Friday, 26 June 2009


The twins are at the stage where they know how to smile already and sometimes if we are lucky we might just catch them chuckle too. This is a little hard to achieve for we need them to be in the right mood.

The babies' smile is really something that is very heartwarming. No matter how tired we are after a hard day’s work their smile will somehow take it all away. So what we do these days is to pop our face close to theirs and then call them by their names with an animated tone of voice of course and they will give you that sweetest smile. With Hayley I always call “Baby Hayley! Hayley Baby!” whereas nothing much rhymes with Luke so it is just “Luke Luke!” Pronounced as “look look”. Although simple but it works just as well on him.

Besides evenings, their smile will also brighten our day when they flash it at us first thing in the morning. It is a very nice thing to see them stretch themselves, yawn and then when they see you they’ll flash that toothless smile. It is mornings like these that make me want to skip work and spend more time with them. No wait…….. that could be my lazy bug actually.

For whatever reason I seemed to be more successful in getting the twins to chuckle and coo with me. Sometimes I will change them after their night feed and while they are lying on the changing table I will make funny faces and play with them. This will sometimes lead to them chuckling. The Mrs while feeding the other twin will stretch her neck out to see what is going on and how I managed to do that.

Just the other day she was wondering aloud why is it that I can get them to chuckle while she can’t. She concluded that it could be due to the fact that she is more concerned about how much milk they are taking whereas I am happy just feeding and playing with them. Typical man? Perhaps.

From my observation there seems to be this jealousy / competition thing going on between parents. Things such as which parent the child will learn to call first or who will the child run to first when both parents come home together. This is happening to friends and family around us hence I believe this applies to you all too. I’m sure it is all done in good humor. For your information we sometimes do this with Dino too.

Honestly I may tease the Mrs a little here and there whenever I succeeded in making the babies laugh or do something different but I really will have no issue if she can get the babies to do stuffs that I can’t or even if they learn to address her first. Take for example she taught Isaac to point to his own head whenever we ask “Who is the bad boy?” and also shakes his head whenever we ask “Is Isaac a handsome boy?” What she taught him is still providing us with hours of fun which is the key thing here hence it is not really important who taught him that. If only he is more consistent and not get distracted so easily I’m sure more people will get to experience and enjoy it.

Speaking of Isaac he is still having that infamous cheeky smile of his and in fact he is getting more mischievous although he is still a good boy most of the time. It is just that it is getting harder to bring him along whenever we meet friends for lunch or dinner. He just wouldn’t sit still for long. In the past we are able to pacify him with food but these days this method will not last long. Before you know it he wants to be off the baby chair and move about on his own. As a result if we have to bring the kids out with us then more often than not we will bring the twins instead of Isaac.

I guess we will just have to wait for him to turn older and maybe can reason better and then it will be the twins’ turn to stay at home while we bring Isaac out for meetings with friends.

In case reading this post does not bring that smile to your face then I have the following video that might just do the trick.


Anonymous said...

I love this post! Luke is so cute! Can i be your kids offically fans?? hahah.. Can i add u in fb to see your kids pic?

ST = Shirlene

Unknown said...

Luke is very cute indeed! Resembles his korkor Issac a great deal don't you think so? How about a clip of Hayley too? Am sure the twins are bringing you and Mrs tons of joy. Tiring but absolutely worthwhile! Good job!

Michelle Ng said...

Thats the case with kids age like Isaac. Xandren is like this too. And i bought a portable dvd player to have him sit still in the highchair to watch his favourite show when we are having meal outside. It works STILL for me. haha... hey luke luke looks like a fairer version of my Xavier. hahahha... Any latest foto of Hayley?

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi there Shirlene,

I'm glad you like the post or should I say the video of Luke? ;) Not sure if you have seen it but there is also a video clip of Isaac laughing. Made most readers laugh with him each time they watched it.

Sure you can be a fan of the kids!! We will be honoured!! Heh heh

As for FB you can add me anytime. I have people adding me without leaving any comment so I am assuming they are there to try and see more pictures of the kids but I have to say I have been lazy so many photos not uploaded yet.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Dana's Mummy,

Without sounding too much like a proud parent, Luke is indeed cute and he does look a lot like Isaac.

Believe me I am trying to catch Hayley in the chuckling mood so I can take a video recording of her too. This way all 3 kids will have a video of themselves chuckling when they were a baby.

All 3 of them combined are a huge bundle of joy but they can drive us up the wall sometimes especially when they are demand attention at the same time. Hahahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Michelle,

I'm glad it is the norm that Isaac is behaving the way he is. According to the Mrs all 3 of them are actually textbook babies. I'll do a post on it later when I have a better understanding what she means.

Portable DVD player huh?! It worked for my friend's kid as well and my sis is also using it for my niece. Will consider since we are going for a number of buffets these days.

I can see a certain resemblance between Luke and Xavier and Luke is fairer indeed.

