Thursday, 27 September 2007


This is an unusual Post!

I am pleased to share that after reading my earlier post, Clockwork, Mr Simon Morse, the author of The Pregnant Guy has generously agreed to offer all "A Husband's Voice" readers discounts for his book as well as the "Active Childbirth" classes organised by Parentlink.

However, during the book signing this Saturday, he will be unable to offer any discount since they are carried and controlled by Borders.

Instead a 10% discount will be offered if you were to buy the book by emailing him directly. At the same time you will also be entitled to a 15% discount for the "Active Childbirth" classes.

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Anonymous said...

Simon Morse here, just to confirm this blog. I can't make Borders offer a discount, but if you come along and buy the book, you will get a voucher for the discount on ParentLink classes. If you can't make it, then go to and order the book through them. Then you get a 10% discount on the book AND the discount on the classes. All the details are on the site. I hope to see a few of you tomorrow and wish all pregnant guys a happy and healthy birth.