Tuesday, 7 October 2008


First of all we would like to thank each and every one of you who showed us so much love, support and concern during the past few days. Together you have set a record high for the number of comments received for a single post from readers alone. We really appreciate it and we honestly enjoyed reading all your prayers and well wishes very much. In fact it was perhaps the only highlight for the past few days.

I know you are all very anxious to know the outcome of our episode and also the well being of the twins and the Mrs. I’m sure you can understand the delay in updating this blog.

I do apologise for “making” you readers tear with the last post but I’m sure you know that it was never my intention and I honestly cannot remember any earlier post of mine that resulted in readers crying.

Anyway as with most life experiences there will always be good and bad news. The good news here is the twins and the Mrs are all doing fine. I like to think of it as the twins having heard their mummy’s cries in the A & E ward, hung on and stayed with mummy. Then there is of course your prayers. No matter what religion you are from I believed that your high being answered your prayers. Thanks again for that!

On Saturday evening Dr N came and finally removed the gauze in the Mrs and I was shocked to learn that about a metre of it was stuffed in her to add pressure to stop the bleeding. While he was pulling it out slowly our fingers were crossed that it will reveal minimum blood. True enough it had very little blood on it and better still after it was out there was no sign of any bleeding.

It has been another 2 days and by now we can safely say that the bleeding had stopped but to play it save Dr N wants to keep the Mrs in the hospital till she delivers, this is the bad news!!

The Mrs was so depressed when she heard the news that she was crying even till last night. Being in the hospital with her for the past 4 days I can fully understand her reluctance to stay for such a long period. Being bored is one thing but the main thing here is her missing Isaac. She hates the idea of missing out on his growing up such as his first steps, first word and birthday etc.

I remembered very clearly the dejected look on her when she was wheeled from the intensive care unit to the normal ward on Sunday night. I believed it was reality sinking in that she has to stay here for the next 4 months or so. She understands that it was for hers as well as the twins own good but it still did not proved to be easy.

Besides Isaac and boredom there is also the money issue. Based on a very brief calculation, a 4 month stay will cost over 20K. From this episode I also realized that all general health and life insurance policies do not cover pregnancy related matters. There are specific women only policies to tackle this kind of thing and although the Mrs bought one for herself, the coverage for hospital stay is only about 5K. So if you have to take away something from this experience of ours then go out there and invest a little more in such women policies before you plan to have your next kid. And if you are planning for IVF then all the more you should have this type of insurance in place since having multiple babies will have high chance of complications.

Secretly we are harbouring this little hope that Dr N will allow her home after another week or two. We derived this from what he said to her yesterday. He said that everything is looking up so far but he wants to keep her there for another week and then we take it from there. We like to interpret it as after another week or two and if everything remains status quo then maybe just maybe we can have her bed rest at home instead.

Speaking of home, I was in bed last night and it suddenly dawned on me that the house seemed emptier without the Mrs. Although Ani and Isaac were sleeping in the next room without the Mrs, the house just felt empty. Even the bed felt so empty and no, I am not trying to imply that you are fat Darling. Without the Mistress around the house just feels weird.

Currently we have worked out a schedule and system to allow the Mrs to enjoy a few hours with Isaac on a daily basis. With him around her mood has definitely been improving.

To end this on a lighter note below are a few pictures of our pride and joy, Isaac.

A little blury but you can see he weighs about 9.26kg now.

Not sure if the old folks will scold for letting Isaac sleep on hospital bed.

A little close up on our Plus Size baby.


Trina said...

Hi, it's great to hear that the condition is stable now! I can understand the agony of being hospitalised for so long, but we can still keep our prayers up for an early discharge! :) Wanna give u n ur wife a big pat on your backs to have come so far in your baby journey, and pray that the remaining 4 months will be smooth-sailing. :)

Chew Family said...


Really glad and relieved to see this post. Been watching this blog for further update from you. But no news yet until i saw this. Phew! Good to hear that Mrs and the twins are fine. Please take good care of Mrs. Hope everything is fine and Mrs can go home soon.
Take care and pray for u.

Jia You babies!

Anonymous said...

