Monday, 13 October 2008


The below post was actually drafted before the entire bleeding episode hence you can sense the entire tone and mood is a lot lighter. Since it has been drafted I decided to keep the post as it is.

Those of you who know me through this blog should also know that I prefer to open my Christmas presents on Boxing Day itself. Hence we only found out Isaac’s gender on 26th December last year!

This time round with the Twins, I am determined not to ruin the nice surprise but truth be told, it is a lot harder when compared to last time. The ‘problem’ does not lie with me. Since we found out we are having Twins, the main thought on our minds is whether we will get at least a girl in there and the Mrs is really dying to know.

I can literally sense her wavering resistance with each visit to the Gynae and each time she will be looking to me to change my mind. As cruel as it sounds, my stand still remains steadfast. Although I have to respect her wishes and if she really really really wants to know then I have to give in to her as well. Carrying the twins is tough as it is already without me causing her more sleepless nights by denying her wish to know the truth.

My logic for choosing not to know remains the same. What good will it do by knowing now? Of course if there is a girl in there we will be overjoyed but if they are both boys then there is really nothing we can do to change anything anyway. My main concern right now is for her to take good care of herself and the twins since as far as I know twins can be rather fragile even up till the later stages.

Of course choosing not to know has its disadvantages. And as some of you readers have guessed it, we will have problem with the names! As if coming up with a name for each gender is not challenging enough, we now have to torment ourselves by having to come up with 2 names for each gender.

If our naming experience with Isaac is anything to go by then I can say we are having 2 boys this time round as well. Why? Because we have relatively lesser problem with girls’ names compared to boys’ names. So the rule of the thumb is if you are prepared for one gender then God with his wicked sense of humour will reward you with the babies of the other gender.

For the English names we like the following:

Hayden (only because this is a unisex name)


I do like the following names but the Mrs is not too thrilled with them:


Even for the Chinese names we are also more of less set on girls’ names while nothing on the boys’. Since Isaac’s middle name is 天 we have decided to continue to use the middle name.

天乐 (nothing to do with Louis Khoo)


Sitting down and breaking the news to my colleagues, we had a fun time coming up with “names” that we definitely cannot use. Coincidentally they are mainly for boys. For the benefit of the non Chinese readers I have listed the meaning.

天才 (Genius – with a name like that we are only setting him up to fail)
天长 (Eternal)
天地 (Heaven and Earth)
天鹅 (Swan – again with a name like that she will be under a lot of pressure)
天父 (Heaven Father – nuff said)
天国 (Paradise; Heaven)
天堂 (Paradise; Heaven)
天花 (Smallpox)
天皇 (Imperial Emperor)
天空 (Sky – hmmmmm…… maybe?!?!)
天亮 (Daylight)
天黑 (Nightfall)
天氣 (Weather)
天上 (Celestial; Heaven)
天使 (Angel – hmmmm….. another maybe?!?!)
天涯 (Ends of Earth)
天桥 (Bridge)
天真 (Naïve; Innocent)
天主 (God)

Jokes aside, I am appealing to you readers once again to come up with names like you did the last time although we ended up using the one Godma picked. This time round it is easier because we do not need it to be 1 or 2 syllables but try and keep it at 3 maximum.

There is one condition though. We are trying to avoid naming the twins from names of the same alphabet which means you can skip “H” for now because if there is a girl we will use either Hayley or Heidi.

Like all the other “contests” and poll on this blog, the only prize the winner receives is bragging rights. This time though you get to name another child that is not one of your own. How cool is that!

Keep the suggestions coming!!


Happy FamiLEE said...

Hi Dylan

I'm Judy, a friend of Nicole.I happen to link ur blog from hers.

What about 天赐 tian(1) ci(4) -- gift from heaven...

Every child is a gift from GOD!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Judy,

Thanks for your suggestion.

Actually Isaac's name is 天赐!

So now we are looking for another 2 boy's names in case the twins are both boys.

Anonymous said...


i find that 天使 is a nice name for a girl...even angel in english is not bad?

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi there,

天使 is indeed very nice. However I'm just thinking is will the kids make fun of her? Hmmm......

