Tuesday, 5 August 2008


As you all probably know by now I try and keep my posting to once a week since I am so busy with so many other things but I can sense all your genuine excitement and the many questions that you might have so I decided to do a follow up post within the week.

First of all we would like to give our heartfelt thanks to all of you. We are really surprised and touched that so many of you genuinely share our joy and are looking forward to embarking on this journey with us again.

I guess the number one question on everyone’s mind is if this pregnancy is planned. So for the record, YES this is a planned pregnancy. We do not preach or advocate accidents of any kind in the Tan residence.

Next question is “why so soon?” and the answer to this is I have ran out of interesting material for this blog so I discussed with the Mrs to have a second child in order to boost the readership so maybe I can be a full time blogger and as a result will be able to stay at home and spend more time with the kids. Er…….. just realised this is not going to happen because I do not even have a single money making advertisement on my blog?!?!

Seriously, like I explained to some of you on my earlier post, we knew all along that we will not have just one child plus the fact that we are nearing our mid thirties we felt there is really no point in waiting. Furthermore it took us more than 3 years to finally conceive Isaac so we are not prepared to wait another 3 years for number 2 to come along.

Another reason is we are getting good domestic support both from my parents and Ani. Since both my parents are still mobile and able to help plus Ani has proven to be reliable and good with Isaac, the decision was made easier.

Allow me to digress a little. An example on how sweet Ani was. The Mrs was having whole day sickness even till now and has lost her appetite for food. As a result she lost about 3 KG already. Knowing that the Mrs really liked the Hong Kong Curry Fish Ball, Ani asked my mum to buy the ingredients while they were shopping at NTUC a few days back so that she can make them (the HK style) for the Mrs one evening. She was hoping to spice up the Mrs’s appetite. Although it did not really work but we were touched that she has this heart to go out of her way and do something like that.

Honestly we were a little uncertain in the beginning if we should start again so soon but after some discussion we decided to go ahead with it. After all there is no guarantee that we will be successful the first time round right?

Isaac’s Godma was one of the first to know but her reaction was a little unexpected and we understand where she was coming from. She felt that we were being unfair to Isaac by having a second child so soon. She is worried that Isaac will be neglected or at least less attention and maybe even love will be showered on him. This gives you all a picture on how much Godma loves and protects Isaac.

Well, I am new at this Father business hence I can’t really say for sure what will happen with 1 or 2 more kids in the future but I believe our love for Isaac will not be in anyway affected. He will always be special to us after all he was God’s gift to us after 3 years of trying.

There is no denying that Isaac will have to share our time and love in the future but this will happen no matter what unless we do not plan on having any more kids which is not the case.

Like so many of you mentioned, by having them born so close to each other we are hopeful that they will grow up close and as best friends too. On paper it may look like they are 2 years apart but in reality they are truly only about 15 months apart.

The EDD is 9th March 2009 for those of you who are curious.

The third question is if we intend to know the gender. Well, as my friend put it the other night when we announced our pregnancy over dinner, “Ah ya! Dylan always like to be special and do things differently one la!” So if you guess I intend not to know then you are beginning to know me better. On the statement that my friend made, I prefer to think of it as: It is NOT that Dylan is trying to be special and likes to do things differently. It is more like Dylan IS special hence he does things differently. What do you think?

Anyway this is my plan and I know I will stick by it but if you recalled during our time with Isaac, the Mrs and to a certain degree even I was very tempted to give up and find out the gender towards the end of the journey when we did our 4D scans. I am glad we stuck by it and I got to tell the Mrs “It’s a Boy” on Boxing Day when we got to unwrap our present.


Anonymous said...


Am happy on reading your new addition to your family.

no man's land said...

actually, i think the small age gap is alright. isaac will have a little mate to play and grow up with. that's cool! and no matter how many little brothers and sisters come along subsequently, nobody will be able to dislodge him from his premier position of being the treasured and cherished first born in your family. =)

by the way, bet your parents must be over the moon with joy yah? my ILs are already hinting things like, "can try again", "don't wait too long" etc. *haha*

Nicole said...

