Thursday, 13 September 2007


Just the other day I was thinking to myself about how busy I have been these days. I have, of course Baby’s coming so there are many things to learn and prepare. I have to take care of things and look after the Mrs as much as possible. Then I have to hold down my day job while moonlighting and on top of it all I am in the midst of setting up a new business venture with my sister. Oh and not forgetting this blog! That's like 6 things going on at a time!

Thankfully Baby, this blog and this new business venture are providing me with enough excitement and adrenaline to keep going at full speed while multitasking. I do not feel burnt out and I have not had a dull day for the longest time.

I hope you all can appreciate the reason why I have to stay anonymous because I can’t risk having my colleagues reading and finding out that I am moonlighting and “worst” still am my own boss!

The Mrs and I have antenatal classes for the next 8 consecutive weeks. We have started our HypnoBirthing class and will be attending Mrs Wong’s classes at TMC next month. It may seem like a lot but somehow I do not find attending these classes a chore instead I look forward to attending them. After all this is time much better spent right? Most importantly I feel these classes will better prepare me towards fatherhood.

We have been rather active in the shopping front too. I would like to add that the Mrs had finally succumbed to buying clothes from maternity shops. She recently bought 3 pairs of pants and a pair of jeans from one shop and another 4 tops from another. Most of them were on discounts so the damaged wasn’t too bad.

The shopping however does not cover Baby’s stuffs. Surprisingly we have not bought a single item yet. Not the pram, cot or any other essentials. Not even a piece of tower or clothing. We have so far been only making mental notes on what to buy and where to get them. The Mrs knows I can’t wait to fill up the next room with stuffs for Baby so she promised we will start next month. I can’t wait!

In the midst of being all busy with what I mentioned above, I forgot to look into some other important matters. We have not decided on which cord blood bank to use. Come to think of it I don’t even know how many there are locally. I know the cost is not exactly low but I strongly feel that it is vital and to me it is like buying insurance and hoping that we will never get to use it.

How many stories have we read and heard where the stored cord ended up saving a sibling’s life? I remember coming across an article of a couple conceiving intentionally so as to have the cord to save their only child then.

Don’t think I mentioned this before but I would like to have 3 kids if possible so does that mean I have to keep all 3 cords? That would add up for sure!

My colleague also prompted me on what are we going to do with the placenta if we are indeed going to do anything with it at all. I have heard that if consumed, it will be beneficial for the Mrs. Believe me she will definitely cringed when she reads this part but Darling, the days of being primitive are over. We do not have to clean and cook the thing ourselves. I learnt from this colleague that there are people out there who will pound it into powder and make them into capsules for easy consumption. Now this idea definitely does not seem that gross so I am hoping that the Mrs is open to it.

The only problem is my colleague wasn’t sure who is going to pick up, clean and bag the placenta in the delivery room. I am guessing that it will be either the midwife or one of the nurses right? Could it be that I have to standby a pail of water and wash it there and then myself before bagging it and then bring it for processing? As much as I like to joke about it I am seriously not sure if I am up to it!

I wonder if I am missing out anything else. Hmm……..


missmoon said...

wow, you're sure one busy man. finally! maternity clothing :)

how is the hypnobirthing class? i'm curious.

like you, i was also thinking abt the placenta thing. hahaa, it's better than what you imagined. for my case, i didn't get to see the placenta at all. it was all wrapped up and placed in a white trash bag.

before delivery, nurse asked if i wanted to keep placenta and i said no. in the theatre i was asked again and i said no, throw throw throw. when i was back in the ward barely recovering from the epidural, nurse stuffed a white trash bag which she duly announced it "my placenta" - asked wat i wanted to do with it. felt nauseaous for a short while after that. haha. has it been scientifically proven that placenta is beneficial to the body? my own thinking - it is an organ that processed food for nutrients to pass on to surely all the nutrients would have been flowed on to the bb, no?

cord blood banking - i believe there are 3 in singapore? not so sure but i'm banking with cordlife. i think there are currently 2 private cord blood banks and 1 public. cordlife was offering some discount so thus they were chosen. stem cord is the other private bank. the public cord blood bank is in KKH, if i remember correctly.

i think 3 is a nice number. having come from a big family, i really do enjoy it. but...alas, it's already so expensive to bring up children. i don't mean it in a bad way. it's just that we do want to provide the best to our child (children) and with rising realistic is it to ensure we are fair to all kids? anyway...

