Thursday, 14 May 2009


I read with interest an article published in the Today newspaper today about how a pair of girls were switched at birth in the hospital and had led their separate and happy lives for 56 years. They have only just discovered the truth.

This is nothing new of course as I have read a couple of such stories before but it always brings to my mind a burning question. What if Isaac was switched at birth too?

Note: The following is only a hypothetical question that I played around in my mind. There is no evidence to suggest that I should be concerned or should think otherwise. I am only using Isaac as an example and this is just something that I am curious to know how will parents react in general.

I had wanted to do a post on this topic but never quite gotten down to doing it so today's article is a timely reminder especially when I am running out of things to post about.

I remembered asking the Mrs when Isaac was only a few months old what will she do if the hospital rang one day to inform us of their mistake. What if Isaac actually belongs to someone else and our baby had been raised by another couple for the past few months?

The Mrs brushed my question aside can called me ‘Seow’ (mad in hokkien) for bringing up this ridiculous question. I suspect deep down she did not know what her own answer might be hence the easiest thing to do is to brush me and my nonsense aside.

Honestly till today I am still pondering and trying to find my own answer. What do I do? Do I return Isaac and welcome my own boy with open arms? Do I tell the other couple that let’s just continue raising each other’s boy and continue to keep in touch to witness the growth and progress of our own boys? Will the other party even contemplate such a bizarre request?

I hope you realize that as the days go by the answer to my lingering question is harder to answer. As we spend more time with Isaac it will be harder to let him return to his rightful parents for sure. Looking at the flip side does this also mean that the decision should be easier? Since it is so hard to say goodbye then surely it will be easier to just continue with this mistake right?

This would be the case if we take our own child out of the equation. We are only looking at it from keeping Isaac point of view. Surely this will not be so easy if you know that your own flesh and blood is still out there raise by another couple. It will most probably be made worse if you get to see your actual child. Will you then be able to tell yourself to continue with this mistake and prey and hope that the other party continues to take excellent care of your child?

Honestly as of today I am still at a lost as to what will I do so I am curious to know how will you, fellow parents react. What will you do? Do you know of something similar happening to people around you? It certainly is an interesting topic to think about isn’t it? But please do not spend too much time dwelling on it and definitely do not scare your spouse into thinking you know something that they don’t and as a result causing a family panic.

The only thing I know for sure is I will sue the hospital till the cow comes home!!

Let’s just treat this as something that we toy around and scare ourselves with for surely this cannot happen right?

Then again try telling the 56 year old ladies that……..


Nicole said...

Hmm..I think if that really happens, you won't be thinking right to even consider sueing the hospital.

You will be very confused, shocked, upset and disappointed, among other things and will probably be stunned for quite a few more minutes, days...and not do anything yet...Haha...

If it's me, I think I'll probably not return the switched child and claim back my own child. AS IF HOR! As if the parent of your child will not want back their child hor..

Since it's really such a tough decision, let's not even go and think too much. And hope it won't happen to us. Right? :)

Unknown said...

Sounds like a plot out of a korean drama leh... Well, I always wonder if my brother was picked up from a supermarket, of course on the discounted section... And while my mom pushed the cart to collect him, smashed his face to a pulp... LOL

Well, it is an amazing thought, much like my "would you rather" type of questions..

If that happened to me, I will kidnap the other parent's kid and move to Bora Bora island!!!


Anonymous said...

For me, I would be mildly curious about the switched baby, but the answer would be clear -- my child is the one I raised. Expect a hell of a fight from me if the other parent wants to swap back -- he can keep his kid!

Michelle Ng said...

I asked my hub if the hopsital called n said that we brought home the wrong child how would he feel? He said, how can that be i saw him came out. Can't be wrong. He is too serious. haha

fattysock said...


i once have exactly the same thought as you.

i remember watching my boy sleeping and asking, what if the hospital make a mistake.

then i reason to myself, he looks just like when he was born(photos). he looks just like his father. same smile. so confirm not wrong.

so i save myself the agony of thinking too much... hehe

olivia said...

When I was younger, I ever asked my mom what if I was switched as a baby in the hospital. She of course said she'd still love me. For me, I've not known anyone else as mom and dad, except the ones who raise me, so naturally, they're my parents.
But if my baby were to be switched, yes, I'd first sue the hospital. But I'd want my own child back. I can't imagine my own kid with someone else (but I wouldn't want to give up the kid I raise too). Just like, I can't imagine giving up my own child for adoption. I guess I'd want both of them.

mummy yio said...

Haha, My hb asked me something like that before when my baby was only a couple of months old. And my response to him was to explain the whole 'tagging' system in the hospital once i delivered and stuff so telling him that such a mistake is impossible. However, if such a thing ever happens to me... I think i will want to keep both the kids since i will not bear to give up the one that has grown so close to me neither will i ever give up my own flesh and blood :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

Actually I think I will still get down to sueing the hospital eventually that's for sure! Hahaha

It is a tough decision and barring one reader, no else seems to know what they will do including me.

I agree let's not dwell on it too much since it is not going to happen to us.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jolin,

Korean drama?! I think this is happening in all countries and even in Singapore itself!

Hey I always make the same comment about my sister as well without the face smashing lah.

Like most readers you prefer to have both the kids so I guess you have to be careful the other party does not kidnap yours and leave for the island first! Hahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi E!

Wow! You are the only one who knows exactly what to do in this situation! Well done for that!

I'm sure it will be a very messy affair for the other party may not be as decisive as you.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Michelle,

I really like your husband's answer!! Very sure and assertive! "Nope! It cannot be wrong! I was there!" Hahahaha

However you should still let him know that accidents can still happen during changing and showering when the name tags could have been switched!

But I am sure he will not want to entertain our silly questions and scenario! Hahahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Sock Peng,

It is good to know that I am not the only one out there having such thoughts!

I guess the same can apply to Isaac as most people say he looks just like me!

Guess I should learn from you and just let the matter drop! I don't think I can come up with a decision until I am really faced with the situation.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Olivia,

You are thinking normal and that is being greedy! I'm sure most of us will want them both and I guess that applies to the other set of parents too.

The more I think about it the more I am convinced I will try and work out something with the other party so that we continue to raise 'our' kid but at the same time have visiting rights to our actual kids and maybe on their upbringing to a certain extend!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Amy,

It is good to know that I am not the only one with such thoughts and I have to admire your faith in the hospital tagging system.

I believe there is always room for an error so I can't say it's impossible.

Another greedy one I see! I'm sure we all want to keep both of them even though it will mean I will have 4 mouths to feed but the same will apply to the other party. They will also be looking at fighting you tooth and nail to keep them both!

Happy FamiLEE said...

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