Friday, 2 November 2007


I have wanted to have a tattoo for the longest time and the reason for holding back is mainly due the pain. There was never really a good enough reason to put myself through the pain (So I'm not that vain after all now am I?!). The Mrs can vouch for me that my threshold for pain is really non existence.

Take for example she will occasionally want to bite me on my arm (I never quite understand why) and in the past I will usually put up a fight. These days she gets the upper hand because she will tell me that it will make her happier and in return Baby will be happier too (in short - blackmail). Whenever we're at home I will volunteer Ah No instead but she prefers me for my lack of fur.

For the same reason I am not a big fan of massages. I believe I have only been for a massage less than 5 times in my life so far. I have never been to any foot reflexology centres either.

So why am I thinking of getting a tattoo all of a sudden?

I believe it all came back to me a couple of months ago where I read in the papers that there will soon be a new type of ink in the US where it can be erased easily. This came as excellent news in case I regret having that design in a few months time. God only knows how many bad hair cuts and clothes choices we made when we were younger that we are not too proud of. You know what I'm talking about if you take a look at your old pictures and you either cringe or laugh.

So there is this new ink and one does not have to go through a series of laser treatments and be scarred for life even with the original tattoo gone. Anyone can update me if this ink is out in Singapore already?

Another reason is it suddenly dawned on me one day that maybe I should get a tattoo to commemorate the birth of Baby and me being a father. I believe watching Miami Ink has influenced me to a certain extend as well. If you watch the show you will see that these people tattooed themselves to remember certain people or events.

Now comes the headache, the location and design of the tattoo. I believe I have solved the 1st problem although it still depends a lot on the design. There are the usual places such as forearm, back, leg etc. However recently I watched a movie and in the show there is this guy who wears his tattoo on the side of his neck. So whenever he is wearing a collar shirt the tattoo will be mostly covered. This rather appeal to me.

So now the design poses as the biggest headache of all. Up until now I am still clueless. I asked my hair stylist casually one day and the first thing that came to her mind was a pair of baby feet. I told her politely (had to since you never mess with your hair stylist) that while the idea is nice but er....... I need something a little more macho lor. Having said that, the design should not be too big in case after the initial 5 minutes I have to give up the idea due to the pain. I was also thinking of getting the tattoo artist to start small so if I were to be having this pair of feet tattooed on me for example, I will end up with only the toes (circles) and not the feet.

No use turning to the Mrs for any advice because she is not for the idea at all just like she wasn't for the idea when I wanted to pierce my ear years ago. So as far as she is concerned I am on my own crusade on this one.

So if you people have any nice pictures or ideas then you are urged to come forward with them. However these ideas must be in line with my wish to commemorate Baby's birth. Although I have to add that in the end I may just chicken out and you should not be offended and definitely must NOT look down on me ya?!

I realised and the Mrs also pointed out that my blog is very boring because there are no visual stimulations. Guess I really do not have much time scouting around for relevant pictures these days.

But for today's post, I happened to have a relevant picture. You may want to recommend this to anyone you know who has a good sense of humour and balding at the same time.

I have always admired people who can make fun of themselves!


missmoon said...

hahaha, funny! thanks for brightening up my otherwise mundane monday.

i have a friend whose husband went and tattooed their son's name on his entire back. it's really really nicely done, all inked in as well. i'm always tempted to get my 2nd tatt done but always stop short because i can't get the right design in mind.

and, it's not that painful lah. imagine ant bites but consistently lah. the whole area feels numb after a while and it doesn't hurt thereafter either.

but u hv my full support to get a tattoo to commemorate the birth. heh.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hey cynthia,

Honestly I wasn't expecting any feedback from you all. This is a rather different subject matter.

Thanks for your support for me getting the tattoo. But let's forget about tattooing the entire back for now okay?

The one tattoo that I really like is the one that George Clooney had in the movie From Dusk till Dawn. It was some tribal design from his wrist all the way up to his neck. Way cool!!

Another thing that the Mrs pointed out is my posts lately have been rather serious and not funny enough. Hence I decided to write about something more lighthearted.

