Tuesday, 18 September 2007


After attending 2 lessons of HypnoBirthing does not make me an expert on the topic but I can definitely share what I have learned with those of you who are interested but do not know anybody who has been through it.

The one thing I learned is HypnoBirthing will only help you succeed if you want it to. By succeeding, I mean to have a short and comfortable labour.

A lot of work is down to preparations and practices before the due date. There are breathing and hypnosis exercises that diligent mothers-to-be (MTB) will have to practice everyday. This is important because with so much going on during labour only the ones who practice everyday will be able to enter the hypnotic state of mind quickly and effortlessly.

Unfortunately due to our busy work schedules we have not been able to practice as much as we would like to. I have already downloaded the audio CDs into the Mrs’s Nano so she can practice her breathing on our way to and from work.

To address those skeptics, this is not entirely the same as those hypnotized people that we watched on TV or in movies. We all go through the state of hypnosis several times a day with or without our knowledge. Some may term it as daydreaming. Take driving for example. I for one am guilty of that and before I attended the HypnoBirthing class, I termed it my "homing device". What happens is once I get behind the wheels driving to work or home everyday I will enter a state of hypnosis. I am still capable of driving to my destination but it is my subconscious mind that is taking me there. Unlike being hypnotized, I am still in control and am aware of cars and pedestrians around me. This can only be achieved when one travels along the same route on a daily basis hence the importance of daily practices.

Another example is when I am playing games on my Xbox 360 console. There are times when I will be standing about a mere metre away from the 42” Plasma TV (it’s not like I can’t see sitting down another metre back) trying to get pass those “mini bosses” (Gamers will understand the term and Baby, someday you will too). At that point in time I am still aware of my surroundings, I can hear when the Mrs protests that I am going to blind myself over the game but both my conscious and subconscious minds are working on one thing and one thing only. To bring down that SOB!

This is the state that HypnoBirthing is trying to achieve with MTB. So it will be a lot easier if guys are the ones giving birth. Just give us a 60” plasma TV complete with stereo surround sound and a tough enough game and our minds will be off the pain. No need for Happidurals (word borrowed from our HypnoBirthing trainer).

To me the key word to the entire success is Relaxation.

Basically the gist of thing is this: all of us, yes, men included, truly believe that labour is excruciatingly painful. This belief has been embedded in our mind since we were young. Everyone around us gave us that impression and vivid video images from movies and television programs further reinforced this idea in our subconscious minds. I know a large number of you mothers and fathers out there will beg to differ. You will probably want to kick my behind for suggesting otherwise and a few husbands may even have scars to prove the above theory is wrong. Relax people, hear me out.

What I learned and agreed with is that fear caused the pain. Since we all believed that there is so much pain hence the term labour, we will automatically fear it. By experiencing fear, the body will automatically go into a fight or flight mode hence diverting most of the blood to the limbs leaving the uterus all tensed up making the opening even smaller for baby. The only analogy I can think of at this point in time is fitting your fist into your nostril.

So first and foremost we must all work on replacing these vivid images of violent women screaming and cursing during labour with images that are a lot more positive. Only by completely filling the subconscious mind with such beliefs then there is a good chance of achieving a drug free birth. Like they say, our mind is very powerful.

If MTB are trained in HypnoBirthing or know how to relax then they will be able to focus on their breathing and due to all the practices they will be able to enter the Hypnotic state. When both the conscious and subconscious minds are working on breathing the baby out, a short and comfortable labour will be achieved.

The above is of course the tip of the ice berg. Besides breathing and hypnosis, HypnoBirthing also teaches MTB the different positions available when breathing the baby out. I posted earlier that some of the positions are rather unorthodox but I guess the important thing is to let her find herself a most comfortable position, be it standing, kneeling or squatting.

We are also taught the sitting positions that MTB should avoid so as to increase the chances of baby and mummy achieving Optimum Fetal Position as well as the supporting roles that the husbands should take.

Without wanting to reveal too much or spoiling the fun for those who will be signing up, I will only say this much. I will update you again once I learned more about it.

Meantime I know some of you are due anytime now so happy birthing!


Anonymous said...

Very Cool Blog!! luv your reads!! Lookin forward to your baby's pics!!! ;)


A Husband's Voice said...

Hey TC,

I take it that this is your first visit. Welcome!

I look forward to your future tips / suggestions and comments!

Keep reading ya?!

Anonymous said...

Hello A Husband's Voice

wah, think this is easier said than done. Cant imagine I have to hypnotise myself that labour is painless or maybe not so painful. :P Think I would most likely tell the doc "pls jab me!!!" when the labour pain kicks in LOL

Anyway do agree with you that our mind is very powerful. But you need a lot of willpower for that. I told my hb I have nothing to prove so I am more inclined to taking the epidural while he is more towards the "everything should be as natural as possible" style. Well, we shall see very soon since I am in my 31st week now. :D

Take care ya! Look forward to your next input.

Aces Family said...

I agreed that the important thing is Relaxation.

Speaking from personal experienced of 2 child birth - natural without epidural. (ps: a little help from the gas... : P )

What went through my mind was Focus - keep the breathing techique in mind and concentrate on it.

Another advice is - do the exercises daily (those exercises are provided in the notes given in the ante-natal class)- it does help during labour.

Meanwhile, good luck to the classes.


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi reishi,

Yeah, I know it is easier said than done. So that is why practicing everyday is crucial.

Some people believe that there will be side effects from using epidural so the Mrs will try to avoid if possible, hence this HypnoBirthing class.

I agree with your husband and just be relax and see what happens during labour.

Take care and I look forward to your next input too!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi astee,

Wow! I had no idea you went through 2 births alnatural! Well Done!!

So you went through HypnoBirthing classes too?

I am getting the Mrs to practice everyday.

Now we are busy with our Birth Plan since we attended our 3rd lesson last week and it is mainly on Birth Plan. I will touch on it later in one of my future postings!

The Mrs and I would really like to be able to learn some more from you so do leave your comments.