Monday, 20 October 2008


A little update on the Mrs and the Twins. They have all been discharged from the hospital as of 14th of this month, last Tuesday after spending a total of 12 days there.

The Mrs couldn’t have been happier and she was waiting impatiently for me to bring her home while I was running around between Dr N’s clinic and the hospital cashier making payments and settling bills.

The entire episode cost us a little over $7,000 and my MediSave covered about $5,000 of it so I paid cash for the remainder. Although being out of the hospital is good for the Mrs it is not entirely easier on the money because she has to be on this injection every other day and only a nurse can administer it for her. The medicine is about $700 for 9 doses which is equivalent to 3 weeks and then there is also the nurse’s fee which was at a staggering high of $80 per trip but the Mrs bargained with her and finally we got it down to $40. So this means we need to spend a little over $1,000 every 3 weeks on this injection alone.

At this point in time we have no idea how long we have to continue with the jabs. Our next review is on the 4th of next month after we go through this extremely detailed scan which took about 2 hours the last time we did it. I believe Dr N will shed some light on the situation by then.

Being home does not mean the Mrs is able to go out and all. Instead she is to be rested in bed as well. Only difference is she will not be as bored since Isaac and I are there. Since Dr N is not sure if the bleeding will happen again we decided that it is best to stay with my parents so that while I am at work at least there will always be someone else at home instead of just Ani. So after checking with my parents all of us including Dino moved in with them.

Moving back in with one’s parents is not as easy as it sounds. Honestly when I heard that the Mrs is for discharged I was only too happy to think about the logistics involved. We are talking about moving the belongings of 2 adults, a maid, a baby and a dog.

Let’s not include the Mrs because besides the daily necessities like home wear and toiletries there is really not much for her since she is not going anywhere.

Dino is also easy since it is effectively only his leash, food, bowl and treats.

Ani is also easy since she has always kept 2 sets of her things. One set at my parents and another at our place so it is a matter of moving more stuffs from one place to another.

Baby is relative easy but since we will be there for the next 5 months at least we moved all his toys and diapers.

I guess the most difficult one would be me since besides the usual home wear and toiletries I still have to bring my work clothes and also going out clothes like the jeans, bermudas and t-shirts. Then there are also the work and going out shoes as well as my flip flops. I too have accessories such as my belts, cuff links and watches.

Then there are other must haves such as our laptops, all 3 of them, my Xbox 360 and also my DVD player along with my SCV decoder and my LCD TV for the bedroom. Luckily these days we can charge our PDA and iPhone using a USB cable and laptop otherwise we have to bring along the respective chargers.

Till date it took me about 6 trips back to my home to bring the items in batches and luckily my place is only 5 mins drive away from my parents’ place. So we started off with bringing over the immediate requirements and every other day Ani and I will head back to bring over the other stuffs.

The best part about all this is to try and fit all our things in a bedroom. The Mrs usually does all the packing and unpacking so while she is not so mobile now, we are living out of a suitcase for the time being. I know it bothers her a bit but I simply do not know where to begin.
Looks like this might turn out to be a rather long 5 months.


no man's land said...

hi there! it's great to know that the mrs and the babies are out of the hospital. tell her to rest well okay? no moving around pitter pattering or packing things up. and if she's a book or DVD type of person, then now is the time to stock up on them!

take good care...and good luck with the mini house moving. at least your place is close to your parent's! you can always pop back easily to get your stuff if you forget them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,

Ya, it's really good to know that your Mrs is back to a familiar place, albeit not your own house. But hang in there ya ;)

And as 'no man's land' said; no pitter pattering for the Mrs. DO heed this advice earnestly. I remember when the bed rest hit me the 2nd time round, my gyane was so very serious to make sure I promise to rest, no moving around, and that someone is around to assist me/take care of me; else he'd not 'release' me home :p.

So, what I did during this 'spare time' was reading up heaps, surfing net (& btw, that's how I came across ur site last yr!!!), and wrote out my confinement food menu! And I was glad I did that, cuz I had a good variety 2nd time round in confinement ;).