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,

Am sure this naming activity will keep ya up and your wife's in time like this ^o*. Was very delighted to know that both mummy & twins are doing great. I've been hospitalised and bed-ridden before (once in 2nd tri, and the other in 3rd tri, total of like 8weeks) and found out that the best medicine was to keep a high-spirited heart & positive attitude. And the sppt fr my hubby and frens kept me going too. I was with my 2nd child when I've gotta CRIB & RIB. Hence being able to see and cuddle my older child was a great comfort. So, keep up whatever u're doing, and am sure the LORD will see you thru this episode. A big pat for yourself ;).

And oops, sorry that this is nthg related to this naming post. Juz tot of dropping a note of encouragement and best wishes to your entire family. And I must really compliment you for taking your best effort to reply to each comment posted.

I pray that the LORD will uphold you and all at home in HIS right hand, and that the twins will be embraced into the MRS & your loving arms, healthily & beautifully woven by HIM.

Your concerned and long-time reader,

Alicia said...

hihi, I've been a slient follower of your blog for quite some time. Got your link through singapore motherhood and thought it was quite interesting to read from the daddy's point of view. :-) Not sure what your surname is and wonder how it goes with 天文?

Alicia :-)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi JS,

Ya, this naming exercise is really taking its toll on us. Sometimes I wonder if I should just have Dr N reveal the gender especially with this recent episode.

I'm sorry to learn that you went through similar ordeal and am glad that everything turned out fine.

I totally agree that keeping her spirits up is a must at this moment so we are all doing our best.

About replying to each and every one of you, this is important to me because it keeps the communication channel alive.

In the meantime if you can think of any names, please feel free to suggest ya?!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Alicia,

Thanks for dropping a comment after being silent for so long. I hope the novelty of reading a Dad's blog will not wear off too soon for you.

My family name is Tan so if I do name the boy 天文 then he will have the same name as the Mediacorp actor. Hahaha

Do keep your suggestions coming and don't forget the English names as well ya?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan

天使 is nice... then maybe her english name will be 'Angel'.

I like Kyle... that will be my next boy's name... :)


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Circusbugs,

We are contemplating 天使 now but I think we're quite happy with the girl's names so we may not use it in the end.

As for Kyle I like it but I find to pronounce it properly it may be a mouth full for most especially the old folks.

Are you expecting a boy already or is this name just something you have stored away waiting for his coming?

Anonymous said...

Dear Dylan

actually I keep telling hubby that Kyle + Tan dun sound nice... I at times will pronounce as "cow"

my hubby's family name is Tan too...


Nicole said...


天恩 sounds totally cool! Just like Cleo's name, that comes with 恩!Haha!

But seriously, it's a nice name.

As for english name, errr..I'm clueless, given that I'm very rigid with the names choosing for my two girls. Once I've decided that I want Claire for my first girl, I just stick to it and once I decided that I want Cleo for second girl, it's final.

The good thing I can see from it, is that, I don't have headache thinking of names..*doesn't sounds very comforting!* Haha!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Circusbugs (Name?)

Actually Kyle if pronounced correctly is far from cow but honestly it is very hard to pronounce it the right way. Somehow I find that only the Americans pronounce it very well.

The Mrs also finds it sounds like cow.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

I know you like 恩 and remembered that Cleo has that name.

If you recall it was already chosen before Isaac was born.

Well if you come across any names in both Chinese and English do remember to drop by and suggest ya?

Lionel n Rachel said...

hey dylan,
hmm...another interesting topic..let's see

kenix, kayla, ashlyn, april, yvonne (keke)

天恩,天慈,天兰,天璇, 天琪 - gals
天祥,天永,天源,天彦 - boys

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Yvonne,

Thanks for you many suggestions.

We will look into the meanings and pronunciations.

Oh just so you know, I require help with the pronunciations of a few of your suggested Chinese names too! Hahaha

Anonymous said...

some suggestions :

Nicole, Natalie, Natasha

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,

Tian yao
Tian hao
Tian bao
Tian xiong
Tian jun
Tian ming
Tian lun
Tian yun
Tian an

How about the girl's names??
Have you think of any??

Take gd care!