I can feel where your stresses are probably coming from. Not too long ago i was feeling very stress and upset over some baby arrangements as well and was constantly plagued by guilt that I cannot have that perfect arrangement for my baby. Each family are different, and God made us go through different experiences for good reasons. I'm learning to count by blessings now and not compare my situations to others. I hope you and The Mrs find solace and comfort in Him as well, and in the fact that the Twins are well and Issac is healthy. All these are just temporary and a process, and the money can be earned back. Now The Mrs can rest well and not worry about work. . . maybe it's a sign from her body that she needs to rest.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dylan

Really happy to know that Mrs condition is now stable!! Be rest assured that we will continue to pray for her and the twins. Meanwhile, you take care too ya.

Will be counting down with you..


Anonymous said...

hi Dylan, PTL :) so glad that your wife and the twins are well. The most important thing now is for your wife to have plenty of rest and not worry too much. Have faith in the Lord and let Him take care of the rest. Will continue to pray for you and your family.

PositiveSpunky/ Mrs T said...

Hey Dylan,

Was blog hopping and came across yours. M relieved to hear that both mother and the twins are now stable and safe. Do send regards to your Mrs, surely she and the twin can make it. Take care.

Mommy Lose Weight said...

so glad to read that they are doing fine. I am sure we will be able to see the twins photos after 4 months later :)

please take care !

Anonymous said...

This is the best post ever. I think I logged on to your site at least 5 times a day just to see if there’s any update. So worried…
Thank goodness everything is fine now.
Tell the Mrs COMPLETE rest in bed… I know its difficult but I think better play it safe ya…
And yes, quality time with Isaac is important but remember don’t let him jump on her… my bb loves jumping now so just in case…
Will continue to pray for your family.
Keep us updated

Lionel n Rachel said...

hi dylan, great to know dat ur mrs & the twins are doing so fine. thumbs up! i hv been logging in to see updates eversince ur last post & was very happy to see this post although i was a little shock at first to see ur post title: Hospitalized!

Hang in there. 4 mths would pass by very fast. U & ur mrs wld be cuddling 2 very adorable babies by then. tink abt this & nt the fact on boredom, $$ issues. at least try nt to.

if ur mrs is staying in a single room (A class), maybe suggest putting a baby cot for issac? or an extra sofa bed or something?

do update more often. :)


pc said...

thank godness to hear this.

bless mrs and the twins.

pc, hop over from bottomup.com

Nicole said...

Like many others, I've been checking out many times a day, to check for updates.

And I'm sure glad that everything is ok. But the hospitalisation part is indeed rather disheartening, but no choice.

And yes, I can understand how mount E sucks all the blood out of you. Their very expensive hospital charges...

And I've also let Claire slept on the hospital bed back then when I went to give birth to Cleo. Hee...

OH, fat boy is slightly heavier than Cleo. Cleo is now around 9.1kg-9.2kg. :) And he got hair already! So handsome looking:)And I cannot help but notice you guys love to let her wear polo tee, little shirts. So cute, just like a little man. Hee

Send the regards to your mrs. And really, have to really let her rest in bed. Even though I can totally understand that kinda boredom. I been there, done there*roll eyes*

Do keep us updated!

nic said...


This is really great relieve to hear that the 3 of them are okay :D

Take care and God bless

Anonymous said...

Very happy to see this post. glad that the twins and Mrs are fine. Like the rest, I've been checking your blog for updates too. Take care of your health too bec the Mrs and Issac needs you to be strong ya.

As always, Issac looks great in the pics.

nana said...

Hi Dylan,

Feel soooo relieved to hear that ur Mrs & the twins are fine now. =) This is of utmost importance!

Other issues like $$ & the Mrs' bonding time with Isaac can be worked out slowly... tho i can understand it's definitely not going to be easy.

Many of us here are still praying for your family. You're not alone. Take care! God do answer prayers. =)

Anonymous said...

We have been waiting days. Finally, we are great to hear the gd news that both mrs and the twins are alright.

Most important, you have to take gd care of little lssac and your mrs. These four months will be very busy for you.

Take care and keep us update more often...

