Friday, 20 March 2009


When we first found out we were having twins there were many people including a few readers from here who said we were lucky and how they wish they have twins as well. My reply to them then was to give us a few months and let me blog about my experience first before you wish for it.

Well here is an update for you twins seekers after having ours home for a little over a month.

I believe the hardest part of having twins is really the sleep deprivation. When we had Isaac, although he was usually cranky between 9pm till about midnight or 1am it was still very much manageable. There were 2 of us and only 1 of him so we could always take turn to care for and pacify him.

With the twins now we sort of have our own designated baby to care for throughout the night. Currently they are sleeping on the same cot, although not for long at the rate that they are growing, so when one wails the other will be woken up also. It is hence very important for us to remove the wailing twin from the cot ASAP to prevent doubling (literally) our trouble.

As mentioned in my last post the twins, like Isaac, are also a little more unsettled during late night till early hours in the morning. Here is an example; I was back from the legendary Bangkok trip with Mike on Sat night and I was home close to midnight but I did not get to sleep till 6 the next morning. Perhaps the twins really missed their dad during his 3 days away. On Sunday I went to bed at about 4am and then 3am on Monday night. A definite improvement judging from the time but not nearly good enough if you ask me.

On Tuesday we brought the twins to Dr K, their PD for their BCG injections and the only question I had prepared for him was "Is it normal for them to be more unsettled at night?" His answer was they are unable to tell night from day so only way is to tire them out a little more in the day in order for them to sleep better at night and hopefully a routine will emerge after a while and they will understand that lights off means sleep time.

Since our visit to Dr K we have decided to stop swaddling them and make sure they get up for their feed every 3 hourly during the day. In the evening between 8pm to 10pm is the hardest because they are usually "gone" by then so it is very hard to try and keep them awake and not to the extent that they will get agitated and cry. If the previous 2 nights were anything to go by then our little "revenge" on the twins have paid dividend because they were sound asleep by about 11pm and went back to sleep without much fuss immediately after their night feeds.

The irony in life, well at least mine, was when the twins are asleep by 11pm I was wide awake. I remembered I stayed awake till Luke's next feed at about 2am and only went back to sleep at about 3ish. Looking back now maybe the 24 DVD did not help. Since I only had to feed Luke so the Mrs was able to have an uninterrupted sleep. Another irony was because Hayley was so quiet and did not wake up for her feed after 3 hours I got out of bed just before turning in to go check on her just to make sure she was alright. This is what I call the typical "baby-monitor syndrome". You leave a baby monitor near your baby so that you will be alerted should she cry. On one hand you wish she can sleep through and not bother you but if there was complete silence after a while you get worried and had walk over to take a peep.

Oh, about Hayley missing her feed at nights, no worries on that because she is now able to last up to 6 hours after each feed. We do not mind it so much during the nights but we made sure she did not miss her feeds during the day. It was a pleasant surprise for us and a quick check with Dr K revealed there is no cause to worry since her weight gain is normal. Hence we are allowed to feed her on demand at night.

Luke on the other hand is quite different. Not only did he gain weight he actually gained a little too much. In the 4 weeks between our visits to Dr K, Hayley gained a total of 1.1kg which was good while Luke gained a grand total of 1.5kg. He weighed in at 3.865kg on Tuesday while Hayley was 3.3kg. For those of you who aren’t parents yet, typical weight gain for infant should be between 800g to 1kg in a month so you do the math on Luke. The difference between the two is rather obvious now. You can tell just by looking at them and of course from carrying them. After the visit to Dr K we were told not to increase Luke's quantity and we have also decided to place him in the feed on demand program for both day and night. By the way they are currently on 90ml of milk at each feed and they are going through a tin of milk a week now!!

What is your opinion of having twins now?

At the time of publishing the most recent photos of the twins are not available so do check back to see if you can tell them apart.


Nicole said...

I guess, regardless of whether it's twins or not, it's pretty normal. Though now that I can say it light-hearted about it, I feel like death back then when the infamous ms. cleo tortured me or the whole family for that matter.

The assuring part will's just a matter of when. *giggle* I sound so evil. Haha

Merryn said...

adui... a tin a week is like.. definitely burning a hole in ur pocket! anyway, things will get better when they are like.. in their 30s??? so till then.. u stay calm and keep on persevering.. hehehehe.. :P

The Bimbo said...

A tin a week! Whoa that's a lot... you mentioned the schedule with the two younger ones but what about Isaac?

MMm seems like your little trick of tiring them out really helped. I had a friend who added in a little bit of cereal in the feed before bed to make them more full and thus sleep through the night. haha :)

MmM is Luke following Isaac's footsteps? Good for Hayley! So now you guys have less to worry too! :)

no man's land said...

twins still sound good to me! *hahaha* guess i can say that, coz' i'm saying it from a distance. hope to see pictures of them real soon. =)

Anonymous said...

