Friday, 1 August 2008


About a month ago I "celebrated" my birthday. I am never a big fan of birthday celebrations, for myself that is (better make this point clear otherwise I will not be invited to anymore birthday celebrations). And no, it is not that I am sad that I aged another year because I truly believe I am only as old as my heart and mind feel. And at this point in time I feel like a 24 year old although my body (tummy) will beg to differ.

Since a number of years ago I had even stopped taking leave on my birthday so I went to work as usual and closer colleagues who know me better will respect that I do not want any fuss so they will just msn or skyped me to wish me well. I can't imagine my colleagues singing birthday song while I cut the cake. If this is the company culture then I will definitely take leave to skip this show altogether.

So the usual "celebrations" will be to go for a nicer dinner with the Mrs. However recent years even this is nothing special since we do not really wait for any particular day to go for a nicer meal. Whenever we feel like it we will just go for a nice steak at Morton's or teppanyaki at Nanbantei (our favourite place for teppanyaki).

As for gifts, I am an impatient person so I will almost never wait till my birthday to buy the certain something that I wanted or wait for the Mrs to buy it for me. So whenever it is my birthday the Mrs will usually have a hard time thinking of things that I need or want. Even the usual practical gift such as wallet and belt are no longer an option because I take very good care of my things and usually they will last for years. Tip: I never sit down with my wallet in my back pocket.

This year however was truly special because first of all we did not even go out for the dinner as my mum fell 2 days before my birthday and broke her wrist hence we felt it was better that we returned home early to fetch Ani home and took care of Isaac ourselves.

Dinner like I mentioned is only a small matter since we have been stuffing ourselves with rather good food lately. What is really nice is the card and the surprise that I received from the Mrs. To share with all of you I have scanned it and posted it below.

Knowing that I don't fuss about my own birthday, this card is very appropriate indeed.

Cute right?

The surprise was initially covered up by a post-it.

In case you can't see properly, I took the liberty to enlarge it for you all.

Not sure how many of you have been reading my blog since day one but one of my earliest post was on the topic of superstition. Then I figured that by posting I was not really telling anyone since I did not know if anyone would be reading at all right? However this time round it is different since a few of you readers have become friends. So I waited that little while longer just to clear the scans with Dr N before posting this.

We went for our scan today and since Dr N gave the thumbs up hence we are sharing this piece of fantastic news with all of you!


Missy & Jav said...

CONGRATS!! you guys sure act fast!! and i'm sure Issac won't mind a didi or meimei. and given their close age gap, i'm sure its gonna be lots of fun and laughter watching the two of them growing up together!

do keep us posted on this pregnacy just like you did with Issac :)

Aces Family said...

hi Dylan,

1st of all..CONGRATS!! You will be able to hit the target of 3 or 4 in no time..hee : P


Anonymous said...

Wow that is certainly fast!

Layla is already turning two and we're still squeamish about ever having any more kids. Hehe but we're a different breed altogether. :)

Anyways, congrats and all best to you and the missus. You'll be experts this time around.

missmoon said...

hey Dylan and Dylan's Mrs, congratulations!!!!! this is truly a very nice surprise! hehe, no time wasted, eh.

close in age gap, they'll grow up close and very good playmates :)

Anonymous said...

HUH? Number 2?? Wait for us to catch up lah??hahaha.. Anyway the card, is about the same one that I got for my Hub..

Congrats man!

I want ours too!!

Mrs Chew

The Bimbo said...


YAY now you can write how your experience with Issac will help you this time round AND how you guys handle two at a go!!! I'm so excited!

*dunno why*

Nicole said...

Hi Dylan,
Did you cry with happiness when you read the card?? How I wish I was there to see your reaction when you read the card!

I'm sure derrick will cry IF he read something like that and it's definitely NOT from joy. HAHAHA!

I'm happy for all of you. Congrats!

mummy yio said...

Congrats to you!!! Just the other day i was also thinking about when hubby and i will have our number 2 but eversince number 1 arrived and it has been 4mths already. We dun even have enough time to sleep so don't even need to think about anything else ;P Hubby wants number 2 asap but i rather let nature take its own course :) So are you going to want to find out about baby's gender before delivery or are you going to keep it as a surprise just like with Issac??