God Bless you!!

no man's land said...

hi dylan and mrs, maybe you guys should check the stats of this blog for the last few days if you can. i'm sure it's a record high as well, with all the many people logging back in again and again and again to check for updates! *haha*

so glad to hear that mummy and babies are fine. indeed the babies have heard you guys and hung in there tough! and oh well, the hospitalisation cannot be helped i guess? hang in there now. it may be a better thing for the mrs to be forced to rest in the hospital than at home. coz' most of us cannot stay still at home, even if we may have helpers around.

jia you bah!

Anonymous said...

Glad to know babies and your wife's fine..two questions

1. How in the world did u manage to take that photo of the blood of blood when things were definitely "kan Jiong.." and all??

2. How come got SQ uniform ah??? hahahaa

Anonymous said...

Err last comment by me.. Mrs Chew..heee

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that all is fine for now. u take care too, cos u will be their pillar of strength.:)

F A I T H said...

Hi Dylan
I'm so glad to read this post. Thank God for answered prayers! :)

But honestly, it did crossed my mind if your Mrs had to be on CRIB (complete rest in bed) when I was praying over the past few days. People who went thru CRIB understand how important it is to protect their foetus. In fact, one friend of mine requested to be discharge from hospital for Christmas holiday and the staff nurse wheeled her to NICU and ask her to reconsider her request. She changed her mind upon seeing all the premature babies in incubators. All in all, she spent about $12K for being warded from week 22. But she's got a pair of healthy tots now, so its all worth it.

I'm sorry if I sounded very "practical" here but we're talking about a pair of babies and your Mrs' well being, so we've got to give her our utmost support. I cannot imagine myself being "stuck" in a hospital for 4 months but I'm very cetain you will be very patient and understanding towards her. Will continue to keep your family in prayer. Take care!

Angie said...


Nyeshia's mummy said...

Glad to hear that everything is ok now.....take care and rest well. Last but not least, your boy is soooooo cute : )

Anonymous said...

Hullo!! Good news indeed!

As for the bad news... yeah, even one day in hospital is a day too many. Hope the missus is allowed home soon. I don't have anything to offer, except many spare copies of Reader's Digest. How about letting her guest write on your blog?

The Woos said...

Hi Dylan

So happy that your Mrs and the twins are doing fine now. Keep being positive and strong!

Take care! will keep reading to hear good news!

Trisha's Mummy

The Chronicler said...

hey hey, really glad to hear you're outta the woods. Will continue to pray for you guys, you and your missus, isaac and the twins. If your missus really has to stay in hospital, give us the room number! We'd all come visit so she won't be lonely! :)Then I can bring my Isaac, to meet yours! :D

Anonymous said...

hi Dylan, glad to hear yr mrs is feeling better, cheer her up, bring Issac more often to see his mummy and i am sure her mood and condition will improve with time... Take care and yes god answers prayers :)

The Bimbo said...


Jumping for joy for you guys!!! I really cried that last post and was so worried that I was checking your blog day and night for updates. As long as they are ok... :)

Issac is so adorable he can brighten anyone's day! :)


missmoon said...

big relief to know the Mrs and twins are fine. hope things will continue to look up and she'll be discharged soon.

chin up :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Dylan

So happy to see this post... glad that Mrs and twins are doing fine...

wow... Issac is really a plus size happy baby :)


Unknown said...

oh my. i juz caught up with ur blogs. being hospitalised was no fun. my babe was hospitalised last week too. i can totally understand how bored it was to stay there even for a few days. both the babe & i will be praying for u all and hope the mrs can come home soon to u & isaac. :) isaac still looks as cute as ever. handsome too. :D

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi All,

Thank you so very much for all your concerns and comments here.

As you know I try to make it a point to reply to each and everyone of your comments. This is important to me because it is the only way to keep this blog a two way thing.

However with these 2 recent posts there are simply too many comments coming in too fast and too furious as a result I will take a little while longer to reply.

I will not be replying to your comments on the previous post ya?!

mummy yio said...

Hi Dylan,

Glad to know that the Mrs and the twins are fine :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Trina,

Thanks for your comments in both posts. Not to mention your prayers.

