Friday, 8 May 2009


As much as I like to keep you all posted on the progress of the twins and Isaac I have been rather tied up with work plus life is getting a little mundane hence nothing interesting to write about.

The most exciting thing is Isaac finally walking. This happened about one and a half weeks ago. All along he was showing signs that he will be walking soon but he just did not take that 1st step. He always chose to go back down on his fours and crawl. One Tuesday after work when we got to my parents' place we saw him standing and walking rather unsteadily. Since then he has been walking around non stop and he has improved a lot within a week and he is walking pretty fast now. Most will comment that he is a little slow since he was about 16 months old when he walked but we're not concerned.

Another very good development is that the twins are finally joining the STC. For the past few nights both of them have been absolute angels. Having their last feed at about 9pm and going off to sleep usually between 10 and 11 plus. They will normally wake up at about 6 plus for their breakfast. Last night was amazing. Luke had his feed at 8 plus slept at 9 plus and did not wake up till we had to send him to his grandpa's at about 8am. It sure looks like they are very much like Isaac in this sense. The downside of course is they are not drinking as much milk as they should be but according to the PD so long as they are still gaining the right amount of weight then it is fine.

Speaking of weight gain, the twins seemed to be doing better than expected especially for Luke as you can tell from the picture below. The rule of the thumb is twice the birth weight by 6 months and about three times by the time they turn 12 months. As of now Luke is already about 5.8kg and Hayley at about 5kg with their birth weight at 2.4kg and 1.9kg respectively. It sure looks like the twins have caught up quite a bit.

Luke being the stronger one is able to flip himself now. In fact he fell off his mattress 2 nights ago. Luckily their bed is only a thick mattress on the floor so no damage was done. Looking back now it is a little funny because when we heard him cry the Mrs walked to the mattress but could not see him on it. She was shocked and asked where he was. Before I could switch on the lights the Mrs found him lying on the floor. Luckily she did not step on him.

As I had mentioned in my last post Luke likes to sleep on his tummy and because of this he has developed the strength to lift his head and hold it for a few seconds. These days his legs and body are also stronger he is able to push with his leg and twist his body and as a result he will be lying face up. Between the two of them Luke is the one that covers most of the bed when he sleeps. He will actually crawl and rotate as he sleeps so we will always find him in a different position and facing each morning. Sometimes at night Hayley will complain when Luke invade her territory with one of his limb touching her. One would think that they would have gotten used to sleeping and banging against each other by now right?

Anyway back to our mundane life. Each day it is really just work and rush home to be with the kids. Have dinner at my parents' place before we head home. Usually it is this time at home that is the most tiring. Ani has to do the house work so it is down to the Mrs and I to watch over the 3 of them. If the twins are sleeping quietly then it is no problem but this is almost never the case because Isaac being in the same room will cause too much racket that it will be impossible for the twins to sleep. We even tried putting the twins in a separate room but to no avail.

So somehow we managed to pacify the twins and at the same time keep Isaac occupied until Ani is done with her work. She will then feed Isaac and put him to sleep by 9 plus. Now that the twins are sleeping earlier it also means more free time for us. Soon I will be able to go onto MSN and Facebook at night so look out for me ya?

I know I owe it to many of you so here are some of the latest pictures of the twins and Isaac.

So can you tell if I'm Hayley or Luke?

With my picture you can tell for sure right?

See how happy Isaac is with his siblings?

"What do you think they're up to now?"

"Now I'm certain no one will mistaken me as a boy anymore!"



JS said...

Hi Dylan,

Your children are gorgeous! Issac looked so happy with his siblings ya. The twins are really growing well from the mere look of their pictures here, you guys must have fed them well :p!! A big pat on your Mrs for her BF efforts :). And hey, good/longer sleep can actually boost their growth too (aaa.... cant rem who told me that, :D)!

Nice pics!!! MORE pls!!!

Happyhour said...

hey Dylan
the 2nd last pic hor really show how girl girl Hayley is.. her mouth very "yew siew" le.. very girl pattern.

and Issac's picture with his siblings SO CHEEKY smile... :D

Very nice pictures indeed...

mummy yio said...

Hi Dylan,

Nice pics of the twins and Issac :) Always makes my day when i pop by and see pictures of the babies :D Luke sure looks like he inherited his brother's sumo potential... kekeke... and Hayley looks very girly in my opinion and her double eyelids are so pretty :)

Erm, and the Mrs caught the pink sydrome? buying eveything that is nice and pink? hehehe

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Joyce,

Thank you very much for your compliment. Isaac is so far happy with them. He actually sayang them a lot. He is always read to kiss them but not us, his parents.

They are growing well and I do not think one can tell that they were born one month premature. Luke of course is eating and sleeping better hence the size difference.