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS!!...Hubby and I are always ding-donging between having another baby sooner so that the age gap would be closer and having to cope with another two young babies in tow...

Nevertheless, it is still much blessings and joy!! Congrats to you and Mrs once again and keep those posts coming... :)

Anonymous said...

Wah.. Issac's gonna be a korkor...

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jerene,

Thanks!! Well, as you know we would like to have 3 kids plus we are not getting any younger hence we have to act fast.

Having a closer age gap will hopefully make them closer to one another. Watching them grow up together will definitely be fun but we are already predicting hard work ahead.

I will for sure keep you all posted on this pregnancy. I have lots to tell already but haven't got time to pen it down yet. So stay tuned! ;)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Astee,

Thanks!! I'm pretty certain our target is 3. I don't think we're looking at 4 and you have no idea how right you are about hitting the target.


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Evelyn,

We are already approaching our mid thirties hence have to act fast. Otherwise we will have no energy to chase after them once they start running around.

Well, we already planned to have 3 or at least 2 kids right from the start hence there is no point in wasting time right? I'm sure there are many like you who are still undecided on whether to have number 2 or not.

I am not sure if we will be an expert. After all each pregnancy is supposedly different but I'll keep you posted on the progress.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cynthia,

Thanks!! Like I mentioned in above reply, both the Mrs and I are not getting any younger hence we felt we should act fast.

I do hope the close age gap will make them closer to one another.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hey Jolin,

Thanks! I cannot wait for you to catch up because our age will always be ahead of you. Hahaha

Anyway I am playing catch up on some of my friends too. You have no idea how old some of their kids are already.

A Husband's Voice said...

Thanks Bobo!!

I will surely put what I had learned through Isaac into this pregnancy if I can remember them all.

Hmmm.... handling 2 at a go may not even leave me much time to post this blog.

Nice to know that you as well as the other readers here share this excitement with us.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hey Nicole,

Since we did planned for this pregnancy so no, I did not cry when I saw the cards.

However I was truly happily surprised and it took me a second or two before it registered! And my reaction was "Are you sure?!" (In a good way of course, not the worrying way)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Quek,

Congrats to you too although I am 4 months late!! Do let me know your blog in case you keep one ya?!

I guess you will know if you want another when the time is right.

I know I will drive a number of people crazy but I will be sticking to NOT knowing until delivery. That is provided I have the Mrs's backing of course.

A Husband's Voice said...

Thanks Jo!!

I believe you and many others are going to be ding-donging about when if at all should you have number 2.

For us, nearing mid thirties helped with our decision of course.

I do have many things to touch on so you keep coming back ya?

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nora,


Yup Isaac will be a kor kor in no time. Some people feel it is too soon but I will touch on that in my next post.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,

I am soooooo happy for you & your Mrs (Leng Sze, right?)!!! Congratulations!!!!!!! Actually, i kinda suspected it when i read ur previous post, cos u were hoping that the new "incentives" will be announced soon... haha... & ya, i rem u were 'pantang' abt it, so i din ask. So, when's the baby's EDD? =) BTW, Happy Belated Birthday! Guess, this is the BEST birthday gift u ever received... =)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nana,

Thanks!! And how did you remember the Mrs's name? I don't even remember announcing it.

You were very sharp because I was indeed leaving clues when I posted the last post on incentives. Well Done!

The EDD is 9th March 2009 and yes this is the best birthday gift ever.

What is the EDD for your baby?

Anonymous said...

hi there,
oh wow...
i read yr posting and i was staring at yr card... and i was like wow....congrats to u and yr mrs... u guys must be so happy... :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jas,

Thanks! From what you described I am picturing that you had the same reaction that I had.

It took me a second or two before it all registered. So I was very pleasantly surprised!

We are very happy indeed! Thanks again.