The pat on the back should be for the Mrs as she definitely went through a lot for the twins.

I do hope that the remaining 4 months will be smooth sailing. ;0)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Sharyn,

Thanks for your prayers and I like to apologise for getting you worried and waiting anxiously for an update.

We are hopeful that she will not have to be here for the whole 4 months. Fingers crossed!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bebe,

Sorry for causing you to tear with my last post.

Yeah, I believe we have to be really thankful and grateful that the twins, Isaac and the Mrs are all well. This is the most important and all other things paled in comparison.

The Mrs has stopped thinking about work already except that she felt bad and guilty towards her boss for leaving him in the "lurch".

A Husband's Voice said...

Hey Sk,

Thanks for all your prayers and concerns.

Do stick around cause we would like it very much for you to continue the countdown with us for the twins' arrival.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Rae,

Thank you so much for your prayers and also for sharing your experience on your baby girl. I sincerely hope that she has fully recovered by now.

The Mrs actually works for a heart specialist so if you need any question answered do let us know and we will try and find out for you.

As for resting, I will try my best to make sure that the Mrs rests as much as possible.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Mrs T,

Thanks for hoping by and also for your well wishes.

I do hope you will stick around and follow our journey.

I now have your blog address so will be visiting you too!

Take care!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Ling,

I apologise for making you tear with my last post and I would like to thank you at the same time for your concerns and prayers.

About the photos, I will try and find the time to scan their "photos" taken while inside their mummy's tummy and post it for you all to see soon.

Do stick around as there will surely be more photos and other stuffs to follow.


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cecilia,

I'm sure you prayed a lot for my whole family. For that I am in debt to you.

I do apologise for all your tears shed and also to have kept you waiting anxiously for this piece of good news. To check at least 5 times a day, that is classic.

The Mrs has learned the importance of complete rest but like I mentioned it will not be easy for her.

Isaac too is at the stage of jumping whenever he is happy. Guess it is his way of expressing. We are very careful when the Mrs is holding him.

Thanks for sticking around for as long as you did.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Yvonne,

Thanks for your prayers and for checking back so frequently hoping to get an update.

I really hope these 4 months will fly by uneventfully. Right now only the thought of the twins is keeping the Mrs in the hospital.

Since she will be here for quite some time we did not opt for a single room. She is in a 2 bedder so we can't bring too many things.

The good news is these neighbours will normally leave in 2 to 3 days after giving birth and in between we may get a few days of being alone in the room with no neighbours.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi PC,

Thanks for hoping by and your well wishes.

I follow Evelyn's blog too.

Do try and stick around ya?!


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for being a friend all this while and more so during the days of darkness.

Mt E is expensive and I can't say their service justify the price. Anyway we are trying to speak to them to work out some sort of a discount. Fingers crossed on that!

I think between our 2 plus size babies, there is really not much between them. Today Isaac may be slightly heavier but Cleo may overtake him anytime. Its always back and forth between these 2.

One thing I am curious to know though it Isaac's height. We are not due to see Dr Belinda till much later so meantime I have no way of learning just how tall is he. Cleo seems to be a rather tall baby.

The Mrs and Godma like to let Isaac wear this type of clothes so all credits to them. He is a cute little man isn't he?! Hahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nic,

Thanks for visiting my humble blog and even more so for your concerns and prayers.

Do stick around ya?!


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nora,

Thanks for sticking around this blog for so long.

I really appreciate your concerns and well wishes.

I will remain strong and stay healthy for the whole family. No worries there.

Isaac looks great in the pictures?! But he was only sleeping. You're too kind! Hahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nana,

First of all thanks for being a friend.

I hope my earlier post did not affect you too much because you are also in a very delicate condition now.

With you and a whole of readers we know that we are not alone when faced with such difficult situations.


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Ed and family,

Thanks for being here and also for your support and prayers.

I will remain strong for them all.

Sorry to have kept you worried and waiting for the good news. I will try and update more often but I'm sure you'll appreciate it will not be easy.

