Monday, 15 December 2008


I’m sure those of you who have been following this blog long enough will know that Isaac’s birthday is coming up. For the benefit of those who have no idea, his birthday happens to be on Boxing Day!

Our friends, family and even readers of this blog have expressed interest as to how we are going to celebrate for him and how is the preparation so far.

To be honest, at the time of posting the Mrs has only confirmed a Wednesday meeting with the Manager of Ben & Jerry’s at Vivo City for further discussion and possibly leaving a deposit. So literally nothing was done or confirmed yet. It is very unlike the Mrs to leave things to this late but I think I need to clarify on her behalf.

Originally I was the one who did not want to do anything because my logic was Isaac does not really have any friends yet. So it will turn out to be just an excuse for us adults with the family in tow to meet up and gossip. No offense to all of you who are celebrating or have celebrated your kid’s birthday but I thought it was rather meaningless from Isaac’s point of view. I thought we should leave it be until he has his own friends in the form of classmates in the future.

However almost everyone around me, the Mrs included feel otherwise. They all feel that we must celebrate Isaac’s birthday especially this first one. The minimum we should do is have a dinner with the immediate families, i.e. Isaac’s grandparents, aunts and uncles from both sides.

Majority of the people of course prefer something a little more party like so the Mrs had been kept busy thinking and researching what we can do. It was not easy largely due to our intention to hold it on Christmas Day so most places and food will not come cheap.

Another reason was due to the Mrs’s condition also since we were not even sure if she can make it should there be a party as she was supposed to be resting in bed till she delivers. So everything was held back and by the time I was convinced to do it for Isaac we’re worried most people cannot make it since it is Christmas Day after all.

Now we have more or less an idea already and that is to hold the party at Ben & Jerry’s where we will cater food, order a birthday cake and of course everyone young and old gets ice cream. The Mrs is now busy sourcing for caterer because we do not want to have a Christmas menu and that is proving to be a challenge.

At one stage I suggested to the Mrs that maybe I should invite all you readers to the birthday party as a get together and meet Isaac in person session but since there is no way of knowing how many, if any of you would like to come or be able to make it, I decided it is probably not a good idea. I’m sure you’ll appreciate it is impossible for me to cater the food with the attendance unknown.

However if you are in town and not too busy attending church or visiting your relatives and happen to be in Vivo City on Christmas Day, do drop by Ben & Jerry’s between 2 to 4pm and I will buy your children ice creams.

With all the Christmas decorations wherever we go, I am beginning to explain to Isaac that everyone is preparing to celebrate his birthday. I tell him that whenever he sees such decorations it means that his birthday is just around the corner.

Oh and speaking of Christmas and birthday, all friends and relatives reading this, please be advised that Isaac will be expecting 2 presents from each of you because presents for Christmas and his birthday should be treated as separate issues.

Lastly I would like to announce a new tradition in the Tan’s household and that is each kid of mine will have to get their mother, namely the Mrs a present on their birthdays. This is to thank her for all the ‘sufferings’ that she had to go through carrying them to term and also for delivering them to this world. Personally I do not know anyone practicing this but I would like my kids to do that for their mum although it can only commence when they are slightly older.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,

I love ur new tradition that will run in Tan's family! So sweet of you to come out this idea and it sure make MRS drop a tear or two when rec. the gift from the kids.

Personally I always felt that a kid's first birthday can never be neglected cos it is their First! hee hee... Ok..Ben & Jerry's at vivo....Will try to drop by when I am promise! hahahah...
Wish little Hot Dog a very Happy 1st Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Wow Dylan.. LOVE ur last paragraph... i think you are the rarest MAN ever in the planet to think of the WIFE on the kid's birthday... infinite points for that!

yes it's ALL the wife's effort to have the bb in the planet on their BIRTH-day... and would be wonderful for someone to remember the wifey's role...

the MRS is blessed to have a husband like you. and of course the kids blessed to have a daddy like you. not forgetting YOU are blessed to have a wife like the MRS who is willing (not given a chance to choose oso lah) to go thru all the pain for the kids esp the twins.

Have a blessed Merry Christmas and may God bless your whole family.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Linda,

Let's hope the kids will like this tradition too. Don't think they will like it very much when they are teenagers.

Yup Ben & Jerry's at Vivo City. We are booking the place from 2 to 4pm. Will be nice to have you all over. Free ice-creams for the kids and maybe the parents too if they are nice. Hee Hee

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cecilia,

I imagine most mothers will like the last paragraph. I came up with the idea a few years back and promised myself that it will be something that I will teach my kids to do.

