'd be good for travelling. I will have to find one such stroller. :)
I wonder if you could give a little more details about your stroller. Thanks.

F A I T H said...

Welcome to the Parent of Twins Club, Dylan!!! Kekeke...

Like your Mrs, I'd always avoid eye contact despite knowing that the strangers/tourists were just thrilled to see the twins. Initially, I'd just return with a friendly smile. After 3 months, I just "move on", leaving my husband (and sometimes, maid) to handle questions like "Are they twins?", "Who is the older sister?", "How many minutes apart are they?", etc.

And now at 2½ years of age, if strangers ask me questions like "Are they twins?", I think sometimes I couldn't help but give them that "Isn't it obvious?" look before answering "Yes." Hahaha... Very mean, I know. But you may come to this stage one day, so don't judge me first, okie?

And no offence to those who happened to be that curious stranger. I'm sorry if you had been one of those whom I intentionally ignored. I don't drive, so you can imagine the number of curious people I meet on public transport for the past 2½ years when I lug my twins wherever I go. :p

Anonymous said...

OMG, what an experience!

My hubby and I belong to the group of people that don't check out babies in general, whether they come alone or in pairs, threes, etc. For better or worse, maybe we're a dying breed. :)


Aces Family said...

Hi Dylan,

Happy belated birthday wish to Ani and i must say : She is amazing!! (Mrs too!! for able to handle 3 babies. Fyi, the ratio is 2:1 (adt : baby).

The twins are really so adorable and if i were to see them on the street, i will stopby and admire them too!!

all the best!!


Anonymous said...



no man's land said...

The twins are so cute! And Luke and Hayley do look quite different. Luke looks like a mini Isaac, while Hayley looks girly. =) And say, your stroller is quite big and sturdy eh! Can you actually get it on most escalators?

happyhour said...

wow a little star attention here. i guess its human to just take a second look when they see a twin stroller.. somemore your stroller look so powerful le...

i remember when tricia was still a baby and she had the heaviest cheeks around... i was walking her in her pram at taka when these 2 caucasians stopped me and requested to take a pic of her.

of cos first tot was "huh crazy" but then after that was "wah proud le.. my bb so cute until ppl want to take pic"

so u should feel proud of ur 2 little ones... they are just so charming in their own ways..

hmm when Isaac bigger, mayb you can consider getting those step on stuff that you attached to the back of the stroller... DEFINITELY, sure, confirm stamp chop get attention one... :o)

to be frank.. if i saw ur maid with Isaac in the sling n her carrying the twins, i sure take 10 times look AGAIN and again one...
typical kaypo singaporean lah :)

(i MUST salute her on that man.. really can manage THREE kids!!! no joke)

Nicole said...

Luke got double chin already! Haha...

And Hayley really look very girlish, I'm sure your mrs will be thrill to dress her up in future. Unlike my Cleo, who really look like a boy..My sister call her tomgirl*faint*

You know, I think it's not only about twins having attracting curious stares. I always tell my sister and derrick that Cleo MUST be the last baby on earth cause people, may it be auntie, uncle, young girl, young boy, teenagers, will actually stopped in their tracks just to stare at her. So many times till I have accidentally ram my stroller into them. Not my fault, I can assure you. Given that they just sudddenly braked without warning. Haha.

But I'll have to agree, even though you mentioned that your twin stroller doesn't weight too heavy, it sure looks bulky. Definitely got alot of esclators you can't get in(like I've mentioned to you back then.

And for some reason, I find your mrs's reaction very cute. Haha...I think I can understand a bit of how it feels. Given that I only have one 4 year old kiddo and 1 baby girl and people are already staring. Let alone 1 young Isaac and two newborn twins. I'll probably stare too. LOL

You meant Ani really does carry the three of them together or it's just for the photo taking sake?? It must be very backbreaking..*wah*

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bobo,

You are right with your guesses. Pretty easy right? The size difference is unmistakable.

The stroller is indeed bulky so that naturally attracts the attention already. The top is meant for shielding them from the sun only so it cannot cover them completely. Strangers walking towards us will still be able to see them.

I'm sure it will be harder with certain things when they are a little bigger but I'll leave that to the future me to handle.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Irin,

I am not too disturbed with the attention. Generally they will just stare, smile and get on with their business. We will try not to stop for too long at crowded places in the future.

Because they are not identical twins I do not think we will receive the same stares when they're older.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi ipoop,

When you say travelling you mean leaving the country on a vacation? If it is so then you must share with me how it turns out. BTW how old are your twins?