Dun be overly-anxious with the amount of money you've got to spend for the jabs. Am sure you'd come around it and left with surplus if you trust your cares in HIM.

Hope to see more updates and mabbe scans of your 2 little ones soon. And not forgetting your darling Issac; may he be happy, healthy and a doting kor kor to the 2 little ones ya.

Take Care,

Angie said...

good to hear that the mrs is able to rest at home! it's not easy to live with in-laws... and the tolerance level is somewhat lower when one is physically unwell. i have not followed your blog long enough to kn how's the relationsh of your wife with your parents but as a daughter in law and a mother and someone who has gone through difficult times too (tell me about the injections!!!!), i know how it feels... so you need to be extra tender and sensitive to her during this time.
just a gentle reminder.. hope you dont find me too kpo. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan, Good to know that the Mrs is back. It sure is good to be at home resting rather than in the hospital. the air at home is fresher :)

to Mrs : rest more ok... dont bother if the place is messy.. just let it b messy for 5 months then after that u clear up lor. remember NOT to carry Isaac hor... difficult but no choice le.. at least u get to see him everyday now.

Dylan: so free ah still got time play xBox... u sure sounds like u
higher maintaince than ur wifey from the amount of things u have to bring over :)

anyway i agree wif angie... no matter how good the relationship is between ur wife n ur parents that was "history" cos they never stayed together. now have to live together somemore ur wife is total confined at home with no where to "hide" but in the room. I live with my in-laws too... erm just remember to give in lor... my hb's ears always get it from me nagging this n that :)

keep us posted of wifey n twins development... will continue to keep ur family in my prayers

Trina said...

Great to hear that your wife is discharged! Pray that mercy and providence be showered upon you and your family during this period, and hope to see pics of your twins soon!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Roanne,

She is resting, in fact too much. Now suffering from body ache and stiffness.

She has been watching so many TVB dramas since her hospitalisation but how much TV can one watch right? Besides TV she is also surfing the net, reading some of your blogs and reading magazines.

It's a good thing that we live nearby because there are still many more trips as far as I can tell.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi JS,

She has been rather disciplined so not much of anything from her other than lying down and sitting up occasionally.

Ya, Dr N was rather concerned about discharging her also. In fact he even suggested for us to rent a unit walking distance from Mt E so in case of emergency she can be at the hospital within minutes.

Maybe you have a blog too that she can visit while she is resting now? You came across my blog last year and only left a comment this month?!

I hope you are right about the money but I understand that we have to spend this money and whatever spent the Twins will pay me back in the future!! That's why it is good and important to keep a blog like this.

More regular updates?! I am struggling with a weekly update as it is. Will definitely scan the pictures of the twins soon.

I intend to do a post on Ugly Isaac. So stay tuned ya?!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Angie,

Actually we have lived with my parents for a while before we moved into our own place. So this is not something new.

The Mrs is extremely respectful towards all elderly hence I don't foresee any clashes.

In fact she is uncomfortable with the fact that she is spending so much time in the room because she deemed it as rude.

I really feel bad for her that she has to go through these injections which she said can be really painful sometimes because the medicine is oil based. Seeing her "suffering" so much makes me more determined to stop at 3 whether we have a girl or not.

I will try and be more sensitive towards her. Thanks for the reminder.


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cecilia,

Thanks for your concerns.

The Mrs is not carrying Isaac but we let him crawl about on our bed so she can play with him.

In fact the Mrs will try and put him to sleep during the day so that he can nap besides her. That, I think is all she needs for now.

When I read about your comment I actually laughed out loud. My sis even asked me what was up?!

I most certainly not have a higher maintenance. Hahaha Truth be told I have not touched my Xbox for almost 2 months liao. Even Ani noticed that. But since the Mrs will not be going anywhere anytime soon then I figured I can perhaps have some 'me' time during the weekends mah.

As I told JS, we had actually lived together with my parents for a while before we got our own place so this is nothing new. The Mrs is really very respectful to them so much so that she doesn't ask for much even if she feels like eating certain things. SHe is always worried that she will trouble them. This is my main concern.

I will most certainly update all of you on their progress and include the pictures of the twins and Isaac.