Yes I like to think that we are all blessed to have each other. All 6 of us including Dino!! Hee Hee

Do bring Tricia and Kaelyn to Isaac's birthday if you can make it.

You have a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year too!!

Aces Family said...

hi Dylan,

As a traditional mommy, i feel that the 1st Birthday must be celebrate with a LOUD BANG...haha.
Because it's really a milestone to reach 1.

Very unique idea but i think a simple thank you card or simple sentence of "I Love you,mommy" or "thank you,mommy" is really what mommy dearest would like..Hope Mrs share the same sentiment.

Advance 1st Birthday Wishes to Issac..may he be a Happy Boy, as always.


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Astee,

I am getting the idea hence I agreed to have a birthday celebration for Isaac.

I am actually thinking arts and craft for the initial few years. When they are older they can get whatever they like, flowers; cards; apron etc.

Thanks for your birthday wishes for Isaac. Do come on down for ice-creams if you are in the area.

Michelle Ng said...

Hey Dylan,

You got the same idea as my mum. She always said i shld be the one buying her pressie on my birthday for she went thru so much pain delivering me. Now being a mum myself, i understand that now. haha... Anyway, i'm busy preparing for Xandren's birthday as well. Will definitely drop by Ben & Jerry's if i'm around that around. No promise too. Hee...

Lionel n Rachel said...

Ben & Jerry's? Right! We'll be there, for the sake of the ice creams...haha...jus joking.

i agree that 1st bday is always a must to celebrate even though it means only with immediate family members.

But for ur case, Dylan, i foresee many loyal readers of ur blog will pop by over to Vivo's just for a view of Issac in person & as well as urself & ur mrs.

Happy Burp Day to Issac!. Cheers!

And not forgetting, Have A Blessed Xmas & Wonderful New Year Ahead.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Michelle,

So you should start the same tradition then. You are the mum so you can enforce it. Hee hee

Great do drop by if you have the chance. We will be there between 2 - 4pm.


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Yvonne,

Do come if you are not doing anything on Christmas. Free ice-creams for Lionel and Rachael and their mummy if she has been nice.

You think so?! Actually I do not think many if any will turn up. It is after all Christmas. Many are traveling and if they're not they would have other family things to do.

In case you can't make it, you have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year too!!

Anonymous said...

hi im cracking my brain over the venue to hold my daughter's first bdae party too. . . haiz, the last resort is to do it at our own house. so fast Issac is turning 1 soon, it seems like yesterday when we were all guessing Isaac's gender. haha.

btw, u mean Ben and Jerry allows you to cater your own food?

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bebe,

We had a lot of problem thinking of a place to host Isaac's birthday party too! Being considerate the Mrs wanted somewhere accessible so that our guests will have no problem getting there and it must be able to accommodate around 40+ people.

There are actually 2 Ben & Jerry's operators here in Singapore. The one at Vivo is very nice and accommodating and we are allowed to cater our own food. Our other option was the one at The Cathay but they package in everything including food and cake and there is a minimum spending in order to block off the restaurant.

When is your daughter's birthday party? Maybe you can wait for our feedback and pictures before you consider using the same venue. Or maybe you can come on down to see for yourself on that day.

They do grow very fast right? Soon we will be cracking our heads over the twins' first month celebration.

Lionel n Rachel said...

sorry, abit blur here. is the party held on xmas day 25 dec or boxing day 26 dec? :P

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Yvonne,

It is on Christmas Day, 25th December. We will be there between 2 - 4pm.

The Bimbo said...

wheee I loved that last paragraph too! All kids should have to do that! Mommies have such a tough job. So sweet of you to think of that really!

lol Can I sneak into Ben & Jerry's that day for a photograph with Cutie? :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bobo,

After witnessing what the Mrs has to go through for both pregnancies I feel very strongly that mothers need to be thanked and I feel it is only proper to show the kids' appreciation during their birthdays.

There is no need to sneak anywhere. Just come down and say hi and you will get your ice-cream and Isaac will be pleased to take a picture with you.

Anonymous said...

hi my baby's turning 1 early Feb next year. . . so not much time left to plan too . The Ben and Jerry at Vivocity looks very small . . . can accommodate 40 pple meh? Will wait for your feedback!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan!

My eyes went "tink tink" when I read ur last para! Cuz that's how I felt after I popped out my first boy. And I had this serious urge juz to give my mom a big hug there & then. And I was thinking to myself how nice it'd be if my children were to spend each of their special day with me. But the majority of us (incl the guilty me!) more often than not (esp after we're teens & more) would choose to spend the day with our frens or that special someone.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Issac! May he be blessed with lotz love & grow healthily. That Issac will bring much joy & laughter to all around, & that he'd be a doting brother to his twin siblings, an obedient & endearing darling to Mrs & you!

