Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Two Fridays ago Isaac had his first taste of what it was like to be a model. I believe he now understands that it is a tough job being a model although I feel that he has all the makings to be one and it is not because he has the X factor or he looks extremely good in photos.

It is perhaps easier for me to list down a few of the things that he did that has Top Model written all over it.

- Walked (ok, more like crawled) off the set whenever he pleases.

- Natural in front of the camera. In fact he was so natural one could say that he was oblivious to the photographer and the shoot itself.

- Throwing tantrums while shooting. He was throwing away props that were required for the shoot once he felt he had enough shots with them.

- So comfortable with a whole entourage of crew (made of parents, godma, god-sister and maid) following him around, changing him and attending to his every need.

- Turned all cranky when he was tired and would not continue without having a rest or some fun first.

- Had his artistic views as to how the shoot should be. It took a lot of persuasion from his managers (parents) before he agreed to wear the chef’s hat and even that it was only for a very short while.

- Had no problem baring his body or modeling in his undies (diapers) so long as they are done in an artistic manner. Calvin Klein, in 20 years time perhaps?

Back to the shoot, it was all thanks to a reader friend, Evelyn (Thanks E!) for recommending Isaac to her sister-in-law, Jacqueline who is setting up her own photography business, Soul Photography. Jacqueline was looking for babies as models to increase her portfolio so Evelyn asked if we would be interested to help. This was when the Mrs was thinking of engaging a photographer to take family photos for us and maybe even herself while she is still pregnant so we agreed.

Jacqueline’s concept for her business is to go bring her studio to the comfort of the client’s home instead of having everyone travel to a studio. This is perhaps most useful with the toddlers since they will be more relaxed in a familiar environment. Not to mention the clothes, toys and props that are available at one’s home instead of picking and choosing the few that one has to bring to the studio.

Since Isaac’s Godma has a rooftop garden at her place the Mrs thought it will be more interesting to conduct the photo shoot at her place instead of ours. The plan was to focus mainly on Isaac with a few family shots and if the Mrs was up to it then she will have her own photos taken with the big tummy as well. Unfortunately she wasn’t really feeling up to it that day and all the coaxing and getting Isaac’s attention wore her out even more. As a result she took only a few pictures with us.

We were initially a little worried as to how Isaac will ‘perform’ that morning and will Jacqueline find him to be a prima uomo and difficult to work with. Luckily all our worries were unfounded because Jacqueline being a mother of 3 boys knew exactly what to expect from kids at Isaac’s age. She was very patient with Isaac’s many movements and will work around him to find the angle or shot that she wanted.

Prior to the shooting she was also opened and was willing to discuss any concepts or ideas that we had in mind.

Right now she is having a promotional package so you might want to find out more from her website or discuss with her what you hope to achieve. Have fun shooting!!

The above are only a handful of the pictures that we got from Jacqueline. As usual I will put up the rest of them plus whatever shots that we took on the same day in my Facebook!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,

The photos are very nicely taken.
Isacc looks like a big boy now.
Mrs & you also good great!
You got FB too! hahaha. U can add me Linda Yeo.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Linda,

Thanks!! We like the pictures too. Isaac is indeed growing into a little man and too fast too if you ask me.

I will try and look for you in FB and I hope I get the right Linda Yeo because it seems I have another reader of the same name.

Irene said...

wah... great pics! the family pic looks gr8!

Michelle Ng said...

The naked chef is so cute.

Ivy Tee said...

his signature pose.. picture number 2.. lolz!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,
the pics are nice... At least Isacc smile... u saw my girls' xmas shoot? Kaelyn's face is like supder duper grouchy lor...

and I love Isaac's srunched up nose look... damn cute.
To the MRS.... u look VERY slim wor... must eat more ok... last 3 months to go...

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Irene,

We do like the pictures too and personally I like the family photo very much!!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Michelle,

You know I never quite noticed that Isaac looks naked in that shot? He is wearing a diaper behind the pot but like I said in my post, if it is done in an artistic manner he will not turn down some nude shoots. Hahahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Ivy,

Not sure if it is a good thing to have his signature pose made up of a funny face like that. Hahahaha Having said that he is cute doing that!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cecilia,

Thanks!! Actually Isaac did not smile as much that morning largely due to the shoot being during his nap time.

He was in a much better mood in the afternoon after his nap. He smiled so much more.

Ya I saw your girls' X'mas shoot. Kaelyn does look a little "not bothered" but like you said you were not able to pacify and keep her happy.

Although she has been eating quite a bit more than usual, the Mrs has gained probably about 2KG since being pregnant?!?! Good thing is according to the Gynae the babies are growing fine.

Actually we have probably only about 2 months to go. Dr N estimated that she might give birth during CNY period.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dylan

Nice pics esp the little chef pics.

I guess most of the gynaes will term twins as mature at around 38 weeks at most. Does Dr N encourage normal birth for twins?


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Circusbugs,

I'm glad so many of you like the pictures!

Ya for twins the actual delivery is usually much earlier. Due to the Mrs's condition we are passing week by week. 1st safety zone (minimum) is 28 weeks which is next Monday. Next safety (much safer) will be 32 weeks.

Dr N is an extremely careful doctor so he encourages us to go for C-Section instead of natural birth. With the Mrs's condition I believe this is non-negotiable.

Bonnie said...

