Wednesday, 29 October 2008


I have the luxury of staying at home with the Mrs and Isaac for the last 4 days and it will be 5 including today. Besides the weekend, we had a Public Holiday on Monday and I am currently on 2 days MC so in total I will be spending 5 whole days with them.

During these few days I learned that Isaac can be so hard to handle and it will really drain you off your energy (from playing and carrying him) and ideas (from thinking of what to do with him next). He has just turned 10 months and now that he is able to almost run in his walker he can really be a handful. He will go all around the house and start pulling things away from their original place or picking them up and then throwing them all over the floor. He will also be opening and closing the cupboards and drawers. He knows how to protest by screaming too.

He has gotten cheekier these days too. It is almost like he knows what he is NOT supposed to do but he still wants to do it anyway and in front of you too. Take for example he will pick something up and he will turn around and look at you and flash his cheeky “mischievous’ smile before throwing the item away. When we tell him ‘No’ he will smile wider or laugh sometimes. We will then pick up the item and put it back to its original place he will repeat the whole routine again.

Isaac and his infamous smile!!

Why the experience you may ask since I have spent days with Isaac before but to me it is a little different this time round because in the past when I am not working it is usually on weekends and we are usually out. The Mrs dislikes staying at home on weekends so you can imagine how she feels now having to bed rest. Hence when we’re out Isaac will be distracted with the surroundings. This time however the Mrs is not going anywhere so we had to remain indoor most of the time.

I am now an Uncle because my Sister had given birth to a healthy and lovely baby, Cate last week. She was having a little problem with breastfeeding Cate and also trying to establish her eating and sleeping routine. By now I imagine things are much better with them.

Lovely Cate!!

I met up with Mike yesterday when we collected our cars from the workshop together and had a quick meal with him. He was telling me how he understands that it is very hard for Kat to handle Kaitlin alone so he gave up more of his ‘me’ time in order to help with taking care of their girl. They had recently hired a maid but she is only charged with the household chores and the two of them alone will handle Kaitlin so this means no more meeting up with his regular kakis for breakfasts on Sundays.

After these few days I am now in a position to advise them that what they are experiencing now is really quite minor. Yes they may have to suffer the lack of sleep in the night since their girls are still infants but to me infants are really much easier to handle since all they do are eat, shit and sleep. I remembered I had quite a bit of ‘me’ time when Isaac was still an infant because he sleeps for 2 to 3 hours straight before it is feeding time and while he slept I was able to play some games on my Xbox. For the record it has been more than 3 months now since I last played any games after having completed GTA4.

I was trying to explain to Mike that between the Mrs, myself, Ani and my parents we are already tired from handling him hence I can’t imagine how are they going to do it on their own months down the road.

It is also through this experience that I can understand a little better what a Stay At Home Mum has to go through on a daily basis. Hats off and salute to you all SAHM. I dare not say I completely understand because I had help from everyone here and there is only just Isaac. Some of you ladies are taking care of more than a toddler and with minimum help.

So if any of your husbands give you crap about them having to work hard outside so they deserve more ‘me’ time or respect then I ask you to dare them to take up the challenge of staying at home alone and care for your kids for a couple of days while you take a break. I am positive they will see you in a different light after their little experience, read nightmare. I know I have. In fact I feel kind of sorry for Ani and was even discussing with the Mrs that we will give her a raise once the twins are out. God knows she deserves it.

So for you new parents or parents-to-be, know this; the infant stage is really just the beginning of worse things to come.

Never seen before, Fierce Isaac!!!!



Nicole said...

Yes, I can understand what you're going through.

Isaac is 'blossoming' into a monster, just like Cleo!*faint*

And oh, I really love the fierce Isaac photo. Very cute!

If I'm one of those SAHM which you salute to, then thank you*laughs*

Lionel n Rachel said...

wow, issac facial has changed alot. indeed, he has grown. thumbs up!

and to the mrs, hang in there. everyone's with u.

Irene said...

i love Isaac's smile in the 1st pc! so cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

i totally agree!! God knows how i spent the long weekend alone with my 8.5 mth old baby (cos hubby had classes from 6-6 everyday!!)

haha . . . but not totally alone lar, cos I finally couldnt take it and brought baby out with my frens. :P

Anonymous said...

Actually, nothing could make me go back to those early infant days again, I remember them with a shudder!

Perhaps it's because we had minimal help in year 0-1, and we really started to tap on our support network after that. Now, because of the many stay-home moms I've gotten to know, who plan outdoor activities together, most mornings are a breeze. Come 5pm, my "shift" ends and my MIL takes over. It's a really good system, and one of my neighbours does something similar too. :)


inahairi said...