Trina said...

wow! what a way to end the post! just a simple statement that made me do a double take.. hehe... congrats!

no man's land said...

hi dylan and mrs!

congratulations!! i'm so happy for you both! your news left me with such a good mood that i was walking around smiling and humming to myself...and the husband got both curious and worried. then he went "___" when i told him, "oh my friends are pregnant!" *haha*

so...when are you going to start shopping for twin strollers? and if you want to get rid of your quinny, let me know yah? =P

by the way, if your baby arrives slightly before his/her EDD, we may share the same birthday! mine's 8 march. *hah*

no man's land said...

and oh yah, happy belated birthday. *haha* when is it exactly?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,

You kinda announced ur Mrs' name, together with urs - chk back the post... actually i m not good at remembering names, but ur Mrs' name reminds me of 1 of the TCM treasures - Lingzhi, that's why it registered. (Paisay huh, dun mean to be offensive... =P)

The EDD of my baby is 26/1/09 (1st day of CNY), but likelihood is he'll arrive ~2 weeks earlier, since I'll be delivering via C section.

Anonymous said...

WOWOWOWOW CONGRATS! Was it planned? Are you having the jitters that nos 2 are coming so soon?? kekee. Will you want to know the sex of the bb this time??

A Husband's Voice said...

Thanks Trina,

Er.... could it be you missed the message that the Mrs wrote me in the birthday card? Hence the double take?

A Husband's Voice said...

Thanks Roanne,

We are really touched that you are so happy for us! I am glad this piece of fantastic news made your day too!

We have not thought of buying anything yet. More concern with logistics issues now.

Should I want to discard my Quinny I will definitely let you know.

I have a feeling the actual delivery day will be way earlier than the EDD.

As for my birth date, I was born on the 4th of July.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hey Nana,

Now that you mentioned I did announce her name along with mine.

Don't worry about how you link her name with Lingzhi in order to remember. I understand that we all have our ways and methods to remember things so no worries.

So two weeks before CNY huh?! So you will be doing your confinement during CNY. Is this good or bad for you? Confinement lady charges an arm and a leg during these times.

Any reason for opting for C-Section? Sorry if I'm being too intrusive.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bebe,


It was a planned pregnancy so we are not really getting the jitters.

As for the gender I prefer to keep it unknown till birth just like Isaac. I will be driving a few people crazy and my friends are already asking "why must you try and be special every time?" Hahaha

Trina said...

haha.. .no, the double take was for the 2nd pregnancy so fast after Isaac! :p am sure u'll be great parents to both kids, seeing how happy (& chubby!) Isaac is turning out :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Trina,

Ahhhhh....... now I understand. So you are inspired now are you? Well, do let us in on the good news ya?

JChin said...


A BIG Congras!!! U are getting closer to ur target of 4! ;-)
I have been thinking about when no. 2 shld come long lately...hmm...

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Josephine,

Thanks and er..... my target is actually only 3 not 4. I like for it to be odd number so that whenever there is a need to vote on something there will always be a decision.

You were thinking of number 2? Hmmm...... I remembered not long ago when the Mrs was telling me how much she missed being pregnant and the result is this!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,

It's both good & bad for me.

Good bcos we've planned for a Mickey/Minnie mouse baby. Since we're not able to fulfill this wish in 2008, I'm glad we still hv a baby born in the year of Rat.

Bad bcos my diet will be restricted during this festive (feasting) season.

Nonetheless, the joy of 1 new addition to the family shld outweigh whatever "bads" - i think.

We're not engaging a confinement lady, so no concerns abt the cost. My MIL + the domestic helper (we're sourcing for 1) will be helping out.

As for the delivery, my #1 was delivered via emergency C-section (which i do not hv a choice); #2 was delivered via C section again (I opted for it, since it was quite painless the 1st time round); come #3 - no choice liao - hv to stick to C section, doc won't agree to let me hv natural birth, even IF i want to try. The risk of ruptured uterus will be much higher.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nana,

Yeah I agree the joy of the arrival of the new family member will outweigh any "bads" that you can think of.

Have you spoken to Amy? Was she okay? My sis went to her last week also and she said Amy was good. Anyway good luck with your search for maid. Hopefully you can get one like Ani.

Gynae can be very cautious. My friend's Gynae even asked her to stop caffeine intake. Not even one cup a day. Quite different from Dr N.

Irene said...


A Husband's Voice said...

Thanks Irene! I'm waiting for your next update on your blog.