Monday, 29 September 2008


Since we announced to the world that we are expecting twins I realized that there are 2 most common questions.

The first question was always, “Is the gene from your family or your Mrs?” and they will normally follow it up with “Is it a boy and a girl?” The second question does not apply to you readers of course since you will know if you follow my blog long enough that we generally try to avoid knowing the gender. Needless to say the gender is already known to Dr N as well as the other Gynaes that did the scan for us and as usual at the beginning of each visit we have to remind them that we do not want to know the gender.

Back to question one. For your information the gene is from the Mrs’s side of the family. To be more precise it was from her grandparents. Her grandfather and granduncle were actually twin brothers who married her grandmother and grandaunt who were also twins themselves. In other words it was a pair of twin boys marrying a pair of twin girls. How cool is that right?! I wonder if they occasionally got their spouses mixed up …….. kidding!!

So there you have it. Answers to the two most commonly asked questions!

Truth be told while we were thrilled that we are expecting twins this time round, we can’t help but to feel a little worried as well. The initial part was for their safety because it is not uncommon for one of them to be “dropped” during the early stages. This was also why we waited until the Mrs was into her 15th week to announce. Even Dr N told us to be extremely careful till the very detailed scan which was carried out some time around the 14th week.

Once the novelty of having twins has settled down, we start to think about the real issues such as logistics and monies. We wonder whether or not my parents and Ani are able to handle the 3 of them during the day and more worrying is whether we can cope when we come home each evening. Can the 3 of us “take on” the 3 of them?! Currently we’re quite comfortable in that we can take turns to entertain Isaac in the evening right through to his bedtime but when we have 3 we will have to take care of 1 each. What about whenever we go out during the weekends? I can’t imagine how big or how many diaper bags we have to bring.

My sis is also due to deliver her daughter, Cate pretty soon too. So between her maid, Ani and my parents, they have 4 babies to take care of. Pardon me for referring to the future Isaac as a baby but I guess he will always remain just that, a baby!

Although they are not major issues but we were also thinking about transportation and prams and sleeping arrangements and cots and car seats! In fact the thing that bothered me quite a bit was the space in my car. By installing a permanent car seat I will not have space for Ani and my parents and that was before we knew we had twins. So as soon as we knew, we went out and got our car changed. Unbeknownst to Mike and Kat, they went along to help test the cars with us thinking that we were just tired of our car. Since we were looking at getting a MPV I figured we could use the extra weight and no, I’m not implying anything about Mike and Kat. It’s just that she was heavily pregnant then and Mike, well …….. let’s just say the Mrs and Kat have always been teasing that he looks 5 months pregnant.

Next of course we have to look at money matters, now that the milk powder and diapers consumption will be three times higher. While we are managing Isaac’s monthly expenses just fine, we can’t help but to start thinking about the additional money that we have to spend on a monthly basis. The only silver lining is we do not have to worry about their clothes since we can always use Isaac’s should there be a boy and receive hand-me-downs from Cate and Kaitlin should there be a girl.

Speaking of gender, I really hope that at least one of them will be a girl because as you know I have always wanted to be a parent to both genders. So I don’t mind if they are a boy and a girl or both girls. However I am mentally preparing myself in case they are both boys. I’m not sure if I will remain sane with 3 screaming boys running amok in my household.

Stay tuned for never seen before pictures of the twins unless of course OK! or Hello! comes calling first.


inahairi said...

Ouh my CONGRATULATIONS! Anyway it seems there are more twins born as of recently. I have known quite a no. of ppl who have given birth to twins. Which made me wonder is there any study done in Spore on twins? If there isn't they shld! Coz seriously there has been a rise.
Can't wait for scans/pics of the twins ;-)

Just a passer-by.

Mother to Aidan Monster said...

WOW WEE! Congratulations! Looking forward to the entries on the twins to come =p

nana said...

Hi Dylan,

I really admire u guys. If i were u, I wld be sooooo monkey anxious to find out the gender! =P Actually i was hoping (very hard) that my #3 will be a girl, but since the gynae told me that the baby is likely to be a boy (at 12th week) - i started to prepare myself that tis baby's gonna be a boy. Hence, i wasn't that disappointed when he was confirmed a boy during the detailed scan. (sharing tis with u - for ur consideration... but not a persuasion...)

I do agree that $ & logistics issues can be quite a headache... we're oso feeling it - with the upcoming addition to the family. Nevertheless, we try not to think too much abt it... juz take a day at a time... since it's a blessings fm God, God won't let us 'die' juz like that - that's my mentality lor... hehe... (of course, i hv to admit i do worry sometimes lah....) =P

I'm sure your parents are very happy too - 4 grandchildren within such short time span.... can't help feeling happy for them too! =)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Inahairi,

Thanks!! I remember you. You posted your comment before.

True that there are many twins around lately, even my friends told me so.

I am a little lazy scanning the pictures of the twins hence the delay but I will definitely get round to it.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Agnes,

Long time no hear! Thanks!! I will try and update you all as much as possible so stay tuned!


A Husband's Voice said...

Hello Nana again,

You must have been busy reading all 3 posts and leaving comments at the same time.

To be honest, the Mrs's resistance is wavering already. This is especially so whenever we do the scans. She is dying to know if there is a girl in there and my response is so what if we find out now. It will not change a thing.

As much as I like to have a girl, right now the most important thing is they come out healthy (especially when they're twins).

If we go to the Gynae now then it will not be "likely". It will be a sure thing already. We will see as we go cause I have to respect her wish also.