After all I do not want to make another MTB tear.

missmoon said...

haha, forget abt the entire back. if design is nice, go for it. or, can have a designer friend design one for u? go and flip those designs in a tattoo shop, find inspiration from those. i did for mine. heee. tribal designs are NICE.

on the other hand, i have a really petite girlfriend, who did one on her wrist (can be covered by a watch, you see) and got so addicted to it, she did another one at just below the nape and yet another one near her ankle. but let's just concentrate on getting the first one done first ;)

ya, ur Mrs is right lah, inject some fun and humour. this is certainly a booster for an otherwise dull monday.

Anonymous said...

When I was first deciding on my tattoo, I visited for ideas. Check it out; it's full of symbols and their meaning. You can search under words like "family"... Not all the symbols are nice, or suitable for tattoos, but it's a place to start. :)

In the end, I got a tribal gecko, totally unrelated!

Lionel n Rachel said...

hmmmm...tatoos....i'm nt the kind who can endure such pain but strangely enuff, able to endure labor pains...ironic isnt it?

anyway, am in for the idea of a tattoo so long as its suitable for you & comfortable for the eyes of ur mrs... a tattoo to commemorate bb's birth? gd idea! maybe a baby with his/her name & DOB. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

what a coincidence! i've been wanting to get a tatoo for the longest time!! have been holding back but not bcoz of the pain but more on what the older folks would think of me. you see, my MIL is the conservative type who expects all her DIL to 'behave'. anyway, i've come up of a solution and that is roping his son, my hubby in to have a tattoo done together! and to my surprise, my hubby was game for the idea coz i came up with this wonderful reason and that is to commemmorate our 5th wedding anniversary. hahaha!!

but now comes the headache of deciding on a designs that symbolises us and where to tattoo. i've thought of ankle but it may be a little too much exposure, the wrist area seems ideal. dilemma.

do share with me if you found any website with cool tattoo designs.

Anonymous said...

i chanced upon your blog through and i must say its very interesting! from the 1st day that u blog till "tattoo"
well i think kate is a brilliant name, we wanna name our future daughter Chelsea, although i secretly hope for a baby boy..haha
one thing that got to me, how come it took u guys 3 years? i have always thought it's easy peasy?! no? hmm
the MR and me just got married in july and i hope and hope we can have a little fingers and toes soon too! hehe..
anyhow, here's wishing the rest of the Mrs pregnancy to go A_ok and smooth as ur future baby's bottom! and good luck in name searching!
Mrs Chew

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi cheryl,

Wrist may be an idea but somehow I feel it is more of a place for ladies just like ankle right?

Anyway I have to come up with the design first before deciding on the final location.

Actually I'm hoping to find the design through the net or some magazines instead of going down to the tattoo shop. Cannot handle the pressure!! Ha Ha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hey evelyn,

Thanks for your website suggestion. I will surely check it out.

Maybe there is a tribal symbol for dads!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi yvonne,

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean but I also know the pain and things that mothers will go through for their young ones.

Baby's name is clearly one option but it may not be spelt in English. My BIL did one on his forearm with his name but in Japanese.

It's a good thing we are giving Baby a single sylluable name otherwise more painful for me should I really go for tattooing his / her name.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi missy,

I have a friend who did her tattoo on the back of her neck. She has long hair so when she is at work, her hair will be down and the tattoo gets covered up. When she feels like it she will tie her hair up to reveal the wild side of her.

Her husband told me that he knew of 2 guys who tattooed 朋友 on their arms. And it is one guy with 朋 and the other guy with 友. So gay right? For the record I have nothing against gays and I firmly believe some of the nicest people are gays.

So maybe you can have 夫 on him and 妻 on yourself. Ha Ha

Check out evelyn's website suggestion for tattoo designs. Do share with us on your final choice.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Mrs Chew,

Welcome to my humble blog and I'm glad you post your first comment.

Live is such isn't it? There are couples who genuinely want babies but even after 10 years they are still childless.

On the other hand you have these college kids having unwanted pregnancies and some couples even go to the extent of throwing away their babies in the rubbish chutes.

No medical reason was given for our long wait that is why I believe having a child is really God's will. I'm not even religious mind you.

Depending on your age, you may want to start soon because believe me you cannot take it for granted that it's a case of you want it you can get it. The older you get you harder it is to conceive but try telling that to Michael Douglas. Ha Ha

Thanks for your well wishes and Good Luck with your couple hood too. You will know when the time is right to start a family.

Keep reading ya?!