Friday, 3 October 2008


I am writing this post from the delivery suite at Mount Elizabeth (Mt. E) hospital as the Mrs lies in bed trying to get some shuteye. The feeling is so different when compared to 9 months back when we were eagerly anticipating Isaac's arrival.

See what happened was at 2am this morning the Mrs got woken up when she felt as if she had wet herself in bed. She checked immediately and found blood on herself as well as on the bed sheet. She went to the bathroom to investigate and once confirmed that she was bleeding she woke me up immediately.

Since it wasn’t too much blood then we thought we could wait till the morning before we rush down to see Dr N. However after about 10 minutes she felt that she was still bleeding and upon checking she confirmed that the amount is getting a little alarming. Her sanitary pad was soaked! We wasted no time in getting changed and headed for the A&E department at Mt E.

We did not utter a word to each other and I believed that was probably due to us preparing ourselves mentally for the worst case scenario. So many thoughts went through my mind. How was I going to remain strong for the both of us and continue to give her support and encouragement? How do I console her if something bad did happen to the twins? What had caused this bleeding? Did anything happen to her yesterday? Was it something she ate?

The drive to the hospital was eerily silent with the both of us deep in thoughts. Since I did not know how to reassure her with words at that point in time I can only place my hand on her thigh and gave her a reassuring pat.

I had the shock of my life and realized for the first time how serious the bleeding was once we arrived at the carpark of Mt. E. As soon as she stepped out of the car and stood up the blood started to gush out. She was literally dripping and within seconds a small pool of blood was formed on the floor between her legs. I told her to stand and lean against the car while I ran in and got the nurse to bring a wheelchair for her.

See the pool of blood? This was only after like 15 seconds!!

What happened next was about an hour of agonizing wait for Dr N to come and check on her. The lucky thing was he was performing a C Section just upstairs at about 2.30 in the morning so he was with us as soon as he was done. In the meantime we were left to contemplate the possibilities. The Mrs was crying non stop and I will never forget the words that she muttered to the twins continuously, “Babies please stay with mummy!”

What wouldn’t I trade for the safety of my wife and my two unborn children?

The next hour or so was the frantic fight by Dr N in trying to stop the bleeding. According to him the Mrs looked like she had lost about 800 – 900ml of blood already and the bleeding was coming from the lower of the 2 placentas.

The Mrs was a real trooper. She was jabbed, had both her hands on drip and so many things were going on at her private but she never once complained of any pain or discomfort although we could tell from her face it was really quite painful. I believed that she only wanted the nurses and Dr N to get on and do their best without any distraction from her.

What Dr N did was to insert some gauze into the Mrs to add pressure and stop the bleeding. Since the bleeding is internal we do not know for certain if it has stopped. In Dr N's own words, we're not out of the woods yet. We will probably only know for sure sometime tomorrow evening or Sunday morning. According to him we have to pray for two things now; 1 - the bleeding must stop and 2 - the Mrs must not get any infection. She was already given antibiotics to prevent infections but as for the bleeding, it is in God’s hands now.

Wanting to find out what was the worst scenario I asked Dr N if one or both the twins are in danger and he explained that should the bleeding continue, his priority will be to save the Mrs hence both the twins will have to be aborted!!! Both our hearts sank when we heard that.

Scans were made to check on the twins’ wellbeing and heartbeats and they were doing just fine. Seeing them kicking and moving in there I really hate to even consider the idea of having to abort them. It will be really tough to pull the plug on them when they are still behaving so well in there!

Once the Mrs had settled down and resting, I had to rush home to settle a few things and make a few calls to the family. My eyes will tear up each time I inform them that the twins are in danger and might not make it, just like my eyes are all teared up while typing this now.

In this dark hour, I hope you will include us in your prayers!!


Anonymous said...

I pray that the LORD send his guarding angels forth to watch over your wife and your unborn children. In Jesus name, I speak against any negative vibes and infections, that the bleeding will stop immediately, and the placentas to be in the right position. May the LORD comfort you and your wife and grant you peace and rest during this waiting time. May the Lord bless Issac and that he’d be in good hands while both of you are away. Amen!

Keeping you in prayer,

Anonymous said...

Oh dear!

We'll keep you in our prayers, and will check in regularly for updates.

The Serenity Prayer has always helped me in trying times, if you don't already know it, it's here:

Anonymous said...

Dearest father in heaven,
Please help Dylan and his family through this diffcult time, help his wife be strong and let her bleeding stop. Bless them with these two babies as you have blessed them with Issac, comfort them, be with them and walk with them through this diffcult time. Bless these 2 babies and protect their family from all that is negative.
Mother Mary, please watch over these babies and help them be happy and healthy and that Dylan's wife will be able to carry them to term. Bless this family abundently.

Trina said...

Really saddened at the sudden turn of events. Will be praying for you and your family to pull through this difficult time.

Nicole said...

I don't pray but I sincerely hope that all will be well. May it be your mrs or your babies.

I'm really shocked and sad to hear that but dont' worry, all will be right.

Stay strong for yourself , your family.

Do keep us update.

Don't worry, all will be good. Good things happen to good people.

no man's land said...

Oh Dylan, my heart sank when I read this post. Do hang in there and be strong. This is only a false alarm I am sure, and the Mrs and the twins will be fine. They have to be fine.

Be strong, keep faith and may the Lord be with you and your family during this difficult time. Put your trust in Him and believe that He will give Dr. N the wisdom and the expertise to help the Mrs and the babies - that the bleeding will stop; that no infection will set in; that the babies will remain strong and healthy and continue to grow inside the womb; and that all will be fine after this.