Hi Dylan,
I can understand's Isaac's godma's apprehension.

When I informed my mum that I was pregnant with Cleo back then,she doesn't look/sound overly happy too. I think she's afraid that we'll neglect Claire and will favour Cleo.

She do think that derrick favours Cleo more now. *sigh*

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi bbngg,

Thanks for sharing our joy and excitement. Do stick around to read about our journey.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Roanne,

Yeah, for being the first born Isaac will also have that special place in our hearts.

Not sure if you know but Isaac is indeed the first grandchild in the family. My sis is due this October. It will be a busy time ahead for our parents.

So I hope our little news will spur you and your husband into action?!?! Made in England? Hahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

We understand where Godma's coming from also.

Guess we will have to let our actions speak for us then. I'm certain through time Godma will see that we will love Isaac just the same.

viv said...

just drop by to say Congrats!!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Viv,

Thanks and do drop by again to monitor the progress. There will be more interesting updates in the near future.

no man's land said...

Made in England? *haha* That's a plan huh? See how lah. =)

And yeah, I remembered your sis is due sometime this year too. Was thinking that somebody must have sprinkled your family with lots of baby dust for these couple of years. *keke*

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Roanne,

Actually you have no idea how much baby dust we got! I do not think you know that my MIL had 3 grandsons all in a year?!?!

My 3rd BIL had his son in January while my eldest BIL had his son in October and then Isaac was born in December. So can you imagine her joy? She is so proud of this fact too!

Now it is my mum's turn to have so many grandchildren all in the space of 3 years.

Do give it some thought, make in England I mean. But if you ask me I prefer it to be made in Paris. Went there 2 years ago and absolutely loved it!

Lionel n Rachel said...

hi dylan,

cool...dat's fast...very fast in fact! i was soooo surprised when i heard it from another mummy...(tks to u & ur blog, we gt to become frens)

a big congratulations to you & mrs & nt forgetting issac who will soon become a big bro.

btw, can consider making no 3 in paris?

Anonymous said...

A few questions. Sort of like an mini "interview for you" hahaha..

1. Why did it take 3 years for Isaac, and SOOOOOO fast for number 2? hmm any scientific reasoning? haha

Very very curious to know.. anyway not few questions, just one question..haha..

Mrs Chew

Sophia said...

WOw! Praise God for the new gift of life given to the both of you =)

Do take good care of the Mrs. There's also another good reason to space #1 and #2, so that the mummy's body get restored back to health fully. In the mean time, I hope your Mrs will eat well when it's possible for her to do so, if not, have supplements ready. For #2's health's sake as well. We want a healthy mummy and a healthy bouncy #2 as well.

Will stand in faith with you both that our God will grant you both the wisdom to handle and juggle both children well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,

Your Mrs still hvg all day sickness? Some pple say it's good, cos' it's a sign that baby is alright. Anw, my previous gynae asked me to take those traditional 'Soda' biscuits (those squareish ones with little holes all over, some are plain & some sprinkled with sugar - if u get what i mean...hehe..) - he says it helps. I don't like that, so i substitue with Marks & Spencer biscuits, it helps too. I think the trick is to hv very small but frequent meals. For me, I'll pop 1 biscuit whenever i dun feel well, most of time it helps to curb off the uneasiness...

As for the age gap, there're always advantages & disadvantages - no matter how many years apart. Hence, there's really no perfect gap. I do believe in going with your heart + the will of God. =)

To a certain extent, i do agree you guys are "special". haha.. I'm soooo monkey anxious to know the baby's gender, i won't be able to wait till D day... Moreover, i dun want to be the last 1 to know (aft waking 2 hrs later aft C section, probably the whole world already know...)... haha...

Take care, & enjoy the pregnancy! =)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Yvonne,

Long time no hear from you! Thanks!!

So who is this mummy? Do I know her? Help me thank her for sharing this fantastic news!

Paris?!?! I have a feeling we will not be ravelling far for a long while! Hahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jolin,

You seemed to be preparing yourself huh?!?!