And I'd drop by (yes, with my family in tow!) if I go Vivo!

Have a great celebration,

P.S. Oh, make sure the Mrs doesnt tire herself too much and that she's some comfortable seat on the day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan

am a silent reader of your blog...ur Issac is so cute...and am sure your twins will bring so much joy to the family...

can i suggest something for your new tradition...i think the hubby ie yourself should get the MRS a present on each of the kids' birthday...and not the kids themselves...coz its like a rather sad thing incultivated in them that their mommy suffered in bringing them to this fact...its a joy and not suffering to have them growing in you and delivering them.

But to have the hubby giving presents to the MRS on the kids birthday is like appreciating her for going through the whole birth process..and that is so...SWEET...

F A I T H said...

Hi Dylan

Happy Birthday in advance to little Hot Dog! :) I had the same thought as you, so my girls' 1st and 2nd birthday were nothing more than a family gathering where grandparents, aunts and uncles took the opportunity to play & take pictures with them. But everyone gets only a FIRST birthday once in their lifetime, so its a good to at least have a mini celebration. Oh, if you have an elaborated party for Issac, you'll have to do the same for the twins too, ya? Got to be fair, right? And if Issac is getting a birthday cake, you've got to get each of the twins their respective birthday cakes too. Must promote individualism from young. Hee... My personal theory.


F A I T H said...

Oh, love your last para too! Must get my hubby to read that. And the kids too when they are older. Hahaha...

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bebe,

1st February? Still have a little time left, for me at least but I understand how mothers work.

I had the same reservation about the space but when we count the seats plus the standing space it looks possible. Anyway meeting with the Manager today so we'll see.

If you can come down on Christmas to see for yourself then good but if not I will surely be posting pictures and doing a post on it.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi JS,

I too am guilty of spending birthday with friends when younger and then with the Mrs later.

Starting from now I intend to buy my parents dinner on my birthday to show my appreciation.

Thanks for your well wishes for Isaac! We will be more than happy to have you and your family turn up if you are in that area.

About the Mrs, I will try but knowing her she will be busy mingling and making sure everyone is taken care off and enjoying themselves. This is her.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for following and leaving your comment here.

You do know that your comment has started another tradition in my household right? The Mrs apparently couldn't agree more with you so now I will have to get her a little something during the kids' birthdays.

Actually the Mrs knows how much I appreciate her (I hope) so my new tradition is really for the kids to show their appreciation. Personally I don't mind letting them understand when they are older how much their mum had to go through to bring them into this world.

I agree with you that having them is a joy but there is still no denying that mothers are basically risking their lives in being pregnant and delivering babies. They should understand that and not take the Mrs for granted.

So you have made the Mrs a very happy mother and wife.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Faith,

I will be fair to the twins and like you I am totally into individuality. I was telling the Mrs if they had been identical twins I will also let them wear different clothes instead of dressing identically (no offence to you readers who do).

Maybe because I like variety so instead of buying 2 sets of the same clothes in the same colour I rather buy them in different colours so that between them they will have more options. But we are having B/G combo plus they are not identical so no chance of that now.

Get your hubby to read my last paragraph is fine since he will be getting your girls to buy you the gifts. Just avoid having him read the comment from Anonymous above. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

hi. i have a strong feeling that we will pop by on that day. Be sure to treat us to a scoop of ice-cream!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bebe,

It is good to know that you will be coming down. Rest assured that each of your family member will be getting an ice-cream from B&J.

Don't forget we will be there between 2 to 4pm with the cake cutting around 3pm.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan the new new tradition...
Happy Birthday to lovable...
Both Dylan and the MRS are truly wonderful parents...
Oh by the way Dylan...would you please blog about your thoughts on educating your children...will you enrol Issac in some brain development courses like Shichida?

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Anonymous (name or alias in future if you don't mind)

Thanks for all your compliments and also the birthday wishes for Isaac.

Seriously are you working for Shichida in Singapore? I do advertorial but at a cost of course. Hahahaha

Hmmm.... a post on child development courses. Interesting and I think I have not blog about it yet largely due to Isaac's age. The closest I have done is on Schools

This is an interesting topic indeed and since this is my first request from a reader for a particular topic, how can I say no right? (Feeling pressure already) I do have one condition, when I do blog about this please leave your comment and make known that it is you ok? This way I know that the purpose is served.