I salute you for giving respect to us SAHMs!! We the SAHM can switch places with the husband & go out working but not the same can necessarily be said abt the husband. Having said this we SAHM don't mind doing all the chores but we just need a lil' recognition for our 'contribution'.

no man's land said...

Wow, Isaac looks very different. He's a big boy now.

You know this thing about SAHM...sometimes, relatives and friends ask me what I do over here, and if I'm bored etc. I am always flabbergasted, because I don't know how in the world I'm supposed to be bored when I have an active 10 month old on my hands. She's on the move all the time!

Anonymous said...

I love both the pictures of Isaac. Wah see already want to pinch this cheeks!

Yes I salute the SAHM. But you know what I salute all the grandmas taking care of the kids on our behalf while we go work… The fact that they are no longer 20/30 odd year olds like us makes me even respect them more.

At times, I wonder how my mom handle my girls and my nephew all by herself…we got her a maid to do the household chores.. but feeding and bathing of the kids all done by my mom. And the best part is she did not even take care of us when we were kids! It was my grandma who took care of us then while my mom worked)
Anyway I feel that it’s the chicken way out for me to “volunteer” to want to work full time instead of staying at home to take care of my kids…

Ok Dylan, no need to emphasize that you very long never touch your xbox liao hor… I will not say you high maintenance again lah 

Anonymous said...

Totally understand.. took care of my nephew during my off days in the past and I so wished he could just sit still or sleep, the toddler stage is the worst! he'll be buzzing everywhere and I have to follow him like his "bodyguard"

Once i grabbed him, hugged him and tried to lie down to rest, but he cried to get me up.. it's *ing tiring man!

now he's 5.5 yrs old, a lot more sensible.. he even asked me the other day, "auntie jojo, why u have so many pimples.." lol

cuteness..hang in there.. after toddler stage will be heaven at least for a while.. rem u have the terrible 2 stage!!!haha

Anonymous said...

oh yah it's mrs chew

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

Yes, Isaac is turning into a little monster for sure. Always screaming day and night.

And yes you are one of the SAHM that I am saluting to.

Well done!! Keep it up!!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Yvonne,

Has Isaac's facial changed? I only find him skinnier. Hahahaha

He has definitely grown taller and lost some of his baby fats. What a shame.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Irene,

That smile is a cheeky and mischievous smile. He flashes that a lot when he is up to no good or when he gets his way.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bebe,

Smart move, go out with friends so they will be there to help out. ;p

Actually not sure about yours but when Isaac is out he is better behaved. Maybe it is due to the distractions around him.

Wah, class from 6 - 6 everyday is also very hard on your husband.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Evelyn,

Nice to know you now have a system to make things easier on yourself.

I know from your blog that you are busy these days with organising activities and playgroups for the kids.

So I guess number 2 is out of the question now since you will not want to experience the infant stage again?

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Ina,

I actually never thought of the reverse until you brought it up. I know for a fact that I will have issues staying at home and look after Isaac 24 x 7. I think most dads will too.

Well, I hope my little tribute and salute to you all SAHM will put a smile on your face.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Roanne,

He has grown hasn't he? Besides taller and skinnier, he is a lot naughtier too.

I know what you're saying. Until one goes through taking care of the toddler 24 x 7 they will never have a full picture. They will somehow think that you will have time to be bored and these people are not necessary just men. Ladies think like that too.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cecilia,

Actually his cheeks have lost some baby fats too but luckily still quite ok.

You know what? You are absolutely right about saluting to the grandparents who are helping out with the caring of their grandchildren. They deserved credits too.

Your Mum is amazing in that she still helps with the bathing and feeding of all her grandchildren. Remember to buy her something nice or treat her to a nice holiday during her birthday and Mother's Day.

I'm glad you will drop the high maintenance comment. Hahahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jolin,

So you know what you are getting yourself into. Good!! I'm glad the previous babysitting experience will pay off for you.

You are right about being the bodyguard because you definitely don't want them to hurt themselves. It is very tiring indeed.

I keep hearing about this terrible two stage. Is it really that bad? I really have no idea. Now I'm worried just thinking of the Twins' Terrible Twos?!?!?!? Hahahaha

Oh, by the way I guessed it was you from Auntie Jojo.

Michelle Ng said...

My son's been doing the same thing. Guess babies just like to irritate us by making up picked up their toys. hah.. Yah i totally agree with u, infant stage is much much more relax despite the few hours of slp daily but thats nothing compared to now. Now i can't even have time to watch dvd or even have a little nap. But end of the day, it's all worth it and we get paid back by their sweet sweet(sometimes mischievous) smiles. hee..

Oh ya, whats the Mrs n ur email addy? I cant find back the old replies, too many comments in ur blog. haha

Anonymous said...

Ok my 2nd nephew, he was an angel at 2.. but he's 3 now.. i think for him it's terrible 3!! he's like beating his bro up.. who's 5..