A Husband's Voice said...

Thanks Trina for your concerns and prayers.

I will try and post more pictures but the scanner is at my own place to it will take a little more effort.

viv said...

so glad that things got settled down...

anyway, if Mrs get real bored, there's this online tv website which she may be interested..they always post the latest drama on...

also, since she cant go out shopping, she can browse the SMH website, there's some thread selling all sorts of things (like maternity wear from TW etc)..

hopefully these little suggestions can help her pass abit of time :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Viv,

Thanks for your suggestion. I'm sure she will check out the online TV although I'm not sure about her spending money while in bed. Hahahaha

She is already a follower of SMH so I think she know where to find a bargain.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan!

Okie okie, am not those creepy animal who creeps up all of a sudden, okie! I got proof one hor:

I left you the very last comment on that posting, albeit no identification then :p!~ What follows next were the prayers and comments in your recent posts ^o*

In any case, I've been reading up your blog ever since, cuz it gives a refreshing perspective from the husband's view. So ur title is indeed very apt.

I dun keep a blog; but I've gotta admit that I've been thinking every now & then abt keeping one. Been procrastinating for a few reasons; part of it is mabbe I'm lazy; worried that I'd not update it often enuff to keep the readers interested; and the long-debated part on privacy intrusion. And yeah, I bet u're gonna tell me that I can configure the settings so that I allow only pple I want to it. But well..... till I overcome all the whats and ifs la :p.

But, I'd be glad to share a little abt myself. I'm a working mother of 2 lovely boys. 1 is turning 3yo, the other same age as Issac, but a couple more mths older. Loving them to bits and also having much split hairs because of them, hahaha!!!

Give your Mrs constant TLC ya, for all the brunt she's bearing now. But speaking fr a mummy's view, it's all worth it (right, Dylan's Mrs ;)?). And ya, shut off naysayers and surround yourself with people who'd encourage and give you that extra boost!

With wamrest regards, always,

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi JS,

Wah so serious ah?! Dig out evidence some more. Hahaha

Nice to know that you have been following my blog since.

Honestly I do not understand the worries and concerns about the invasion of privacy from blogging.

It has never been a concern for me even though I allow all to come and read. I mean what is the worst they can do? Honestly I don't think people in general gives a rat's ass (pardon the french) about my life so I am not bothered. I merely post what I have to say about certain issues and situations as a Father and Husband.

Maybe I'm missing something here. Maybe certain things did not cross my mind so perhaps you can share.

Thanks for sharing a little about yourself. Do let me know once and if your blog is up. It will be nice to finally put a face to the name.

Stick around and don't be a stranger ya?!

mummy yio said...

Hi Dylan,

Great to know that the Mrs is back home resting :) I have some friends who were told by their docs to have complete rest in bed (crib) and its certainly a difficult thing to do given that anyone will definately want to move around after some time. Do 'sayang' the Mrs ya, though its termed as 'resting' she is not really resting you know? She is protecting and nuturing the twins :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Quek,

Actually the Mrs is supposed to be on complete bed rest but according to Dr N, she may be able to go out for a short period once in a while.

Yes, I will sayang her a lot more.

no man's land said...

hi there again, here's a list of suggestions on the things the mrs can consider doing in bed. watching tv/dvd and reading is nice...but not round the clock i agree!

1. jigsaw puzzle - gotta prepare a cardboard as a base though.

2. knitting - knit some mittens and booties for the twins and a vest for isaac?

3. plan isaac's daily menu - read up on the nutritional aspects and weave them into his menu. aim to turn isaac into a greater mini sumo. i would recommend annabel karmel. she is quite cool.

4. read those 'what to expect' books on 'the first year' and the 'toddler years'. become an expert on all issues regarding young children. i'm sure these knowledge will come in useful at some point.

5. erm, learn a bit of music if she's new to it? a small keyboard, a recorder? a flute? simple notes are not hard to learn and will not take long to master. then the mrs can play to isaac, and give then twins an early head start into the world of music!

6. make new friends from the comfort of bed! - i am sure quite a few of us here have msn, skype anytime she's keen and would like to hear (or see!) a bored housewife whine and complain (me lah!), just holler. you have my email anyway.