Like you we are also taking it a day at a time. I'm confident we will be alright. Likewise you will be too with such a family.

My parents are not the really expressive sort so they may be thrilled but they are not showing or expressing it now. Deep down my sis and I are sure they will be very happy once they see all 4 of them together (provided they do not drive the old folks up the wall first). Hahaha

Anonymous said...

It’s really going to be a big challenge how you going to cope with all 3 babies… Isaac will still be small so you will consider him as a baby too… and like what you said he will always be a baby in your eyes  aren’t we ALL babies in our parents eyes

Hey are you going to have the name brainstorming entry again? It was really fun the last time to think of ONE syllabus… any criteria this time? Wow it will be double headache you know... need to think of FOUR names with different combination: boy-boy, girl-girl, boy-girl: that is if you want the twins names to be similar like how some parents name their twins.

Dedicate one entry on it and I am sure you will get a overwhelming response… 

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cecilia,

Yes it will definitely be a huge challenge for us to handle 3 babies.

You are jumping the gun here on the names. Let's not discuss too much here because it is actually going to be my next post. I'm not sure about overwhelming response but I will be looking to you readers for suggestions.

So you have a head start. Now go get cracking. But do not tell me yet. Leave it till next week's post.

Just so you know I am following your blog too. Keep writing!

F A I T H said...

Hi Dylan
To address inahairi's question on studies done on twins in S'pore, there is a medical research & database (ongoing) set up by NUS, known as Singapore Twin Project. Here's the link if you're interested:

I think the logistics part is a bit challenging but you'll get the hang of it. Hee... As for childcare arrangement, I believe the initial months wouldn't pose any issues bcos infants are easier to manage than toddlers. You monitor and see how it goes. When the twins are older and start crawling in different directions, it'll be more exhausting. But Issac may have started attending Playgroup for a few hours daily by then, so everyone gets a break. ^.^

Btw, if Issac and your twins are consuming FM from the Enfa A+ family, I can give you the contact to order from an authorised distributor. They deliver to the doorstep if you order a dozen (minimum). Prices are cheaper than what you can get in the retail stores. But you won't be entitled to any promotional premiums (eg. the free toy that's package with the FM in retail stores). Let me know, ya?

Trina said...

hmm, read somewhere that it's indeed the female genes that determines the probability of multiple births. Btw, if both babies are within the same sac, they'll be of the same gender (i.e. identical twins). But if they have their own sac, then it's equal chance for all!

I knew of someone who's got a set of triplets, and at the age of 2 they have another brother! so there're now 4 boys in the family.. and they're surviving! :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Faith,

Ya, I think the initial few months will not be an issue since all they do is eat, shit and sleep.

Like you said, my main concern is when they are about Isaac's age now 9mths. They will crawl all over and will be screaming at the top of their lungs sometimes.

Worse still, when the twins turn 9 months, Isaac will be around 2 already. I have been hearing this thing about Terrible Twos!!!

Thanks for offering to share your contact for the FM. We are giving Isaac Similac now and should we change it in the future I will surely look you up for the contacts!


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Trina,

Actually our twins are in separate sacs so they will not be identical twins.

4 boys?!?!?! I think I will really struggle if these 2 are boys!!

Let's think positive!! Fingers and toes crossed!!! Hahaha

Nicole said...

Ok, what I want to say is irrevelant to this topic, I think.Hee...

I know that your mrs would love to carry Isaac as often as she can. That was what I want and did too when I was carrying Cleo back then.

Then if you still remember, I had spotting after I carried Claire when I was around 6 months plus pregnant back then. Gave me a bad scare, after that, I don't really dare to carry Claire much.

So, even though your mrs would love to carry your fat son(haha..very mean), but pls, try her not to over-exert herself!

Take care:)

Anonymous said...


actually I am your fan... been following your blog since Day 1.

Twins marrying Twins! Interesting... I always read about these news on 'Wan Bao' and "Xin Ming' but all these happened in Malaysia mainly.


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

I hear you. I guess as a mother you will understand what it is like to not be able to carry your child.

In the beginning she was really struggling with the idea but since then we try different methods. She will carry for short distance or when she is seated. She has learnt not to over-exert herself.

About the fat boy, you are right. He is now about 9.5kg already. I wonder how heavy he will be when he turns 1 in 2+ months time.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Circusbugs (name if you don't mind),

Thanks for being a faithful reader. A little uncomfortable with the term fan since I am no celebrity. I prefer to think of you all as readers and friends.

The Mrs is rather proud of the fact that her grandparents are twins marrying twins. I guess this is not happening so often now.

So you a mother also? Do you keep a blog also cause I would like to read if you do.

Do leave more comments ya?!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm new in blogsphere. Anyway Congratulations! Having twins is more like wining Toto! It's wonderful thing ever! Will keep up with u to see the twins!

Anonymous said...


Think I saw The Mrs, Issac, Ani and some others last Friday leh . . . as the entourage walked pass Hilton Hotel. Ani was carrying Issac, and he wa wearing his signature red scarf on his head. Hee.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Leeyen,

Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving your comment!

Right now we are hoping for God to allow us to hang onto our winning Toto tickets!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bebe,

You did saw the Mrs, Isaac, Ani and Godma with her family.

The Mrs was on leave last Friday and they were shopping at Forumn after their lunch at Wheelock.

Don't be a stranger next time. Do come up and say "Hi!" Because you are all readers and as I promised you have your privileges. You get to carry Isaac and pinch his cheeks (not too hard though). ;p