Anyhow, i think the concept of terrible 2 is jus cos they can't really articulate their needs as well, so they just hantam, and get annoyed easily etc lah..

I guess.. i am jus a nanny for now...haha..


Anonymous said...

wahaha... Issac's hair suddenly grow sooooo much!

actually I like the fierce pic of Issac!

Mrs and Twins, jia you!


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Michelle,

First thing's first. My email address is you can actually see it from my blog itself, just have to scroll further down. So don't forget to send the invitation ya?!

I still think it will be very cool to exchange notes with you because our situation is very close. Your second one coming too and we should be facing more or less the same 'problem'. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,

Adoption has always been on my mind, even when I was young and single. I know it's quite taboo among parents, esp those who can conceive naturally, but I'm from the camp that feels there are many kids who need parents just as desperately, in fact even more so. And they're already out there, and often without much love and care in orphanages.

But it's really a huge commitment, which we may never be ready for. Certainly at this point, no.2 as a natural pregnancy or adoption is not in our near-future plans. :-)


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jolin,

You serious? The 2 year old beat up the 5 year old? Being the eldest I do agree that the elder usually gets bullied by the younger siblings. Hahahaha

I will literally have nightmares if the twins are also boys and all 3 of them fight when they're like 3 - 5 years old.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Circusbugs,

Ya Isaac's hair has grown quite a bit. Now we are scratching our heads as to what to do with it.

It is very thin and fine like both our hair. Don't know if we should cut it also.

Ya even in his fierce look he does look kind of cute.


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Evelyn,

I think it is pretty noble to adopt actually but we have to be sure we can give equal love to both your own flesh and blood and the adopted child.

However I think it is not easy to adopt a child in Singapore right? Many red tapes especially for healthy couples with their own child.

Actually I recently learnt that there is only one orphanage in Singapore. Surprised huh?! There are centres for kids born in problem families but only one orphanage.

PositiveSpunky/ Mrs T said...

Hi Dylan,

I was shouting out loud when I was reading your this particular post. It reflects what I am experiencing now. The little one (14 months now) terrorizing the house! And comment from hubby that wife bear bigger responsibility in taking care baby!

Nyeshia's mummy said...

Dylan... Issac looks different now.
He has grown so much and reading on your latest entry. Issac behave exactly the same as Nyeshia.
They are so cheeky nowadays.

LittleLamb said...

Philip mom's here.....
I like the last picture...what did u do to make Issac grin his face? so cuteee..

Hope mrs is getting better each day in pregnancy :)

Angie said...

Ahhhhh~~ the back breaking part is when the toddler starts cruising!! you have to support him on the arm pit and bend your back so that you can lower to his height. CAN DIE!!! but it's do fun to watch them learn to walk. :) and make sure you take loads of video when they are walking like a drunkard! hahaha! because once they started walking properly, it's gone forever.
we took a video of our little girl when she was learning to walk. here's the link if you are interested.

Anonymous said...

Yup, the 3 year old became a tyrant overnight.. think we praised him too much when he was younger..

It's damn funny the 2 of them, the 5 yo will whine like a baby and complain to everyone his "problems" while the 3 yo will just go up (while he's complaining) and hit him, or scratch him.. damn funny.

So one day, they both couldn't control and fought! apparently the small one gave the big bro cuts and bruises.. and the 5yo didn't want his mom to put cream.. he wanted to tell everyone what happened..LOL..

Anyway, good luck to u if they'r all boys...hahaha..

eh, ask ur wife sprinkle some baby dust on us leh... I going crazy

DYLAAAAANNNNNNNN, go watch the charlie clip again leh.. i have been watching at least once a day..ahahahaha

Missing G lah, he's not home AGAIN..

Mrs chew

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Mrs T,

You were shouting out loud?!?!

I honestly can't imagine that and I hope you did not frighten those beside you. Hahaha

I also hope I did not put your husband in danger with this post!!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Eve,

Isaac has grown hasn't he? People were always telling us to take more pictures because they grow and change so fast.

Luckily we did and only from comparing these pictures we realised how much he has changed.

About Isaac being just as cheeky as Nyeshia, guess we parents can take comfort that we are all experiencing more or less the same thing ya?!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Rachael,

Actually that picture was taken when the Mrs was in the hospital and Godma took him to the Botanic Gardens.

I don't think they did anything to him. He just had that expression for some reason.

The Mrs is feeling better but at the same time more lethargic and bored as usual. Thanks for your concerns.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Angie,

Actually my backbreaking has already started because when Isaac is crawling on the floor I will also bend down in case he fall face first onto the marble floor.

Once he starts to walk I will be buying the leash thingy even though I know my parents and in-laws will probably not like the idea.

Will definitely arm the Mrs with the camera to take video since she is at home all the time.