Anonymous said...

halo wow naming babies already!

hmmm..."恩" is absolutely beautiful and meaningful. Think many Christians like this word cos it means God's grace.

Ermm....some other suggestions:
天晨,天铭, 天宇 for boys
天欢,天欣, 天微 for girls

Happy FamiLEE said...

Hi Dylan

Sorry I din knoe tat Issac's chinese name is 天赐.

My other suggestion will be:

Girl -
天颖 Tian(1) Ying(3)"颖" means bright/intelligent.

天僖 Tian(1) Xi(1)"僖" means merry/joyful

天心/天鑫 (both pronoun as tian(1) xin(1)


Boy -
天瑞 Tian(1) Rui(4) "瑞" means as auspicious/lucky

天恺 Tian(1) Kai(3) "恺" means joyful/kind

天凯 Tian(1) Kai(3) "凯" means victorious/truimphant

I personally prefer the chinese character "颖" that is why my gal's name also got this character in her chinese name.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,

While I was getting to sleep, these few words appeared to me, which are quite 'unisex'. Consider:
天希 (aka 'hope', your twin bb - hopes given to you from the Lord)
天曦 (similar to the above, where 曦 - the ray of life and hope comes with every dawn)
天奇 (aka 'miracle', your twin bb - miracle gifts from the Lord)

Okie, now that I'm satisfied by dropping you these suggestions, am gonna head back to slumberland :p.


Anonymous said...

Here's a few suggestion for Boy's names

English -


Chinese -
Tian 1 Ze 2
Tian 1 Sheng 4
Tian 1 Bo 2
Tian 1 Song 4

Btw, I hope you do not name your baby Tian 1 Si 3 even though I agree that it's a nice name. (Just thought that she'll be teased, maybe you can try Tian 1 Si 1 instead)

P.S. I think that there'll be at least 1 boy in there... =D

-Just a PasserBy

no man's land said...

hi dylan, it appears that you're now flooded with choices and options. *haha*

hayley and hayden are nice names. i have a friend who has a daughter and a son named hayley and hayden too. they have an older sister named hue. nice eh?

anyway, here're my two cents worth.

天荣 (boy) / 天蓉 (girl)
天琦 (more boy) / 天琪 (girl)

for english names, i prefer laura for girls and seth for boys.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,
So how is it going with the Mrs? Is she still in hospital? Did doctor hint anything about ok to going home soon?

To the Mrs: Your kids will be so proud to have a mummy like you. I can imagine the boredom of staying there alone most of the time and not having to spend a time with Isaac. But hang in there… it will be over before you know it ok… hmm… maybe you should start a blog from your perspective? I will definitely support your blog :)

Ok now with the names (I’m very bad with Chinese names… so I will not even try! :))
Kristi/ Kristy


Of course with all names, always do the name test with the Parents/ PILs to ensure that they know how to pronounce. Like I wanted Megan for my elder girl.. but no matter how much I tried to “teach” my mom… it just didn’t sound right. So we chose Tricia instead which she could pronounce it like a breeze. Plus it’s not that common and very sweet name too :)

Have fun

nic said...

Hi Dylan,

Since they are twins from the same pod. How abt giving them mandarin names with same pronunciation but different strokes. someone i knw named her child.

Lin Xuan for both siblings.林宣 ,林喧

Some suggestions;

Tian xin ; 天芯,天馨,天欣
Tian ming; 天铭,天明
Tian Hong; 天宏,天鸿,天泓

BOBO said...

LIAM & LACE :) - **
LUKE & PIPER :)- **
MAC & EVE :)

chinese names - I cant make it.. sorry.



Anonymous said...

I would suggest Rambu-TAN ahahahahhhaha...hehe...

I know sure headache one lah...

I was kidding with my friends and thought of calling my future son Chew-bacca..haha kidding kidding...

Whatever name u choose, DUN choose Fabian.. SO? urgh...

I wanted to name my future son Cody some 7 years ago, but I couldn't wait and ended up naming my (then cute puppy, a JRT Cody) LOL but I thought it's sucha nice Cow-boy name haha

Whatever it is.. GOod luck You have 2 names to choose!!