I will find some recent photos of the kids and upload them here and FB so stayed tune ya?!

missmoon said...

Luke is soooo adorable!! It's been ages since I've left a comment, but I read, without fail, all your entries, Dylan. This video really perked my stressful day at work. Heh. Luke looks a lot like Issac hor? The similarities are all there.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cynthia,

Wow!! It has been a very long time indeed. If my record is to be trusted then the last time you left a comment was October last year!!!

I was just wondering the other day what happened to all you regular readers from the past. Those that have been around before Isaac was even born and then here you are!!

I'm glad this video is able to drive away the Monday blues. If it is not enough go and see Isaac's video (I've posted the link in my 1st reply to Shirlene above).

Well let's hope it will not be another 8 months before we hear from you again.

In the meantime take great care!

Nicole said...

Luke really looks like Isaac when he was a baby back then. Really alike!

I think in this case, I'm luckier than you, in that sense. Cause Cleo can really SIT! And I meant, really really sit. In the past, she can sit in her high chair for hours(when she still can't walk). Now that she can, we don't really let her sit in high chair anymore but will do it when we went out. She'll just quietly sit there, entertaining herself and us when she sit there. She won't make a fuss or anything till it's time for us to make a move.

She, however, can't stop talking! She have already begin to ask me ' what's that?", ' why'? MY GOODNESS, a 18 months baby asking me what's that and why??? I predict I'll have two very talkative chatterboxs at home! *slap head*

happyhour said...

hey i am like you.. bring out only the easier to manage one wor... hehe guilty as charged... usually for us now we bring out Tricia cos she understands us and can walk on her own and sit down and have meals.. whereas for Kaelyn.. eh she is in Issac stage where she cannot sit still ah.. backside got worms!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

Luke does look a lot like Isaac but with smaller eyes I think. However on the size part there is a good chance he will overtake Isaac. Not just in weight but in height too.

You are indeed lucky that Cleo is able to sit through your whole dinner. Isaac will not last 15 minutes in his chair. So we are definitely not bringing him for any buffet. Hahahaha

It amazes both the Mrs and I how fast Cleo is with her motor and speech skills. Isaac is still not talking yet although he understands many things that we tell him.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cecilia,

I think what we are doing (bringing the easier to manage one) is quite the norm.

I told the Mrs that we are just waiting for all the kids to grow a little older and then their fortunes will change.

Isaac will be coming out with us while the twins will be at home. Heh heh

Nicole said...

You are luckier in that sense, at least you can choose who to bring out! For us, we just have to bring both of them out, not that we are complaining. Haha... And actually, the two girls are very well behaved, as in, they sit where they are put and stand where they are put. They don't fuss overly much. Quit nice actually. :)

Yes indeed. Ms Cleo really amazes even ourselves. She's too smart for us to grasp, too mischievous for us to control but damn cute! Hee

Lydia said...

Nothing beats a baby's chuckles!

That video did bring a smile on my face, thanks! Looking forward to see Hayley's :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

I'm sure you can choose to leave one of them with you mum if you really want but I can understand why you prefer to bring both out.

Before long we will have to bring all 3 of them out also. Hopefully by then Isaac will be better behaved.

As for Cleo, what can I say except that Isaac has a lot of catching to do?

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Lydia,

Thanks for visiting my blog and also for leaving your comment.

I'm glad you like the video on Isaac. While I am still trying to capture Hayley on video perhaps you can see Isaac's when he was about their age.

olivia said...

Luke looks very much like Isaac.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Olivia,

Yes he does, doesn't he?

I wonder when will he start to outgrow the similarities.

KoLe said...

THANKS for plastering a smile on my face. CUTE CUTE CUTE.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi KoLe,

I am glad you enjoyed the video.

I'm still trying to capture one with Hayley but she is proving to be a more difficult customer.

KoLe said...

proven again, girls are shy. :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi KoLe,

I will have to take your word for it now since I am still new at this. Heh heh

Von said...

Hi Dylan,

Your kids are cute! but I would like to sidetrack a little on how Mrs is teaching Issac. Those questions asked, like getting Issac to point to himself when asked " Who is the bad boy?" and getting him to shake his head to "Is Issac a handsome boy?". I didn't think these are "right". Sorry to say this but positive reinforcement is very impt in the constructive years of a kid else he will grow up thinking negative.

So can I request Mrs or even yourself to instill some positive elements like getting him to point to himself when asked, "Who is the good boy?" and getting him to nod his head when asked "Is Issac a handsome boy?" instead.

You might think these are trivials and I'm overreacting but I certainly wanna see Issac, Luke and Hayley grow up positive as this trait will go a long way. Cheers!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Von,

I understand what you are saying and where you are coming from. I guess we didnt feel he understand what is handsome or naughty yet hence it was just some harmless fun.

Thanks for pointing it out still for we are definitely going to instill positive affirmation into him. So we will be asking who is the good and handsome boy from now on.