Seen the video of Jaimie walking. So cute!! Laughing all the way some more.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jolin,

What you described is not exactly putting nice thoughts into the Mrs's and my head.

3 boys fighting?!?!?! Argh!!!!!

If there is such a thing as baby dust then you are welcome to have them. Meantime only have baby poo. Kidding!!!

You still watching those lousy unicorns?!?!?! Whatever for?!!? Once a day some more!?!? Soon you will really talk like them and G will strangle you in your sleep.

Unknown said...

issac's so cute!!! :D

A Husband's Voice said...

Thanks Janice!!

Anonymous said...


Play Pan!! Put him inside & let him play with himself. SELF DISCIPLINE - trust me - it works for super active babies. When I am busy with my reading/cooking, I put Claudia inside while i do my "stuff" or catch some breath resting. Claudia will play quietly, then you notice she actually like to be alone too... no body distract her... she play about 1-3 hours inside the play pan till she fall asleep.

TV SHOWS LIKE - jungle book, Alice in wonderland, grease, musical children movies... is good too. u be surprise they will sing along the songs and dance together!!!





Angie said...

Ya.. Play pen and ABC mat are essentials.

The Bimbo said...

OH MY! He's really so cheeky in that photo! And I LOVE the last fierce photo... so adorably fierce!!!

Thanks for so understanding SAHMs Dylan. I'm glad that at least ONE man understands. When I see my friends trying to handle their Wriggly 10 month olds I get dizzy. hahahaha And when they ask me to carry I panick for a bit and ask them if they need me to carry for very long. *faints*

I admire you too. For keeping the spirits up and supporting the Mrs this way! Way to go!!


mummy yio said...


Been wanting to post but dunno why my lappie keep hanging in the office...

Issac's infamous smile is so cute wor and his fierce look also :)

Can you try to post more of Issac's pic? Really love to see his pics on your blog :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Pam,

The timing of your comment is uncanny because about the time that you are leaving your comment here, we were actually out at Kiddy Palace buying the play pan for Isaac.

I figured out that I need to have it so that he can be left in there on his own for a while.

Leng is already placing orders in Amazon for some video CDs for Isaac.

We will always try and leave Isaac with you during the weekends but due to my own busy schedule it is not always possible to send him down and pick him up. Don't worry we will try.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Angie,

Ya I bought my Play Pan now but don't think I will be buying the ABC mat because he crawls so fast and so far that it is impossible to cover an area large enough at home.

So far the play pan has proven to be rather useful when everyone is busy with something. He will sit in there and play on his own.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bobo,

Thanks for being such a fan of Isaac.

I had to experience what I did in order to appreciate what SAHMs go through on a daily basis. I'm sure if the other men are more hands-on then they too will understand.

You get dizzy from watching?!?! I guess you wouldn’t want to handle Isaac then. Hahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Quek,

Posting in the office?!?!!? I hope it is during lunch time. Hahaha

Thank you for being such a fan of Isaac as well. The Mrs is also commenting that I should have more pictures in my blog but my retort is this is A Husband's Voice and not Isaac's voice so it is not all about Isaac mah.

If you want to see more pictures of Isaac then I suggest you look for me in Facebook because I do keep more pictures there for all to see.

Trina said...

Hi, it's time to do the "D - Discipline"! Reason why they are doing things deliberately is bcos they enjoy getting a reaction out of you! Especially if ur voice is high pitched. Start to set boundaries for him, and dont be worried that it'll curb his imagination (cos there're other activities u can allow him to be creative & imaginative). With 2 kids coming up, u certainly won't want to face major behavioural problems with Isaac. And it's better to start now before the siblings come along, so that he won't feel it's them who led to the discipline.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Trina,

While I am all in favour of disciplining the kids I have no idea what to do with them when they are this young.

Can they tell Yes from No?!?!

Any tips that you can impart over? Like you said with the twins coming we really need Isaac to be at his best behaviour.


Trina said...

Yes, they sure can tell at a v young age! Remembered a time when I was still breastfeeding my son, and at 6 mths, he started getting cheeky n bit me during feeding. After some stern words and finger smack on his cheek, he learnt not to do it. So it's never too young to start!

Kids like exaggerated reactions, so when u want to discipline them, prefer to pull them to one side, tell them in a stern, low voice in simple command, e.g. "Don't touch the stove". Oh, and important to be consistent. Since u're staying with your parents, need to get them to be on your side as well, or at least not to interfere when u discipline him.

And given Isaac's reputation for cute expressions, remember not to give in when he smiles! :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Trina,

Thanks for the tips. I will work on it but problem is he always thinks we are playing even if we try and act stern of fierce.

Like you said he will flash that smile of his and it will all go downhill from there.

I know we need to start when they are young. I totally believe in conditioning. I will work on it harder.