Anyway to share with you, the Mrs went through a surgery to remove a Uterine Fibroid that was growing in her. According to the Gynae it could be a reason why we were not successful then. (Think Diana Ser went through the same surgery before she conceived too)

During the surgery the Gynae found that one of her Fallopian tubes was infected hence he cleaned it up too.

Another reason could be stress also because she was then working in a company for average of about 12 - 13 hours everyday for about 7 years.

Hope the above helped to better prepare you.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Sophia,

Thanks for dropping by and also for your prayers.

We did consult Dr N before we went ahead and try for number 2.

As for eating, the Mrs is not eating much these days. Her whole day sickness is worse than the last time. Yesterday alone I think she vomited more than 5 - 6 times. Not to worry I will take care of her and encourage her to eat and drink whenever possible.

Do stay tuned for more ya?!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nana,

Yeah her all day sickness was worse than before. I am only hoping that it will stop with the 2nd trimester.

Thanks for the tips. Actually the Mrs has found some biscuit that she is able to stomach. She keeps them around for whenever she can munch something because she can't have her regular meals now.

I agree with you that there is no perfect age gap but importantly like Sophia mentioned, the Mrs's body must be ready hence we got clearance from Dr N.

Hmmm.... good point on knowing before the C Section. But I thought these days mummies can be awake during the C Section delivery? If that is the case then you can consider taking up the challenge?!?! Hahahaha

Anonymous said...

OIC.. Thanks, I have done the neccessary checks, doc didn't seem to say anything. No news is good news? for those stuff I think

Anyway, I forgot to include this in my message to you yesterday, the bloggin and stay at home idea IS MINE! hahaha.. THAT'S MY idea.. hahaha...

Mrs Chew

F A I T H said...

Hi Dylan
Before I forget, you asked if you got my name right in one of your previous comments. Yes, you did. Good memory! And that's very important for a father with more than one kid. Hahaha...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I'm starting to feel very excited too. :) Please don't worry about being unfair to Issac. Look at it from another perspective. He'll appreciate you and your Mrs in future for giving him a sibling, so he'll experience the joy of companionship or brotherhood (if this is a boy). To date, I've never thought my parents were unfair (I was the second of 4 children). I ABSOLUTIELY LOVE the fact that I had 3 other siblings and thankful to my parents for this precious gift. Two is a handful but they bring much joy too. I have tonnes of friends/relatives who used to think one child is good enough, yet feels terribly envious when they see my children playing together. Trust me. You, your Mrs and Issac are going to enjoy the new arrival. Start counting down... :)

Lionel n Rachel said...

hey dylan,

she is simin (nt sure whtr she left any msgs b4 in ur blog). she was reading ur blog when she saw my posting on ur comments page & she click onto my blog.

i even recommended my CL to her. keke.

The Bimbo said...

Hi Dylan!!

I think when they are younger it is easier for them to accept a sibling. When they get older, they are used to having everything for themselves and that would give problems definitely.

I'm sure you guys have more than enough love to go around.

I wonder why people think of it as sharing the love. Why isn't it that the parents can "produce" more love for the next one without compromising... Maybe it IS impossible after all. *IMHO*

BTW... My Sister is getting married! See her pretty pictures!



A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jolin,

It really seems to be like you are getting ready to try for a baby. Good luck on that front and do update it in your blog ah!

Hmmm.... blogging full time and staying at home was your idea huh?!?! Then you should work on your idea and do it already. I'm sure it will be fun! hahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Faith,

Thanks for sharing this excitement! My memory has not been very good so hopefully with these kids it will help me improve.

The Mrs comes from a family with 4 kids too hence she definitely likes to have more siblings for Isaac.

As for counting down, it is a little early now because the tummy is not showing yet so it still seems a little surreal now.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Yvonne,

Can't say I am familiar with that name. Don't think she has left any comment or she might have done under an alias.

That's what blogging can do for us isn't it? Make new friends.