7. worse come to worst...explore if an arrangement can be worked out with her office to see if there's anything she can work on from home in bed? nothing too tedious, and one that she can easily do via the computer and a phone?

i think regardless of what you guys plan to do for the next 5 months or so, the aim is to keep the mrs resting happily in bed and not moving around unnecessarily. the key thing is to rest happily. i feel that it is crucial for the mrs to keep herself feeling up-beat and focused during this time...with something to do and to look forward to (completing). then the days will pass by more quickly.

just my two cents' worth.

Aces Family said...

Hi Dylan,

Glad that Mrs is resting and doing fine.

Understand logistics is not easy for the moment but just need to bear it for the time being..till she delivered and all will be back to Home sweet home.

Just another 5 months to go, trust me, time will fly, like what you encourage me on my hubby being away...明天会更好!!


Mummy Moon said...

Hi there,first time here, take good care!

PositiveSpunky/ Mrs T said...

Hi Dylan,

Great news to hear - Mrs & the twin are back home! The effort (moving things to your parent's place) will be worth as your Mrs, the twin and little boy are well taken care of.

Take care and send regards to all of them.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Roanne,

Thanks for you many suggestions and in fact the Mrs is already on some of them such as the "What to expect" books and also preparing the menu for Isaac.

She is even trying to hire a replacement for herself for her office.

Guess she just needs to learn to slow down and enjoy this down time.

A Husband's Voice said...

Thanks Astee,

Ya we know it is temporary hence we can put up with the mess.

I do hope time will fly by for her cause unlike me she can't go out and has to be confined to the four walls.

But with encouragement and suggestions from you all I'm sure she will feel better.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Mummy Moon,

Welcome and thank you for your concerns and for leaving a comment.

Hope to see you around and don't be a stranger ya?!

BTW VH is big compared to Isaac. Well done there mummy!!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Mrs T,

Thanks for sending your regards.

Ya we know it is important that the Mrs and the twins are being taken care of hence the move although troublesome had to be done.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,
erm so the Mrs is on hospitalization leave or resign liao? if u mentioned before sorry i may have skipped tat comment/post

Anonymous said...

SIGH we'r never going to get pregnant.. G travels so often, how in the world will i get pregnant.. unless can have sex via telepathy...

totally unrelated but I am damn pissed /disappointed/annoyed/at the whole damn world today..

Mrs Chew

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cecilia,

The Mrs is on Hospitalisation for now. She has 60 days of that so we will probably go for unpaid leave for a while after the 60 days and then activate her Maternity leave before she gives birth.

That's the plan anyway.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jolin,

I have always heard from others when we were trying to take it easy and perhaps go on a long holiday.

A more extreme suggestion was to stop work and just relax the body and mind. If your finances permit then perhaps this may be worth thinking?

Anonymous said...

wow the Mrs company is very good hor... but her colleagues ok to cover her? some colleagues hor can really slap the face.. in front of u so nice but behind of you start to complain n grumble. Better buy some goodies to “buy” their hearts over

i have a cousin who went back to work early this year n then because she was still b’fing so she had to pump in office. some of her colleagues actually commented things like "wah dun know come back to work or what" … rude hor.

lucky for me, my HR also just given birth and still b/fing so i got support to continue b’fing man. But some of the idiotic DADs in my company will comment things like “wah so long still b’feeding” or things like “need to b’feed so long meh?”

Mrs going to b’fing? Going to be real challenge to b’feed TWO man… salute first:)

Anonymous said...


the issue isn't me.. it's G! he travels so often.. I dunno lah... I will just assume the role of a god ma or whatever lah.. no baby no baby lah right?

Sigh I am so urgh today.. treat u as my "aunt agony" ok?


mrs chew

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cecilia,

I believed the 60 days hospitalisation leave is standard for all Singapore employees.

I understand that there will always be some idiots in the office making rude remarks but coming from dads then I am disappointed.

I guess they are not very hands on type of fathers. Or perhaps their wives are also not really into breastfeeding.

