Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Wow!!! Has it been more than 2 weeks since I last posted here?!?! How time flies especially when you have 3 kids and work as well as other stuffs that you have to work on. I know my bro has always been reminding me whenever he meets me that my blog needs updating but it never quite occurred to me that it has been this long.

Besides the usual excuse of being busy I guess there is nothing much worth updating from the Tan family. Everything has been pretty much same-o same-o and mundane.

As parents I believe the Mrs and I are pretty relaxed and courageous (some say stupid) at the same time. Most people would have agreed when they see that we tried conceiving so soon after Isaac but I have different thing in mind.

About 2 weeks back when the twins turned 3.5 months we brought them to Dr B for their routine check up. She has always been the rather relaxed doctor and the instructions she gave was for us to bring the twins to her when they are 3 or 4 months old.

Hmmmm…. Now which should it be? 3 months old or 4 months old? Finally I decided to bring them in when they’re 3.5 months old. Typical of a dad right? That was an easy enough decision.

So on that fateful day both the Mrs and I took childcare leaves and the Tan family headed to Dr B’s clinic. Isaac and Ani came along of course. Isaac was due for his 15th month checkup and we were already late for that. Blame it on the government (typical of a Singaporean right?) for not giving us 6 days of childcare leave for each kid. As a result we have to time their visits to the doctor to be on the same day.

Bringing all the children to the PD for their routine checkup at the same time is all good and fine but what we forgot was Isaac was also due for his jabs. Now don’t ask me what he had because if there is one thing I am not following, it is the injections. I have totally lost track of what he had and will be having. I normally leave it to the good PD and the ever reliable record book.

Anyway imagine my surprise when I learnt that besides the twins Isaac needs to be jabbed too. While the twins were required to have their 6 in 1 jabs, their big brother needed 3 jabs!!! Dr B said that there were 3 outstanding jabs for Isaac but she would only recommend that he takes 2 of them that day leaving the 3rd one till when he comes back in another few months time. The best part was the silly old me was thinking “Sure! What is a 2 in 1 jab when the twins are having 6 in 1 right? I mean come on, while we’re at it why not give him all 3 in 1 and get it over and done with?”

When things were finally explained to me and after I had my blonde moment I actually looked at Isaac and felt sorry for him. I wondered if he will be traumatized by this episode considering some adults already have problem with handling a single jab to the arm let alone 2?!?!?!

The next wave of awakening hit me and I suddenly realized that with all 3 kids are getting their jabs on the same day, we will really have a handful should all of them develop fever. We were smart enough to always arrange for the jabs to take place on a Friday so that we have the weekend to take care of the kids but no weekend is long enough should all 3 of them develop fever!!

Being the relaxed and courageous (again some say stupid) parents that we are we went ahead with all jabs for all kids.

First up was Isaac and being the big brother that he is he showed his younger siblings how it should be done. I was wondering how were they going to administer both injections because Isaac will probably reject the second one right? The answer became clear when I saw Dr B and a nurse holding one syringe each. One of them aiming for Isaac’s arm whiles the other the thigh. They synchronized it to perfection (in my opinion definitely a gold medal is due) and all we heard from Isaac was “erh!” and then Dr B quickly shoved a toy in his hands and he went off playing! He took it like a real man there! I couldn't have done better myself. Really!

Luke faired better than Isaac when he had his 6 in 1 because he did not cry at all but Hayley being the girl in the family and the manja one cried a lot more but she too forgot about the pain in a couple of minutes.

For the rest of the weekend we were very vigilant, patrolling their rooms armed with our trusted Cadi thermometer.

Maybe the kids know that their parents are inexperience and courageous (some say stupid) they decided to be kind on us for they did not have any side effects of any kind. Either that or they took pity on us for the damage to us were probably more severe than them as the bill came up to about S$700 for that day.

After this experience will we have all 3 kids take their injections on the same day? ABSOLUTELY!!


nomadic notions said...

Oh yes an update was long over due! Glad to have you update though =) How you find time to do it after all those jabs is another question...

I hope all 3 are okay now. Both you and the Mrs deserve a gold medal too for your bravery.

Nicole said...

Sometimes, I wonder, does those who have yet to give birth decided not to give birth after seeing you, or mine or just any parents blog? About being mundane etc....I have been told by one of my friend that he avoid those blogs that's written by parents. Because it's so boring, and it's really all and everything about their kids. Haha! Then this man became a father now, and he started to post photos of his own son! Haha!

Hmm...how come fat boy needs to have 2 jabs at one go??????? Even if he's overdue for the 15mth MMR, it's only 1 jab, isn't it?? What's the other jab for???? Or did I miss out some unknown jab that I don't know????

Happyhour said...

Wow... you are the MAN... 3 kids all jabbing the same day!!! Lucky they are good... so no problem for them to have it all at one shot.

congrats u just earn yourself bragging rights for being the most couragous dad!

hope the kids are doing well from the jab... ;)

F A I T H said...

A big hand for all of you!!! The 3 munchkins, yourself, your Mrs and your helper. :)

sock peng said...


i have been popping in on and off and finally u have new updates.

u can use this website to keep see the jab history.


i dun really used it to keep track, but i make sure that the records is updated after every injections

Lionel n Rachel said...

Tks to ur blog post that i realised Rachel was supposed to hv her 6-1 jab 4 mths ago. Jialat! Long overdue.

I wanted to check abt the vacinations that u wrote abt; wondering hw come issac needs 2 diff jabs at the same time when i saw my girl's appt wriiten on the last page. :P

Guess i hv to call up the PC 2moro & make another appt.

A Husband said...

Hi Jes,

Yes no doubt the update was long over due. Thanks for waiting patiently.

The kids are on all doing fine. Isaac is getting naughtier by the day of course. ;p

I hope my next post will not be too long away.

A Husband said...

Hi Nicole,

I am not sure about other parents and families. Maybe their lives are not as mundane so maybe their blogs are more exciting.

One thing's for sure my blog will always tend to me more wordy than full of pictures.

Since a couple of you are interested to know I made it a point to find out what he was jabbed with.

He had the MMR and the 1st booster for the DPT Vaccine. Cleo had her booster already?

A Husband said...

Hi Cecilia,

Honestly it didn't quite occurred to me what we will be facing if they all develop fever. Good thing they are kind to their parents.

Thanks but I'm not so sure about courageous though.

The kids are all doing well.


A Husband said...

Hi Faith,

Thanks! We were fortunate to say the least!

A Husband said...

Hi Sock Peng,

Thank you so much for waiting patiently. I'll try and update more frequently but perhaps I need more topics suggestions for you ladies.

Thanks for the link but being the lazy me I'll leave to the good nurses in the clinic to keep the book updated.

A Husband said...

Hi Yvonne,

4 months overdue?!?! I hope you won't get an earful from your PD.

What Isaac took was actually the MMR which is apparently what every child at his age gets. The other one was the 1st booster for DPT Vaccine.

The Bimbo said...

wah All three having jabs on the same day?! I remember how my mom used to make every one go along with my bro had his jabs... it's like some major event! Seems like it went so well! Your babes are good at taking jabs... Isaac is a good role model for his siblings. :)

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A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bobo,

For us it is definitely going to be a family affair whenever it is time for the jabs from now on.

Based on their past performances we will be continuing with the practice of jabbing them all on the same day.