I will keep you all in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

I tear when I read this entry. praying to God now to keep the Mrs and the babies safe.. YOU have to be strong for all of them ok.
Don't worry everything will be fine. Just pray. lots of it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dylan

I'm sad to hear this... please be strong.

.. i'll keep you in my prayers.


Tricia said...

Oh god! I hope your wife and twins are all right - i read your blog occasionally via my friend's link..Hope you guys will pull through this crucial period! I am pregnant too and cant imagine what your wife must be going through...Take care.

The Woos said...

hi Dylan,

Stay strong and will pray that your Mrs and babies will be fine.

Trisha's Mummy

Anonymous said...

Hi isaac's dad,

We shall pray for you and ur family. Meanwhile, Take gd care of urself.. In order to take care of your Mrs. Do npy worry.. your unborn twins will be fine.

Keep us up-date and take care.

Miso said...

I have been following your blog silently. Really pray that everything will be fine tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

hi Dylan,

Stay strong for your wife, Issac and the twins. I can strongly understand what you are going thru now. My daughter has pre existing heart conditions which were not detected when I was carrying her. It was only during her collapse that her heart defects surfaced. Her kidney and liver started to fail with the sudden collapse and the doc informed us that an op must be done inorder to save her and it will be a major op. We were shocked and could not accept the facts. My daughter had her first major op when she was two weeks old. She is now a bubbly eight months old baby. Hang in there Dylan. Place your faith and trust in the lord who will watch over you, your wife, Issac and the twins. We will keep you in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

hi Dylan
Although I do not pray, I do hope that your family will pull through this. Be strong but know that you still have a lot of friends out here, praying for you.

Anonymous said...

May God bless you and yr wifey thru this tough time. Stay strong...

missmoon said...

it's a wonder, how you need to be strong not only for yourself but for the mrs as well. you and your mrs and the twins will be in my prayers :)

stay strong!

Anonymous said...

My heart sanked when I read your post.

Stay strong, Dylan, for your Mrs and your twins! Take care too...

Babies, Jia You Jia You

Do keep us posted... Hang in there!


Lionel n Rachel said...

oh dylan....i am lost for words.

pls be strong...the lord will hear you & bless u. Nothing will happen. ur mrs & the twins will be alright. they will be safe. dr.n will do his best.

i pray for u.

Anonymous said...


I know things are really tough for you at this moment. Rest assured that this is nothing but a false alarm.

Things will be fine. The MRS and twins will get thru this difficult period safe and sound. Hang in there and stay strong.


Ivy Tee said...

I am too ... to read yr post just now. No matter what happens, pls hang on. All three of them would be fine! Sincerely hope that it has been over by now... (dunno how to con't for now..)

Everthing would be fine!
Keep us update alrite..


Anonymous said...

One of my colleagues had such experience before and she carried her gal till full term and delivered in Jun this year.

So, please stay positive and your wife needs alot of your support. All will be well.

Hello! My name is Hayley Tan said...


I've been following your blog silently thru Aunty Faith's blog. Our hearts sank when we read this posting. Hope Mrs & lil twins can pull off this.. pls stay strong for them.

Love Hayley & Mummy

inahairi said...

Hi Isaac's mommy & daddy,
I pray to God that both mommy & babies will be well & pull thru' this. Have faith & stay strong.

F A I T H said...

Dear Dylan
Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

Nyeshia's mummy said...

We will keep you, your Mrs and the babies in our prayers.I'm sure the guidance angels up above will watch over all of you and everything will be fine.
Take care and rest well.

fatcat2801 said...

I've been following yr blog silently for very long, i believe GOD will watch over your wife and the twins.
Ask and it'll be given, you ask for the kid, GOD will bring them safely into this world :)

hang in there, a lot of ppl are praying for u :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, is she ok now?? that IS a lot of blood.. I am shocked to read this.. Do keep us updated, whatever it is, be strong k?

Mrs Chew

Aces Family said...

hi Dylan,




Anonymous said...

Dear Dylan,

I tear as I read your post.

Do stay strong for your family as they do need you most at this time.

From the bottom of my heart, I hope all will be well.


Anonymous said...

hi, im wiping tears from my eyes too as I read your blog. Will pray for The Mrs and the Twins. . . I noe the feeling of wanting so badly to protect our little ones too. Pls be strong.

viv said...

Hope that everything is fine and be strong ok!

Mommy Lose Weight said...

my eyes are in tears as I am reading how you describe the whole episode.

I sincerely pray for the well being of the twins and your Mrs !

Be strong tough man!

Chew Family said...


Oh my..please do stay strong.
Babies...please please jia you!
Will keep you, mrs & babies in my prayers.
Take care!

Pray for U!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,

Wished i had read tis earlier & hv prayed earlier for your family. My heart bleeds as i read tis post, i really really hope ur Mrs & the twins are fine by now... praying for u & family. Take Care!

The Bimbo said...

oh my...

Dylan, please take care, I'll be keeping you and the Mrs in my tots too...

By now you guys already know the results... good or bad I hope that both of you will be blessed with strength.

mummy yio said...

Dear Dylan,
Be strong and stay positive, I am sure your Mrs and twins will be fine.

JChin said...


ur little babies n mrs are in my prayers. Hope they are doing well now. U take care too, stay strong!
Have faith!

Unknown said...

We are all with you in this. I sincerely hope everything will be alright for you n ur Mrs.

Esther (your faithful reader)

Anonymous said...

Stay strong and will pray that your Mrs and babies will be fine.

Be strong for them.

Unknown said...

OMG. this is so scary. i'm certain the twins will pull thru & be with u, mrs & isaac. jia you!!