Our twin stroller is actually rather bulky so I think you may have been mistaken. I don't think it is good for travelling unlike the Maclaren ones. I can email you the pictures of the stroller (front, sides and folded) if you want. Just drop me an email.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Faith,

So anything else I need to go through or learn by being in this club? Hahaha

I suspected that the Mrs isn't alone with the way she feels. Like you I usually just smile back and continue walking. The Mrs didn't wait 3 months to leave me alone to deal with them curious people. Hahahaha

Actually I don't think we will go through this for much longer because unlike yours mine are not identical twins. I believe very soon people will probably not see them as twins and lose their interest.

Hats off to you for bringing En and Xuan around by using public transport!! Don't think we will want to go out much if we have to lug everything on the bus or train.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi E,

You got the OMG part right!! It was a little awkward and frightening actually.

I won't say you are a dying breed but from what I can see you definitely belong to the minority.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Astee,

Ya the Mrs and Ani should really be applauded for handling the twins and Isaac on a daily basis.

You may just be able to catch us on the street one of these days. As you know the Mrs does not like to stay in door so who knows maybe you will soon see this man pushing along this bulky stroller with the twins in there.

A Husband's Voice said...

Thanks Jolin!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Roanne,

They do look very different. You don't need to be the parents to tell them apart that's for sure!

Luke does look a lot like Isaac when he was younger. I curious to know if this will continue till older.

As for Hayley, she is looking better by the day. She is looking more girly now.

As for the stroller going onto the escalator, I believe it can get onto those that can take 2 people standing side by side.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cecilia,

Ya I agree. The size of the stroller does not help. It actually draws attention before the stranger realise that there are twins in it.

I was also a little taken aback when strangers want to take pictures of the twins. I was like, hmmmm..... whatever for right?

The twins charming in their own ways. Hmmm........

If we include Isaac in the stroller then strangers will probably be thinking "wah this couple very poor thing! have to take care of 3 babies!" Incidentally this is what the Mrs believe is going through their minds whenever they smile at her.

Ani does not sling Isaac and carry the twins all at the same time. What you saw in the picture is a pose only. She wanted to show her family back home a picture taken with all 3 babies.

She does not handle all 3 babies alone. It will be impossible!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

Luke is definitely catching up with other babies now. He last measured 4.4kg at about 7 plus weeks. Almost catching with Isaac when he was at the same age.

The Mrs is already getting excited buying dresses for her. They are of course pink!

Cleo is indeed very cute so I can understand why she stopped traffic too!

Actually I believe those escalators that can take two people standing side by side in major shopping centres can take the stroller.

I should clarify that Ani only carry them like this for the picture taking. She wanted to show her family all 3 babies. We will not allow her to handle all 3 of them at one go. Not safe plus impossible.

Trina said...

haha.. i'm sure they must have attracted a lot of attention! I knew of a fren who has got triplets, and her stroller of 3 kids also stopped a lot of traffic! But i suppose you'll get used to it soon.. nice stroller btw! indeed not as bulky as some i've seen around :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Trina,

Triplets!! Now they deserve to stop traffic. After all they are not that common. In fact I have not seen a stroller for triplets! I would have stopped and stare as well. Hahahaha

I don't think we will get too used to it.

For some strange reasons most of you do not find the stroller bulky. Maybe you have all been misled by the photo. To us it is quite big but we like it nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Hehe oh well, attention is a strange thing! One tends to miss it when it's not there anymore.

But look on the bright side, it's more material for the book! How's that coming along?

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi E,

About the book, the plan was to publish what I had blogged about in the beginning right up to Isaac's birth. I will then block the access to these posts from the blog of course.

However a number of people have already visited this blog hence I am not sure if people will actually buy it.

I'll still need your help to proof read it if your offer still stands. Guess I should not procrastinate anymore.

no man's land said...

Believe me when people will think "Wah! So power! 3 of them!" instead of "Wah! So poor thing! 3 of them" when they see you guys on the street. *haha* The next thought will probaby be, "Wah! Mummy is still so slim and pretty. Even more power!" *hahaha*

Actually, I will also take a few more looks, if not actually walk up to chit chat, if I see parents with twins or triplets. Cute mah! That is if the Daddy is not wearing a shirt that says "Yes, they are twins. Now leave me alone!"

viv said...

Luke is so much bigger than Hayley!! did you happen to forget to feed Hayley and feed Luke twice the intake???

Just joking!

Anyway, seems like you guys are handling all 3 babes well! jiayou!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Roanne,

I don't think the Mrs is too convinced. She still thinks they pity her for having 3 kids so young with age gap so close. But I bet she will be happy to think that they find her a slim mummy even though she has given birth to 3 babies. Hahaha

Instead of me wearing the t-shirt maybe I should let the twins wear them instead.

"Yes! For the last time we are twins so move along now!"

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Viv,

Luke is almost 1kg heavier than Hayley now. He is actually not big because Isaac was a little bigger than him at about the same age.