Wow.. What a scary title! hehe

Being the parent of twins caring enough and be by their side seems to be a tough and challenging job and of course not forgeting getting through the day at times can be overwhelming!!!

Are the pd and gyane in Mt E or TMC as there are many thumbs up to the doctors there? can intro?

In your previous blog, you mentioned gg away with the mrs to HK and then what will happen to the 3 precious kids? Please dun tell me you are throwing them behind so soon?!?!

Anonymous said...

absolutely gorgeous children!!! congratulations to you both and also alot of 'acknowledgment'... I definitley agree that I found ONE at a time hard enough, and that was NOTHING till I had two!!!!!!!
all the best on your journey with your lovely family. If your babies have issues with swaddling, check out the Peke Moe - were great for my twins (you can see them on the babies page of the website, in their 'rainbow' peke moe sleep bags.) when they were transitioning from swaddling

Angie said...

i know exactly what you mean!!! when my girl started to sleep better at about 5mths, I was so used to sleeping at 3-4am that I couldnt sleep at 11pm for a long time. like you, i waited for her midnight feed b4 i went to bed at abt 1am. that was the earliest.

nonetheless, you know that things will only get better when they grow older. you have to believe in this phrase because it was hw i kept my sanity during all the trying jaimie is 3 years old, i am still telling myself "things will get better when she is 4". it's like hanging a carrot in front of myself...

having twins are workload x2, frustration x2, tiredness x4, $$ x2... but the joy is multiplied by infinity.

Anonymous said...

I sleep with my twins in order for myself to get more sleep. I also breastfeed them in bed in the middle of the night and then I get back to sleep (if there isn't any crying). SOmetimes they do cry in the middle of the night and need soothing.
Take heart, your babies are growing. Soon, they'll be crawling around and having lots of fun with you. :)

Anonymous said...

I think your PD is right that a routine shld be established. For my kids, it's a shower in the evening then change into pyjamas.

One thing I realised for my kids is that the more they play in the day, the harder it is for them to fall asleep (be it nap or bedtime) and even more, to have uninterrupted sleep. So u may not want to make it a habit to make them stay up so late cos u'll have problems when they get older. In any case, babies are supposed to sleep a lot for them to grow properly. Sleep early, wake up early for good health! (so old-fashioned I know, but true leh)

My kids are 4 now and they KO by 10pm every night. My daughter sleeps at 8.30pm by the way. This is the only time I can sneak out for some quality time with my husband. If u make it a habit for them to sleep late now, they'll sleep even later as they grow up. Then, u'll really have no time for yourselves!

Anyway I think u guys are doing great. Eventually they'll sleep well at night trust me, they're still really really young now. When my triplets were that age, I was still busy mopping up their regurgitation. Take care! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh by the way, my kids need 1 tin in 3 days ;P

Anonymous said...

i agree with triplet mum... set a routine...
my girls KO by 830... if they dun sleep at 830 they will be SUPER DUPER cranky... good and bad for us..
good for normal weekdays when we need to work the next day...
bad for weekends if we have dinner or family gathering.. it's like automatic alarm clock 830 rringggg.. tat's it... haha

plus my girls wake up like 6am every morning... so for weekend they are also "tuned" to wake up early... we NEVER sleep pass 7am lor... BAD for the parents!! haha

hang it there... before you know it they will be sleeping thru the night!! Wel Hayley is getting there right :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

I remembered you had a hard time coaxing Cleo to sleep each night. Actually our 'problem' is not really that bad. It's just that with the two of them we will be woken more frequent during the night. Of course there are nights that they simply do not want to be put down to sleep.

We know it will pass. We're just hoping that it will pass fast before the Mrs has to go back to work in middle of April.

Thanks for your suggestions but since we already have friends named Lawrence so I guess we will have to pass.

The Mrs prefers 2 syllables too but that is only because of Isaac and Hayley.

Should be putting up the poll soon. Do vote ya!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Merryn,

Ya boy, a tin a week is indeed heavy on the pocket. Not to mention the diapers, wet and dry tissues.

30s?!?!?! I certainly hope that they will be independent by the time they turn 21.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bobo,

Yup a tin a week and this is after supplementing their feeds with breast milk.

Isaac has always been a very good boy and at a very young age he has already established his own routine. Currently he has his various nap times and he will go to bed by 9ish each night.

We may try the cereal trick later on when they are older. So far Hayley looks promising to be able to sleep through provided she is comfortable.

Luke following Isaac's footsteps? Are you referring to their sizes? Hahahaha Luke may even overtake Isaac. LOL!!