Do stick around ya?!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Roanne,

First of all thank you very much for mentioning our situation in your blog and asking for your readers to pray for us as well. I really appreciate the kind act.

Following your suggestion I did check on the hits on my blog and in the past 3 days it did hit a record high!!

Your thinking is also what Dr N thought of, that it will almost never be a complete rest in bed for the Mrs if she were to do it at home. This is part of the reason why he kept her here in hospital.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jolin,

Thanks for your concerns.

It is actually a good thing that you asked the question because I have a feeling readers are thinking I must be super-insensitive and obsessed with this blog to be taking picture of the pool of blood while the Mrs is being treated! Hahaha

Actually this shot was taken after everything has settled and the Mrs resting. I was heading home to send Ani and Isaac to my mum's place before coming back to the hospital and since the blood was not cleaned up yet, I took the shot.

So it was taken after all the chaos was over. Not during ya? Hahaha

As for the uniform, it is actually just a cloth that my mum got for Ani. She uses cloth to help carry Isaac, very Indonesian style. If you want to donate your uniform I believe we could use a little more cloth with the twins' coming. Hahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Charlene,

Thanks for everything. I hope that my last post did not affect you too much because you, like Nana are also in a very delicate condition.

You take great care and do drop by again.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Faith,

Thank you for being a friend and keeping us in your prayers.

You are very familiar with this type of situation it seems because I did not know CRIB until this episode.

The sign above the Mrs's bed does say CRIB. We were scratching our heads when we were first admitted.

We understand the importance of protecting the foetuses and this is precisely why she has agreed to stay on.

I will do my best to help ease the Mrs through this coming 4 months.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Angie,

Thanks for popping by and also for your support and encouragement.


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Eve,

Thanks for your prayers and for sending the Guardian Angels to watch over us.

I will take care of myself and family. No worries.

As for Isaac, I think it is perhaps time for me to post the ugly pictures of him. Hahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi e,

Thanks for the Serenity Prayers.

I will check with the Mrs to see if she is in the mood for Reader's Digest. Thanks for offering.

As for her to guest write, I proposed but got shot down. She is always saying that she is never good at expressing herself. I'll work on it. ;p

BTW maybe you can consider allowing me access to read your blog. Do consider.

Nicole said...

Plus size baby?? That's how you term Isaac and Cleo?? Haha..

Ya, I also kana CRIB back then when I gave birth to Claire prematurely. Was admitted two days for CRIB before I gave birth. And I totally understand that kinda agony and inconvenience, let alone for 4 months. Seriously hope that your mrs don't have to go through that.

I'm not exactly sure if Cleo is indeed tall but she does seems big. In fact, many thought she's already 1 year old plus and some even asked me if she can talk already...*faint*

And yes, Mount e services really cannot make it. Their nurses were kinda rough, not very polite, not very helpful. A bit of everything. And the bill made it worse. Haha!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Tricia's mummy (name?),

Thanks for your prayers and concerns.

With such support from all you readers it is not difficult to stay strong and positive.

Do stay tuned so hopefully we have more good news later.

Take care!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Pamela,

We are not exactly out of the woods yet but we are certainly nearing it. Need a few more days of observations to be sure the bleeding is not coming back.

Let the 2 Isaacs meet?! That will be interesting but it will have to be under happier and more joyful occasion. The Mrs is not ready to receive guests and visitors.

Thanks for offering to come though.

BTW my Isaac's Godma is also Pamela. This is getting a little uncanny. Hahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jas,

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement.

I hope you can take something away from our experience. Try and get yourself better covered before you start your IVF.

Hope you don't mind but I am certainly not trying to jinx you. Its just that with multiple babies the complications just get a little more common.

As for cheering the Mrs up, I am trying to come by twice a day and I have also arranged for Isaac to be here everyday so hopefully that is enough.

Good Luck ya!! Jia You!!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bobo,

Thanks for everything.

Unfortunately you had to face with such a post after your return from your holiday.

Saw your pictures briefly but will surely go back and take a better look.

As for Isaac, do come up and say hi in case you see us on the streets but I doubt it will be anytime soon.


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cynthia,

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers.

I'm certainly and positive that things will continue to look up from here on.