Mrs Chew

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan and Mrs,

Hv been reading yr blog for quite a while. Thank God that yr Mrs and twins are doing fine. Hope that God will continue to grant you guys extra strength to go thru this pregnancy.

Frankly speaking, I would want to know the gender of my baby asap..haha..just can't wait!! easier to prepare for name and everything :)

Sandra @ Melbourne

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Anonymous,

The Mrs is actually contemplating Natalie also.

I like Natasha.

Hey how come no boys' names? We really do need boys then girls names.

Keep them coming ya?!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Ed,

Thanks for your many suggestions. We are going through them but we need to like them both in Mandarin as well as in Cantonese so that should narrow it down but a bit.

What about English names for the boys?

We should be alright with the Girls names but if you have any to share then by all means let us have it.

Oh, I have a question for you. You are Ed I assume and is Ed for Edmund, Edward or Edina?

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bebe,

Ya we really like 恩 so that is why we kept that name after Isaac was born and waiting for our girl to come.

As for your suggested Chinese names, I need to look it up cause to be honest I can’t read half of them. Hahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Judy,

It’s okay that you didn’t know. Maybe I should put it up somewhere on the blog otherwise all will only know him as Isaac when his Chinese name 天赐 is also nice.

I do like your suggestions for boys. Sound quite manly and meaningful too. Will have to check the Cantonese pronunciation though.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi JS,

Nice to know that my blog can be put to good use - putting you to sleep?!?!? Hahahaha

Either that or I am honoured that even before you sleep you are still doing your homework by helping us with names.

I actually thought of 天希 so it is under consideration.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hey Passerby,

Thanks for you list of suggestions. Some worthy contenders there for sure.

By the way you are jumping the gun here. I have not asked for predictions yet.

So you think there is a boy in there huh?!

Well like with Isaac, when it is nearer I will post photos of the Mrs's tummy for you all to guess.

Then I will post the 4D pictures and then you readers can change your votes but that will be for later so stay tuned ya?!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Roanne,

Seems like this friend of yours has the same taste as us when it comes to names because we like Hue also.

However as I have stated in my post we are trying to avoid naming them with the same alphabet. So if it is Hayley then it will not be Hayden.

I am having problem with the Chinese names you recommended. Will have to find out the pronunciation in both Mandarin and Cantonese.

Thanks again ya?!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cecilia,

Thanks for your concerns but I will keep you all updated through my next post so prefer not to give anything away now except that they are all doing well.

As for the Mrs starting her own blog, I have tried asking many times but guess she is happy just reading mine and all of yours.

Thanks for your list of suggested names. Amongst them we are actually considering Ashley and Justin.

We like Megan but a good friend of ours already named her daughter that so......

You are absolutely spot on about testing the names with the Grandparents. This is the reason I had to give up a few of my preferred names too.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nic,

What you had suggested is excellent. We are now seriously considering that. But by doing that we are not making it easy for the Chinese teacher are we?! Hahaha

As for your suggested names, I am having problem reading them so will check with the Mrs on the pronunciation in both Mandarin and Cantonese.

Thanks again!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hey Pam (Godma),

Nice of you to drop by and leave a comment.

Thanks for your suggestions and I know there are many more where that came from. So you just let the Mrs know ya?!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jolin,

Thanks for Rambu Tan ya. In fact I thought of Sun Tan (think lotion if you miss my joke) too since there is a famous Rain already.

Chew Bacca is classic. Let's see, do I have any other friends with family name Chew??!? Hmm....

Cody is nice.

Actually we have to pick 4 names and not 2 since we do not know the gender.

A Husband's Voice said...

G'day Mate (Sandra),

Thanks for following my humble blog and leaving a comment all the way from Down Under.

The Mrs and the Twins are now doing well and I will keep you updated on the latest development in my next post.

Meantime it is really not that hard keeping the gender a secret. It may be tempting at times but nothing a little determination cannot tackle.

As for buying stuffs, besides Pink and Blue we can generally buy anything since most of the stuffs are unisex anyway.

Keep reading ya?!

Nicole said...

天欢, 天乐


IF both of your twins are boys, then this name will be good.

And actually, when someone actually suggested 天文, then I recalled that it's my father's name! And two of his brothers names are, 天福, 天荣(which in my opinion, sounds rather old school*hee*)

Or maybe, 天祥??

