Monday, 24 September 2007


It is really amazing how a human body functions and works. Needless to say the fact that a baby can develop and grow in a woman’s body is nothing short of a miracle but besides this fact I have also recently experienced first hand how systematic the Mrs’s body is during this pregnancy period.

As you can see from the Baby Ticker above, we are into our 3rd trimester now and like some of you warned some mothers may probably go back to their lethargic selves. Well, all I can say is the Mrs’s biological clock is ticking just fine and every mechanism seems to be working according to schedule.

Towards the end of her 2nd and beginning of her 3rd trimester, she was already feeling more tired. On some days she will crawl into bed immediately as soon as she gets home and will fall asleep shortly. There are also the occasional morning sickness and leg cramps in the middle of the night. She has also been complaining that she is very warm. Usually she will be under the blanket when she sleeps but recently we have to lower the aircon temperature for her. When it all began, she wasn’t really associating it with her being in the 3rd trimester. It only really sank it after I reminded her that some of you readers already warned that she will have these symptoms come the 3rd trimester.

I could see the slightly worried and slightly disappointed look on her face. Just when she was enjoying her pregnancy without all the negatives, the 3rd trimester is here!

The only “positive” so far is her appetite has increased. She is always looking for food and her latest craze is Rojak. We went to the rojak stall at Zion road market and she loves it. Makansutra gives it 6 chopsticks. We should be going back pretty soon. This is all fine and good for except that it also worries me because since our last trip to Phuket, I have not shed the weight that I gained then. I have to constantly remind her that I do not have a baby coming out of me that will take away about 3kg from my overall weight.

Speaking about man giving birth to baby, how many of you have been to see the website on the world’s first male pregnancy? You can click here to see Man of the Year, Mr Li Mingwei. He is THE MAN!!! Before you see this website, I have to warn you it is definitely not for the faint hearted! Personally I found it to be extremely repulsive! As open minded as I believed I am, I find it extremely unnaturally to have a man carrying a baby. I know for a fact that I have a Doctor reader so please tell me, Mr Father-To-Be, is it humanly possible to have a man carry a baby to full term???!?!

Can someone please tell me that this website is a hoax like I believed it to be? It has to be right? Maybe with all my busy schedules I have missed a certain news article or report confirming that this is nothing but a hoax. That Mr Li, Mr Man of the Year is in fact only an Artist and the reason he did this is to raise the awareness of how beautiful women are when pregnant and how great and brave they are by carrying a baby to full term. If this is the objective then mission accomplished as far as I’m concerned, Mr Li!

On the same subject, not sure if you all came across an article in yesterday's Sunday Times on the book A Pregnant Guy. This is a very different kind of art form by Mr Simon Morse. This is a book that he had written documenting his “painful” experience while trying to conceive a child and during the pregnancy period. I came across the book a few months back when shopping in Vivocity. It was not even for sale yet so I contacted Simon at his website and got him to sell it to me early. Come to think of it I could be his very first paying customer. Anyway he is having a book signing session this Sat at Borders so maybe you can get your husbands to go down and pick up his book and have it autographed.

How about it Simon, some form of discounts for A Husband’s Voice readers? There are literally thousands of them!


Anonymous said...

goodness!!! the male pregnancy thingy is making me SICK!! but then again, i find the whole saga is just so FAKE! if this is really happening, i'm sure it will be widely reported in the news and media by now but i dun remembered reading it in the news/paper abt this breakthrough in science?!!

anyway, back to Mrs, yup! feeling abnormally warm is very normal in the 3rd tri! i'm telling you Mister, be prepared for more freezing nites and gear yourself up with more blankets while Mrs is complaining about hot weather in an 18 degree aircon room!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Missy,

That's why I am hoping someone can confirm for us that this is a hoax and they have seen the report on it.

Thanks for the heads up. I am making arrangements to have the aircon units serviced and also dry-clean my winter stuffs now!


Lionel n Rachel said...

hi, yvonne here. just back from my Phuket trip. Congrats to ur mrs, entering her 3rd trimester. Yup, defintely she will feel warmer cos the bb is absorbing all her fats.

For me, i hv to sleep in air conditioned room every nite, compared to when i can just make do with only the fan switched on.