Hayley is the one who is small but since she is a girl I do not mind. Better this way than the other way round right?

I know you are kidding but because they are non-identical twins there is almost zero chance of us confusing them unless it is in the middle of the night and we are really sleepy. Hahaha

Er..... I am not sure if we are handling them well but we are definitely struggling a little here. We could definitely use another few pairs of hands here. Volunteer, anyone?

ipoop said...

Hi Mr Husband (sorry I don't know your name),
Yes, we will be travelling on airplane at the end of the year. I'm nervous, even now. They are 10 months old now. That means at the end of the year, they will be around 18 months old when we board the plane. I really wonder how it'd be like. Yes, I will let you know how it turns out. But I can already anticipate crying and fussing and tantrum-throwing.

ipoop said...

Sorry, I forgot to add. My husband just ordered a double stroller that looks like this. We haven't gotten it yet. I will let you know how it's like.|Baby|B001CSO1FO&CPNG=baby&ref=tgt_adv_XSN10001

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi ipoop (sorry I do not know your name too)

I can understand your being nervous because when the time comes for us to bring all 3 of them onboard I will be extremely stressed up too! We hate nuisance hence we really hope our children will not be causing discomfort to the other passengers.

I believe all new parents will feel like us and all experienced ones will empathise with us. As for the singles and young couples, I guess they will eventually understand.

As for your new twin stroller I think it is definitely more suitable to travelling when compared to the one we have.



momopapaya said...

Waahoo, happy family sia!!! ^^

Send our birthday greetings to Ani.. She deserves the good meal for all her effort and hard work!!Kudos to her!! are you also gonna bring her along for the upcoming HK trip??

Why name the theme awkward? Isn't it something within expectations to receive stares and curious looks? Moreover, there is not only one kid but three. Btw, the Mrs looks young & great in the picture! :))

Nicole said...

To Dylan's Mrs,

You REALLY don't have to think that others pity you. You're a young pretty slim mother!

This remind me once, quite a while back, I still didn't have Cleo back then. I brought Claire for shopping and walked into this shoe shop at chinatown. THen the salesgirl were just looking at us. Looking at me, without even bother to pretend otherwise, I ignored them and was about to exit with CLaire when I heard them 'whispering' rather loudly, ' aiya, sure is shotgun one lah, where got so young be mother one'. Offended as I was, I look on the bright side and told myself, well, at least they find me young and probably slim after having Claire. They are jealous. That makes me feel better.

SO, I'm sure when others look at you, it's because you're young, pretty and with 3 so young babies, they're envious. No way will they pity you. :)

Ian_Isaac's mum said...

Hi Dylan,

wow, i like yr stroller!!! i've always wanted side by side stroller..but somehow,single prams was what we get for their 1st month present.
mine too,caught unwanted attention whenever i bring my boys they r non-identical,some will start guessing who is the elder n youner boy.boy,i've been repeating those answers for the past 2yrs. haiz..well, it takes time to get used to it.
Now, i just move straight on w/o having eye contact with anyone or i just concentrate on my boys alone.
enjoy more of your outings together! Have fun.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi momopapa,

Thanks on Ani's behalf. She does deserve a good meal for all her help.

It would be nice for her to come along to HK since she last worked there for 5 years. She can be our tour guide actually. But we are not looking at bringing the twins along so she is staying behind.

As it is we are still considering if we will bring Isaac along for the trip. A lot depends on whether there is any virus outbreak then.

Quite frankly we are new at this staring thing so it does feel a little awkward.

Like I mentioned in my post, while I am alright with them staring adn smiling but to actually stop traffic and have everyone crowd around is a little too much.

Thanks for your compliment on the Mrs!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

I think this whole 'pity' thing came about when some elderly ladies gave the Mrs this "poor thing" look and commented that it will be very hard on her when they learned that she was carrying twins.

Since then the Mrs will naturally feel than these people all feel that she is such a "poor thing" to have to look after the 3 of them.

Anyway I think she is slowly getting used to it liao so no problem.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Ian & Isaac's mummy (name please),

Having 2 individual strollers is not such a bad thing also. Make it a lot more mobile.

So even though they are non identical you will still be stared at and asked questions?!

Hmmmm.... with Luke and Hayley maybe they will be different because their size difference is getting bigger by the day so in the future strangers will not see them as twins hence sparing us the stares and questions.

Not bad you lasted 2 years before you avoid eye contact and move on. We are already doing it now. Hahahaha

love said...

Oh, you'll be surprised that my pair of B/G twins still get curious stares from strangers and they could tell that they are twins. By the way, they are 25mths already. :)


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Irin,

Really?!?! Even at 25 months you will still attract stares?!?! Hmmm.... not sure if we are ready for it.

I honestly thought that once they are older then they will look more different and strangers will not take them as twins any more.