Saturday, 29 December 2007


As promised, below are some of the pictures that I had taken of Hotdog! Not too many, I know but should give you a good idea how our precious looks like.

All the pictures are taken during the actual labour and the first day of hospital stay.

In case you are wondering, we are down to about 50-50 as to who Hotdog looks like. About one third of our family, friends and relatives say that Hotdog looks like the Mrs while the 33% find that he resembles me. The remaining one third simply do not know how to tell. Usually I fall in this last third. I can never tell unless it is really close to identical.

Anyway without further a due, I present to you our Baby:

Lucky for me, people warned me before that babies are born bluish otherwise I will have the shock of my life.

Hotdog cried for the first time!

This was actually an re-enactment because I was busy snapping away on other things so I asked the nurse to hand him upside down again for me. Evil right?!?! In case you are wondering, the nurse was taking his length measurement.

Baby is clothed for the first time but it's from the hospital and not us.

Whenever I see Baby wrapped like this I always comment that he looks like a worm. Ha Ha Ha!

People around us commented that Baby looks very matured in this picture. He looks like he is 2 months and not 2 days old.

Lastly, his name is Isaac Tan.


missmoon said...

have been religiously checking blog out everyday hoping for a glimpse of baby. ooooooooooooooooh, he's a cutie. nice dimples. ok, he's gonna be a lady killer when he grows up. ha.

isaac huh. nice :)

how has it been? everything that you expected and more?

continue to enjoy :)

Lionel n Rachel said...

oh...what lovely baby u hv... his cheeks so chubby...issac eh...nice name.

hw's parenthood? sleepless nights? dun worry. u will get the hang of it.


Anonymous said...

isaac is so cute! and thanks for the warning that babies are born blue-ish. do post more pictures.

i am going to be admitted into the hospital later on, and will be induced on Sat. hopefully my little baby (rather premature at 36 weeks) will be as cute and lovely as little isaac and little cleo.

~ wooo ~ nervous and scared, but cannot wait at the same time!

Anonymous said...

WoW! finally get to see Hotdog's pics! oops! Isaac's pics...

Can't resist the last pic - was he sleeping & smiling at the same time? muz be hvg sweet sweet dreams huh? & look at the dimples...

Do take as many pics as you can, cos' babies' looks keep changing... meanwhile, help me plant a kiss on his chubby cheeks. =)

Take Care!

Missy & Jav said...

woohoo!!! Hotdog is finally revealed!! and he's such a cutie!! love his cheeks!! i like the pic of him where he look like a 2mth old, love the pose!

Issac is a really nice name!

keep up the good work daddy n mummy!

Anonymous said...

Isaac is a very nice name... hmm a bit different from what u all wanted right?

He is such a sweety pie... cute

Bet u must be really busy these few days :)


Trina said...

hi there, congrats! Guess baby Issac heard daddy's wish for a boxing day baby.. :)

erm, cld have given warning before rolling out the more bloody pictures.. :p am quite icky at bloody scenes myself. during my delivery, thank God i didn't see my own placenta and baby was cleaned up pretty much n wrapped properly before he was presented to me. Forbade my husband to show me any of those photos! haha..

love that pic where Issac placed his fist under his chin.. looks like a thinker!

Chew Family said...

Uhooo....So this is Issac, your little 'hotdog'. What a cute little darling. He's quite a fair skin boy and he has such nice dimples like my little boy.

Fluff said...

He looks like his thinking in the second last pic. Really cute!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cynthia,

Thanks for being such a fan (if I can call you that). Now the pressure is on me to produce more regular postings. Ha Ha

For the record, Isaac got his dimples from me but alas mine is not so visible now since I have put on weight. LOL

How has it been? Hmmm.... I think I will answer that with my future postings. It will explain my feelings much better.

Thanks again and do keep reading.


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Yvonne,

Thanks for your compliment. Since he is our first, he is special in every way.

I can't comment on parenthood so far because nothing much was done as Isaac is still very young / small. I will post on my experience hopefully it will give you an insight into my role as a first time dad better.

Sleepless nights? Thankfully Isaac has been rather cooperative except for last night so can't complain there.

You take care.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Roanne,

I hope you are able to read this reply before you give birth to your very own special one. Btw do you have any blog? I would like to learn about your birth story and see your baby's pictures too!

Being 36 weeks, your baby will be a little smaller than usual but do not worry okay? As Dr N always tell us, it is easier to monitor the baby when he is out then still in the mummy's tummy. So I'm sure your baby will be fine and in good hands.

Lastly I would like to share with you that the Mrs had a rather easy birth so I'm sure you can too. Just put your mind to it.

Good luck and happy birthing.

Oh, I understand that you will be busy now that your baby will be out but no excuse not to come back and read up ok? We can exchange confinement stories.