Wow..he is such a good model. He really good with photo shooting.. Nice pictures..

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bonnie,

Welcome to my humble blog and thanks for leaving your comment.

You are too kind. Isaac is an okay model only. Maybe with more practice he will be better.

Do visit again.

KoLe said...

very nice photos. very natural.
issac is so full of expressions.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi KoLe,

Thanks. Like I said in my post, Isaac was very natural in front of the camera so much so that he was oblivious that he was a model. Hahaha

The Bimbo said...

sooo cute!! Can I add you on FB so that I can see more!

I love the chef photo the most!

haha and.... he IS a baby you know. lol He obviously doesn't know how to cooperate with photographers. :P But you guys did a good job of getting him to take the photos! hehe

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bobo,

Finally I know your real name!!

I'm sure you'll know by now we are friends on Facebook already ya?!

About the Chef photo, I need to clarify that he is NOT naked!! Just so happen that the pot blocked the diapers.

I know he IS a baby that's why must start young. It was really quite tiring to get him in the mood during the shoot. Luckily the photographer is experienced in dealing with kids.

afroken said...

Love the last picture. (:

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,
wah 2 KG????? faint... that is so little... CNY is like just one month's plus time wor...
did u prep Isacc about the coming of the 2 bbs? remember to buy presents for him telling him that it's from the bbs k... i did that when Kaelyn was born and not sure if its the present or what but Tricia really sayang her little sister a lot... no harm trying :)

oh before the birth of the bb... it wil be Isacc's bd in just 2 weeks... hows the preparation? :)

Hello! My name is Hayley Tan said...

love the pic posing as naked chef.. very creative and beautiful!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hey Afroken,

Thanks!! Another male reader!! Woohoo!!!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cecilia,

Ya, her weight gain is really minimum. She is a little worried herself.

No we did not prepare Isaac on the coming twins. As you are aware we're new at this. Thanks for your tips. we will surely go out and get Isaac a new gift on behalf of the twins. I suggested the Nintendo Wii but the Mrs ignored me!! Hahahaha

Still deciding on whether or not to celebrate Isaac's birthday. In fact planning a post on this topic. So stay tuned!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Hayley's mummy,

Thanks but for the record he wasn't naked!! Just so happened that the pot covered the diaper.

Nicole said...

I'm so going to sound like a broken recorder but Isaac is really cute!

Just not too long ago, I've also mentioned to derrick that I'll like to bring my girls to studio to take photos.

2kg for your mrs, carrying twins sounds a bit too little??? My SIL, while carrying twins back then, weighted like a WHALE.Hee! But again, as long as the twins and your mrs are healthy, why not?? Easily to shed off the fat(not that she got any to shed off actually). :)

Isaac looks like a little man ya. And I noticed that you or your mrs like to coordinate his clothings/colour scheme with you guys?? Something I love doing as well. Haha!!

Your not-so-fat-boy-anymore still weighs 10kg at least, my looks-very-chubby-but-not-gaining-weight Cleo is still stuck at 9+kg! I'm getting a bit sian on it....

Jas said...

hi Dylan,
I finally started a blog on my IVF journey, you see, i have started my jabs! 7 days into them already. Your little boy is sooo cute, i really love the chef look on him. he looks really naturally and happy.
I hope for a easy delivery for your mrs and a quick recovery.
God Bless

Anonymous said...

wah.. i just wonder if the Nintendo Wii is for the daddy or the son???? well for the benefit of doubt Nintendo Wii is rather easy for Isaac to "throw" around so he can practise his hands/eyes coordination hor... erm what fine motor skills?... haha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for your compliments on Isaac. He is cute when he is not naughty!

Be sure to post the pictures on your blog or facebook if you do bring them for photo shoot.

Yup 2kg is indeed quite little but she is not holding back on eating so I guess we will let it be so long as the twins are healthy.

The Mrs actually only gained weight after Isaac was born and after her confinement.

About coordinating the colour scheme, it was because we were planning to take family pictures. Otherwise it will usually be one of us wearing similar scheme with Isaac.

Isaac weight is now floating around 9.7kg. He has not been taking his porridge much so we are making it up with milk.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jas,

I am glad that you have finally started your blog. I am sure it will be a very meaningful gift to your children in the future.

You can also use it to show them how much you and your husband have to go through for them whenever they are naughty.

For the record, Isaac was not naked for the chef shoot ok? I felt I had to clarify that.

The Mrs will be going through a C-Section this time round with the twins so I am hopeful there will be little to no complications.

You have a wonderful journey to conceiving and delivery too. I will be reading up your blog closely.

Take great care!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cecilia,

the Wii is of course for Isaac. I will spend the next few years teaching him on how to handle and enjoy the Wii.

He can have his hands on them after he shows me he can take care of them. Hahahaha

Merryn said...

hi there.. very very nice pics u have there.. isaac is a very cute n gd looking boy.. ;)

Nyeshia's mummy said...

Hi Dylan,
I like the second last pic.
Your hotdog is so cute : )
BTW Happy Belated Birthday to Boxing day Baby Isaac too.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Merryn,

Thanks for your praises on Isaac. While I agree he is cute I am honestly not sure if he can be considered good looking. Maybe when he grows a bit older then we will know.

Do come back again ya?!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Agnes,

For the record, in case you don't already know, Isaac was not naked in that picture that you like.

Thanks for your birthday well wishes.