Thursday, 25 October 2007


It has been almost a month since we attended our last lesson on HypnoBirthing and I still have not imparted what I learned to those of you who are interested.

I mentioned in my earlier post, Relax that the first half of the training was on the various breathing techniques, positive affirmations and visualizations as well as the different birthing positions.

If I have to summarize the second half of what we learned in one word, it will have to be Knowledge.

HypnoBirthing believes in arming all MTB with more knowledge and information so that they will be able to decide on the kind of birth they want.

We were taught to design the kind of birth we want just like the extensive hours we spent on researching for our next vacation. We will normally plan where we want to go and how we are going to get there. We will also make out a list of things to bring and for some people contingency plans in case there is rain or the places of interests are not open etc.

According to HypnoBirthing practitioners birthing should be like that as well. MTB should make out a list of things they want for their birth and also Plan B (in case things do not go as planned). This is what we call Birth Plan. From what I gathered Birth Plan is not too big in Asia. They are prepared mainly by the European and American MTB.

Initially I thought we might have some problem with Dr N on bringing up the fact that we have a birth plan but I realized very quickly how naive I was to think that he is not exposed to such “new age” things. He has many patients, hence the 3 over hours wait, and a substantial number of them are in fact Caucasians.

Actually till date we have only mentioned to him that we have a birth plan but have not discussed in details. So far he has proven to be accommodating and the only point he brought up that he does not wish to compromise is on the expulsion of the placenta. He is not comfortable with waiting for it to detach on its own.

We also discussed the different types of pain relief and methods of inductions.

Well here it is, our Birth Plan:

Name: The Mrs
Doctor: Dr N
Husband’s Name: A Husband
Doula: N.A.
EDD: 9th January 2008
Hospital: Mount Elizabeth
Paediatrician: Not appointed at this point in time

Birth Plan

Introduction / Overview:

I have attended HypnoBirthing class and would like to apply what I have learned during labour and childbirth. I would like to go for a natural vaginal birth without the aid of any drugs or induction and as little intervention as possible unless there is any danger to my baby or myself.

Note: At any stage of my labour, should the need arise please discuss any proposed intervention with my husband and I before proceeding.

Labour – 1st stage of labour:

I would like to be able to move and walk about freely as well as change positions at will during labour

I will be bringing along my own music to play during labour

I wish to wear the hospital gown throughout labour

I wish to be consulted before we proceed with vaginal examination as I want to keep it to a minimum

I prefer to have intermittent monitoring of the baby’s heart rate in order to remain mobile

I wish to hydrate myself through normal intake of water instead on being put onto the IV

I prefer to be patient and allow the membrane to break on its own

In case induction really becomes necessary then I prefer to have the amniotic membrane ruptured before other methods are used

I understand that pain medications exist and I will ask for them if I need them

Birth – 2nd stage of labour:

I would prefer not to have an episiotomy

Unless there is a medical emergency I would like to avoid a Cesarean

I would like to protect the perineum hence I will practice ahead by doing Kegel exercises and massaging the perineum

I would like to be allowed to choose the position to give birth in, i.e. standing and squatting etc.

Birth of Placenta – 3rd stage of labour:

As I am storing the cord hence I will require the cord be clamped early

I wish to have my baby brought to me immediately after birth before any administrative procedure is carried out

Baby’s care in hospital

I prefer to breastfeed my baby instead of formula milk

I would like to have baby with me during the day but in the nursery at night but brought to me for breastfeeding

Noted By:


Dr N
Consultant ObGyn

I would like to add that HypnoBirthing class is definitely not for the weak stomachs because I have never seen so many women give birth in my life. And I am not talking about camera focusing only on the facial expressions of the mother. We are talking about the camera panning into ground zero where you can see the baby’s crowning to the twisting of its body to the final push.

I remembered the Mrs cringing when she saw the first video but by the end of our 4 lessons I think she has grown accustomed to watching them. I believe the fact mothers in the videos were not cursing and swearing helped.


Unknown said...

wow, you guys even had your birth plan liao. hmm, i think we are just sticking to "go with the flow" for now. :P

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi jj,

The only reason we have our birth plan is because of the HypnoBirthing class. It is actually our homework so be born and raised in Singapore, we actually submit our homework. Ha Ha

Anyway it is a good too to imagine the whole birth process and visualise what may happen. This way we will not be caught cold in case we need to make impromptu decisions.

Nothing wrong with going with the flow, after all many births are done that way on a daily basis. Important thing is you are comfortable and have confidence with your Gynae.

Unknown said...

at least u guys r prepared. i'm in still "wat do i do when i'm due" phase. :P

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi jj,

Well you are welcome to use our birth plan as some form of guideline and visualise your own birth.

It should give you some idea and think about what you want.

Most important thing is don't stress yourself. :)