But seriously, 天欢 , 天乐( super love this name) sounds really nice. Makes one feels really happy, just listening to it. :)

See, finally, I came up with something constructive! YES!!!

Anonymous said...


Just a random passerby here...

Some suggestion for your twin's name:

Zander/ Xander (defending man)
Joshua (god is salvation)
Kai (rejoice)
Bryan (dun really like bryan but i think it has a good meaning)

* though i really like Zander or joshua, i think kai will goes well with issac cuz issac means to laugh while kai means rejoice!

Charis (Grace, charm)
Carys (To love)
Kaelyn/ Caitlin (Pure)
Clara (Clever, bright, famous)
Nicole (Victory of the people)

As for chinese name, naming a girl with the charaction Tian is really difficult.

Tian Kai
Tian Le
Tian Song (god sent)
Tian Xiang
Tian Yang

Tian En
Tian Ying(3)
Tian Xuan(1)

Tian Rui(4)
Tian Lin

I like the character Jie and Jun too, but don't think it goes well with Tian.

F A I T H said...

Hi Dylan

What came to my mind when I read this post was I-H-L (In His Love). And you already have I (Issac) and H (Heidi, Hayden or Hayley). Perhaps you could consider "L"?

Ludwig (my husband wanted to name one of our twins Ludwig had they been boys!)


The Chinese names you have in mind are my absolute favourite too. 乐 and 恩 were on my kids' name list as well, so go for it!!! Actually 天恩 is also unisex, so in the event the twins are both boys, you could still use 天乐 and 天恩.

Anyway, let's hope and pray for a girl in there!!! :)


Anonymous said...

sorry, out of the naming topic. hee..

are your twins fraternal or identical?

Anonymous said...

***Hi Dylan***,

Yes, I am Ed = Edmund.

as for the english names:


Any of the above names do you like?
Keep us up date.
Take care.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

Hopefully it is NOT as per you say, we get 2 boys!!

We really need at least a girl in there. Hahaha

Tentatively 天乐 is still the Mrs's 1st choice.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Random Passerby,

Thanks for your long list of suggestions. There are definitely some names in there that we are considering.

I do like Zander and the Mrs actually wanted Kai for our 1st child. But my family name is Tan so I objected then because it sounded like either "open shop" or "issue receipt" depending on how one pronounces the Tan.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hey Faith,

In His Love huh?! Well done!!

If we really keep the H then it might really be worth considering having the L like you suggest.

Personally I do like Luke except that I already know someone with that name so don't want to make it like I am naming after him.

We are definitely using 天恩 if we have a girl but I personally find that it is very feminine so will not use it if both are boys.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Anonymous,

We are having fraternal twins actually. So they will not look alike at all I think.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hey Ed,

More names?!?! Well Done!!

Even better, you are a male reader!!! I do not think I have a male reader for the longest time now!! Woohoo!!

How did you come across this blog, pray tell.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,

Well... My wife has gave birth to a baby boy in Aug and I am also creating my blog too. At the same I was searching thru if any of male blogger write about any pregnancy experience of their wife. As I come across your blog and find that it is very informative and interesting. You are a Great Blogger!

We will definitely stay tune and hope to read more your Mrs and your twins.

Let me think if I have anymore name to share!

Take care!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hey Ed,

Congratulations on your new born!! So what is his name?

Do start your blog soon so we can all share your joy and experience. But you must be so busy with both Mother and Child now right?!!? Hee Hee

Thanks for your comment but I won't call myself a Great Blogger. I merely write about how I feel towards things and situations and so happen that some of you readers can relate and find them interesting.

So send my regards to your Missus and take great care of everyone.


Anonymous said...

Some suggestion here :

Girl's - 天微, 天惠, 天瑛, 天芸, 天岚, 天琦, 天玫, 天颖

Boy's - 天威, 天武, 天麒, 天辉, 天茂, 天南

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Xiuxiu,

Thanks for your many suggestions but I am ashamed to say that I can probably read only about 4 or 5 of them?!?!!?

Will discuss with the Mrs to check pronunciation in both Mandarin and Cantonese.