Anonymous said...


You are sure a busy man. Anyway, Robinsons (20% off most brands, including Pigeon, NUK and Avent)and Isetan Scotts (only selected brands) are having baby fairs. You might want to take a look. Robinsons's fair is ending this Sun. You can get quite good deals there. I just bought my breast pump set (the one that comes with a storage bag)! Save 30 bucks with the discount. :D

Stemcord is having a seminar this Sept. (Please register before 19 Sept.) You may want to go and attend. They are giving 300 off your package if you sign up. I think it is abt 800+ for the 1st time payment. Monthly payment is abt 250. Anyway, just want to share with you. Cord blood can save your child's life but only for certain diseases, not all. Sometimes you may require the sibling's cord blood for some diseases. Thats what I heard. You can go and find out more.

Anonymous said...

i enjoy reading ur blog.

re the placenta, most malays will request for the placenta. bec we actually bury it as a mark of respect for all its good deeds for baby during pregnancy.

If you want the placenta, let the nurses and doctor know. they will bag it for you. but i am not sure if the pple who process it will wash it for you.

my personal experiance, hb washed clean the placenta himself and videotaped the process. There was a lot of blood and it took quite a while to "clean" it. Hb couldnt believe that he managed to do it heheh.

personally the thot of consuming the placenta sounds gross to me.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cynthia,

Have to stay and keep busy so hopefully the Mrs can promote to become a tai-tai. Ha Ha

I will blog about what I have learnt from my HypnoBirthing class in my next post. When I can find the time.

I cant imagine the nurses bothering you about the placenta while you're concentrating on giving birth. Ha Ha

I heard from my colleague (female) that some cosmetic companies are using placenta in their formula as it has been proven to be good for the skin. You are the ladies, you tell me if there is any truth in it.

Still have not done any homework and research on cord blood bank. Really tied up these days. Thanks for your information anyway.

I prefer to have odd numbers in the family so that there will always be a decision when it comes to family matters and I get everyone to vote. In case all 3 kids want MacDonald's then the Mrs's and my votes will count as 2 each. Otherwise we will end up eating fast food every meal. Ha Ha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hey Reishi,

Thanks for your info on the sale. We were busy yesterday running around between Robinson, OG and John Little comparing prices.

After running around we concluded that the pram and car seat at John Little was the cheapest because they were giving members a further 20% discount on top of what the discounted price. I had to apply for immediate membership.

But guess what, the very nice John Little stuff told us to wait for their coming Baby Fair around Oct or Nov. The one we wanted was the last piece and wasnt in very good condition so he said he will order new ones in for us and reserve it so no hurry. All the fighting, pushing and shoving with aunties and mummies for nothing. Ha Ha

I'm trying to find time to go for the Stemcord seminar. Hopefully can make it and save the $300. But I have to say it seems unlikely at this point in time.

Keep reading ya?!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Anonymous,

Try leave a name in future. More personal and I know it's you when you next leave your comment.

Officially you're my first Muslim reader! Welcome!

Wow! I learned something new today. I had no idea you bury the placenta.

Hats off to all the Muslim men for washing the placenta. Total respect! Video tape some more! I can imagine all the other readers cringing now! Ha Ha

Oh the lady contact that I got from my colleague will process it does all the washing and everything. She charges no fee. Her only condition is she wants a certain number of the capsules after they are ready. So if all of you want to know if consuming the placenta will indeed benefit your skin, meet this lady!

Anonymous said...


I'm kinda interesting in getting my placenta processed into capsule after my delivery.