As for us, the Mrs is a firm believer of breastfeeding but whether or not we can do it is another matter. With Isaac she tried really hard (I believe I did a rather long post on it) and managed to last at least for about 3 months.

We're hoping with the twins and the previous experience, we will be able to do it better and longer this time round.

A Husband's Voice said...

Dear Mrs Chew,

In light of your situation I have the following suggestions:

1) Take a year off work and follow G to wherever he goes and try and make babies overseas. If successful then you can name the baby after the city (hopefully not China cause the names cannot quite make it)

2) Since the 'In' thing to do these days (in Hollywood at least) is to go to some poor African and South American countries to adopt, maybe you should join the 'In' crowd. Maybe you can even use the same agency as Madonna or Angelina.

Trust the above helps.

Uncle Agony

Having a bit of fun. Hope you don't mind! ;p

Anonymous said...


I wan my own chew bacca can or not?? hehe, hey if we print money i dun mind lah.. it's too ex to follow him everywhere, however i got a piece of good news!!

I am going to hongkong to meet him over the weekend early november!! in between his half the world tour where he's going to china, hongkong (meet me), mauritius, india and then back..

anyway, thanks for your advice aunt agony (u girl mah.. u...ahahahaha...)

Dylan.... dyyyyylannnnnn... we'r going to candy mountain dylannnnnnn

Mrs Chew (eh your readers ah, very serious one hor?? LOL ops!)

A Husband's Voice said...


First of all it is UNCLE here ok?!

Secondly, don't you start with me on talking like the unicorns!! I swear I will find a shotgun and hunt you down! Hahaha They are damn irritating!! Urgh!!!! How I regret watching the clips.

Good Luck in Hong Kong ya!!

My readers are nice ok so be nice!!

Anonymous said...

I say "serious" nothing mean what.. heng* you dunno where i stay..

eh, did you manage to watch the 2nd one? the banana king one.. haha

Yah good luck to us in hkg man!! hahahhaa..

eh you name the twins B1 and B2 lah..ahahaha

chew on this..

nana said...

Hi Dylan,

Great to hear that the Mrs has been discharged fm the hopital! I guess the cost & pain of injections beats the boredom of staying in the hospital? BTW, those jabs are actually hormonal jabs for "an tai" (to stabilise the foetus)? i used to hv them every 5 days, & i m damn scared of needles, - so i really admire ur Mrs... if i were her, i wld hv screamed & cried like nobody's biz. =P

Hang in there, time flies! I'm looking fwd to see the twins' pictures here!

The Bimbo said...

Hi Dylan

So glad to hear this piece of news really.

Though it's hard to live with one's parents again... anywhere is better than the hospital where is horribly clinical, boring and excessively expensive. I do hope the next 5 months would be less eventful and everything would go smoothly for you!


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jolin,

Actually for now maybe we should just call them B1 and B2 like you suggested instead of Twin 1 and Twin 2. Hahaha

I do like bananas.

Do you know the song?

All together now!!

Bananas in pajamas are coming down the stair.

Bananas in pajamas are coming down in paris.


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nana,

Thanks for your concerns.

Ya, the Mrs is a real trooper isn't she? Taking all the jabs on an alternate day basis. I know sometime they can really hurt so I really hope and pray that by our next visit to Dr N, he can reduce the frequency. Fingers crossed ya?!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bobo,

Thanks for everything.

I am beginning to feel it myself that staying with my parents now is not easy.

We are definitely intruding and staying here will have its own set of "unwritten rules and regulations" that we have to keep to.

I too hope that the 5 months fly by and we can all return to castle when I will be King again. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,

Sure, I'd be around for as long as your blog is ;)

Staying tuned for you next post :)


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi JS,

Wah thanks for the commitment. Er.... maybe we should discuss the subscription fee?!?! LOL

Think I published my latest post right after you left your comment here.

The Woos said...

Hi Dylan!

glad to read that Mrs and twins are ok and wish her a smooth pregnancy from now on and a smooth delivery!

Trisha's mummy

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Trisha's mummy (don't think I got your name)

Thanks for your concerns and comment.

I do hope that the remaining period will be uneventful too.