Nicole said...

I've actually post up pictures of ms cleo BUT the daddy said that it's not good to post photos of newborn so I had it removed. As much as I think that's really 'uncle' of him, I have to respect him. Just like him not wanting to reveal the gender of cleo earlier on. Haha..Since it's to the good of my girl(I think so lah), I'll just follow. :)

OH ya, that time I've mentioned that I've wanted to give cleo a chinese name but decided against it right? It's actually 思宇' si yu' and even though it's a really nice name , it will sound or being poke fun by cruel kids as ' shi yu' (dead fish) so we decided against it. Haha!!!!

Oh, about updating the confinement thingy, I guess, if I'm really going to update what I thought to post, alot of ladies will NOT wanna give birth and do confinement liao...Haha

Oh ya, what's your isaac's weight? Looks rather biggish in the pic but I remembered he shouldn't be anywhere bigger than 3kg right??

My cleo is only 2.830kg and I'm already very happy, as compared to ms claire's 2.410kg(premature weight). :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nana,

I have planted many kisses on Isaac's cheeks, hands and forehead. One each for every reader. Ha Ha

Oh, did I mention he got his dimples from me?! Ha Ha!! I can see the Mrs rolling her eyes when she read this comment already! LOL

Isaac has many pictures of his taken already and funny enough most of them are taken by others!


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi missy,

Isaac does have chubby cheeks doesn't he?! I like to pinch them sometimes! Ha Ha

Seems like a few of you like the Thinking Man (Baby) pose. I'll try and capture some more because it comes quite naturally.

I'm glad you all like the name Isaac. Different from what we wanted but will talk about that in my future post.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Happyhour,

Yeah, we wanted names of only one syllable but then we decided to name him Isaac. Will talk about that in my next post.

As for being busy, actually we are coping rather well and the credit must go to Isaac. He has been very cooperative.

The Mrs has been helpful too. She is feeling great and moving about and doing things that confinement mummies should not be doing.

More on that later.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Trina,

Yeah, I guess I must have mentioned so many times about having a Boxing Baby that Isaac must have heard it. Did I mention the Mrs told me off for giving her unnecessary pressure? This happened just before labour. Ha Ha

After the chiding, I dare not mention so only stole glances at the clock and keeping my fingers crossed.

Sorry about the bloody pictures. I did warn the people who visited us at the hospital when they were going through my camera but I figured it is not going to do much good when it is on the website. One can't exactly skip it. Nevertheless I do owe you an apology since it gave you discomfort.

Not sure if you think so but we got comment that Isaac has a rather high forehead so maybe he is a Thinker after all hence the pose. Ha Ha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi SL,

So your boy has dimples too? So he got that from you or your husband?

Did I mention he got it from me? Ha Ha. The Mrs is definitely rolling both eyes now! (Refer to my reply to nana)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Eunice,

Thanks! He does look like he is in deep thoughts doesn't he?

With the high forehead, the next Prime Minister perhaps?! LOL

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

I totally understand where you're coming from about respecting your hubby's wishes.

I was the one who insisted on not knowing Isaac's gender and the Mrs put up with it for the entire times! Credit to her for that.

As for us, we're not really that particular about such things so I guess I'll leave his pictures up. Same reason why we did not go to a geomancer for name choosing.

As for the name, I agree with you that it does sound a little funny. Good luck with the name. I'm sure you two will be able to pick up a nice name.

I think you should post about your confinement so that those who have not been through it will at least have a better understanding.

I believe your confinement stories will be really different from ours. Let's just say that the Mrs is doing maybe 10 - 20% only. More about that in my future post.

Dr N and Dr C were very accurate with their prediction / calculation because Isaac weighed 2.955kg at birth. Just short of 3kg like they said.

Our Pediatrician is Dr K at Paragon Medical Centre. Yours?

Nicole said...

about the photos, I guess I didn't freak out cause claire looked alot more worse when she first came! I was so shocked to see her! But now knowing what to expect, it doesn't faze me but still, alot of people will totally freak out upon seeing it. Haha..

Oh, I made the mistake of not going back to the same PD(claire's PD) as he's alot more expensive and is a specialist for premature babies. I was thinking that since cleo isn't a preemie, no need to engage him. Turned out that the PD that my gynae recommended me, I don't quite like her so I'll most probably be bringing cleo back to claire's PD as well. He's Dr Low at SBCC but today when I called, it seems that he have his own private clinic at paragon now.

Ya, shall have to consult geomancer on the name, again, my hubby's wish so just follow. :)

So your boy is slightly heavier than cleo but he certainly looks alot bigger! Too bad, I can't share the photo right now. Shall see when the daddy is comfortable with that as well. :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi nicole,

I was glad someone had warned me before otherwise I will surely ask Dr N what happened to Isaac.