More pics?!?! Er.... will try lah. No promise though as our hands are usually tied when we go out with all of them.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hey Cecilia,

She is really quite girly isn't she? Wait till you see her in person. She is really very "yew siew" and don't even get me started on her eye lashes! Hahahaha

Isaac has always had that cheeky smile since he was a few months old. We are now waiting for that cheeky smile to turn into mischievous one. Heh heh

I'm glad you like the pictures. Will try and take more but it is getting quite difficult when each of us have to handle one kid whenever we're out.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Amy,

Thanks for your compliment and I am glad the pictures always make your day. However they will not stay like that forever then what are we going to do?! ;)

Yes, Luke definitely has the potential to inherit Isaac's sumo-ness and with his smaller eyes, he may just surpass him even.

Yes Hayley is actually very girly. When you put the two of them together it stands out even more.

The Mrs has definitely caught the pink and buying fever. I honestly cannot see it end any time soon.

The Bimbo said...

Awwwww They're so cute altogether!!! Congrats on Big Bro Isaac walking! haha I can imagine your helper having to run after him now... :P

Anonymous said...

SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

mrs chew

Nicole said...

Hayley is really very girly. And yes, she certainly look even more girlish when next to Luke.

Walking at 16 months is not that late actually. Claire only learnt to walk at 15 months and my niece at 16 months as well.

I was about to ask you how come you never update more on Isaac's development. Things like, whether he have start talking, singing etc. :)

On the pinky sydrome, I think your mrs will NOT outgrow it! She'll just keep on buying more and more and more pink stuffs and dresses! Haha, that's the thing about having a girl. :)

Michelle Ng said...

Oh my! They're so cute in their armani suit. Hayley can even wink at the camera. How angellic. Sweet.

Nicole said...

Btw, hayley looks really cute man. And luke...he's fast overtaking his elder brother man, super duper sumo burger! haha!

Happy Mother's Day to all mummies here. :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bobo,

Thanks! They are cute aren't they?

Actually all of us have our share of running after Isaac. These days he prefers not to hold our hands when he walks.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jolin,


How are things at your end? Waiting for you to come online to check with you.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

I hope there is no mistaking Hayley for a boy now. When put together she looks really quite girl but still we have people who aren't so sure.

Actually I learned somewhere that typically a child should learn to walk between 14 to 18 months. Anything before that is considered fast. So it looks like Isaac is an average Joe after all.

In terms of the other developments, he has not really spoken yet but he understands simple and basic instructions such as stand, sit, hold hands, bye bye, flying kiss, mum mum, kiss didi, mei mei, daddy & mummy etc.

You know I have a feeling you are right about the pink syndrome not ending anytime soon. The Mrs is certainly not showing signs of stopping. In fact she is getting excited that the GSS is around the corner.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hey Michelle,

Thanks but by the way the Armani suits are gifts for their 1st month and Hayley winking at the camera wasn't intentional of course.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Hayley,

I do have a soft spot for Hayley whenever she flashes that smile with those eyes of hers.

Luke is cute in his own grouchy way. Hahahaha He is certainly showing signs that he might just overtake his big brother in the size department. Only time will tell. The Mrs is considering increasing his milk to 150ml as we speak.

Jas said...

Hi Dylan,
Yr children are really cute... Issac looks very very happy and cute... I think luke does resemble Issac and Hayley, such a cute girly girl. :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jas,

Thank you very much for your compliment.

You are true in all account. Isaac has always been a happy baby except when he is not feeling well.

Luke does resemble Isaac a lot at the same age.

Hayley is indeed very girly which is good I guess!

Ivy Tee said...

Hi Dylan,

The photos are very nicely taken. Well Done!!

I think Hayley have grown a lot, not much of difference as compared to Luke now. Both of them so chubby.. C-U-T-E.

Issac's smile resembles the Mrs's smile. He and his cheeky smile.. Wondering how would he feel when he gets older and going through your entries with his pics..

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Ivy,

The pictures were taken by the Mrs! Thanking you on her behalf.

Hayley has certainly grown but she is still a good 800gram off from Luke. Should you carry them you will definitely be able to tell the difference. But hey we are not complaining. Let her grow at her own pace.

Hmmmmm..... are you saying the Mrs is cheeky?!?!

I would certainly like to know what his reaction will be when he reads. Think he will be embarrassed should his girlfriend read and see his naked pictures. Hahahaha

Aces Family said...

hi Dylan,

Yeah, both Luke and Hayley are cute and adorable.

I used to hear that "old wives tales" that 龙凤胎 is hard to manage. But from your posting, it seem otherwise and they are sleeping through already.

It's not easy looking after newborns and a a tot but i must say - You guys are doing an AMAZING job... : )

all the best !!


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Astee,

Thanks for your compliment on the twins and our effort.

Not sure about the old wives tales but we know we are blessed for all 3 of our kids are able to sleep throughout by the 3rd month.

Hmmmm.... then again maybe we are doing something right. If I can zoom in on what we are doing right then surely this must be one of the most sort after secrets. Hahaha

Mibebepreciosio said...


So nice to have a twins. They're awesome. Congrats :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Mibebepreciosio,

Welcome and thank you very much!!

It is indeed nice to have twins but it does have its downside of course. Come back and visit and maybe you will see the other side of having twins. Hahahaha