Even if it is pouring cats & dogs outside with stong wind, she will still feel hot whereas u complain of cold. Hold on. It will pass. Cheers!

missmoon said...

oh that's positively gross! ugh! so not right! must be a hoax, i'm sure :p

hey, i empathise completely wif your Mrs. leg cramps in middle of nights are no joke! yes, 2nd tri is the most enjoyable. actually for me, middle of 2nd tri to middle of 3rd tri was best for me apart from the leg cramps. skin was so rosy and smooth, heh. yes, the warm part is also very normal! i could sleep without the blanket while my hubby snuggled under it!

Anonymous said...

Hi A Husband's Voice

I heard from a taxi driver that eating too much rojak is not too good for preggies becos of the prawn paste. It may cause the kid to have asthma. You may want to restrict your Mrs on that.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Yvonne,

Yes, I read your blog so I know you're back from you nice vacation.

We came back from Phuket about 2 months back also and luckily for us it was raining very little.

You seemed like you really enjoyed your holiday. We're planning to go HK next but not sure if airline will take the Mrs since she will be about 27 - 28 weeks pregnant.

As for the cold, the good thing is I'm hot (yang) based so I'm not too afraid of the cold. It's been alright for me to far.

Fingers crossed!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cynthia,

Thankfully her leg cramps are not very frequent. Hmmm.... come to think of it, it may be more frequent than I think because I'm not exactly a light sleeper so there are times that the Mrs fought the cramps herself as she did not want to wake me.

Must make it a point to find out from her.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Reishi,

We really have to hand it to taxi drivers huh?! They can discuss politics, world affairs, bus fare hikes and now even food for preggers! Ha Ha Ha

On a more serious note my BIL's Gynae told them that pregnancy is not an illness so preggers are supposed to be able to eat anything they want.

We have been living by this rule since day one but we also know that there has to be moderations.

It came as a shock to some people, Doctors included that the Mrs still drink the occasion coffee and tea. Occasionally means maybe once a week.

So thanks for your warning. I will make sure she exercise moderations.


Lionel n Rachel said...

Rgds ur Hong Kong trip, airline will only allow max 6mths preggie woman to go on board, with the gynae's ltr of certification (to certify that ur mrs is "fit to fly"):)Of cos. there might be exceptions, however, depending on the airline taken. Check with the respective airline on this issue.

(My fren went to Korea when she was 7 mths pregnant on Asiana Airlines. No letter needed to show to immigration counter at all.)

And if u do go Hong Kong, do enjoy cos u will nt know when ur next holiday is gonna be. Cheers!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Yvonne,

Thanks for your reminder. We will be checking with JetStar on their regulations because we got some cheap deal with them through SingTel's "sweet treats".

Went to Dr N yesterday and he said that usually can travel up to 34 weeks. In any case I will check before committing.

Yeah, I know this will probably be our "alone" holiday in a very long time. The Mrs really want sto go and eat a lot of their food so will most probably be going 3rd week of Oct.

Anonymous said...


Hey, that's what my gynae said too! Maybe I have the same gynae as your BIL. ;) Anyway, the word is "moderation". I continue to have my daily cup of coffee, occasional tea, choc and even coke. As long as it is not more than 3 cups a day, it is actually fine. Think total must not be more than 300mg. I even drink green bean soup, barley and chrysanthemum, which the old folks say too cooling! Hahaha...:D

Recently my cousin just delivered. She tells me she showers everyday and even sleeps in air con as long as it is not too cold (becos the baby is still young), maybe around 26-27 degrees. This has been confirmed by my colleagues that they did that too! Look, the hospitals are all air-conditioned anyway what. Hahaha, all of a sudden, I feel that confinement is not a drag after all!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Reishi,

My BIL's Gynae is in Mt E but off hand I do not remember the name.

You're having coffee everyday?!?! I'm sure you shocked a lot of people. When the Mrs drinks the occasion cuppa, there will be others who will warn her against it. Out of kind intentions of course.

Good point on hospitals being air-condidioned too!

Confinement will not be a drag provided you are allowed to do the same things that your cousin did. I know my MIL will definitely not allow the Mrs to shower. The same already applied to all her DILs.