Monday, 15 June 2009


It is the exciting time of the year again. The Great Singapore Sale!! Not sure if you all noticed but the commencement of this sales period seems to be getting earlier with each year. Some shops are even offering pre-GSS sale.

Anyway the Mrs seems to be quite excited this year now that she has 3 babies to fill those clothes with. What’s even more exciting for her is this year we have a baby girl to doll up.

Babies aside this is usually the time when the Mrs looks around for a bargain on some of the designers bags that she has been eyeing for some time. Credit to her for she has no problem waiting for such sales before committing on the bags and wallets. I definitely cannot say the same about me. I am the typically impatient male where I will not even wait for another day if it means a saving of 10% by borrowing a membership card from friends. I’ll usually look at the price and deduced that the saving of 10% is not worth the wait so more often than not I will end up paying for the retail price.

Anyway the Mrs already proclaimed that she is on the prowl for 2 designer bags which she intends to use for work. She has already gotten one from TOD’s and she is still on the lookout for a second one although not too wholeheartedly. This is the ‘problem’ with her because once she has spent a certain amount of money it is harder for her to commit on another item. Knowing her character I will usually be more encouraging whenever she wants to buy anything.

I was having this conversation with my bro, Mike the other day that the same usually cannot be said for the wives. Case in point, I have always wanted to buy a home theater system but due to the lack of wireless speakers I have been putting it on hold. That was until recently when I came across a promotion on a Panasonic one which includes a Blu-ray player. There was an almost 37% discount and I was getting really excited but the Mrs’s response was “Do we really need it? You seldom watch your movies in the living room anyway.” To be fair to her she was pointing out the truth but I imagine that scenario will be easily changed once I get my hands on the system.

Back to the conversation with Mike;

Mike: How? Are you buying the Panasonic system?

Me: The Mrs asks if we really need it leh. She commented that I hardly watch TV in the living as it is.

Mike: Ya but that is because you don’t have the system there mah.

Me: Somehow we husbands are more supportive when it comes to encouraging them to buy whatever they want.

Mike: Ya but we are so supportive because we hope that they will in turn be just as supportive when it comes to our purchases.

Me: Imagine if we ask them do they really need those new bags, shoes or wallets.

Mike: Ohhhhh…. Bro, you don’t want to go down that road!

Both: Hahahahahaha

Mike is experiencing pretty much the same thing with his intention to purchase. He was using the buying of more camera lens for his new hobby and DSL as an example and he knows for a fact that Kat, his wife will definitely ask does he need so many lenses.

The four of us were out having lunch and shopping when I told the Mrs that most of us buy stuffs base on our wants and only a small percentage of our purchases are really based on our needs.

Speaking of lunch I learned another thing about wives and purchases. I commented the other day that actually I was hoping to buy us both a new pair of wedding bands so we were looking around and I told her that I actually like the Bvlgari classic B.Zero1 ring for sometime now so if it looks good on us both then we will buy them. We went ahead to try but it looks better on me than her so we did not purchase them.

She encourages me to buy it for myself first while we continue to source for another ring for her. The strange thing here is it actually costs more than the home theater system that I wanted to buy. Then I came to the conclusion that maybe with the system we are not speaking the same language but with jewellery she understands my want much better!

If you think this post is about our voicing our dissatisfaction towards our wives then nothing is further from the truth. At the end of the day our wives will not really say no to our needs and wants since they know how hard we work and they understand that sometimes even guys just want to pamper ourselves a little. I believe in every marriage they are there to be our check and balance and we all love them for that.

Now Honey can I buy the home theater system and the ring?


The Bimbo said...

haha Do you really need that Home Theater? The babies might play with it you know...

MmM I'd say that the two of you (hubbies) make really nice hubbies! I wish I can buy that designer bag too. But your Mrs is really trying to save for you while hesitating to get the second one you know. :)

Anyway Don't go all out mad these sales... oh yes they are getting earlier...

happyhour said...

woo hoo.. i want the designer bags anytime... eh home theater.. some other time la...

as much as i dun understand y he needs that xbox he doesnt understand y i always say no clothes to wear when my waredrobe is bursting!!! haha

go get the set n the ring ba...and dun forget to get the bag for Mrs.. :)

Juls said...

Hi I recall 1 of your older blog abt you looking and registering Isaac for his nursery.

I am now sourcing for 1 too. Would you mind telling me the name and add of the school you enrolled Isaac in? Thanks


Anonymous said...

Do u think u really can afford it? Don't pretend that you are rich when you are not. U r at ur 30+? Hw much do u earn now? 3k+??

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bobo,

To answer your question I DO need that home theater system. Then I can start with my Blu-ray collection and watching movies at home will never be the same again!!