Maybe our Dr K and your Dr Low are from the same clinic in Paragon because the clinic Kinderclinic has many doctors. We were not particular about our Pediatrician, being first time parents and all. So far he is alright.

I was at your blog before replying to all these overdue comment and was surprised to not find the pictures of Cleo. Can't wait for you to upload them again. The Mrs has not seen them too.

Chew Family said...

haha...btw he didnt get it from anyone of us. Both myself and my husband got no dimples at all :P So lucky that he's borned with them. Boys with dimples do looks very charming :D yippie :D

Chew Family said...

btw, husband's voice, how are you coping with your little boy now? Great? Enjoying yourself? Time passes so fast that its 12 days for Issac now and 3 weeks plus for my little Kayden already. Hope they grow up fast and healthy. :)

Anonymous said...

halo Issac! Welcome to the world!

Do share The Mrs's confinement with us soon k, cant wait to pick up some tips from u. So you didnt engage a confinement nanny rite? Is your maid ok?

We decided not to get a maid in the end but sending our bb to a nanny instead ... feel abit hard pain at first to leave bb at a stranger's place but that's the best option for the time being.

I'm due to deliver the baby in about a month's time...starting to count down now... :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi SL,

Did you know that actually dimples are a form of imperfection? It is actually a flaw on the face.

Confinement so far with the Mrs and Isaac has been fun. And yes, time does fly. Before we know it the confinement would have been over and I have to get back to work hence spending less time with Isaac. ;(

Now the Mrs is busy preparing the 1st month celebration for Isaac.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi bebe,

I dont think you will be able to pick up much tips from the Mrs on confinement since we adopted a more western method - unconfinement! Ha Ha

Yeah, we did not engage anyone so I am working from home and assisting her in caring Baby.

There was some problem with our maid's passport so she will only be reporting for work end of this week.

I understand that sometimes couples have no choice but to leave their babies with a nanny and only collect them back for the weekend. I have a few friends who are doing that.

Wah, you are due soon?! You better take care and rest more. Although you're a month away but realistically it can happen much earlier. Do keep us posted and btw do you have a blog also? We can read your birth story and see your baby's pictures from there.

You take care yeah?!

Anonymous said...

hi hi

me got no blog.... cos too lazy to start one... keke. Yah, my gynae says statistically most give birth b4 their due date...but im praying hard that bb will wait till at least 38 weeks ...altho im feeling really tired and have difficulties walking already. Pant pant.

I will be bringing my bb back everyday tho even if i work late that day ... first child is so precious leh. And girl girl somemore so more saiyang. :)

Unknown said...

congrats!! :D "isaac" is a lovely name. mi juz had my gal on 10 dec. parenthood is indeed a trying period. juz do wat u can n rest more. this is v true for 1st time daddies. my hb was so stressed during the 1st wk tat he got so depressed n tired out. for all the stress, it's worth seeing the smile on our little one' face. (^-^)

Anonymous said...

Hello! handsome Isaac you have there, well i wouldn't or couldn't tell who your little hotdog look like cos err, i dunno how ahusband look like?? neither the mrs!! haaa.. anyway congrats man.. must be over the moon, somewhere in the galaxy now :)

Anonymous said...

oh anyway the last post was from me mrs chew!

Anonymous said...

Baby got such a nice cute!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi bebe,

How is it going? Feeling tired and panting are very normal. At least you are getting some decent rest right?

If I'm in your position, I would like to bring my baby home each night too. I'm not really into the weekend parents thing.

So you name your girl already?

How exciting. Remember to keep us posted on your birth.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi jj,

Wow! I didn't know that you were going to deliver. So how was it? Do you have a blog to document it? What is her name?

I'm sorry to learn that your husband was having a rough 1st week. I hope things are looking up for him.

As for me, I'm enjoying every minute of this new role. We are having little or no trouble from little Isaac.

Maybe being able to work from home during this period helps. At least I do not have to wake up at 7am to go to work.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hello Mrs Chew,

Thanks for your comment. For the benefit of those of you who do not know us, I would like to say that little Isaac got his good look from me! LOL

We are indeed thrilled to have him!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Linda,

Did I mention little Isaac got his dimples from me?! Well, he did! Ha Ha

Anonymous said...


Baby's name will be Amanda.

I try to rest more on weekends lor (haha dunno how many more weekends I'll have) cos really bz at work now n must settle as much work as possible to minimise disturbance during my maternity leave keke.

Quick quick send us more pics and updates of Issac soon, can you see our neck getting longer from the waiting??

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi bebe,

Good luck to you and Amanda.

Yeah rest while you can but walking also helps with delivery. Most important thing is to keep a positive and calm mind.

Do not have too many pictures of Isaac cause he was rather yellow but I did put up a new post.