Thursday, 12 March 2009


Hello! I am writing this post while waiting for my room at a hotel lobby in Bangkok but before you think "Wah!! The two of them are on a vacation so soon?!?!?!", think again. I am here on a business trip and for the record I rather not be here and leave the Mrs alone at home handling the twins. I am sitting here worrying how is she going to handle the two of them in the middle of the night. Instructions have been given to Ani to stay alert for these 2 nights once Isaac is asleep.

Actually I am only needed here for a meeting tomorrow but as it will take the whole day hence I am required to fly in a day earlier. So by right the Mrs only needs to handle the twins alone for one night but my bro, Mike needs to come and give thanks to the Buddha hence we timed it so that we can have a boys' day out on Saturday and as a result the Mrs has to take on an extra night. Very kind of her I know and I am grateful.

The Mrs and the 3 kids sent me to the airport this morning and I have to admit it was hard leaving Isaac. This is especially so when his eyes turned all red and teary when I got off the car and said "bye bye" to him. The closest I have felt like this was when the Mrs and I had to go on our holiday before we had Isaac and we had to leave Dino at the pet hotel. The way he looked at us while we walked away was so hard to bear.

Anyway kids being kids, with a little distraction Isaac was fine once again before the Mrs drove off. He was happy waving "bye bye" to me and busy giving me his flying kisses complete with the mmmmm.....uah......... sound! See below video for an example of how he does it.

An example of his "flying kiss"

Last night the Mrs discovered that it has been more than 1.5 years since I last travelled. I guess being parents will do that to one. Anyway because I had not travelled for so long, I almost did not make it this trip. Last night while packing I realised that my passport has less than 6 months before expiring.

What is the deal about this 6 months period anyway? I know it is an international regulation but why 6 months and not 3 or for that matter 1 month? Why is it that airlines will not accept you if your passport has less than 6 months before expiring?

So I was busy last night and this morning calling everyone I can think of, i.e. the ICA, Immigration at the Changi Airport, the airline office as well as their operations representative at the airport.

Read on only if foresee yourself being in the same predicament and you want to learn how we can overcome this situation.

Basically the local immigration told me that they have no problem with me leaving the country and as far as they know countries such as Thailand and Malaysia are pretty lenient with us. The reservation office of the airline said that since I have a confirmed return flight then it should also not be a problem. However the Operations Representative gave me a flat ‘NO!’ He said that the airline could be fined so they will not risk it.

My only option was to have my passport extended since I could not apply for a new passport and expect to collect it within 2 hours. A quick check on the internet states that passport extension is only possible for people under 17.5 years. So I did the smart thing and called ICA directly. The lady on the other line simply advised me to hurry my ass down to ICA with my travel documents and my photos and their officers will see if they could help me.

So to cut a long story short, there were basically 3 stages that I have to clear and all within an hour if I were to have any hope of making the flight. ICA is able to issue me a Document of Identity and the 1st stage was the toughest as I had to be interviewed by an officer and listen to her telling me off for not checking before booking my flight. I had to jump queue here (all 8 numbers) by walking around to see who was next and then approached her with my sob story.

2nd stage was pretty fast as it was only submitting my photos and making the payment of $15. Although I did not jump queue I had to walk up to the counter and rush the officer when the number before mine drew no response after 10 seconds. She was kind enough to buzz my number and then attended to me.

3rd stage was merely collection and I ensured the lady whom I handed the document over knew exactly how small a window I had. So after rushing everyone and jumping queue I finally made it out of there within an hour.

While waiting at ICA I suddenly remembered that I had not withdrawn any money and changed it to Thai Baht so depending on what time I got to the airport it may be another mad rush.

Thank goodness I managed to sort everything out within 2 hours if not I would have missed this important meeting with a principal who came all the way from Denmark and just as importantly disappointed my bro who must have been looking forward to this *legen……. wait for it …….. dary trip!

*Note: You will understand if you are a fan of the hit sitcom, How I Met Your Mother.

My next trip will be to Hong Kong with the Mrs and you can rest assured that this madness will not happen again for I am so applying for a passport renewal when I am back.

Now we are just considering if we can bring Isaac along provided he is no longer a bad boy and stop shouting.

Who is the bad boy?

Hear him SHOUT........!


Ivy Tee said...

