Tuesday, 27 November 2007


Since the response on the poll is not doing too good, only 8 votes at the timing of posting I have decided to include more clues in case you find that the Mrs’s tummy is still not evident enough.

No, seriously. We were scheduled to visit Dr C again yesterday after we found out during our last visit that Baby is smaller than average. He wanted to make sure that although small, Baby is still growing.

I have always been bugging the Mrs to go for a 4D scan so we can see Baby’s features but she has always resisted because of the cost involved. This time I finally managed to persuade her to go along with it and my reasoning was very simple. This 4D scan is something that we will never be able to do once Baby is out no matter how much money we are prepared to fork out.

Personally I thought that it is a very meaningful thing to do and eventually it will make an excellent gift for Baby too. I mean, hey if my mum can show me my 4D scan now I will be thrilled. I have seen 3D pictures that really resembles the baby after he is born. But of course they are supposed to look alike since it is basically the same person. The difference is one is taken while baby is still in the tummy while the other is taken after he/she is out.

So anyway, we went for our check up and did a normal scan on Baby and are glad to learn that Baby is doing just fine. A check on the water surrounding Baby shows that it is plentiful. The blood and oxygen flow to Baby is also good. Our main concern which was Baby’s abdomen has shown growth which is crucial.

Baby’s weight at 33 weeks is 1.947kg and according to Dr C, Baby’s predicted weight will be just below 3kg at EDD. This is not too bad huh?! We do not want Baby to be above 3kg partly also for the Mrs’s sake. As you can see from the pictures of the Mrs’s tummy, it is still considered to be on the smaller side so if Baby is any bigger then the Mrs will really have a hard time.

During the 3D scan we told Dr C that we would like to have some 4D pictures and all he had to do was punch a few buttons on the machine and change the handheld scanner to a different one and we can see Baby very clearly.

After the examination, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that instead of getting a few 3D pictures, we got the 4D videos which I have posted below.

From the videos, we can tell straight away that Baby has my nose, a little fleshy. Now the Mrs is so worried that Baby is a girl and ends up with my nose!!

Seriously the nose looks quite cute right? What about the cheek? Baby looks like he/she has cubby cheeks.

The other video you can see Baby sticking his/her tongue out and yawning away. Unfortunately some cord was in the way hence we were unable to see the whole face. It was a shame because I do not think we will be seeing Dr C again on the assumption that every thing continues as it is. Baby continues to grow slowly and steadily.

Well, I hope these videos will give you a better idea to allow you to vote for Baby’s gender. Maybe you can tell from the nose, who nose (punt intended). Those of you already voted, you are allowed to change your votes!


Nicole said...

The video is indeed very amazing! It's so cute to see your baby sticking out the tongue and stuffs like that!

For me, I can't even have 3D scan cause my baby is always very busy facing down whenever I went for my check up so the gynae can't capture the 3D image to show us even though it's free. :(

You must be really excited when you see your baby's 'face' in action. :)

So, the gynae said that your baby's weight is ok? Cause I think that falls within average right?? Cause my gynae did mention that my baby is considered rather big.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi nicole,

Ya! The Mrs was so touched that her eyes turned all watery and red when she saw Baby moving on the screen.

We were so excited with Baby's every movement. The sticking of the tongue out is classic!

Let's hope the next time you go to your Gynae your baby will be more cooperative.

Dr C did not say if Baby's weight is average and frankly we also did not ask. When we learned that Baby is gaining weight and everything is ok, we are relieved already.

Lionel n Rachel said...

ooohhhh.....i love ur 4D video...especially the 1st one which shows bb yawning....it sooooooo adorable!

glad to know bb is fine & gaining weight. get ur mrs to eat more durians if she likes. durians help bb to put on more weight.

Nicole said...

I'm not surprised that your mrs is very overwhelmed by it. I can jolly well imagine myself being teary eyed and stuffs like that if I get to see the video myself.

I'm rather used to this baby of mine being 'difficult'. Made me spend 5 hours doing the oscar test. Made me spend 2 hours doing the detailed scan and forever can't capture it's image. So I'm not expecting to see anything until it's born. Haha..

You know, I'm eating durian crepe just as I'm happened to be reading the comment from lionel/rachel that eating durians helps the baby to gain weight. Haha! I didn't know that it'll help the baby to gain weight but I heard that it's good for pregnant ladies to eat more durians during later stage of pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

based on the video, i think it's a boy! =) so exciting.

missmoon said...


Awwww, whether girl or boy, he/she is already such a sweetheart, so it doesn't matter lah.