I will keep you posted so stay tuned! Take care.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Circusbugs,

Sorry if my last post affected you. Life is such roller coaster rides huh?! The last post caused your heart to sink but this one lifted your spirit again.

Don't think I can take too many of such episodes so hopefully there will no more from now on.

Recently I have learned to accept that Isaac is indeed a Plus Size baby. How can he not be when he will soon outweigh some of the older boys?!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Janice,

Thanks for your prayers. No worries about missing the episode I understand you were very busy yourself.

What happened to your Cheryl? I saw from your blog that she is discharged so I am sure she is fine by now right?

Thanks for your comment on our Plus Size baby.

Take good care of yourself and Cheryl.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Quek,

Thanks for your support and encouragement.

Do stay tuned and hopefully I will be able to announce more good news!


inahairi said...

Thank God for the good news! Wish ur wish & the twins safe journey to the end of the pregnancy ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha you have been reading my blog... at bottomsup.wordpress.com!

Sorry for the confusion! Just realised I've been signing in with my blogger account instead of with OpenID.

- e aka Evelyn

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,
dun worry i dun believe in jinx :) and thanks for the advise... i will definately look into buying insurance before starting IVF... there is a basic one I can buy with KKH but i am definately want to buy one more additional one for safety mesures... esp with the increase in chances for multiples... thanks...
You are a very caring hubby and I am sure everything will be fine ... Mrs just needs lots of cheering up and company.... Issac is real cute! Take care and god bless

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

We have the same "problem" because when strangers look at Isaac most will also find he looks older than his actual age.

Yesterday while I was at Mt E I asked one of the nurses to see if I can use their machine to measure Isaac's height and to my surprise she allowed.

So I can confirm that Isaac is about Cleo's height at 72cm.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Inahairi,

Thank you so much for your concerns and prayers!

I do hope that the rest of the pregnancy will be smooth sailing.

Fingers crossed!!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Evelyn,

So it's you!!

Yes I have been following your blog.

Thanks again for everything!


A Husband's Voice said...

Hey Jas,

I am glad that you are considering getting yourself better insured.

I am doing what I can to cheer the Mrs up so that is why Isaac gets to see his mummy everyday even if it is only 1.5 hours in some days.

Good Luck!!

Aces Family said...

hi Dylan,

I am glad to read that things are settled ..though still 1/2 sadden that Mrs need to be hospitalised.

Anyway, it's very fragile stage and do advise Mrs to get as much bedrest as possible.

She will definitely miss her little darling but you are doing great with all the effort.

You must take good care too for the sake of the family.


Unknown said...

thks for yr concern Dylan. BB cheryl's ok now. bad case of virus infection. she was hospitalised for 3 days and on drip. i hope ur missus can be discharged soon. jia you!! God will bless u all for sure. :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Astee,

I am happy for you that your husband is back!!

Thanks for all your concerns and prayers.

Hopefully the Mrs will be able to be discharged by next sometime next week.

She has been bed resting and has not stepped out of the room since Sunday night. She has been very obedient and cooperative. Hee Hee

Don't worry about me I am coping just fine.


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Janice,

I'm glad to learn that Cheryl is fully recovered. I'm sure your heart must have ache terribly when she was hospitalised for that 3 days!! On drip some more!?!?!

With a little luck the Mrs may just be able to head home next week. We'll know better on Monday.

Missy & Jav said...

Hi Dylan,

I read your blog with roller coaster emotions, first i read that the Mrs is warded for bleeding and then the previous post of you guys having twins! and i'm glad the worst is over. Mrs is definitely a strong woman and i'm sure she will continue so and i'm sure your twins are feeling your love for them, just 4 more mths to go! go go babies! take care!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jerene,

Life is indeed like a roller coaster isn't it? Well, at least it applies to the Mrs and I.

Thanks for your concerns and well wishes. We will do our best to keep them safe and sound.

Do come back more often ya?!

Anonymous said...

hi, its great to hear that mrs's condition is stable. take care!!! God bless you :D

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Alina,

Thanks for your concerns.

I will keep you update on their conditions in the coming post.