Hi Dylan,

Issac looked very much like you now and he can really shout out LOUD! Just wondering.. how does he response to lil twins? What about Dino? Is Dino like some other dogs that will "protect" babies or he doesnt even go near them?

KoLe said...

issac seems to have lost his baby 'fats'!
handsome boy!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan

Issac looks so diffent now! I guess b cos we last saw his pics in Dec or so...?


Angie said...

wow... i was really guncheong when I read your story in the ICA. I guess your heart must be beating real fast when you were there jumping all the queues and making all the pleas. I had similar experiences and it was not funny at all.xx(

glad you made it to thailand in time!

PositiveSpunky/ Mrs T said...

Hi Dylan & Mrs,

Issac grows up fast....he looks thinner and taller now (Can tell even he is seated). So cute!

no man's land said...

hi hi! isaac does look very different now. he has this very cheeky and gleeful look about him. *haha* enjoy your break!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,

Congratulations to the arrival of your twins! :)

So how's life been with the additional two kids?? And also, how is the Mrs? Is she still in confinement?

Trina said...

haha.. ok, so bad of me to laugh at your predicament, but looking bad, i can almost visualise your experience as part of a movie scene.. :p anyways, just to satisfy your curiosity abt the 6 mths thingy, i believe it's to avoid pple who have to stay beyond their intended period, so that they do not become illegal when during the period.. or something like that lah... :p

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Ivy,

Does Isaac really look very much like me now? I still can't tell.

Oh ya, he can definitely shout and he is also pretty long winded so can hold a particular "note" for quite a long time too. Hahaha

He is fine with the twins and kisses him on a daily basis. Will try and film it for you all to watch.

Dino is curious about them although I am not sure about the protective part. He would like to lick them including Isaac whenever given the chance.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi KoLe,

Everyone around us is saying that Isaac has lost a lot of weight and some even say that he looks pale now?!?!?!

The Mrs and I just can't see it. He is of course not as fat as the sumo days but he is still packing in at about 10kg so he has definitely not lost any weight. Baby fats perhaps!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Charissa,

According to most people Isaac has grown taller and is skinnier on his face so ya, he probably looks different now.

I did not post pictures of him since his birthday?!?! Hmmm...... I know many of you find that unacceptable so I will work on it.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Angie,

Oh ya I was really worried! My flight was at 1225 and I was still at the ICA close to 1100.

I would have felt really bad for missing the meeting since I was the one who set it up and also to play my bro out.

I'm glad I made it too cause I definitely had fun with my bro over there.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Mrs T,

Yes they do grow very fast don't they? Maybe we see him everyday but we can't really tell he has lost his fats.

I will try and take more pictures of him and the twins and post them here.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Roanne,

Isaac has always had this cheeky look. He is one mischievous boy! Hahahaha

I did enjoy the little break. I have been so busy that I did not have time to follow so many of your blogs. Will try and catch up for sure once things are a little more settled down.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi momopapa,


Life with 3 kids is not easy at all. I am actually going to do a post to update you all so won't want to give too much away here.

The Mrs is doing fine. Tired but otherwise good.

Confinement?! You should probably backtrack to one of my earlier post because the Mrs does not do confinement. Hahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Trina,

Looking back I can laugh with you now but I assure you it was no laughing matter then. When living through it I did not feel like it was a scene from the movies.

I know the 6 months thingy is about preventing people from overstaying but if one intends to overstay then even if the passport has a year left it can still be done right?

The Bimbo said...

YES I'd have to agree with some of the others, Issac does look different now! They grow so fast don't they? :)

and have you renewed your passport yet?! will you be bringing the children along for your HK trip? That'll be exciting!


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bobo,

Like I said, I can't tell the difference in Isaac. There are only times when I see him as a "big boy" but he is still a big baby to me!

Honestly I have not renewed my passport yet. But don't worry it is on top of my to-do list.

Thinking of bringing Isaac to HK with us provided they do not have any virus at that time. If you recall sometime last year they had a few outbreaks that affected many children. But I agree it will be fun!

Nicole said...

I've not watch this video before and just, when I did, Cleo was with me and she went ' baby!'. When Isaac shouted, she laughed. Haha..

Anyway, that's not shouting to me, that's just raising of his voice slightly. Wait till you hear Cleo S-C-R-E-A-M...

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

I didn't realised you left a comment till now.

Not shouting?! Hmmm..... Actually he has upgraded to screaming these days too!! Maybe he secretly read your comment!! Hahahaha