By the way you are new here right? Thanks for dropping by and leaving your suggestions.

Hope to see you around again.

Take care.

The Bimbo said...


Dunno if you will let a Bimbo name the babies...

I've always loved the name Julian. I think it sounds smart. haha And Julia for the girl.

As for the Chinese name...
天赋 Tian Fu4
天蕊 Tian Rui4
天磊 Tian Lei3
天恩 Tian En1
天欣 Tian Xin1
天琦 Tian Qi2

just thinking.. Tianshi.. not so good cos people might make fun of her name cos sound like something else wor.. the word shi... Afraid she might have trouble in school.
like S*** from heavens. mmm

LittleLamb said...

This is Philip's mom. Rachel

I would go for TianEn (En as in graceful for the girl) and TianMing (smart) or Tian Le is fine too.

Julian is considered unisex in malaysia.

English: Emma & Ivan? since kor kor is Issac already?

love said...

I was linked to your blog thru Faith's. You had done a good job as a blogger and daddy. I've got a pair of b/g twins too. Looking forward to the arrival of your pair and reading about them. :)

ps: you have high chances of a boy/gal combi since they are fraternal twins. All the best.


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bobo,

Of course we welcome your suggestions. All readers are encouraged to give us a whole list of names to make it harder for us. Hee Hee

Julian was actually one of my first choice but the Mrs is not too keen so she is considering still.

As for Julia we already have a friend by that name so we will not name baby after her. Hard to explain to the others lah.

Thanks for the Chinese names too. As usual I need a little more help with them even with your Hanyu Pinyin. ;p

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Rachel,

From your comment I get a feeling like you are saying the twins are actually boy/girl. Do you know something that I don't? Hmmm....

Thanks for your suggestions. Emma was one of the names that I picked too but looks like it will most probably be either Hayley or Heidi if its a girl.

As for the Chinese name it is definitely 天恩.

I suggested 天明 too but it is still pending by the Mrs.

I have a friend name Ivan so we will not be using it.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Irin,

Welcome to my humble blog. Any friend of Faith's is a friend of mine too.

Thanks for your compliment. I think I am doing ok as a blogger and daddy. Nothing unusual really.

Will be visiting your blog too. Keep updating ya?!

The Mrs told me that the percentage is as follows:

25% - Boy / Boy
25% - Girl / Girl
50% - Girl / Boy

Let's all keep our fingers crossed ya?!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dylan,

My little boy is Nicholas.
Yes, very busy during the night time. But it's getting better now.

How did you find coping with babies during their first few months?? I think at least you have maid to help you. :) Little Isaac is so adorable. I think my boy is plus size too... wahaha!

Thanks for your blessing.
Take gd care of yourself n your family.

Shall forward you the link if it's done.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hey Ed,

Isaac has been an angel so far that is why we are worried about the coming twin terror!! Hahaha

We didn't have a maid until we completed the un-confinement but even then Isaac was taken care of by ourselves every night once we knocked off from work. He was sleeping through the night by the time he was about 3 months old.

We were rather hands on as we do not want to rely on the maid then.

Start your blog soon so we can all see Nicolas.


Anonymous said...

天宁 ,天慈

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for your suggestions and also for making me look bad because I can't read both the names. ;p

nana said...

Hi Dylan,

Wow! you're flooded with suggestions here... hehe... guilty to say, i hvn't even started to search for chinese names for my bb yet... Anw, juz a suggestion for you : since you're expecting twins, why not think of a term, instead of 2 diff wrds. For eg,

(1) ping an (safe) - 1 of the twins can be named as Tian Ping, & the other Tian An... so with combination with Isaac's name, it'll be Tian Ci Ping An (sth like God grant safety)...

(2) Xi Yue (happy) - 1 of the twins named as Tian Xi & the other Tian Yue... then again, combine with Issac's name & it'll be Tian Ci Xi Yue (God grant happiness)

I wished i can type out the chinese characters, but i do not hv chinese star.... hehe...

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nana,

Your suggestion is good but we have to think of names that can be meaningful when in lined which may not be easy.

It will be nice if we can achieve what you suggest.

No worries about the Chinese character because I understand perectly what you have suggested.