Make sure you are not from Shichida ya? If not I will come after you for my advertorial fee. Hee Hee

KoLe said...

Hi Dylan,

First, Happy Birthday in advance to Issac!

My own kid just turn 4 and personally, I remember her first birthday celebration more than the others. Not the 'party' per se but the thoughts and the emotion of it all... :) yes, she didnt remember any of it. But I did!

and I love your new tradition.
It is so thoughtful of you.
your wife is one lucky lady!


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Kole,

Thanks for your Birthday wishes for Isaac.

I think I understand what you are saying. I hope this will be a fun event for all attending as well as the Mrs and I.

Thanks for appreciating what I am trying to do with this new tradition.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan

How i wish i am from Shichida and that will be lots of savings...personally i am in doubt as to whether to send my little son...

oh ya will definitely leave my comments when you blog about that

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi SY,

Now that I have the assurance that there will at least be a single comment, I will definitely post it. Although this could happen only after a week or two cause I have something to post about for next week already.

Thanks for your support.


Jas said...

Hi Dylan,
Happy birthday in advance to Issac!
Wow I love your tradition, let me discuss and my hubby and if my IVF is successful, I will make sure our babies give my hubby and me a present every year, for all the jabs and $$ mummy and daddy has to spend to conceive them :P . Merry Christmas to you and your family. May your family be blessed abundantly .
P.S I just blogged about a wine scam that happened to me today. Please advise all your readers about it. I cannot believe the tricks people resort to these days.

Anonymous said...

eh, so ah if i go do i get an icecream too? hahaha...

i basking in summer-winter here in queenstown, nz.. (summer like winter leh, no difference.. only difference is sun set late like at 2130hrs) but still cold like nobody's biz..

happybirthday merry xmas, happy new yr...

mr and mrs chew

Anonymous said...

Hi bro Dylan,

It has been so long since I write the last comment. Busy working but now I am on leave to accompany my family.

Your Mrs will be happy and feel blessed to have you to think of her and your children.

Wow... Ben an Jerry! Not only children will love it but we adult love ice cream too... too bad, baby nic cannot eat ice cream... heehee... Issac... we wish you an advance Happy 1st birthday.

Errmm.. shall drop by if we are free! :)

Merry X'mas to you and your family!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jas,

Thanks for your birthday well wishes for Isaac!

I really think you should start this tradition too after all the injections that the both of you have to go through.

I read about the wine scam in your blog and left my comments there.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jolin,

Wah on holiday and still reading my blog ah?! I'm touched! Hahahaha

For you if you can make it back in time to attend Isaac's birthday you will get TWO ice-creams!!

Enjoy your summer (with winter temperature) ok?

You have a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!! Oh and Best of Luck!! ;)

A Husband's Voice said...

Yo Ed,

Nice to be on leave to spend time with your new family memeber ya?

Heh heh if Baby Nic can't enjoy the ice-cream, you can help out.

Do drop by if you can make it!

Wishing you and your family a Blessed Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!!

Angie said...

just wanna wish Issac a happy 1st birthday!!

it's an important milestone for the child and the parents! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Dylan

Cant believe it is already a year! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to baby Isaac in advance!

Do get Mrs a BIG pressie yah.. and *psst* if i'm at vivo that day, do share your new tradition with my hubbs k?=P


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Angie,

Thanks for your birthday well wishes for Isaac.

It is indeed an important milestone isn't it? At least it showed we didn't mess up! Hahaha

You take care and have a very merry Christmas!!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi SK,

Thanks for your birthday well wishes for Isaac!!

It has been an incredible fast year hasn't it?!

I will surely hint to your husband if you both come to Isaac's birthday, ;0)

Jo said...

Hi there,

Someone gave me the link to your blog. Said our babies looked similar - the chubbiness part. ;p

It's amazing for a husband to blog about his kid & family! Really! My husband would never do that...firstly coz his England is terrible.

My baby was born on the Xmas Eve of 2007! And yours - i read here - was Boxing Day! ;)

It must be sooo cool to have the new "long feng tai" twins! WOW! U are so blessed!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jo,

Sorry for this late reply and I hope that you will check back and actually see this.

So do you think our babies are just as chubby? According to the other readers' comments in my post (Sawadeekup), Isaac has lost his baby fats already. What about yours?

Wow! Our babies' birth dates are only 2 days apart. Isaac was born on Boxing Day 2007.

Continue to follow my blog to see if having the twins is as cool as you imagine it to be.

Stay tuned ya?!