Is it possible for u to share the lady's contact with me? My EDD is in Oct 2007. So have to make sure I'm able to contact her before my bb pop out..


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Taz,

Sure I can share the contact with you. This is what this blog is for also, sharing. Email me at and I will reply with her name and mobile.

Please find out what you can from her before committing.

Good Luck and take care.

Looking forward to hearing from you after your Baby pops out!

Disclaimer: I do not know the lady and also do not know anyone who has been to her. I got her contact through a colleague who in turn got it from an ex-colleague who will be using her service.
Since this ex-colleague is not due yet so in reality she also has not used her before.

Nicole said...


Stemcord is having promotion for this month. Instead of the usual $1.2k, it's now $900+ including GST. The first year will be free and the second year, you'll have a rebate of $50 if you put in a referral which have used their service. The friend will in turn get $100 rebate off for their next year. Per year storage fee is around $200+. I'm going to sign up this time round for it, as I didn't do that for Claire back then and no. 2 is the full stop. Haha..So no matter what, must store.

Which hospital will your Mrs be giving birth at?? If it's NUH, it'll be dirt cheap, as NUH tied up with stemcord but based on what your blog indicates, I reckon it'll be TMC or Mount A right??

OH ya, there's this ' Baby hypermart' at Kaki Bukit that sells a wide range of baby seats, baby accessories, baby cots, prams and every other things that a baby needs. I bought my Maclaren pram from there, babycot and lotsa things from there the first round and they gave me 20%. Do drop by and have a look. :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

So you are back from your vacation? How was it?

Thanks for your price info for Stemcord. Sure looks like a good deal. So will you be going for the seminar like Reishi suggests?

We will be delivering either at Mt E or Mt A. The Mrs has not decided yet.

We've been to the Hypermart before but dont think they carry the Capella pram hence will be sticking to John Little. Thanks anyway.

Nicole said...

Just throw in my two cents worth. I gave birth to Claire at Mount E back then and the bill came up to 10k! Well, cause I have a 'mild complications' as Ms Claire can't wait to arrive in this world. I was admitted and the gynae 'hold' my birth by 2 days and I was wheeled into the delivery suite every night till I gave birth, hence the hefty bill. However, their services wasn't that good and the nurses wasn't that attentive and friendly either. Their ward wasn't very new and it's kinda small. I went to Mount A when my sister gave birth and find the hospital to be rather nice. And so many of my friends who went there for delivery told me that the environment and the nurses(sisters) were very nice, hence I decide on Mount A this time round. Also, to reduce my hubby's risk of healt attack when he saw the hospital bill. Haha!

Oh, the vacation was really nice! I'm glad that I'm able to enjoy this trip with claire and my hubby just before the second one pops out.

If you're going for the trip, do it fast, if not, by then, when your Mrs is getting bigger, they might not let you up on the plane! Haha!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for your info. We actually prefer TMC. Just came back from visiting a friend who has given birth. The suite is very big and nice. Whole day parking for the husband is only S$3!!!!

Unfortunately Dr N only operates out of Mt E and Mt A. There is a chance that we can get some discount from Mt E so we are still undecided.

We know that Mt E is costly and I agree the rooms are very old also. TMC serves confinement food too!

I read your blog this morning and was just telling the Mrs that we should go to Club Med too! It sure sounded like you had a ball of fun.

We are planning to go HK next month cause the Mrs really miss the food there! That is if the SQ still allows her to travel at about 26 - 27 weeks!

noshidoshi said...

muslims usually bury the placenta. the mom of either the new dad or new mom will wash it etc, and then place it in a nice bag and urn and bury it.

consumption? i definitely wdn't eat my own placenta!!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi shida,

Ha Ha Ha! I believed there are many ladies who will not even consider the idea of eating the placenta.

From Anonymous I learned that Muslims bury your placenta and hats off to you for washing and cleaning it personally.

Don't think many of us will be able to handle all the blood.