Hayley is promising. She is looking better by the day and is definitely able to sleep through out the night now.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Roanne,

Still not put off huh?! Well, after all this has only been the 1st month or so. Consider again after another few months. Hahahahaha

Will definitely be posting pictures of them soon. But first of all I must take more! Heh

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi momopapa,

Title is scary?! It is for the lack of a better one really. Not easy to always come up with a single word title to summarise the entire post.

Caring for the twins and Isaac is indeed very tiring and overwhelming. I know the Mrs is struggling a little now. Hopefully all 3 of them will make it easier on the Mrs soon.

The PD is currently Dr Kumar from Kinderclinic at Paragon but we will be moving the twins to Dr Belinda in Mt E since Isaac is seeing her already.

We are considering bringing Isaac along provided there is no virus then. This trip was meant to be last year but we found out we were pregnant and then later the bleeding episode we had to postpone twice already.

Nicole said...

'Thanks for your suggestions but since we already have friends named Lawrence so I guess we will have to pass.

The Mrs prefers 2 syllables too but that is only because of Isaac and Hayley.

Should be putting up the poll soon. Do vote ya'

I don't know how come your statement from your old post is here, any idea?:)

I've been meaningt to ask you but keep on forgetting, so Hayley's chinese name is tian en and Luke's?? Tian le???

You had one month old celebration right?? Didn't hear you mention anything like that. TOo tired?? Haha

Anonymous said...

hey.. i know it's tough, tiring and etc etc.. but I STILL would love to have twins then after "suffering" for 2 yrs at max right? if i get twins, after that i dun need to bother about another baby anymore!

I still wanna have twins, although I know it's difficult while pregnant, the risks etc..

haaa..for now, one also can lah. I anything one!

Mrs Chew

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Anonymous (nick please),

You are new to my blog? Thanks for leaving your comment.

So you are like us? Had a singleton and then followed by twins?

Actually my twins as well as Isaac all love to be swaddled which is why we have them unswaddled during the day as much as possible so they sleep a little lesser and as a result they can sleep better at night.

Do come back again cause I am sure I have plenty to learn from you.


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Angie,

I hope the twins will be able to have better sleep asap. Currently Hayley is already able to sleep through the night. It is Luke that we are waiting for only.

Yes I will remind myself that things will definitely get better. This is only a phase!

I agree about the workload, frustration, tiredness & $$ part. As for joy, hmm........ LOL

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi ipoop,

For the last 2 nights we have taken to what you did also. We slept with then twins on our bed. For some reason they sleep much better which in turn allow us more rest! Hmmmmm..... I should definitely look into getting a King size bed soon. Hee Hee

I can't wait for them to get bigger and stronger and start to play with Isaac!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Triplets Mom,

First of all welcome to my humble blog and thanks for leaving your comment!

Isaac has set his own routine since he was a few months old and he has stick to it so far. Only difference is he is sleeping at a later time but that is also 9ish.

As for the twins I think it might be too early to set a routine since all they do is eat and sleep.

Speaking of regurgitation we are experiencing the same thing now. Thankfully it is not every feed although it can be still rather worrying. This is even though the PD said it is normal and common for premature babies.

3 days a tin sounds about right if twins finish it in a week! I can't imagine when they are older how much milk they are going to consume.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cecilia,

Actually Isaac is sticking to his own routine in terms of naps and bedtime at night.

As for the twins I think we will observe when they are older to see what kind of routine they will set for themselves.

There is no winning here right? Sleeping and waking up early is both good and bad for the parents depending if it is weekday or weekends.

Guess we really have to wait till they are much older!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

I have no idea why my statement from an old post was there. Strange!!

Anyway, we did celebrate the twins' first month. It is a smaller family affair with a few friends. We were so busy hence did not take any pictures.

To us it is more meaningful to hold the first month celebration for the twins than Isaac because most people did not get to see the twins in the hospital.

Yes their names are Tian En and Tian Le.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jolene,

Hmmmm...... I can see you are not easily deterred huh! But do continue to follow this blog and see what other 'sufferings' we have to go through. This is after all only their 1st month home! It is still early days!

And you are assuming things will get better after 2 years! Hahaha

What if you twins are of the same gender? Will you be trying for another?

Hahahaha I know you will be contented with a singleton as long as it is healthy baby.

Good Luck!!

F A I T H said...

Hi Dylan

I've been so busy lately to check on your blog. But I'm glad to know both the twins are doing fine. It looks more like Luke is taking his revenge on you instead by consuming more of the formula milk. Hee... Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

it's Jolin lah.......hahaa


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Faith,

I understand you can be very busy with your own twins. In fact I am so busy that I am missing out a number of blogs of you readers. I will try and read and catch whenever possible but there are simply too many liao. Hahahaha

Hmmmm..... you could be right about Luke's revenge. LOL

Take care ya?!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jolin,

So sorry about your name!!! I have a colleague by that name so my fingers just typed the wrong name automatically.