About the babies, I shall ban them from getting anywhere near the system. Speaking of babies, watching sesame street and Hi-5 will be a whole different experience for them too!! Hahaha

I'm sure you can get that bag you want if you really 'need' it! ;p

Not to worry about me going mad about the sales for apparently I cannot afford it (see below comment from another reader).

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cecilia,

I know you ladies all speak the same language i.e. bags, shoes, clothes and diamonds!

We guys are much simpler, our language is just Toys!!

Wah thanks for being so generous but I can't afford the ring, the system and the bag! Just ask the below anonymous reader.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Juls,

We managed to successfully enrolled Isaac with ACS nursery although the Mrs is now having 2nd thoughts. We have up till November to decline.

I'll keep you all posted once everything is confirmed.

Good luck with your school hunting for we all know it is really not easy.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Anonymous,

First of all I would appreciate it if you leave at least an alias.

Next I would like to thank you for your concern. Reading your comment first thing this morning really brought a smile to my face although I honestly do not know why!

Now to put your mind at ease, I am actually 35 this year and I am NOT rich. I'm sorry if I misled you to think otherwise. In fact I only make a little over 3k each month so that actually means I can afford the ring and the home theater system for the combine cost is only about $2,800. This means I still have some loose change to feed myself till the next payday.

happyhour said...

Dylan very funny lor.. i read that comment i oso laugh ah... hehe see all readers think u the rich guy la.. which i think you are by the way :)

and yes you said it all.. the 4 main category but not necessary in that order :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cecilia,

I think the biggest myth created from my blog is I'm rich. Honestly I AM rich .......... but only with the fact that I have 3 healthy babies and a lovely family. Apart from that we are doing okay.

It is probably a front that I put up. One has an image to keep up you know? Hahahaha

Nicole said...


It makes me laugh lor. All those annoying anonymous, dare to comment but don't dare to leave their name! If you do know, I ever encountered one annoying and downright irritating anonymous too, who went to give some really rude comments.

And seriously, you think that fella got guts to even alias meh???


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

Actually I think they should leave their alias because after all it is just a name. It is not as if I will know who he / she is after leaving the alias.

For me this is so that I know if it is the same person should another anonymous person leaving another such comment. Guess I like to keep track of the number of 'readers' that do not like me.

Anyway let's not make this post about them. They are entitled to their opinion although in this case it is more like an assumption.

sock peng said...


so now have u bought anything for urself during this GSS?

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Sock Peng,

Actually I have yet to buy anything for myself during this GSS.

I have eyed a few things but besides the theater system the rest are not on sale hence there is no hurry on my part.


mummy yio said...

Actually in SG, we have seasons also... sale seasons... Throughout the year there r always different sales going on and after some time, i kinda think its not worth it to go after like 1 particular sale anymore. Especially when you buy things like baby assesories. Throughout the year, different departmental stores will offer 20% discount so it usually works out to be about the same so dun really have to wait for like GSS or baby fair. That said, it also made me realised that it is very silly to buy something at its nett price...

Talking about keeping the kids away from the sound system... I used to think like that when my friends visited my house before i gave birth they were asking me how come we built this and bought that kind of qns and was telling us that its going to be a problem when the baby arrives. Now baby is 14mths i finally truely understood what they meant. i still believe that i can teach my gal that some parts of the house is really a no no for her but for now our fav game at home is for me to rescue her from falling down or picking her off from places i dun 1 her to be... check out this post

Wow,this has got to be the longest comment i posted here so far... LOL...

F A I T H said...

Hi Dylan

I can fully understand your point. My HB wanted to buy the Wii for the longest time for his own entertainment as well as to "enhance" En & Xuan's motor skills. I kept asking "Do you have time for it?" and discouraging him with remarks like "The kids will tear it apart!" Kekeke... So evil, right?

Anyway, I changed my mind after getting myself a new ring and a stethoscope last week, and the girls had their Barbie Mariposa from GSS shopping too. So the Wii is arriving tomorrow, and HB has is now focusing on sourcing for a new handphone! I guess for us, its not about needs or wants. Its about pampering everyone at home once in a while. We all deserve a little something for the hard work we put into nurturing the family, don't we? :)


alliet said...

Reading 'anonymous' comment, it reminded me of FD's sharing on air. Not sure if you caught it but there was a day he was in a cab and the cabbie driver was blatantly asking how much he was making. With comments such as 'u DJs earn a lot of $$ right? like ten thousand a month? got or not?'

to which my reply to anonymous would be what is it to you what and how much people make? and how presumptuous is that to make such a comment that someone else is pretending to be rich when they are not? well, my presumption is that u are direly unhappy with yr life and the lack of support or other creature comfort. get a life. *roll eyes* AND IF YOU CAN AFFORD THE BRAIN JUICE, GET AN ALIAS!

Unknown said...

To anonymous,
if u feel dylan's recent blog sounds 'rich', mate, u are not of the league (read income bracket), to be reading this blog.

Bro mike