Do come and visit more often.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,

No, thank you. I DON'T WANT to be awake. I'll be damn SCARED... hehe... think i'm 1 of those who like to hv many kids, but is scared of giving birth; like to hv chubby kids, but dunno how to cook yummy food to feed them... =)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bobo,

Good point on the younger and easier to accept a sibling bit. Never quite thought of it that way.

I think people generally look at love as a 100% thingy. So we love Isaac 100% now since he is the only child so the way they look at it is probably with a number the 100% love has to be shared hence 50% each.

Thanks for sharing your sis's wedding pictures. They are very nicely taken and the Mrs loves her gown!!

Do send her our best wishes for their wedding!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hey Nana,

I checked with the Mrs and she said that she intends to stay awake during the C-Section.

Even if she changes her mind later we can still keep the gender under wrapped. She can know after she wakes up.

Now it is my turn to be worried. It is one thing to witness the conventional delivery but quite another to see a C-Section. Not sure if I have the stomach for it.

Anonymous said...

You dunno how much I want a baby now.. maybe i should stop thinking that I want one then it would happen? what you think? Murphy's law??


Mrs Chew

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jolin,

Actually I have a rough idea how much you want a baby.

You don't quite fit the profile of the readers of this blog since 98% of them are parents already. But you kept coming back so that too gave me an idea.

One thing that people told us when we were trying for Isaac was, don't be too stressed up by it. I know, easier said then done right?!

Good Luck!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,

Since ur Mrs has gone thru the natural way previously, i believe she'll be opting for the same tis time round.

In cases of emergencies (like my #1), husbands are NOT allowed to be in the OT. Hence, you need not worry abt it. =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan, just wanna congrats you on your 2nd one. I'm a mum to be (EDD 20th Jan) and this is my first baby. My HB and I are really excited. I do understand your anxiety of wanting a 2nd one so quickly for fear of waiting for another 3 years for a 2nd one to come. I do have friends who tried for 5 years before conceiving. We were lucky and count our blessings that we didn't have to try too long. Kids are god's gift (as I begin to understand and appreciate lately)and I'm sure both you and MRS will be wonderful parents to both Issac and your little one. Cheers!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nana,

Thanks for the info and reassurance.


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Charlene,

Thanks for reading and leaving your comment!

Congratulations on your first!! So is it a boy or girl and name? Are you getting (forcing) your husband to read my blog too? Recommended read for Father to be!!! Hahahaha

However must read from the very first post because the early ones are more related to what he is going through now.

Do keep reading ya as I am sure there are a few more surprises and happy things to share.

In case you are blogging too then I would like to read it too.

Take great care!

Mommy Lose Weight said...

Congrats to u and ur wife!

We also tried for almost 2 yrs plus before we are able to conceive our first child. Then we just let nature takes it course as we are afraid the 2nd one might take long too. In the end, when my girl was about 14mths old, we managed to conceive once again.

Nyeshia's mummy said...

Hi Dylan, It has been quite sometime since i log into your page.
I am so happy for you and your Mrs.
Congrats to you !!!
Its going to be another gender guess : )
I hope you will get a girl this time.
A son and a daughter, that will be PERFECT.
Here i wish your Mrs a smooth pregnancy. More updates yay.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Ling,


So you stopping at 2 or there will be more coming?? Hahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Eve,


I know you have been very busy with the new job and 2 dogs and all (see, I've been reading). Just remember to visit whenever you have the time.

You are right about the gender guessing but I have a feeling this time round the Mrs's will is not as strong cause, like you, she is hoping for a girl too.

F A I T H said...

Hi Dylan
Just to add that in the event your Mrs choose to have elective c-sect with epidural (meaning lower body anesthesia), most private hospitals would encourage their husband to be in the OT with their spouse to witness the delivery process. My husband spent some time watching programmes on Discovery Home & Health channel (Ch 70 on cable) before my c-sect (emergency case too) and he was amazingly calm throughout. He said he was well prep after watching those programmes. So you know where to turn to if your Mrs decide against natural delivery this time round. :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Faith,

Thanks for sharing your husband's preparation and tips. First of all I need to check if I have Channel 70 at home then I'll see if they are showing anything on this topic in the coming months.