Can't wait for D day to come so you can share with all of us here....waiting patiently with abated breath!!!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi yvonne,

Ya, Baby yawns a lot!! Considering that he/she sleeps most of the time I wonder why he/she yawns so much. Ha Ha Ha

Funny you mentioned durians help in babies weight gain because another reader also posted that advice. Maybe there is truth to it after all.

Hmmm..... will check if the Mrs is keen cause as it is she already feels very stretched!

Personally I am not a durian fan.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi nicole,

it sure sounds like you have a "naughty" little baby. ;p 5 hours for the Oscar test?!?! 2 hours for the detailed scan?!?!?

I believe we have never spent more than half hour in the room with the Gynae. Spent hours waiting, yeah but not during the actual consultancy.

Have you been eating durians crepes for long? If you have been then maybe there is indeed truth to it that durians help in babies' growth. You mentioned that your Gynae said that your baby is on the big side.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi no man's land, (is there a name cause it's a little long) Ha Ha Ha

Actually I noticed that after I posted the videos, more people are voting boy now.

Maybe I should also clarify that while Baby has my nose, he/she has the Mrs's lips.

This should even things out. lol

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi missmoon,

Baby is very lucky to have so many of you waiting impatiently for his/her arrival.

It almost feels like Baby has many godmas in all of you!


Nicole said...

Oh, whenever I go to the gynae for check up, I'll only spend less than 10 mins inside.

It's when I went for the oscar test and detailed scanning that I spent so long hours there at TMC. Maybe my baby felt that since we've paid for it, might as well?? Haha!

I've only started eating durian recently. Cause they said that it's always good to eat more durians when it's nearing the delivery date.

BTW, check with you, how much did you paid for the 4D scan? I had wanted to do the 4D scan initially but then, the daddy wasn't keen so I gave up the idea.:)

Anonymous said...

So glad and happy to hear that your baby is ok and growing well.
Take good care......and your Mrs is getting there.
Me too...wish us good luck : )
Your baby is so cute, my girl's 4D scan was a boring one, she was sleeping soundly and no movement at all.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi nicole,

This eating of durians when nearing delivery is really new to me. Will check with the Mrs to see if she is keen.

As for the 4D scan, the actual cost quoted by TMC was $200 but we got it free in the end.

We are not sure if it is due to Dr C being nice since it was only an additional 5 mins of 'work' or the fact that he knows the Mrs's boss hence he waived it.

Personally I think it is more likely that Dr C was being nice. Since he was already scanning Baby he would switch over to the 4D scan whenever he saw Baby in a 'good' position and recorded Baby's movement.

I believe for S$200 we should be getting more than two clips of about 10 seconds right? I believe if we paid S$200 for the actual 4D scan then a considerable amount of time would be spent trying to capture more.

Maybe those who did the actual 4D scan and paid full price for it can enlighten us.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi dareve,

Ya, you too must take great care.

Speaking of 4D scan, since you have done one can you please advise where did you do it and what was the cost?

What did you get? We did not pay any we got only these two 10 seconds worth clips. I would imagine you would have gotten more right?

Lionel n Rachel said...

hehe...maybe baby is not yawning but rather talking /singing away...practising her vocal cords in mummy's tummy...

durians provide nutricious (oops spelling??)vitamins to both mummy & growing baby. Strange cos old folks always say eating too much durians is heaty. kekeke...

i ate durians from my 2nd trimester onwards. As my appetite was still nt good, eating durians help alot. just to share...i can eat a whole 3 durians at one time without eating any meals. (i rather eat durians than actual meals) hey...not something for ur mrs to follow...a proper meal is a must...

and also i tink ur mrs can start eating & drinking coconut once a week from now onwards. coconut aids in smooth delivery & also helps baby to be pure & clean...in a sense...not too bloody when emerge.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi yvonne,

No, I'm pretty sure Baby is yawning and probably dreaming about food. How I know? Did you see him/her sticking the tongue out? Greedy!!! Ha Ha Ha

Ya, the Mrs also read about the coconut thing. She went out a few weeks ago and bought what looked like small and young coconuts. Those that you can buy off the streets in Bangkok.

But they turned out to be coconut jelly. No drink in there. Ha Ha

I must remember to get her to drink more coconut.

Unknown said...

wow, ur bb's 4D scan videos were fantastic. he/she is so cute in the video liao. can imagine how cute he/she wld b when he/she is out. my guess is still a SHE. :D

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi jj,

Thanks for your compliment.

The Mrs especially like the one with his/her tongue sticking out.

Me, I'm just happy he/she has my nose. Ha Ha Ha

I hope you voted 'girl' since you guess Baby is a she.